Linux mandriva one 2009 running live cd without installation - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to download, how to burn the cd and it runs as a live CD Linux distribution very complete, it is one 2009 Mandriva Linux

Mandriva Linux One 2009 is the best way to start using Linux. A complete Linux operating system on a single CD for new users but also for those with experience in Linux, the download is very fast and when running in live mode it only takes 2-3 minutes until the first contact with the spectacular effects. Mandriva one is truly the live CD operating system you need!

What will it cost to try it, it is fast, runs on almost any system running in Live CD mode (runs without installation), has some spectacular effects, players and codecs are still live cd mode for short has everything.

* Processor: Any Intel ®, AMD and Via.

* RAM: minimum 512MB, 1GB recommended.
* Hard disk: minimum 2GB, 6GB recommended.
* Graphics Card: NVIDIA ®, ATITM, Intel ®, SIS, Matrox, VIA. 3D desktop functionality requires an NVIDIA GeForce (up to 8800) ATITM Radeon HD 7000 to 3870, or Intel ® i845 to x4500HD.
* Sound cards: All Sound Blaster, AC97 and HDA compatible cards are accepted. Note: Creative Labs X-Fi cards are not accepted.
* DVD-ROM necessary.
* SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS: most controllers are supported in non-RAID mode, and some are supported in RAID mode.


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  1. Salutare.Cred slowly as if you doing tutorials on linux I will head to thank el.Va near future you can make a complete tutorial about linux.Este very good idea free.Felicitari transition to operating systems and hold again up the good work.

  2. Unfortunately I couldn't watch the tutorial in HD mode… I waited 10 minutes and it still didn't load… I watched it in the classic mode after all… With all your "insistences" Cristi and please don't mind it leaves me cold linux ! Whatever you say and no matter how spectacular or free it is and it will be Linux, it will not make me give up Windows! It's impossible even that uncle who works for him puts his hand in the fire because I also use Windows !!! Don't praise him so much anymore, yes it's attractive, beautiful effects blah blah… I tried kiwi linux, I installed it and at the installation it gave me a lot of headaches! you had 10 thousand ways to choose between partitions and you didn't even know what to do! while at windows you have 2 large and wide NTFS and FAT !! finally I installed it… and when to make updates… pause to anything I gave to update when it reached half "sorry the upgrade process failed" I got annoyed and uninstalled it, I did not understand anything, it's too complex, fanciful and wants too many details from a home user or a beginner, it's more for programmers developers who know what those commands are in msdos blah blah… And I'll never understand what the working men earn to this system of brothers if he is free? Is it really like a community struggling to offer a Free OS? for what? what's wrong with them? What do you earn? What is the satisfaction of so many hours of work? Linux is a free alternative… what is free is not free in vain, many programs do not run under linux! From my point of view it's pathetic! And it's not clear enough with a simple or home user… not even on the forums when you go you talk nicely with people to explain to you what to choose the partitioning mode or you don't get an answer or you get one in 2 hairs that is in terms only you know them and you don't understand anything they explain to you! He can offer me Linux what he wants, download my music for free and alone I still won't use it or switch to linux! It's free so it's equal to 0! In my opinion.


  4. @Adrian:
    What you say is normal, but you know that Windows is the most insecure operating system.
    Citi viruses on linux you heard?
    You judge so that you are not interested in security, and here I refer to real security.
    A windows if you put your mind to it you break in a few minutes if you have a good firewall set, whereas a Linux hard to very hard.
    80-90% of server operating systems are linux or are based on unix (linux's cousin) because they are secure and free.
    What would you do if the morrow would need to give him his money Bill Gates operating system?

  5. @Adrian:
    Know that there are linux gaming sites that make Windows the performance and that we present them to
    What you have to lose if you try a linux, who knows maybe you'll like it.

  6. @admin_cristi: That's what I said, because it's for the advanced programmers who have servers, I know what to do with it, it's not for the ordinary mortal! As for security, you drove me crazy… I also see on TV that it came out I don't know what virus domle that I don't know what damage it does, woe to me do you realize? let's be serious folks, since I've been using the pc I've never been hacked in my life, not even a flooded virus, yes, and what's with that? I put antivirus I deleted it… if it was not possible I put windows again and? I died? How many cases have you heard in Romania that their PC was broken and their number, account, card pin was stolen? or do I know what data? what to find domle at a poor novel in pc? everyone who does this job is having fun Cristi to see how it is, to see your mess archive, not even to bankrupt you or leave you with no money in your account! How many companies in Romania have been hacked and left without money because of Windows? It's not like we don't have anything to break with us! You can't find more than a few pictures, games, movies and kits when you break a PC !! It's damn stable Linux, I just said above that it gave me a lot of errors before I installed it and even after! And regarding "tomorrow if I have to give money to run Windows, what will I do?" Honestly I would tighten the belt I swear to you and I would buy an operating system, I gave a penny and I have mine for life, beautiful original, more than 3 million you don't get an XP. But you won't need it! PIRACY WILL NEVER DIE REGARDLESS OF THE MEASURES THAT THE AUTHORITIES WILL TAKE.

  7. @admin_cristi: I'm not a gamer I do not care if I go to games but not sure I will go Fruty Loops and many other professional programs for mixed, edited, created the sound negative, I told you I tried kiwi linux and I cleared, longer working people to linux please me me! Yes it's an Orthodox admit that I did get through these profi software to do my job but it works on Windows and are the happiest!

  8. Salut.Sunt new here I saw some of your very nice tutorials are the best, Boby, crystals and congratulate you on what to do asa.Foarte4 keep everything nice tutorial.

  9. I have have a question about the pride I really want to install, but I want to know if it behaves well with games?

  10. I watched you with tutorialu Ciao mio Linuxu Plaka but you can tell if exsist sami viruses on linux? and if you can play all games for pc?

  11. Hi. When installing Virtualbox it gives me the following dialog "This installation packages is not supported by this processor type", from what I understand from this dialog it says that Virtualbox is not supported by my processor, could I somehow install Virtualbox?

  12. I have one left incanatat Mandriva Linux as we've shown, I just hope doing other more complex tutorials about Linux, explaining the actual installation, not live cd, it is only incercare.Am a sitemului Asked Question exist on Linux something like uTorrent or BitComet?.

