Manipulating the download and files of the uTorrent program - HD video tutorial

I'm sure that many times we have to download a movie, game and find during the download that we actually do not have enough space on the hard drive.

Not having enough space on the automatic hard disk, our torrent client can no longer continue the download process for that file due to lack of space.

In this video tutorial we will learn how to move file on partition enough space on another partition with more free storage space available to download the file to get to completion.

I'm sure that many times it happened to you want to download only certain files or folders in a directory found on torrent download, in this case there is no need to download all the content but what interests us in that directory (subtitle, crack , serial, nfo, pdf files)

This tutorial helps us save time dedicated to downloading files and hard disk space, which is not always enough, on this site you also have a series of video tutorials dedicated to the topic "BitTorrent".

This tutorial complements of video tutorials made some time ago, those who have watched them you can do by clicking on the following links:

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How to download torrents at higher speeds with bitcomet - video tutorial

How to open nfo files downloaded from torrents - video tutorial

I invite you to follow along the steps you need to follow them to easily manipulate files in a customer made donwload torrent uTorrent.


Adrian Burlugeanu

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  1. I have a question that is not related to the tutorial.
    Windows is Xp right? What theme do you use or what program (Crystal xp, Alien Wave etc)?

  2. @CosTkn: I'm using a windows 7 for XP theme… I was wandering around a site last night and I found it… and I thought I'd install it… but that's not important…

  3. Can you give me the link? (Here or email: )

  4. @CosTkn: As you can see your email is not complete for security reasons for you !! stop giving your email on the sites because you will receive all kinds of spam… my public email on the site if you were more careful you will notice it… above each tutorial write who made it small in blue to the left of the tutorial click on the name and a to automatically open your email client with my address already entered automatically to send to. And send me an email… why do we all have to be the same? why do you have to have the theme as mine or me as yours? Don't be upset but you will email me in vain… I don't agree with this "copying"… I know I'm mean… but be you and don't bother with what else has… be you… be original… don't have to we take one after the other but let's be us !!!

  5. sal Adrian really did not know how to do stuff I did not have space utorentu knd, yo Delete d: k to be able to download, now I know :)) I have a question that is not related to the tutorial, maybe someone knows a program k to remove pictures from videos, DVDs have my wedding and I want to remove the pictures of what is filmed there, for example to pause and just put that image to be removed and photo,

  6. @dons: KMPlayer do this! It is a free player with many settings, comes with the package of codecs and I have not seen one movie that I can not see him!

  7. @ Adrian, thanks a lot, I'll look for it and try it.

  8. Nam had something to learn from tutorialu asta.faceti something more useful.
    Christ Is Risen!!

  9. @tataee: We try as much as we can to please everyone… if you did not have to learn this does not mean that the tutorial should not be done or that others will not learn from it !!! Don's example… he didn't know how to move a download already started !!! And that he is sure that there are many, Maybe you find useful others do not find as useful for them. You can not thank everyone, I think there is room for everyone and I'm sure you did not follow all over 120 tutorials on this site !!

  10. 10alex2000 said

    I have a question though, you can do a video tutorial like how a dp torrent download a game and the game has more pieces you can show how rar.Daca mount rar archives after you tried to unzip an archive descarcat.Am a game a lot and I give those tits jcurile wrong volume.La I download from various websites so I yes to eg rar01,02 etc. But to those rar.a form is rarely b I go

  11. You're right orcum Adrian thanks for intent.

  12. hello interesting tutorial really did not know that his luck can still move downloadu

  13. @kata: Thank you very much, good luck to you and expect yourself!

  14. AlexSmenaru said

    The movie goes 2 crank?? DVD rip them?

  15. Congratulations! The tutorial is very interesting. Even if it's not that hard or "useful" for some, it's interesting, and many might use it.

    Bafta further, and you can make as many!

  16. @Liviu: Thank you very much and we are still waiting for you !!! We strive and believe that we work, we really work to satisfy your curiosities and to teach you how to do it !!! But you can't thank everyone… it's impossible! There is no perfection, only the concept of perfection, that's all!

  17. @AlexSmenaru: It was downloaded, yes, it's part 2 of the movie, but it didn't work and I deleted it !! Cik no subtitles found for part 2…

  18. @tataee:
    If you think that video tutorial aims to make video tutorials specially designed for "tataee" you are wrong
    If you did not have what to learn from this tutorial does not mean that some visitors has not been helpful
    What's wrong with you all?
    The title must deduct from a man so that you get in IT has nothing to learn
    We all started at the bottom and I learned so we die

  19. marius512 said

    Please, if it is possible, in the future to do a tutorial about bank cards, like this, with luxury of details, hidden costs, recommendations, etc. How can you pay for the utilities through the internet… Thank you in advance.

