Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10, any version

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10

Microsoft usually have a pretty strict policy about downloading the ISO image with Windows operating systems.

Why has Microsoft changed its policy download?

After 2007 when they started to appear heavily smartphone market, the world began to realize that there is another way to access the internet and certain services. Now not necessarily had to sit on the chair in front of a laptop or desktop.
Now that customers began to thin, occupied with Android phones and iOS, Microsoft becomes easy, easy, leaving the world a more lenient to download the ISO images. But not Windows 7; Why?

Why can not download Windows 7 so easy?

Windows Windows 7 was the last locally. Ie an operating system that was not so bound to cloud services. Although Windows 7 work very well, those from Microsoft have changed the course of business and was necessary to change the operating system.

Why Windows has changed so much?

Over time, Windows computers have had incremental changes and improvements from version to version. With Windows 8, all users have been hit upside the head with an obscure and that is unlike anything they knew.
Under the pretext that "we touch friendly Windows May", they slaughtered permanently. Windows 8 system was made in haste, which was planned to be the antidote for Android and iOS tablets; But unfortunately it was not effective, and plus / minus drove much of loyal users, who felt betrayed. Windows 7 remained everyone's favorite course, despite the fact that Microsoft has tried hard would "twist" on users. You know how that saying, "why fix it if not broken?".


As you can see, Windows 8 and 10 are connected to the bone with Microsoft servers for data collection, which of course "not be used" only "service improvement", and perhaps artificial intelligence training (unofficial). If everyone use Windows 7 those from Microsoft could gather so much data (pictures, video, browser history, topics of interest, Skype calls, etc.)

What will be the future of Windows?

Windows 10 supposedly would be the last Windows, it will be constantly updated and improved.
Microsoft business segment focuses on cloud services and especially artificial intelligence.

Windows will be free!

That's not official, but I sure will say that soon things will change, because Android is free and will soon be used on desktop. Windows will not remain with pay. Companies will still buy licenses, but do not think that users will accept to pay. Already now does not pay anyone for Windows unless the price comes preinstalled license is included in the total price of the laptop / desktop.
Microsoft has realized that it is useless to ordinary users sell operating systems, and probably soon, Windows will give free without a license, but to use it and to also contribute less to you Big Data.

Times change!

A few years ago, Windows was king market; Now, when was the smartphone, operating systems began to grimace. From local model, where were holding documents and files on your hard drive, pass easy-easy to focus on the cloud, where documents and files are kept online. In some cases even the processing is done online (upload and transcoding Youtube). Microsoft felt it too late, because it always happens with the giants that moved hard. Now your Android and iOS are in power and dictate market direction. Microsoft just struggling to keep what he has left. How and Microsoft officials said, apparently will remain with the business and will focus on cloud services and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the latest toy that they compete with giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and others; Toy does not really tell us about the new ...

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10:

Windows 10.
Windows 8.
Windows 7 (with key).
Windows 7 (no key).
version "U" is the updates

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10

- Video Tutorial

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  1. Cristi good. I bought a laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and 10 I switched to Windows, making free upgrade this year. What do you think, I could not download iso Windows 10 to install it on another PC without a serial I need?

    • For now we need to install Windows serial. Actually install the operating system itself does not need a serial, because you do not have to necessarily stick installation series, and after you can use it 30-day trial; to use it then you need to show.
      If the laptop you want to install Windows came pre-installed when you install the operating system version that came after that you can do is upgrade to Windows 10.

  2. Windows 7 link without kei not put him well

  3. Sorry, I wrote goes wrong

  4. Cristi aces VRA to download Windows 7 ultimate x86, but I saw some "U" after dvd and others Nau and that is the big problem I do not know which version to choose the "U" at the end or not!

    • Versions with "U" are updates included and those without "U" are original images, since the launch of the operating system.
      There are service pack versions, which have the latest improvements and hotfixes introduced in the picture.
      Might like to take version - "en" bring in English, with "sp1" ie service pack and "U" ie updates included.

    • Quadrro can try Windows Pro IObit 8.1 8 start menu and if you like you can put windows 7 Pro or Home Premium, advice, now if you want to put it for someone else understand. Metro applications that do not use them you can uninstall. I would not be using w7 but who wants to put him in May

  5. Until becomes free, I would like a tutorial Linux Mint KDE

  6. Hello Cristi, do not download windows 7 of the link without key, really why?

  7. Utorent be using a 2.2.1 because of this

  8. Ionel Manea said

    Cristi Hello, I installed win10 home (,, customize-at "only after your tutorials).
    It appeared now ,, 10 Anniversary Windows Update ".
    Can I use it if I have done upgrade from any previous Windows,
    and you believe them worse, I did not license it. It is enabled with other crap ,, "
    Sincerely Ionel Manea

  9. What version of torrent Cristi use?

  10. Well use as customer utorent 2.2.1 version and I do not see anything seeder leecher I have zero, I gave him and force re-check and does not want ... what I could do in this case?

  11. Rares on what configuration you installed 10, I installed 10 on an older computer and I greatly decreases FPS, games like LOL but do not know how to do that in 7 have the details to hight over 70 and 10 decreases 50-45!

  12. Cristi Hello, I have a problem at your Windows ultimate 7 64 bit after I installed it and made a few updates and now do not know what is no longer made to look deloc.Ii give updates, stand for about half an hour to look after crashes .I tried almost everything on the net and found nothing, you have a solution?