  13. I have one left incanatat Mandriva Linux as we've shown, I just hope doing other more complex tutorials about Linux, explaining the actual installation, not live cd, it is only incercare.Am There are two questions on Linux sitemului something like uTorrent or BitComet?. As for the games, go on the system?.'ll Crowd.

  14. Sorry I sent two similar messages, I remembered something and instead of editing I went back and sent two messages… sorry

  15. Have you seen Cristi? this is what people want this is what people do on pc: games, winamp, BSPlayer and torrents both! Tony there are few games that run under linux I don't know if there are 5 real games I don't mean here the ones like solitaire, pinball, spider, pac man… Torrent client as far as I know he also has linux yes… the question is what to download with him ? that your programs will only work with music and movies… and the alternatives that linux offers you to the programs you like on windows sound weak from my point of view… because they are free and as far as I know free programs are also there 3 options you have… because it is freeee ALL WINDOWS REMAIN THE MOST COMPLEX AND COMPLETE OPERATING SYSTEM !!

  16. Games should not be a problem at least for me, I have a certain PC game, and that is CS, which I rarely play. If you have bittorrent client enough, the rest of the programs found in Linux so they stick to the idea that Linux is an OS that should be used more often by men, primarily because of safety and secondly we debt that people no longer they have to pirate the OS already established Windows.Multumes. Still waiting for a more detailed tutorial about Linux.

  17. Mandriva seems to me quite nice and very good
    I honestly give up windows for him but I have many memories face.probabil windows and if I can not be all WinXP bottles I put linux
    very good tutorial Christ).

  18. Linux is good in theory, in practice live Windows.
    Seriously, the virtual machine works well, booted from disk as well. After I installed it, the problems appear. I take two steps, I get to select the country and it crashes. I restart, it starts again, I get to the same place, and it crashes. I get bored and switch to Windows. I'm sorry, I like it Mandriva, however, does not work installed and on the disk it works harder than Windows on the hard drive. I am inclined to agree with Adrian, what is free is free, so the quality leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, a good intention is not enough…

  19. beb3_mykk said

    yea I have to try LINUX man too… but I don't like all windowsu classic with all the crazy games winamp etc… .but it's worth TRYING IT I DON'T GET LOST IF IT'S FREE IT'S A PLUS AND FOR ME> …… .it's worth it
    tried… .I SAY THAT >>>> MAKR OF CURIOSITY >>> and if YOU LIKE MANY TO STOP >>>: D


  20. beb3_mykk said

    MY OPINION UNTIL YOU TRY IT DO NOT COMMENT..after you try it then to say dissatisfaction but being FREE>… how many requirements do you have… ????????

  21. Go to the official Linux sites to see what support the "professionals" offer who do it… so in zeflem, 2 hairs, it gives you only in command lines… 100 problems. Cik has all the drivers =)) look like I came across one that did not work installed because it did not have the respective linux driver for its video card, plus… the gentlemen there explain the steps to see how to enter the text installation mode to put "and started posting to the poor half-page boy with command lines ”that he has to make the GUI (graphical user interface) of Linux. Come on, leave it, the friendly interface is easily accessible, but you actually have to go into text installation mode and know hundreds of commands, like the ones you have to give them in cmd… It's so friendly that you feel like throwing it on window until it is installed, and then the errors and incompatibilities begin.

  22. @beb3_mykk: read the post carefully… my first comment on this tutorial to see k I just said k I tried this "incredible" OS, I never allowed myself to talk without knowing or giving advice without trying! Did Sorin also say that you tried it or did you make a mistake when you posted it? Read my comments and sorin's again!

  23. At Windows everything is from mouse to click to linux everything is from keys, command lines you don't even know what, how, when, where to put them. At windows you download or insert CDs with pac drivers you made a wizard, you gave 3 mouse clicks and it was installed. With all its freeness and goodness, this Linux still has a lot to grow, it will take a long time to be finished as beautifully as windows! Or maybe this will never happen, why? because it is a free software and because of that they will work on it only when they feel like it, when they have nothing to do, or when they have a day off…

  24. @Adrian:
    Folks if you did not know, you tell me, Adrian has a family relationship with Bill Gates and do not want to admit he likes more than Linux because Billy would upset him.

  25. @admin_cristi:
    I will do a tutorial linux that will not use even a single command line.
    Do not worry my linux daragi that it is not difficult to work with him.
    Indeed there are some people who want to show off that they work in linux and see God is an operating system for advanced users, totally false.
    Linux is easy to use and very friendly, but if you do not open your mind, you can remain all life on windows.
    How do you know that a food is good or bad if you do not taste.
    Taste of the operating system that you will not have anything to lose, on the contrary you will learn new things and who knows you may become very skilled in linux (well paid work in linux).

  26. You should know that I am fire and it seems that you have revealed to me the degree of kinship with Bil… yes, I can't hide the truth anymore, my father is a good brother with his uncle Bil's puppy =))). What you didn't understand is that I tried it and it's ugly !!! You don't have to taste the food to see if it's good !! You can also tell by the smell, the visual aspect! As for its graphical and easy to use interface… let's not say… look let's make a fair… if you in the tutorial you are going to do it you will have absolutely no error I promise to install linux if you have only one and mik error I will never enter the video tutorial site, why? because you stubbornly promote operating systems that not even you use in everyday life but only on virtual boxing, and I do not know why you teach others to do it if you yourself do not support linux by using it and complete windos replacement. I SAID AND I REPEAT IT IS GOOD FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC, TO SEE A MOVIE AND SO MUCH !!! IF YOU WORK WITH CERTAIN SOFTWARE, YOU WENT TO LINUXU !!!, YES, I ACKNOWLEDGE IT HAS ALTERNATIVES TO THE PROGRAMS RUNNING IN WINDOWS, BUT THEY ARE FREE SOFTWARE WITH 3 FUNCTIONS FROM WHICH YOU CAN'T DO A GREAT THING! SO WINDOWS RULES!

  27. @admin_cristi:
    Linux idea is the following: Each makes its operating system as it suits, that just as tuned cars that would be if everyone would drive the same type of car.
    Be original, creative in its own operating system settings and changes that make them a linux windows out of the vast ocean of sites.
    They are like the Matrix, we all have the same operating system, there is no competition, there is originality-up and more in America uses Linux where homeland Windows.
    Exit all, be original!

