Sticking with Avidemux video files quickly and Power Director

Whether we do video editing or simply want to glue two, three or more video files is a good idea to do it very quickly; Yesterday if possible, because we have no patience.
Last time I showed as extracted from a video sequence with Streamclip, today we go to the next step with gluing video.
To make sticking fast video files, we must understand something. First, to avoid incompatibility, it's better to use the same codecs and video files with the same resolution, to avoid misplacing the video player.
Bonding two videos we found the best applications. The first is free and has small bugs, and the second is commercial.
Programs pasting video files:
1. Avidemux, a free, quick and pretty simple.
2. Cyberlink Power Director, a commercial application that is very good and quite accessible without other NLE's (non linear editing).
My recommendation would be Cyberlink, because we give fewest errors generated when running the video. Additionally, the Power Manager is a powerful video editor with which we can make all kinds of operations and changes in video and audio. The editing and transcoding, SVRT Intelligent Power Manager uses technology that allows him to transcode only the portions modified or altered, increasing the speed of the final export.
Speed, both applications are in the same place, but Cyberlik Power Directive and the container (mp4, avi, mov, etc) where videos / audios were packed.
Avidemux file generated by the players did not run on Windows, but only the third players like MPC and VLC.
Avidemux probably not due to meet on export container MP4 license, to be paid when using container in an application, and therefore problems arise.

Download Avidemux
Download Cyberlink Power Director (Commercial Trial)

Video Tutorial - Paste video files quickly with Avidemux or Power Director

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  1. Bravo Cristi! Grade 20 for everything you do. In my puppies, I started watching almost every night on Videotutorial something like on TV… and yes brother, please continue the videotutorial related to this topic.

  2. Regards Team are interested to see your website tutorials on Mr. Power Director.Succes further.

  3. Hi Cristi, is to do a baptism of my son, photographer, cameraman and I've chosen to save video urilesi specified as a disk image will be of a higher quality to saving a DVD. Can you please confirm? thank you in advance

    • AdrianGudus said

      The reason for doing this is space. 4 GB DVD fit on a shooting on a hard disk can hold more GB (depending on the storage capacity of hard disk)

    • You can 2-3 DVD_uri film and one with pictures, although a film is enough 4 gb, so a DVD.

    • I, having an experience in filming 16 years from the time when shooting VHS, I can tell you that there was nothing wrong with the cameraman, respectively, as long as Full HD filming. We filmed a baptism in 7 November full HD and 2 hours video came finally to 13,8 GB, so could put baptism 3 DVDs 4,7 GB or 2 of 8,5 GB but the quality decreases because (speaking of room My) format video files from the camera MTS and few are codecs that read this format, then you have processed the image format MPEG2 where it loses very little of quality, that if a baptism, but when shooting at wedding 6 hours on DVDs must be asked how many wedding? So really, the best quality is a hard or stick 64 GB (for a wedding).
      Sincerely, Dan S

  4. Congratulations to all the effort so far. If you can, please do a detailed tutorial with Power Director.

    • A detailed tutorial might get bored world. I'll make short tutorials that will show you how to do basic operations: working in timeline, color correction, stabilization, sound synchronization, etc.
      The time of one hour tutorials, now everyone lost patience, since the Vine website. In 3 5-minute man falls asleep and falls under the desk, if in the meantime not to click out of the site.
      I heard that information injections will appear soon. To learn something, all you have to do is buy the right syringe and find a nurse to administer it to you. What is the multiplication table, equations and Eminescu? A sting and you did high school + general. Another injection for college / master, and ready. Bam-Bam, Pac-Pac, Țoc-Poc and you're a genius.

  5. If you can, please do a detailed tutorial with Power Director.

  6. Please explain how good seara.te rotates shooting s4 done with samsung galaxies.

  7. hello cristi… and I, like Catalin (above), look very often. I have a question: for example: I have a laptop with windows 10 where I am logged in with an insider account..etc… if I send it as it is to my daughter and I buy another one I can stay with the same insider account for windows 10 on the new track? (I hope you understand the idea)

    • I do not know if you can enter the insider program. This program has been available in phase in which Windows 10 was during the testing period, and insiders helped verify system stability. In any case, try to score another PC in the program, and see if it works.