  20. I'm just saying my opinion should not mind.

  21. Saluatere folks!
    I want to express my gratitude to these tutorials and also "disgust" to some ungrateful.
    We commend. all over 120 tutorials and I consider absolutely helpful.
    And now for those who have nothing to learn: Leave dreaq mah on other sites!
    Dad, if you didn't have anything to learn from this tutorial, take Santa here, nobody forced you to follow this tutorial! .Propose me something interesting, then the boys do it, and then come with stupid comments or comm..gen: "I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING"
    Great sincerity disgusted me it is for you guys that censorious anything.
    Pt. rest, all the best!

  22. Luciangl said

    some archives have different tricks. If you find an archive in another archive extraction separately, then extract the archive 2 again, and so on until you get to the final file. Do not run from an archive is plugged into another archive that can give errors. In some archive files can have the extension parts for hiding various aspects. Also always use the latest version of WinRAR. These were just some of

  23. Tataee for work and we can have it retinem.daca is an expert in it although frankly we enjoy indoiesc.respect me for this sait.felicitari.oricine whole team is entitled to their opinion but should be some respect for these people who really are to teach will give omniscient invata.poate lives in calculatoare.omul how guys are too smart and we do not know is a geniu.daca inca.poate Tataee is, I'm glad. sincer.toate best

  24. @Luciangl: Thank you very much for completing !!! This is what we should all do, to complete not to criticize… well understood and the criticism is good and constructive but done with moderation and a lot of common sense !!!

  25. Hi, you are ffff good… I want you to help me too..I have a license.and I have to work with tables, lists and texts… .Please help me …… .a site where it is explained because the word is in English and I don't understand anything ……… .thank you

  26. I'd also like to know if you can, with what program you record everything that happens on your desktop for creating tutorials. all very inspiring and useful tutorials!

  27. @miha39: Miha have Word you can follow tutorial on here

    Please another time to use the search engine at the top right of the site search search box… write there what interests you and enter

    I wrote the word I gave aneter and found!

  28. @seby598: We use Camtasia 6 but it's not free, it costs money… if you want something free I warmly recommend Cam Studio it's free! type in google Cam Studio enter and click on the first result!

  29. I downloaded CamStudio and works very well. Thanks for the information.

  30. sal Adriane !!! I know that my question has nothing to do with the topic here… .. but please !! you can make a tutorial on how to put programs (like: km player, bittorrent… etc.) in a windows…. image .iso. or if it's on your site what's its name ??? mc bft….

  31. Hello! I have a question on yahoo when I try to give room appears to me that the message is not found by the system, although Windows Live opens the room and sees f well.

  32. @haosss: read my comments in this tutorial can help you, we gave you some tips there!

  33. Adriana:
    Thanks a lot!
    honestly and without exaggeration or other suntetzi jokes only a site admin dp [type forum] saw what iam doing many tutorials and put up with all the messages individually.
    but try not to offend them [like beating them in the head or… etc] no matter how "beaten in the head" {GEN CORLEONE} I am {I saw that they have a mind… I don't give myself too smart or skilled} because if I didn't have the interest to read the comments as you told me above I was leaving the site.
    do you know dc? because you used the plural and because you wanted to do it in one way, you were referring to all of them …… ..the one that bothers me ……

    SCZMA not want to look like my MSJ morality, but try!!

    now skip that part and say ke k itzi really take just as long to install a windows with all prog in it or dak install them afterwards.
    but as all the tutorials are made for us [the least skilled] to be more comfortable …… I don't want to bore you by repeating the question of the others …… ..but you can also tell us how to put various kits in the kit with windoaws. {I've already tried but failed}.
    AND NO I WILL NOT what hard Stitz {d} thought!?!?

  34. @haosss: There is already a tutorial on how to put drivers in a windows… write up the search on the right "ahci" yes enter and you will find it !!

  35. Thanks a lot…..!!!!
    bft further ……. !!!

  36. I also have a question… it's a tutorial with a program through which you can edit movies (by editing I mean modified to put sound stuff like this) great job with this site Good luck further !!! I'm waiting for an answer

  37. I also have a problem: I have a philips lx7100sa (home cinema) and I would like to know how I can connect it to the pc. that is: the sound can be heard on the dvd speakers> thanks… in advance

  38. danezu said received an invitation from a filelist claims and tells me that my IP is already set to work, someone recently gave me an invitation to another tracker but still just tells me that my IP is already in use. I mean the company that I am subscriber net some IPs are less Mutel Please I need help!

  39. Adrian said

    @danezu: Have we can not help you! Do we give you the net, get in touch with your provider and to report the problem! Call her there at the customer and tell them the problem ..

  40. dumitru munteanu said

    Adriane bv my opinion you made for this! Success!

