Quick GPS location on any Android smartphone

Hi friends, today we will attack the subject localization, which is one of the most used features on a modern smartphone. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Bing will all your location!
Almost all applications use GPS data, especially for navigation, and search engine you need to know location, otherwise where would know to show you relevant results for Romania or the country you are visiting?
A recent years science localization has evolved a lot, have launched networks positioning us like sons GLONASS (Russian system), we have introduced new technologies like A-GPS (asisted GPS), all for a location more accurate and faster. Still, all these innovations, our smartphones moves too slowly when it comes to location. What use 8 cores in SOC, you must wait 2 minutes after GPS to determine your location?
You should know that most of the lost time location system (GPS + GLONASS + A-GPS) to determine location, is consumed reading of unnecessary data.
A-GPS does not need to read only data relevant to Romania or another country where you are.
Us today will ease your work by changing the file system location gps.conf
Why do we need?
1. Phone or tablet Root
2. file gps.conf romania or suitable location
3. A root browser or any root file manager
4. An application to verify the localization GPS Test (Optional)
Gps.conf Unzip the zip file and copy it to / system / etc / .Sfatul and keep my old file gps.conf to it can be used in case something does not suit you. After you have copied the file system gps.conf in / etc / need to change file permissions in 0644 (as in the tutorial) then you must restart the phone.

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  1. Marius Nechifor said

    But in case, let's say you leave your phone in another country without using the phone to your remember the location where you stay and want to go back home with a browser like iGO, which uses only the satellites, ii May found or finds difficult or have to put the old file back? Google Maps know that goes with wireless or GSM networks.

  2. Cristii I do not have any .gps.conf… I mention that I have tel.rootat.si custom rom installed .., it is possible that the one who modified the rum has removed it completely as I searched in other files and not given by him.

  3. I add to what I wrote before that the gps.conf file was still missing. I inserted it in the place mentioned by Cristii, and I found that it goes ,,… indeed it connects ffff quickly to satellites, .5-7 sec. but I think it's still a problem,… When you do the GPS test you saw it gives a very high accuracy .. Ex. To me 4 meters even, but when you open a navigation application like google maps. he no longer has that accuracy… It's a difference of 150-200 meters from where I should be., and I've been waiting to see if he adjusts his distance but .. It seems not…. Take a test too.

  4. liviuflorin said

    It works great on a 2 Note LTE rooted. Too bad there is not a similar solution for smart sites nerootate.

    • Hello LiviuFlorin,
      Try viptrackpro on Google Play. I've tried it on a Samsung S3 nerootat and went excellent, even without the location we started. I think that was using WiFi or GSM cell.

  5. Cristi do you plan Tutorial surveillance systems? poe complete with all .. it's impossible not your home be installed.
    I want to put in store. I want anything remotely good. filming / recording at night when it's dark and the lights off or weak light source. and be IP cameras. with a good grip on the wall. You can have time to do you recommend to me a model of camera.
    I would like to have sd card and you can get from another location to see the room records.
    thank you.

    • Even in the period ahead will make a tutorial about cameras and possible configurations. In progress.
      I think you have someone infiltrated, you guessed my thoughts, otherwise I can't explain….

  6. What is it that you have phone Cristi?

  7. Sal. I got one thing to ask you, can you do a tutorial on how the program works XBMC for Windows (http://xbmc.org/about/).

  8. sal I 2 leptopuri an acer and a different processor asus .We give some details about the 2 processor and I want to tell someone ,, Which processor is better? ,,.
    ACER ASPIRE 5738Z - INTEL PENTIUM dual-core processor T4200 ** (2.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB, L2cache **). 4.00 GB RAM.
    ASUS K73E - INTEL ** R PENTIUM ** R CPU B940 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00GHz .RAM 4.00 GB.
    thank you

  9. liviuflorin said

    Gps.conf file permissions are like in tutorial or in text 0664 0644 ??

    • liviuflorin said

      … I answer myself… correctly is 0644, I was confused for as on a note2 LTE rooted with CM11, it works excellently and fast, and on a note3 rooted with original software it moves very hard… .harder than with original gps.conf…. what is the cause .. ??

  10. Alin Lucian said

    Sorry I posted this question here, but I posted it to the appropriate subject, but it didn't answer anyone, that topic has been posted since 2009…

    I bought 2 Blu-Ray Discs, I installed BrnAware but my optical drive does not recognize! You must have an optical drive "more special" to burn a Blu-Ray, or with mine, but I do.