  13. well you did this tutorial. and for those who linux can directly download of images without the need of that torch. and if you win free 10 entered the program after installation is still accepting insider. 10 win, putting you free. but it's a minus in programu insider mean that you can not set it to collect less data anonymous. but I do not mind that I have nothing to hide. otherwise to win 8.1, 7 key or handle it will be made

  14. hello Christ. I have a PC that was preinstalled Windows 7. cd-key is still visible on the body, I tried to download 7 win the key, bag cd-key on site where you ask and then says I can not win 7 download as key-ptr is a win preinstalled. so what can I do? do you have any ideea?

    • Marius @

      There you will be able to download the .ISO image only if you license Retail, OEN is not working as producer on that laptop.

  15. Win 7 remains the best Windows games come with 8 10 and other 10 in addition to but not in power games. To conclude Windows 7 is the successor of Windows XP. That his time was best for The Games. Now Windows 7 is and still will remain about 2-3 years. I recommend if you have Windows 7 touchscreen monitors or to use the Metro UI and etc. Only to have Windows 10 in fitza PC only and you can not fully use it, my advice, stick to Windows Ultimate or Professional 7

  16. Hello, Cristi. I tried to install PC, Windows Ultimate 7. but I give me error (pun DVD in your PC, wait, those things start to occur where you want to install Windows, formatting disks, etc.) and when you reach Expanding Windows File Loading 50-60%. Screen and do all colors and all my locks. What I do to successfully complete installing to? My PC meets the Windows Ultimate on 7 32 bit. Thank you!

  17. Due to the conflict between Microsoft and the EU, which appeared in 2003 with the application of European elimination Windows Media Player in the Windows and fines that exceeded 2 billion, Microsoft decided to launch versions N.

  18. I downloaded a picture on the German site:

    I can use to install on a laptop, where I have a windows ultimate 7 unlicensed.

  19. Tip a tutorial about windows pro 10 not activated and if it can access customization options and otherwise

  20. I greet respect for people who want to be up to date on everything related to computer computers internet, my personal opinion is another are so many operating systems unix linux that are free but more than that exixta an operating system created by a ROMIN * Kogaion * is called if you want to advance UNIX LINUX GO TO SUCCESS I wish you ... ..

    • Marius said

      Yes you are right. Honestly I like more linux interface but my opinion is pre much hassle with installing software or installing Windows games that solve them immediately 2 clicks.

  21. I tested Win Pro 7 64 u and I can say "u" does not mean you have updates. Warning !!! so you can make updates you need to install some updates offline as you head out KB3020369 and KB3172605 as to find updates.


  22. Hello and welcome Cristi all. I have a problem and va.cer help. I bought a computer (performing ... 8 gb ram, 2'gb, Processor 4.3'GhZ and he a.venit with FreeDOS and we installed Windows 7 not read my network card and do not have access to the Internet under any form even driver can not be installed because it gives me error and a boy mi.a mine said that this PC is made specifically to run only on Windows 8.1 and 10 because the CD that came with pc.ului write "Drivers Support Windows 10 DVD-RW. Do you think if I read 10 bag Windows network card and you have access to the internet? I want a quick answer that please. Thank you.

    • Most ok, download the exe file 3DP_Net another laptop, put it on a CD.Merge offline and automatically finds your network driver, install it and after you can connect to the rest driverelor.La and I just proceeded with a laptop FreeDOS preinstalled.

  23. Andrew, for Windows 7 install network driver manually downloaded from the manufacturer's website depending on what motherboard you have, if asus download from asus driver for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit depending on what version if you installed Windows from gigabyte gigabyte etc. You go to a friend who has access to the internet and download the driver from him save it stick and install it to you after you make the internet eg UPC or who you are subscribed put your login and should go . PS. but can you go to install and the driver from the CD that you received when buying your PC trying to ala install it even if the driver to win 10 anyway if you go to install appears to you that's for win 10 and then do as I told a friend to download the win 7. If you win 10 install network driver is installed automatically but then often installs an older version. If it does not work, I can help Adrian Cristi or better. Success.

  24. Hi I have a question, I bought that came with Windows 10 if they use media creation tool and give skip when you ask how do I show windows then?

  25. I want windows said

    LINKS FOR WINDOWS XP (original)
    WINDOWS VISTA (original)

  26. Hello Cristi, if download windows 7,8 or 10 without key can activate it with a program hacked?

  27. Grande Bogdan said

    Is it safe to see 7 in the last link posted by Cristi>? please reply to

  28. Finta Emanuel Andrei said


    • Before you learn the "virtual" computer, I go to school to learn Romanian first, and do not pull the "MAIŢA" queue!

  29. Finta Emanuel Andrei said


  30. Hello ,
    I have a question, do you have the idea for the 7 windows link only works?
    moved to another address? or do you know some other alternative from there can download these windows?
    Thank you!

  31. Can not download Windows 7 from this German site?
    Even digitalriver does not work anymore.
    Where can we download Windows 7 clean?

  32. Hello Cristi call me Cozmin I have a problem with an HDD EXTERN does not see 10 windows of any kind although if I introduce another hdd see him what can I do? I'm waiting for an answer if time helps you. Thanks.

    • If the hard disk is new, you must initialize and allocate space for a partition. If it's old, it's possible to spoil the rack on which the hard drive is mounted, as the source that feeds it. Try to try it on another PC.

  33. Hello Cristi that site with Windows 7far key is no longer valid

  34. Marius said

    Windows 7 x86 is by far the most OK operating system. The x64 version has some problems but works in general well. Take care of the win7 ptr kits. that soon an unaltered one will be hard to find. If drivers are provided for. USB3 and SSD is fragrance.
    Windows 8 regardless of the variant is "headache".
    Windows 10 is for. stupid (without offense). An operating system created for. those who know only where the power button is and so. Thought extremely weak and totally devoid of the most elementary functions.

  35. AndreiLefter said

    hi, can i help to put windows 7 on a windows 10 computer?

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