  28. In order to be original and to personalize it as you say ... here it is good to know a lot of command line stuff, so in the end you make me copy your copy a few times on the forum to see what a long way you have to go to adapt or get rid of an error, and how much you have to humble yourself on that forum for someone to take pity on you to help you with some explanations and if he still took pity on you and help you I told you how to do it !! in zeflem, in 2 hairs and a half of a line of command lines, if you say k you don't understand, post a last comment nenea admin in which it says “threatenedde colsed!” (excuse my English)

  29. @admin_cristi:
    Not maispune not use linux because when I run it 4 operating systems, two of which are on Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS 5) and two are on Windows (XP and Vista).
    Linux is an operating system stable and fast and know that netul guy that you sit all day is carried by linux server, the site sits on linux and still 90% of websites in the world are on linux so do not tell me that linux has Papat.
    Windows is a system for the masses and not a professional, whereas every linux distribution can be transformed immediately in a professional.
    IT infrastructure around the world sit on linux.
    Who has Papat?

  30. @admin_cristi: The IT infrastructure sits on the "queues" on the linux framework and on the Windows GUI =)) you can show me and say what you want Windows to run!

  31. @admin_cristi:
    Adrian do you prefer?
    A friend badly dressed without money in your pocket but reliable.
    A richly dressed "friend" next to you who doesn't feel safe and on top of that he wants money from you.
    The operating system is your best friend in the jungle called internet, you must know that you can rely on it at any time and over I do not think you want to know the operating system just wants your money.
    Why do you think so many people working voluntarily linux
    SPIRIT OF SHARING, which unfortunately we do not have and do not feel it.
    We say that all that free is bad?
    Thinking too much in terms of trade!

  32. What was the first operating system invented and who invented it? lest Windows and Uncle Bill? Linuxu where to be inspired by that? If so complex that good and it does not abandon Windows? whether it's XP or Vista?

  33. Rich friend doesn't want money from me! he wants a friend because he has money! he wants a friend to be his friend for what he is not for the money he has! Yes, we think in a commercial spirit because no one does alms and no one gives you 1000 lei nowadays, you without a thousand lei you can't buy the seller refuses you but you if you leave 1000 lei to the seller upset! why? Look, I've been using this Windows for years, and I never gave a penny to use it or use other software for it too !! so…

  34. @Adrian: @Adrian:
    Windows GUI severe linux, I heard something and I do not think there is!
    First of all servers have heavy load gui, it could not have, but do not need.
    There are so many exciting open source management solutions I think a windows server in this world is the worst choice.
    We are not trying to promote Linux tomorrow, just to show people Vrena alternative.
    95% of tutorials are and will be on windows because these are the numbers on household operating systems, but it seems to me that there is a dictatorship thousand mu windows and I like dictatorships.
    Not conceive a world without windows pc.
    They washed creieriiiiiiiiii!
    You really do not realize Adriane?

  35. Nobody washed me anything Cristi, nobody paid me to support Windows, I do it because I'm super happy with it and it's the most flexible system, while linuxu from the first attempt to use it took me by surprise by its mistakes, the fact that I struggled to install it and when I was happy and I thought I managed it started to hit me again! Just as you support and recommend to others what you like, so I say what I like !!! Explain to me even though linux is free and everyone knows that keeping windows on your pc without a license is illegal and in case of parnaie we still use wndows? will all Romanians be so stupid? Come on, I'm not saying 3 are stupid, are they all? And I saw that everywhere there is talk of linux, alas, it has to do with justice… you also saw vista with all its spectacular effects, it put the world in and not only the Romanians put their feet in it, that's not what we want !! not a theme or aspect that will turn your back on you but a complex stable system on which you can run pirated or purchased software to tolerate any kind of software!

  36. @Adrian:
    The first successful operating system with a graphical user interface was Mac OS 80 years.
    But that did not matter, no matter who's first, counts everyone to contribute something and to let others to breathe.
    Giants like Microsoft sweep everything before them and do not leave behind noise than money passing through the counting machines.
    I struggle in vain, in Romania are all subject companies and nobody raises a finger against abuse made by corporations.
    Longer interested in you and what do you have these giants aggressively!

  37. @Adrian:
    Have you ever wondered why games do not work as it should on Linux?
    Have you ever wondered why there are still problems with the linux drivers for new devices?
    Have you ever wondered why many programs do not work on linux?

    I do not think you ever wonder?

    You know what the aggressive policies of corporations?
    I tell you, Microsoft rules the market, no one can do anything about it.
    There are only a few giants like intel and nvidia that Microsoft can not control them, otherwise they are all in their hands, just like in Mafia movies.
    And so never get the source code to Linux and Adrian can not play a game on linux or linux has errors because it is trying to guess the drivers have for something or another.
    Often receive source code delayed by several months and several months in the IT world means forever.
    Good people look at things as a whole… ..!

  38. linux is too bad for you… you got used to windows… that's why you trust it so much… kiar dak everything is from the commands you should read on the forums too .. to see dak are viruses for him or… dak works “hackerit ”Someone who linux…. the same with ubuntu… security leaves much to be desired at windows… with komodo… zonealarm… and many others… .. linux…. is the best.,…

  39. I want to make a tutorial on how to make a MSN.Multumesc address

  40. Cristi, I also want your e-mail address to which I can send tutorial requests… ETC.

  41. Nicu Dumitrescu said

    This polemic (windows vs linux) seems a little exagerata.Eu dle.Cristi know you hate microsoft site, you said it your d-old in a tutorial, I think you give up to do tutorials running programs in Windows. We all know that these tutorials come to our help, those who are not experts, for which we are grateful. I tried this linux.E very interesting and I only are many users who use the computer for anything except get games, movies and music on the net. I currently use Cubase SX3 example, Sound Forge, and Finale. I but many gaps in what concerns the settings (area that will explain it very well in this tutorial) like me are very multi.Evident, you should know music Deac ask if you do something as a sus.Ar mentioned applications more interesting than that tutorial about spying neighbors or wife, which even to this day I do not understand why you did it. (may have been inspired by ..)
    And when it comes to Windows - Linux, my opinion is that the best OP is the one where you can work with the (broken) programs you need. Whatever happens, we have to admit that what you do is a great thing. . Too bad there are many who do not know about your site. (I told all my friends and acquaintances to visit him with confidence) Goodbye.

