Logitech Wireless Prodigy G403 review, headshots wireless

G403 Prodigy Wireless is a gaming mouse that really works on wireless as well as wired go. We could say that the Wireless mouse performs better due to lack of cable that can bother sometimes.

Wireless gaming is possible on?

Definitely, the Logitech recently improved so much wireless connection between the PC and mouse, that is impossible to tell the difference. Logitech specialists have minimized latency and interference. Other wireless mice have problems with radio interference from router, 2,4 GHz band, the Bluetooth or USB 3.0.

What is different gaming mouse without the other

Gaming mouse has a special sensor with very high resolution. A resolution gaming mouse can reach 12000-16000 DPI. If we G403 of PMW 3366 PIXART sensor, which is the best moment sensor.
Maximal (jerk) that can move the mouse hand without losing contact with the surface optical mouse pad. Logitech G403 has a maximum acceleration of 40G, value impossible for any human being.
The speed with which you can move the mouse up when it loses contact with the optical surface. Measuring the speed of the IPS (inches per second). G403 can move at a maximum speed of IPS = 300 762 meters per second.

Pooling Rate website

This is USB refresh rate between mouse and computer, ie how fast the mouse communicates with the PC. G403 has Pooling Rate of 1000 Hz, ie every millisecond (a thousandth of a second) mouse G403 send data to the PC, this means a 1 ms latency. Normal mice have a Pooling Rate of 125 Hz, ie 8 ms latency.

Mouse buttons to gaming

A gaming mouse we buttons (switches) Special machines that hold millions of strokes and have the same precision at a time. G403 Omron has switches that are the best in this industry switches.

Personal calibration weights

Gaming mice (not all) can be customized according to user preference. Sometimes found in package weights that can balance the mouse as desired. 403 G10 weighs grams, which do not use. A user may find useful worst hand that weight. Again, depending on user preferences.

Customizable RGB lights

RGB lights between category look. These lights will help you target the best, but can make the office look better. Some mice can be customized in many ways behavior and colors, as does his G403 Prodigy Wireless.
If the price of Prodigy Wireless G403 it seems too big, or you do not need wireless, you can choose products as good at lower price. Below I will put some gaming mice as good.
- For small to medium hand
Logitech G203 Prodigy 6000 DPI
Logitech gaming mouse G Pro
- Medium-high hand
Logitech Gaming Mouse G403 Prodigy (same but without wireless)
Logitech Gaming Mouse G403 Prodigy Wireless / Wired (shown in video)
Razer DeathAdder mouse, 3500dpi

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  1. I can not understand why we lag on my mouse. It has times when nothing goes delayed move the mouse and arrow. It could be interference from the router? I have a mouse Zalman ZM-M500WL.

    • Lag or interruptions in mouse wireless routers come from 2,4 GHz band, the Bluetooth from microwave ovens, remote control cars, etc.
      Usually the router is the cause, but it is not his fault.
      Try to stop the router and see if more trouble mouse. If you have problems after stopping the router, I suggest you buy a dual band router, meaning 2,4 and 5 GHz.

  2. And use a pad A4TECH X7.

  3. DorianORCHESTRAro said

    XML-RPC solution inpotriva you Atak Word press?

  4. Thank you for submitting a more crystals Gaming Mouse, which I was one of you asked in comments PERSONS a Review of Gaming Mouse. Honest and waiting and a tutorial software's. Last but not least thank you for your monitor LG, I asked and this in a comment. You will not lose your eyes and once again thank you and Adrian, coworkers tutorials required by me. Bafta further, and as many turoiale comes linked to gaming.

  5. Dragos said

    Hello, can you tell us what Cristi mice are also found on the market and have wireless function / wired?
    Thank you.

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