  41. viorel said

    adrian zimi nice to me please where did you get your cursor looks very misto.spune k ala me know.

  42. viorel said

    adrian zimi nice to me please where did you get your cursor looks very misto.spunemi ala k to me.

  43. cornel023ro said

    Hi, I liked the tutorial, I did not know that, but please with a question if it was put I'm sorry, how dumb torrents from a client BitComet say a client uTorrent. Thank you and more tutorials!

  44. Adrian said

    @cornel023ro: it's not hard, to put them from uTorrent to Bitcomet you do this: close uTorrent, click start then run, and in the run box write like this:% AppData% \ uTorrent give ok or enter, select from the folder that will open just the uTorrent files with that green icon and the U sign, copy them to a folder on the desktop, close the window. Now open the BitComet prompt and simply manually drag each file from the folder on the desktop (where you copied the files from the% AppData% folder \ uTorrent) and throw it in the BitComet client, as if you were throwing a song in the winamp playlist! a window will open and it will ask you where you want to download it, choose the path where you already downloaded it or where you gave it when it was in uTorrent and so it will not download again, it will check and resume the download in case which torrent had not finished downloading or will be put to seed, if the file had finished downloading! You do the same to put from BitComet to uTorrent, only this time the files you have to take from BitComet and put them in uTorent are in Partition C, Program Files, BitComet in the torrents folder !!! see k at BitComet they will di in that folder and some xml files, you don't take those !!! just take the torrent files that have the torrent icon and throw them in uTorrent as well a window will open choose the path where you have the torrent where it was set to download it will check and resume the download or seed depending on its status torrent when you stopped the Client! There is another tutorial about Torrente that will make you better understand what I am saying to find it, write it up in Search on the right like this: "How to seed the files in uTorrent after a reinstall of Windows" (without the quotes) and give enter and you will find the tutorial. Success !!!

  45. hello adrian, I also have a dissatisfaction because I was BANAT..why? with what I did wrong? When I want to enter directly on the site I get the message “access to is restricted for you, this decision was made more likely for not following the rules! ”I am a beginner in PC and your tutorials have helped me a lot, you do a very good job, I congratulate you.

  46. @maryo: NO ONE WILL NOT RESTRICT ACCESS site, is very busy and there's some inconvenience, anyone who receives the message like "Your access has been restricted, most likely for non regular" urge to empty cash Browser (browsing history) and should again, or if still does not work uninstall and reinstall BROWSER!

  47. where ssal download adrian?

  48. How do speed utorrent sami

  49. @mihai:
    One option would be to do your other Internet subscription

  50. bon good tutorial but I have a question.
    How can I increase the downloading speed in utorrent?

  51. cristiBon is good tutorial but I have a question.
    How can I increase the downloading speed in utorrent?

    There can increase any rate, been told in comments, there is no such thing, speed and bandwidth you have as long as you giving provider (firm net) that you have! Want a better net a better rate, then move up to a better provider

  52. I want to tell you that I was going slow uTorrent but when I put it very bittorrent is super fast

  53. I'm on some torrent Mininova denoted by P can not download them, and warns that nustiu you need, you can download those?

  54. Aea: P I'm on Mininova noted with some torrents can not download them, and warns that nustiu you need, you can download those?

    If I'm not mistaken, those torrents are private and in order to have access to them you have to create an account, go to the top right on "Register" fill in the name, password, and mail and you will be able to download those torrents… P sell from private ... I

  55. be reg. the tracker next triangle with!

  56. zicetimi greet me how can loa a subtitle for a movie that has (sub) in Italian and where I can thank loa.

  57. Mihai Ionescu said

    I accessed the video tutorial but "jwplayer" appears and I can't see it. How can I solve this problem?

  58. mateescu said

    I got problem when I downloaded a game 1,87 gb and have lost data 2,15 mb and not go back until that game data, you would need to do to recuperet data?

  59. call me soon I going to place four MB from net and just go with 10 kb / s

  60. I have a problem with download speed in browsers and torrent. do speed tests in several places (net of RDS) and I look over 8 download speed MB / s I know some time ago Download anything with over 4 mb / s download now in browsers and max torrent 1.2 mb / s I broke something in windows or what have I done?

    usually when you download the torrent 1.1 mb / s, the internet browser work harder, even if tests show nothing

    Answer if you can wait. just do not understand why not. thanks

  61. as quickly download large games

  62. Here's a pb. which annoys me: ex: I want to download a game and it is composed only of a file, the file has 12 Gb and gives me an error that says that "one or more tabs exceed the size allowed by the tab system" (or cv genre ') and the download suddenly stops and if I restart it it does the same.
    Please help! (I use uTorrent 2.2.1)

  63. utorent download speed on the 200 kb / s.ce mean? can be increased in any way? I can face.sau to change provider

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