  42. @Nicu Dumitrescu:
    Nice comment, I do not hate Microsoft and Windows, I really like, but I clung desperately windows only, and I'm working on linux linux because of financial independence, for example if you want your Make a server on Windows Server 2007 cost you a lot of money when the linux (ubuntu server or CentOS) does not cost anything and the results are the same, even on linux have a better security.
    About the program All In One Keylogger spy I was not so inspired, trying to provide a wide range of tutorials of how the categories of software, presenting the world keylogger into contact with such a program and the future knows to beware of spyware.
    In connection with your application to: SX3 Cubase, Sound Forge, and final, we will try to include on our list of tutorials and these professional programs, but do not know exactly when it was created for that such programs require more special documentation and on our list are many tutorials like (in difficulty) unfinished.
    But know that you'll do, gladly support anyone and always keep your proposals COMT.
    Are you still waiting for you by.

  43. @danezu:
    My email address is below each text the tutorial on the left where it says the Cismaru Cristian but you give it more time.
    [email protected]

  44. beb3_mykk said

    SO they are also with linux and microsoft if they are created to be useful to us then let's use them ……. AND LEAVE which is better…. AMN2 JOY and that's it… ..

  45. beb3_mykk said

    ADrian you don't convince anyone k windowsu xp vista etc…'s better k linux etc… and if it's what ??? does that mean k we don't want to try anything new anymore ???? we must always stay on the same criteria old and dc ??? k nah microsoftu e sef ???? then I would also like to have my windows called BEb3 windows 2009… ..k EVERYONE we want to be original but with Microsoft it seems like we would all be the same… .you have to be original… .and linuxu can offer something like leave it like that and try it.

  46. I didn't expect linux to have so much software…. Interesting topic;) BV :)

  47. Cristi's dear to me now 6.39 I wanted to test Mandriva recommended you and I downloaded and put on usb unetbotin NIMIK not start I watched the tutorial again unetbotin thought something was wrong and I have not tried anything wrong gegeaba few but nothing besides running ubuntu sorry. If everything is so good is whatever I wanted sal test but how? I'll do a cd. but like I said it 6 morning and do not have a cd. but do not see the difference between a CD bota. or even USB I froze. I think it was easier to do the tutorial on unetbotin to baptize many usb and virtualbox not Tols daemon plus if you tie yourself to Blok calc. what to say to me or to most!. choose the easy way in the future and please funccioneze when you know you had stuck to the youth thinking that all copies as parrots and never put this tutorial and make one that is no mistake. Sorry if you feel offended but that's my opinion!!

  48. @zaragon:
    Mandriva does not really work with UNetbootin!
    I tried it and does not want to go at all, do not know exactly what's up.
    Explain may be like those of the Mandriva Linux Mandriva stick with him but on sale and you realize they probably put something in Mandriva One live CD does not work with UNetbootin.

  49. @zaragon:
    Daemon tools and Virtualbox are both free and small in size, I could use them both, but probably at this time until you got a blank cd.

  50. Hello please spunetimi to me after I connect to the net on linux can get on the net without any antivirus or protective instlat linux Is that sufficient?

  51. @danezu: I myself have not heard of viruses on and for linux !! Stay calm wherever you want k no one will infect you! And regarding what zaragon said… when windows goes crazy you have someone to blame! Plus Uncle Bil can't afford to be wrong because windows costs money! while on linux… you don't have anyone to take your collar to ask for explanations if something doesn't work! it's a free OS and as such you can't have any pretensions, you don't have anyone to shout at if something isn't right!

  52. Ms adrian even when it was burning CD and prepared the setup linux.

  53. I did exactly what linux instlat Cris a tutorial that not only the CD with daemon tools.Iar virtualbox and then after I finished instlarea I did something there and I went to connect to net I do not get in I pulled both sides observat.Apoi I gave a CD from the drive and restart my windows sp3.Dc it all started?

  54. @danezu: neither you nor cristi installed it in the tutorial! But when you run it in live CD adik mode you can use linux as much as it is CD with linux in PC if you want to use it permanently you have to install it, you just run it live CD, it is normal not to see your partitions and some files … Linux works differently with partitions and files! some windows files don't see them! Documentation before you start linux don't go after Cristi linuxu it's not child's play… if at windows you have 2 large and wide partitions at linux you have 7-8 partitioning modes… it's not really such a simple sin seems! Another is to run it live cd and another is to run it permanently, to install it… document yourself carefully on the Romanian linux site before you start… see k you can also find on youtube some tutorials on how to install linux… very careful that it is not really a child's play as Cristi says! If at Windows you find another neighbor, a friend who knows how, at linux you solve your own problems as you know, no one knows how to help you in linux!

  55. @danezu: I managed to have net even from live cd mode… now it depends on what kind of net you have, what type of connection… I ran a kiwi linux that had the PPPOE protocol this protocol is for those who have net from RDS or romtelecom , if I'm not mistaken, pride doesn't have this protocol ce what kind of net do you have? what kind of connection?

  56. @ Adrian: I have internet via cable lead, protocol pppoe company TVK not know if you heard pt. I'm only in town where bandwidth stau.O mica.Download: 350kb / s Upload 300kb / s

  57. @danezu: Well, in order to have a net, you have to make a wizard, it's similar to the one in windows, but it's easier to do… you don't have to click so many clicks and next next esi click on those 2 monitors at the top right and choose the type of protocol, DSL / PPPOE / broadband one of these three… see you there too… it will only ask you for a user and a pass from the internet contract to connect you put them in and give ok and you have to be clear… I succeeded, no more I know exactly how and where I gave but I know for sure that from those 2 TVs on the top right next to the clock… or possibly on the options / settings… see you too… either left click on the TV or right click… impossible not to succeed, I succeeded from the first even though I had never walked on linux in my life!

  58. Mandriva Linux is great especially in the run mode cd life. Mia loved both tutorial and pride. Once you obisnuiestiumpic with him is ok. It's good times 100 k windows in my opinion, but for now stick to windows. Ms guys to tutorial and keep up the good work.