    Thanks for the reply!

  11. f useful

  12. Suedia.Dar we missing Cambodia.

  13. can be a tutorial on gigabit routers that work fine on FiberLink 1000 the rds?

  14. on my samsung galaxy mini gt -s5570 android failed me, how I can recover or reinstall?

    • What exactly does "my android dropped" mean?
      What error do you show? Under what conditions? What happens exactly?
      Android flash uind you can reinstall official firmware for your phone which you find by using the odin sammobilr. You tutorial series about Odin and here you find the search box

  15. I have a proposal for a tutorial you could make a tutorial how to compile a program from source? eg how to install Java from java.com for ubuntu. just as a source tar.gz and compile. as an alternative to Java is not working on all platforms ubntu java. and many sources have clear instructions how to compile and install

  16. Cristian Oprea said

    Hello Cristi, hello to everyone. With me on one and not fuction well so I decided to put the old file but then it was not only locate and fix the gps test says No to status. Does anyone know what I can do?

  17. Cristian said

    Hi, can you tell someone if we're on the subject of GPS, how can I make 4.1.2 android (galaxy s 2) when I emerged from an application that uses gps satnav remain fixed. (When leaving the app stays fixed satnav, and when I wanna go back into the application starts searching again) .I want to know if you can always remain fixat.Multumesc

  18. hello, I do not go well on my galaxy s plus but I watched all the tutorial and read over and put back the old file. went wrong I did not see any difference in return when I restarted the phone booted hard and once you get stuck I removed the battery. anyway it's not a risk worth trying and respect for tutorial.

  19. A useful application for smartphones such as GetThemAll https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fvd
    to download media content from various sites (even tutorials on this site)

  20. Hello. If I lose my phone to exp (android), I find it useful f and I think it is very handy in technical PDVD so I can locate the phone. Is there any application that is able to allow your phone to send location was lost when it is called on a particular watch nuamr or SMS with a code?

    • See there are many tutorials on location. I think Cerberus do something.

      • Hello Ovidiu,
        Yes there is such an application. It's called viptrackpro and made even some clever Romanians. Aside from the Google Play and know they have professional versions, which start location service + transmission time when given a specific message or a call from a particular phone.
        Moreover, the location is now without the GPS position (inside buildings), as WiFi and GSM triangulation from the cell.
        I saw such an application at a detective and I was a little scared…. what technology can do

  21. catalina said

    How can I find a stolen phone Samsung Galaxy mini S3 without gps enabled or else I went to the police

  22. adrian said

    I have a phone samsund 5 galaxies and bought second-hand from a wide england store that sells mobile leptopuri etc. I am thinking of what to do these operations to that location on your phone to lighten the secret service and police work to locate and spoinat may be easier ???????????????? ?? when I want to hide as much by the authorities in particular in England and they come in romania do as you give water to the mill of SRI and the Gabor ordinary security agents to accurately knew my location

  23. Dascalu Bogdan said

    Good evening,
    I tried that stuff on a xperia st27i. But I think it's the same as before. Before applying the patch in bad moments last 5-10 minutes and good times just 1-2 minutes. After applying the patch lasted 3 minutes on the first attempt, any opinions?
    Thank you.

  24. I wonder if any commentator here had the curiosity to open the file.

  25. Adrian D. said

    Hello! I own a Galaxy S6 and for a few days now 7,8 my gps is not working properly. On google maps when I click on the person mode (steps) it shows me the street as being on the right or left when it's actually in front of me… And it doesn't take my locations properly either, if I select a store it puts an end to me on the street …What to do?

  26. How can you find out who the person on facebook if you do not know, no friends and no write only private poza..si

  27. Hello I come with a question. What makes the phone can no longer take current location, here I refer to the YouTube app, news etc penrru all data is in the country and I want that data from romania. I do not know if there is a solution: d

  28. I was stealing a gold samsung galaxy j 5 2015 what can I do?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Type in the search box at the top right "lost phone location" or "Android Device Manager" and press the Enter key and you will find our tutorials on this topic
      I do not want to shatter your hopes but if you have prepared anti-theft device be stolen before you are very unlikely to find him

  29. Salut..mie as my cell phone was stolen Homton 7 .. .. I tried to locate it using your Google Account but the person that stole it took only a few connections for 2 luni..adica temporar..recent I found that google account has been deleted. There are chances phone to be found? Perhaps using your IMEI?

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