Map Lite, a router as a matchbox from Mikrotik

About a week ago I received a small package of all the Mikrotik, the wireless router was so small that I did not believe it.
In fact they said that I send another router, but the guy sent me and that little that I put a smile on your face.
Map Lite is a micro access point can also act as a router, just not lack Lan exits, the rest is more capable than most routers on the market.

Map Lite is not just small and cute

Do not be fooled by its size Map Lite, because it comes installed with Router OS, an operating system very advanced routers that will offer many features that probably will not ever teach them.

A major advantage of Map Lite:

In comparison with other routers or acess point sites, MAP Lite can be powered via PoE, meaning you no longer have to shoot two cables, one current and one net, but only one cable net that will come current. View presentation and tutorial PoE.

Speed ​​Wireless

Here we have three values:
1. Connection reported in Windows, which is 300 Mbps, much higher than the entry level routers. The connection is possible thanks to dual antennas chain.

2. Propriuzisa clicked with SpeedTest speed, which is almost 100 Mbps Ethernet port that is 100Mbps

3. Wireless transfer speed between router and laptop. Yes, because the router has a built-in speed test "tool". Here we have reached much higher speeds because we are not limited by the ethernet port, the limit being only the wireless interface / connection. The speed reached between the router and the laptop is 224 Mbps.

Speed ​​does not get anyway.

To get good wireless speed, you need order in the wireless spectrum. You can "make room" for your router in the radio spectrum through Carefully choosing channels. Also known as choice of channel bandwidth It can affect speed.

RouterOS operating system MikroTik

RouterOS is an operating system which is found on all devices Mikrotik products, and is full of features, perhaps too much for a novice user.
No problem, if you are a beginner user will use QuickSet how to start and router takes care of everything.

Specifications MikroTik Map lite:

CPU - 650Mhz
Core - 1
RAM - 64MB
Storage - 16MB flash
Ethernet - 10/100 Mbps
Wireless Chip - QCA9533
Wifi bandwidth - 2.4 Ghz
Standard wifi - 802.11 B, G, N
Maximum speed - 300 Mbps
MIMO - Yes, dual chain
Operating system - RouterOS L4
VPN Server - PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN
Hotspot - DA
Reports - YES
Firewall - YES, complex configurations
PoE - Yes, Passive, 802.3af / at
Max consumption - 3.5W

Where did router?

Mikrotik Romania boys were friendly and gave us Mititelul Map Lite test. Together with him and sent another router higher, which will be discussed elsewhere.
In the meantime, if you winks Lite map, you can take it on (I think it's offer).
MikroTik routers can be used for administration WinBox (Below), but not required, that you can also use your browser to access the administration interface. However WinBox remember open windows and arranging them from session to session

Video presentation Map lite

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  1. mihai.arad said

    and do not you explain in more detail and new settings? I would like to join two VLANs with IPSec but no I got to do and I think you're confusing me safe.

    • I'll talk more about settings in the future tutorial about MikroTik and explain what I understand, there are many that I put my cap. It's quite demanding Router OS that. If the other routers we need to understand them 10 minutes, the router stand for about a week and I just spotted some stuff.
      The slope is very steep learning router. No wonder there are courses and certifications for that.
      Fortunately, you don't run into some advanced RouterOS settings all day, maybe only if you have personal ambitions to make some exotic settings

  2. Cătălin.81 said

    Very nice device. Thanks for presentation!
    I understand interface attracts you more than ddwrt?

  3. totjealex said

    With what program you test wireless speed?

  4. I sometimes use a public network from Vodafone. I signal only in a certain position. With this device connected to the PC would be great range? (I can connect from a different room with tablet)

  5. Where he died on that tutorial about VPN Raspberry Pi?

    • another U said

      "Promising is a noble gesture, keeping your promise is stupid"

      • I found a quick way to VPN server, but we encountered a few problems. When solving problems to do a tutorial.
        If we still do a tutorial, and should be helpful, and everything to go smoothly.
        The tutorial itself is simple, because I found an easy path, but I have this problem that keeps me on the spot.
        A fix I eventually tutorial and tell you what was in it.

      • Another U said:
        March 24 2017 at 9: 28
        "A promise is a noble gesture, you promise you it's stupid ,,

        Yeah who you are anymore. . . U?! . Cristi and Adrian are in your job? Have obligations to you? . If this area is bothering you, you can rejoice on other sites.

  6. very impressive indeed; what to say …… thanks for the tutorial presented;

  7. I appreciate the articles on the site.
    A suggestion of grammar:
    "But they sent me this little one too"
    "But with him they sent me this little one too"
    "But they also sent me this little one"
    If you want to have a more technical expression, and grammatically correct, it is necessary to make efforts.
    There are articles that leaves room for a better and correct expression.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, I take into account.

    • "Critic" baths.
      That's not the academic specialty site Romanian language.
      This man is the best slice of Romania on IT.
      A FREE doing almost 9 years
      Outside critics what do you brag about?
      Remains as planned: merinos

    • Mişulică. Specifically lie in wait all day on various sites and criticize everybody. What good you're good at grammar but you ox IT? . Individuals like you are called energy vampires ,, ,, living with energy stolen from others.

  8. software3g said

    justify the resignation? because it is not portable even if it can be powered from an external battery via USB with only a few exceptions. in which we bridge the wifi .. in the rest it connects to a cable somewhere on a desk and it stays there until you remember to dust it off

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. Useful. You made a tutorial a few years ago and bought that router (even more) (d-link rangebooster) but now shows signs of fatigue (need to restart) and I care a MikroTik. Rock on MikroTik expect and tutorial for the biggest you've ever received. Interesting thing VPN we can connect anywhere on your home network. Thanks once again and good luck!
    I have a Galaxy Note phone 4. If I net from Orange. 4G (and have more GB) can use the phone to give Net router to power the entire network with the Internet via telefonlui? For example that for usb 4G?

  10. PPPoE settings ipv6 can show us?

  11. Following your tutorial, I also have a mAp lite from mikotik and I have a big problem with it, it doesn't keep its settings after it is "unplug" even for a second, is it normal?

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