  59. Although I don't like him at all, I tend to agree with Adrian. I also tried it on a live CD… weak. it moves hard, not to mention the internet. I tried in several ways to connect… nothing. although I have Ethernet it recognizes the network card only on Cable "sees" the partitions in windows but not the sticks. so… why change something that pleases me with something that annoys me… - to use it whoever wants. I remain Nea Billica's "slave". … WINDOWS to live as you need us 😀

  60. @Remus: Friend, it's normal to be like that because the reading time of a CD is much longer than the reading time of a hard drive, it's harder and natural to run from a live CD !! But for me that was not the problem, I had it installed, it runs fast but in vain, if I can't use the programs I need and in vain if it gave me errors… Try it installed and you will see how fast it is, even with the effects activated !! I also read on google about the reading times, between a hard drive and a stick, CD, floppy disk… what are the differences… And please don't give me your opinion about my sympathy, because no one asked you that…

  61. @Adrian "friend" you couldn't help but notice ... you're smarter than you are. -that's all we know… so be it but now I don't feel like trying something like that. - you seem to be, above, the biggest "enemy" of Linux… now I see that you have twisted badly. DLP

  62. @Remus: It's free for anyone to post, my friend, I didn't notice !! I'm free to post! like you, If you knew that the reading times on a CD are longer, you didn't complain that it runs hard =))) but that's it, you complained because you didn't know, after the war… many heroes like you it looks !! If I don't like linux, it doesn't mean that I won't help someone else to use or advise him! Did I say in a post that I would not advise anyone? I just said that I don't like linux! and don't swear in "dlp" shortcuts anymore !! speaks civilized and shows wisdom !! Or are you the kind of person who attacks when told the truth?

  63. @Adrian: dearest friend, can't you really refrain from commenting ?! Come on, I don't feel like arguing with you… that's the curse ??? !!! dlp = Desteptu 'lu' Peste :))

  64. @Remus: There are many official abbreviations such as "pt, dpdv, etc, dl, dr…" of "dlp" I have not heard as an official abbreviation of the word smart ... So this "dlp" can mean anything and as such you laughed for the 3rd time by what you post =)) My advice is to stop here, not to take out "pearls" from these…

  65. @Adrian:
    It is best to speak without abbreviations for a soon forget how they speak correctly.
    I heard many people as even begin to speak in abbreviations.
    Me messenger but a suitable forum or a website not really.

  66. @admin_cristi: I was saying and warning Remus !!! he sees that it is with the abbreviations (dlp)… do you see me using: “cf, brb, asl, pls, bv, dc, bn, nb… etc” ???

  67. beb3_mykk said

    hmz I tried this windowsu and it's great I say it went BRici… what else is worth it I say: P: Everyone with his opinion… ..

  68. beb3_mykk said

    aaaa nus akuma if it goes well for everyone I hope it goes to me one I did the same as in the tutorial I will try from the cd to see 😀 if it works better….

  69. @beb3_mykk: you confuse things! this is not windows! is another operating system! not the same with windowsu! This is linux not windows!

  70. beb3_mykk said

    ok ok whatever u like I love linux: X though: X

  71. I don't know what you're trying to prove to Adrian or who to convince… .but for example I didn't know a bit of linux… everyone that it's awful it's blah… ..but I tried and it worked perfectly (I didn't need sound card drivers etc. !!)
    As for games you can do to go with WINE!

    also has bittorrent client… .you can watch music movies all…

    as for windowsil I use in parallel….

    you have more problems with drivers on windows dak I'm thinking windows windows 7 has appeared but drivers seem to have forgotten to appear…

    otherwise… google = answers

  72. How do I connect to the net in the mandate? I net the rds

  73. @jasshans: no one I see has the courage to get rid of windows for good, if you still brag and like linux why not give up windows for good? I know but I'll let you see why !!! When I hear you all so much, "I like to die linux but I go with windows in parallel" well brother if you like it so much, and you say it has all the drivers, bit client, and the rest, fuck windowsu and just stay on linux, do you mind? Obviously NUUU, why? I know the answer, but I leave it to you to think… And I don't want to convince anyone of anything, I said my opinion and that I don't like everything so much, you are free to use it! !!

  74. @Cristian: If you read the comments above you knew how to connect to the net… read above and you will find out!

  75. I downloaded and I Mandal but not start it gives me an error something like this to choose a game server and not go cristi can help me?

  76. What's 5 CentOS Linux distribution? How is it? Beautiful / ugly? Good / bad? What about him?

  77. Adrian does not know how and you do not go inst Mandriva but I go without any problem!

  78. Cristian U. said

    I'm happy with linux (I chose ubuntu). I like that it works well and doesn't give errors… I'm not in trouble with viruses. but (as there is usually a gift), I like to play counter strike and I installed it on ubuntu with wine but unfortunately it goes jerky even though I installed the video card. so I had to keep windows just to be able to play cs1.6. I love linux ubuntu. to do more tutorials about linux

  79. Crisanta I have a petition of you. I want to put my windows near the hdd2 a linux. I advise me to choose? My computer features are: Intel P4 2.5Ghz 1.5Ghz RAM and GeForce 8600.

  80. boby_admin said

    Linux will run just fine on your system but I still advise you to remove the hard drive while installing Windows Linux obicet as GRUB (boot manager linux) corrupt boot manager in Windows, after installation you can put it back and choose the bios hard disk from which to boot.

  81. Aha thanks for the advice. We have to take into account the advice. And I think I will choose Ubuntu because I saw enough publicized.

  82. I am witnessing an unequal struggle, with some stupid pro WINDOWS arguments. I myself went through CP / M and MS-DOS and went to WINDOWS. As someone who is no longer young, I am revolted by anything that is imposed on me by force, but it also costs me. Do you do a little exercise, how much income do you have and how much would all the installed software cost? But that's not all, every month Windows has to be installed because it cracks, does anyone know why? Linux is a free, well-documented alternative and can be addressed to specialists. Those who do not understand a bit of this should not blaspheme Linux because it does not solve anything. Arguments are found, those who want games only have to install the system every 2 weeks. I try to find a safe and reliable system that will save me from this effort but I can count on it. I tried many distributions from RedHat to Knoppix and even if I had some problems, I didn't think to claim that LINUX is crap, but the fact that I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH and I'm looking to learn more, so that I can master it. We do not have the right to pollute everything we do not understand in the idea that this way we will be better. However, I would say that WINDOWS is addressed to MANELISTS and LINUX to those who love BACH, VIVALDI, ENESCU, CELIBIDACHE, etc..
    There are two different worlds, I can say I am very happy to know them both (a little). Intolerance is manifested in so many ways, to respect those who write code for Linux instead to sit at the pub, those who sacrifice others to bestow something of transience (free), but to respect and their number (not too small ) trying to get us out of slavery multinational corporations. Sir Cristi,
    Thank you on behalf of the ignorant who access this site, for "community service" and who after this contact can change their position from ignorant to knowledgeable.
    We will not know everything, but I ABC come together and after that we can only to work independently come up (maybe)
    professionals. The basis of any result is just work, not alms (downloads, torrents ...) and if that requires effort, let's do it. If we don't understand something, let's not swear, at least respect the work and the background of others. Thanks………