  8. GARLIC Bogdan said

    Adrian Gudus pretty please do a videotutorial customize the ringtone on iphone new generation. I respect both.

    • AdrianGudus said

      Generation iPhone does not really matter that you own, at least not for the method that I know but I will certainly do this tutorial.

  9. Cristi watching with great interest your tutorials please help me I have a misunderstanding.
    I recently purchased a SSD from Kingston v300 (120GB) and in their SSD Toolbox utility has no SSD option Trim although it supports alternative tehnologie.Ce I have? (Sorry that is not related to the last tutorial)

  10. Thank you, it might be useful and one on the history and evolution of video formats: MPEG's, AVI, div-x. h264, etc.

  11. And I want a detailed tutorial with Power Director.

  12. Cristi, with which program can solve some shooting that sound too distorted to make them more unbiased, so to speak? What software / sophisticated software do I need?

    • That does not go. You can try the Audacity (free) or Adobe Audition (lots of money), just extract the soundtrack of a video editor and load it into Audition or Audacity, perhaps mend basil. Unfortunately once distorted sound, it can hardly be repaired. If thin, maybe you get lucky.
      For the record:
      Often the sound is harder than the image captured, and even harder to repair.

  13. Please Cyberlink Power Director a tutorial, thanks.

  14. Cristi Hello!
    There are differences / similarities between Power and Camtasia editor?

    • Camtasia is a catch with basic video editing functions and Power Manager is a non linear editor powerful semi-professional.
      Each tool is best for a specific task. These two software can not be compared with each other.

      • Forgive my ignorance Cristi, but can you explain what non linear editor?
        Thank you!

        • A non linear editor lets you do all sorts of changes in the timeline. You can cut, stick to videos, change / edit sound, background sound to add, edit color, contrast, etc. All this you do very naturally.
          It's like editing a Word document, add, cut, format, and finally save.
          Cam all modern video editing programs are of NLE.

          Examples of linear editors.

          Windows Movie Maker
          Online video editor
          Editor video on Youtube

          Examples of linear editors

          Adobe Premiere Pro
          Sony Vegas
          Final Cut Pro
          Cyberlink Power Director

  15. Cristi Hello!
    What laptop to buy us at the moment? You Dacian a Videotutorial?
    Thanks a lot,

  16. Hello Cristi,
    I'm interested to know why (and how) Cyberlink Power Director 14 can do, and thanks in advance for future tutorials.

  17. Turock Lolopoco said

    I have been recommending the Avidemux program for more than 4 years. Eventually, you included it in your "tutorials". The problem is, you screwed it up again. At Avidemux, on the left side you have different settings. If you look down, right on the left, you have "Output Format". I think it is no longer necessary to continue with regard to "unfortunately, no other format can be selected". And the “pasting” took very little time because “COPY” was selected for the audio and video codec, ie it does not do a video and / or audio reencoding. If re-encoding is selected on the video and / or audio side, then the "configure / filters" buttons will be activated and you will be surprised by what Avidemux is capable of. And if you look at the menu bar above (the one with "file-recent-edit") you will discover others: Saving only the audio column, replacing the audio column or adding a new one (you can practically convert an mkv to mp3; at an mkv or mp4 movie you can add another soundtrack in addition to the original one, a translation) etc, etc. And all this without re-encoding video parts, if you don't want that. All this from a free program, without ads.

    • Turock Lolopoco said

      With Avidemux can you, for example, to remove commercials from a TV recording, video reencodare NOT to do. And more. Well, I just say, you are the experts

  18. I used Avidemux ptr paste videos but now only go not uploaded any media or any mp4.Imi avi Can anyone tell me what I can do?

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