  83. @Iuliu: Listen nene, if you tell me that you gave up windows for good and you only use linux, I don't even think you can beat me! I don't play counter, I don't even know what that is… my PC can't even support something like that! When you work under linux with the programs I work with, then tell me donuts about linux, until then I advise you not to throw words knowing us about the activity / activities and how I use the pc, on me a windows installer kept me for more than a year, because I don't play games and I know where to track, what to download, I know that keygen is a virus and crack as well… I don't use my pc today but for 8 years it's like that … Is a lot is a little? appreciate yourself… when linux will be just as powerful in the field where i work with the pc and in the field where i use the pc then let's talk! I throw windowsu in the trash with pc if you find me running on linux the following: Reason, Fruty Loops or call it FL Studio, Sony Vegas, if you do not know what these are I will not wait to explain… are tutorials on take a look and you will see why I don't like linux… and I won't be able to run such software on linuxu forever forever Mr. Iuliu !! And you talk about windows… when I hear you… domle costs money, domle you give billions on software… where nene? everything I have is free, and windows is the same… how the hell did they buy windows or licensed software? what are you skimming so much that alas windows cost money software costs money… where? when it's everywhere on the torrents! Lasatio over there with star arguments that "domle costs money" I did not give any money, right? I also blaspheme Linux because for me it is an operating system garbage, and I am allowed to believe what I want about anything, it will not suit my criticism or how I "address" Mr. Linux I have not read and that's enough! I am not satisfied with linux and period… maybe in 30 years it will satisfy me! So MAYBE… that's it! Not only was I unhappy that I couldn't run those software that I work with but also for other reasons, it's cumbersome, it gives errors, it's phyto, pretentious… I just don't like it… I have to like Linux or whatever ? Is it communism to like what you want?

  84. For Iuliu And to your curiosity, I graduated from music high school! I love classical music and more! so the phase that windows is for manelists does not apply! You didn't prove to me that you were an old man, on the contrary you followed some old, discussed comments, probably out of boredom or out of maturity… who knows

  85. Hi… Cristi please tell me how I can install Mandriva over windows.
    Pardon want to give windows down and put Mandriva but do not know Cuk.
    If you could give me some directions, it would be cool…
    Thank you…..!

  86. Hello Cristi. I need help with Mandriva. I want to try linux but I am not lucky. I proudly cd's, starts loading and shows that at some point I get the message: can not run etc / init.d / rcs. Then you have to close the button for no longer happen. If you can tell me what this means and how to solve! Thank you!

  87. Thank you,

    is very interesting, I played a little and got me to a problem I do not know to install iperf on pride. I downloaded an archive with iperf net for linux and I was terrible at

    thank you very much

  88. hello is new here and I saw the tutorial with mandriva and I want to say that I really like linux and I run it as the main bone at my home computer. the thing is that I have ubuntu not mandriva or other adik shit from my point of view it's shit or fedora or debian or I don't know which. ubuntu seems to me much more stable than the other linuxes and windows because once the new edition of ubuntu is released maybe some of you know it's ubuntu 9.04 or in words "Junaty Jackalope" brings many surpluses 2 new themes more stability boots faster etc. I have almost a year since I use linuxu and I like mullllttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt because it is easy to use I prefer gnome how about games yes you can play games on linux how?
    wine.asa simple program that makes the program called that?
    Her bn lets you run Windows applications like programs that you need if you want to stay in linux somehow give you a little not because Linuxu not support them and the games go most kind cs 1.6 or want World of Warcraft that it game and io: X and so depends on the video and setting an example one day I was playing warcraft 3 and jerky after iam done a few settings that Windows went smoothly: D
    If you want to help you to sort linux shell commands add the HDI datimi compilation etc. [email protected]
    and you who have this site do a good job posting tutorials and all that I sincerely congratulate you if you would like me as a little "help" I would be willing to help you if you want to contact me give me add to the id I wrote more in sus.LINUX IS FOR FREE

  89. marius said

    excellent tutorial, bravo do a wonderful job with these tutorials… i will use linux for a while to see what the difference is. It would be great to do a tutorial about Ubuntu…

  90. khelloo said

    True that linux you must use a certain knowledge in the calk does not work that way anyway (you get the program you give next, next and ready, odd really that easy) when I put the first AQM lam mam struggled a year 1 2,3 days as I learn about it and still do not styu all because I went through all that stuff in it, so for us young ones go Linux because we want something new and something new for us, but for a parent who dAbeau learned to let go in winamp, VLC I think I'll handle linuxul.a and AQM AQM on the argument of the two would be good if we have to we have two hard drives and linux and windows as the good in linux is 1 is free of security 2 very good, the graphics are very appealing 3, 4nu hang 2 hours to install you as a sucker all those of you grab draivarele headache to think so. AQM Windows also has many good parts but lacking many errors and is outdated brother, every man AQM uses and already want and something new (if you ate yesterday steak today do not want all roast meat) so it is and operating systems.

  91. wolfwarine said

    hello..from what I saw although I didn't read all the comments this "war" for and against linux is not founded… as Cristi said it is an alternative, indeed both Adrian and Cristi are right on certain points .. linux has certain problems precisely because it is free and because microsoft does not give a chance to both him and other companies .. however this free software as Cristi said is used on almost all servers in the world… and this is really a performed in the conditions in which the market is as it is… games..hmmmm..all are on windows..why? precisely because the companies that produce them prefer to go safe knowing that 99% of users are on windows, if they would an adaptation for linux and you could see that things would take another turn and I'm not referring here only to games and other software .. why nothing is done because there is no interest and there is no ticket from the giant microsoft … Linux should be tried pa My opinion is appreciated because it exists and although it does not have the performance of Windows in general, it beats it to the bottom on the other side… Linux is a good alternative and from which you can learn something..Thanks!

  92. Sebastian said

    First I want to congratulate you for tutors ..
    Well done, with explanations for everyone ..
    I didn't use linux much. I had it installed for testing several times. I had the Ubuntu distribution. What I understand is that it is a free program, the distributions can be modified by anyone, everyone can help improve the programs. the most important part is that you will never be punished by law if you use a copy.
    Linux is not for gamers .. usually used for servers and programmers .. In the world there is already a community that seeks to improve on the operating system and create new programs .. I think currently outnumber those from windows ..
    The nice thing is the possibility to install various applications directly without having to look on torrent, cracked ..
    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fix a network in a pharmacy ..
    Guess what was on the server operating system?

    I tell you .. linux…
    4 computers is free and no need to pay license ..

    It is difficult to unite to stop because it familaiarizat Windows programs and applications
    I for one try to use it more often ..
    although I already 2 original licenses vista computer xp
    I'll put and linux ..
    chear not be so hard to try and you ..
    the idea of ​​being different and complicated scare louder ..
    Are you ready for a challenge?

  93. Sebastian said

    said wolfwarine "the companies that produce them prefer to go safe knowing that 99% of users are on windows, if they make an adaptation for linux you could see that things would take another turn and I'm not talking here only about games and the other software .. ”

    Companies that produce games for Windows earn big money from applications. Imagine that the next game will be released on 09-2009 mean NFS SHIFT would be created for a Linux platform and would be free .. What company would win? Who would pay an army of softist?

  94. claudiu said

    For those who do the tutorials I have all the respect and I want to congratulate them on this way… .but I have a big request about linux mandriva, namely that I can not set the network on rds (pppoe connection); I am grateful if you have me helps in this regard.

    with early multumuri I wish you as many tutorials.

  95. christi said

    hello, first of all congratulations cristi and boby for the tutorials made, I also learned some of them… .and about mandriva I want to try it but I'm not too sure ko something will come out because I'm a bit clumsy in terms of working on the computer… .. I have never run with linux and because of that I am very curious! regarding the "war" between Linux and Windows… .I say it's worth giving a chance to Linux

  96. @christi: If you want to increci linux without problems, ie, without giving up Windows, you can use virtualbox or livecd mode, after you get used to it and you can decide if you like windows or quitting if you do a dual boot (two or multiple systems on the same PC).

  97. christi said

    it didn't work… .for k I have a very strong pc… ..yes anyway i will try a friend…

  98. catalin said

    very cool site… I discovered it for 3 days and it hasn't been out of the browser for 3 days :)) good job…

  99. I have windows PC and I saw the pride 2009 this tutorial, I saw the one about kiwi linux and that was hard, but I downloaded the latest version of took the penultimate because I do not ever choose Linux version and I like it very very much. before reading all the comments about Mandriva wanted to finally put your kiwi because I only hdd but we found that many games do not work on linux for windows quit if it would make games and platforms for if Computer games have not helped.
    a! almost forgot and today I downloaded Mandriva 2008.
    even if you put them on my pc linuxurile I took this for anyone who wants to have.
    I have seen many tutorials and about and that use virtualbox, but unfortunately I wanted to install it (I net from fiber optic rds) and I think he has a problem with the fiber type optica.asta it!
    doing a great job and helped me many times.
    I put my net 5 months and the first day I came on your site.
    should promote this campaign counter windows, counter-piracy and PRO_LINUX
    then maybe when I grow old will opt for linux! cam at 40 years now I just 13.

  100. @ionut: Regardless of where and how you net work done, especially in linux kiwi! You obtiunea for PPPoE interface, you can set very simple and easy, I recommend Ubuntu version is very stable, it's kind of windws xp liuxuri! Simple to use and all you have already setup, audio players, video burner for CDs, browser, mail client, Gimp for photos plus many more! In ubuntu you can just set the connection in 2 modes or terminal interface (command line cmd kind of Windows) write in terminal in ubuntu: sudo pppoeconf and follow wizardu you enter! are tutorials on the site so even ubuntu Romania, in Romanian with prints to see exactly how it's done! they provide support and a forum for Romanian and a mIRC chat where you can assist someone in real time for free! Successes!

  101. I wanted to install VirtualBox on Windows and not mers.scuze I think it was my fault that I did not quite explicit.cred she'll try it again to you I do not want to install virtualbox only Linuxu see how it goes because I know that I only go as fast as 3 ghz processor not like Vista that comes to you with their fists in the monitor and the CPU still does not matter.

  102. I work for 4-5 years and tried windows and linux but does not compare to windows, widows is complex and has the easiest controls

  103. georgia30 said

    May smart guys, hats off to tutorials! I am a novice in the computer but I have learned from you how I learned to N courses info! Thank you!

  104. Hello… brothers, I don't understand those who are at war for and against… no one will force you to use LINUX, it's a free choice .. I've been using windows for 8 years ..and for 2 years now I've been playing when on linux in linux…. I left like everyone else from words, images, tutorials and even movies… even hearing the people on the irc beating their fists in their chests about small things…. you know very well what I'm talking about…. so trying I realized slowly, slowly that linux is much too beautiful you will criticize at first sight… after an experience of about a year maximum you will give up windows… If you want you can if not, do not try no one forces you… bravo brother tutorials yours strengthens my desire to use linux even more ……. good luck

  105. Hello,
    I have been using Ubuntu for some time (installed separately on a 10G HD in a P3 800 Mh) and a Win. installed separately by another HD on the same PC, starting separately OS from the bios setting choosing HD with OS (Win. or Ubuntu). The only disappointment is that I can't use an older scanner in linux (Genius HR6X Slim) otherwise I'm satisfied. I tried to install on an Asus X51RL laptop (with increased 2 × 1 G RAM), but "Ubuntu 9.04 desktop i386" cannot be installed. After setting the language (from the beginning) it locks and remains a black screen, with horizontal stripes with the Ubuntu logo. I downloaded the CD from the official SIT last week, burned it and checked it (option before installing on the CD) on the other PC where I installed and updated it, and the diagnosis is that the CD is OK !!! How can I still install a linux in on my laptop?

  106. Back with the next statement,
    The following message appears when you try running / installation and the CD "kiwilinux"
    "[2.508027] ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
    Loading, please wait ...
    BusyBox v1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1> builit-inshell (aush) ”
    Can needful done a set in bios? What should I do?

  107. Mihai: Returns the next statement,
    The following message appears when you try running / installation and the CD "kiwilinux"
    "[2.508027] ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
    Loading, please wait ...
    BusyBox v1.10.2 (Ubuntu 1> builit-inshell (aush) ”
    Can needful done a set in bios? What should I do?

    Go to the forum and ask this question Ubuntu romania they handle linux, linux programmers are they should know better! Go to address

  108. Does anyone know if it's a Linux password and user need not to enter or can be disabled?

  109. Does LINUX also have a built-in video editor? , it's embarrassing to windous to have made software for setting, partition, unistal… for all the nonsense a software.

  110. super tutorial, but what interested me, if I go installed games on it ……. for example. World of Warcraft… ..

  111. Hi, I'm trying to download the pride and I can't, they changed the kits, it's 2010 only they have 2009… what can I do?

  112. 2010 is?

  113. Cristi good!
    I'd like to ask you if you can help me to install internet explorer on Mandriva linux.Am can understand that, and I do not really get along with Linux rather've never used linux and now I want to try, but I need for IE. To open a site that does not work only with IE Thanks a lot!

  114. razvan said

    please. tell me, too, where do I find the horse configuration. my?? I don't know if I have a del 512mb with a 120 gb hard drive and a 2600 processor, so I'm interested in that… I have an operating system. of linux ubuntu… with this pride,! I don't know how to handle it… it can be easy and practical. but I don't understand the terms you're talking about, for you speak another language to me… scz. that I said that, but that is ,,, that I don't really understand ,,,
    so what interests me…. it is, if… there is an ideotutorial… or tell me where to go in ubuntu to find out ,,, from where, can I read, what motherboard do I have what kind of memory or what hard drive do I have or the video card… I have these sunt thank you very much… to know that I watched ,,,, many video tutorials .. from you ,, and I am delighted with this site for. that it opened my mind a lot in ,, computers .. pc programs. and so on and so on

    • Adrian said

      please. Tell me know, where I find configuration horse. My? I have a del 512mb with a hard processor 120mai gbsi 2600 away I do not know, so this interests me ... I have an operating system. Proudly linux ubuntu ... this! I do not know how to handle it ... maybe it is, easy and practical. I do not understand that talking termeniicu, pt. I speak another language ... scz. I said that, but that is, I do not quite understand,,,
      So I'm interested .... is, if ... there is ideotutorial ... or tell me where to go in ubuntu to find,, from where can I read what motherboard you have and what kind of memory or hard I placavideo ... c I this is ... thanks a lot ... you know I watched, many videotutoriale .. from you and are excited for this site. that opened my mind to much, computers .. Software. and so on and so on  

      I did not understand anything in your comment, after you have installed Linux, Mandriva or Ubuntu? 2 distributions are very different! If you use Ubuntu then click on Applications on Ubuntu Software Center and there in search box type: HARDiNFO and click on install.

  115. today I saw this tutorial, I took the Mandriva Linux One 2010 Spring version from, I booted from the cd, at one point it asked for my username and password… I did something wrong maybe?
    thank you

    • gabriel: Today I saw this tutorial, I got on the website version of Mandriva Linux One 2010 Spring, I booted from the CD, at one point asked me username and password ... I got something wrong maybe? Thank  Cite me

      Yeah, see that somewhere in the ISO image mounted with daemon tools if you'll have me ... reed file is root and default password username root like everything, do not know exactly, however there where you got the picture, you'll find safety and a note on this. When you download something from somewhere will give download and goodbye ... leave the page. Does not hurt to stay a bit on the page to read any notes possible problems or warnings will appear on the default username and password. I advise you to use Ubuntu Linux, we have a lot of tutorials about it. Mandriva "died" company was bought by a Russian company that will follow to release a new distribution of Linux ... I recommend watching the tutorial with Wubi. Write up in the search box to the right of the black border: Wubi, you enter and you will find the tutorial.

      • thanks for the answer, I will give up pride if you advise me asa anyway, I studied the wubi tutorial before, I also had ubuntu linux in dual-boot for a while, I really liked it, it was version 9.4, as if I gave it up only when I put another windows… in the meantime I see that it appeared 10.04, I can't wait to try it… if you have any particular advice on installing and using ubuntu 10.04, I would be indebted if you shared it with me ...

        Yeah, see that somewhere in the ISO image mounted with daemon tools if you'll have me ... reed file is root and default password username root like everything, do not know exactly, however there where you got the picture, you'll find safety and a note on this. When you download something from somewhere will give download and goodbye ... leave the page. Does not hurt to stay a bit on the page to read any notes possible problems or warnings will appear on the default username and password. I advise you to use Ubuntu Linux, we have a lot of tutorials about it. Mandriva "died" company was bought by a Russian company that will follow to release a new distribution of Linux ... I recommend watching the tutorial with Wubi. Write up in the search box to the right of the black border: Wubi, you enter and you will find the tutorial.  

        • gabriel: Thanks for the reply, I will give to pride if so advised me ... anyway, with Wubi tutorial we studied earlier, we had dual-boot Ubuntu Linux in a while, I really enjoyed was 9.4 version, though ... I gave it up only when I put the other windows ... meanwhile appeared 10.04 see that, can not wait to try it ... if you have any particular advice on installing and using Ubuntu 10.04, I would be indebted to him you tell dacami ...

          Well, look at the tutorial… there was said almost everything you should know, everything you need to consider before installing it, if you want to install it in real dual boot with windows we have a tutorial about that. Type up in the search box on the right: install ubuntu in dual boot with windows xp, enter and you will find the tutorial

  116. NECUNOSCUTU said

    Can I have the picture and theme?

  117. mostwanted said

    What do you advise to use Mandriva or Ubuntu?

  118. Good ones to videotutorial appreciate your work but I would like if possible to do a tutorial on Oracle Linux. Thank you very much and if you do tutorialu please send me an email with a link to Tutorial
    Thanks a lot

  119. enache v. said

    a little trench beside you showed nice but please help me.
    I installed in the virtual box a mageia 6 which after installing when I enter it asks me in the local terminal host logings… .here I got stuck because nothing seemed good especially since the password does not allow me to write it [because under local host password appears]
    password entry or the rut?

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