Enlarge Android headphones or speaker volume

Enlarge Android headphones or speaker volume; require root.
Hello friends; Today we will see how it expands to Android speaker or headphones without having to install any application.
To edit the "mixer_paths.xml" file in the system / etc, we need root and a root browser. I recommend root browser.
Handset manufacturers, most often adjusts volume very low, not to have problems with their headphones or the stock sold as an accessory afterwards.
Quality headphones can accept more volume without distortion.
I'm testing a pair of headphones JVC very good. These headphones can go well with a volume of 90, and those OnePlus have adjusted the volume to 82. The difference is huge, especially in the ears.
If you have headphones best possible to raise the volume even more; but now it depends on the quality of telephone DAC.
Enlarge Android headphones or speaker volume!
1. Enter the system / etc with root browser and open the file "mixer_paths.xml"
2. Search for “Output Paths” and enter the desired value on “speaker” and “headphones”.
3. Save and reboot your phone or tablet.
Before editing the file, you should make a backup of the original.

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  1. Hi, regarding the volume increase in headphones. After I installed root browser, entered the System folder then etc…. They… There I don't have the mixer paths file.
    How can however to increase the volume?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Android 4.2.1. (Allview Viper) - there is no mixer_paths file in the system / paths What to do?

  3. Same Soul and A Allview X1 not find mixer_paths File aces!

  4. Need root, S-off.

  5. Sebastian Remus said

    Good Crist,
    All well and good but there are analog devices (output) LG Leon (lolipop) .It can not you make changes?
    Thanks frumos.O beautiful day

  6. cristina58 said

    Neither Samsung S4 and 9505, there mixer path.
    Do you have a tip for my Toshiba laptop? The volume is too small, although we increased the volume of all applications.

    • cristina58 said

      I have a Samsung S4, android 5.01 Lolipop and I know very little about IT, but I need more volume to wake up in the morning with the phone, which sometimes I don't hear. I used adaptive sound, I cut the song Zorba Greek, to select the part with more decibels, but in vain…. (I am hypoacusic and I would need more volume)

  7. Ciprian said

    Thanks for the tutorial, and I increased my volume on Nexus 5

    PS I saw that play Mortal Kombat X

  8. Salut.LA me make the change, save and restart returns again after baseline

  9. I think the first response I made them valabil.Nu the correct root

  10. sapunell said

    Cristi I would like if possible and of course… if you have time, to do a tutorial on how we can make a Wi-Fi antenna better than those in stores, ……. but better, you explain to us our meaning ..

  11. Cristi salute you do a tutorial how we can use a phone or tablet pc or laptop speaker post usb cable?

  12. I can not find anywhere ala or for files you've said in comentu above. mda is only for telefonu Cristi and the rest of you have if you do not fix the model will lick your snout. or will take as his times as you have not changed.
    PS I entered every file in the system and etc to see

  13. Cornelius Padurariu said

    S2 i9100, there are no mixer paths or tinyucm.conf, however in a file there should be the basic mixer settings… 🙁

    • Cornelius Padurariu said

      I tried to install mixer_paths.xml.zip (which was for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 anyway) and… instalation approed 🙂
      I do not know why there might be for those who do not have the files mentioned.

  14. laurentiu said

    I enjoyed nothing can not and tel. My Samsung Galaxy mini S4, there mixer path!
    I think we should be somewhere, something similar may know someone?

  15. It goes for the sound of a helmet tel.???am panarama of Allview a4 for you and only hear when talking to someone !! need to look for a place where there is no noise to hear my interlocutor! mercy !!

  16. Huuoooo said

    You mean normal manelele :?

    • I don't know, I personally don't listen to manele. I listen to RAP, Rock, Regae and Classic sometimes. There are probably people who listen and who "like maneles." Who are we to judge the tastes of others?
      After all, there are people who listen to the murmur of fast mountain rivers and the trills of walkways…
      Each listen to what he wants!

  17. Take all the files in a row in the system / etc until you find

  18. Hi Cristi, this is me, do you tell me in turn with the number… to set ??

  19. Hello
    volume on a i9505 (SAMSUNG S4) is ok
    problem is that during a call, the person can not hear me, only if I on speaker
    regardless of rom, gsm modem… ..
    and only call, or any other application WhatsApp works ok
    Any idea to solve?

  20. Hello Cristi, you could do a tutorial on 4G enabled phones 4 nexus? On the net there are many but are not as explicit as your flexibility and tutorials are not Roman. Thank you very much and as many tutorials !! Many health !!

  21. Hello, I have a problem with scollu` mouse, not work, I tried another mouse to the PC and all want, if you can help me, thank you.

  22. Hello! What can root at the Vodafone Smart for fun? Thank you!

  23. Andrew said

    Hello! Cristi please 2015 a tutorial about Bitcoin.
    Thank you.
    Best regards!

  24. Alexandru Liviu said

    There we find this file in the system root explorer app is rooted telefonu but can not find the tutorial I followed the steps but do not give the file mixer_paths.xml can do

  25. Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy J 100 H I installed Root Browser, I found System, I entered etc. but I don't have mixer-paths.xml, instead I found tiny_hw.xml not "tinyucm.conf" I want to increase the volume of the ringtones with which I am called (on the speaker) Thank you for help (I am 70 years old) and understanding.

  26. Hi, I am so with TINYUCM.Conf the phone and says so:
    Device “Analogue Dock Out” {enable {
    {“Lineout2n switch” 1}
    {“Lineout2p switch” 1}
    {lineout2n mixer left output switch 1 ″}
    {lineout2p mixer right output switch 1 ”}
    {line switch “1}
    then I am: disable switch 2} {lineout0n
    2} {lineout0p switch
    0 line switch {}
    I didn't find anything related to the "voice" speaker, or volume. this is also the analog and the rest of the digital aout options or whatever else there is something like that writes to me with lineout switch. … .. please give me some advice. thank you

    • Liviu - YO3FYO said

      Perhaps each producer writes their command lines according to what the DAC (Ddigital Analog Converter) is using in the device schema and probably depending on the sound card used in the installation. So there are problems with the tutorial from one model to another. I have a S6 and it's nothing like the tutorial.

  27. Bogdan said


    Tell me please where to buy JVC headphones? Thanks

    • Liviu - YO3FYO said

      Sennheiser CX 275 Smart Phone headphones.
      Frequency response (microphone) 100 - 10.000 Hz
      Ear Contact: in ear
      Nominal impedance: 16 Ω
      Jack: 3,5mm plug, 4 field
      Cable length: 1,2 m
      Frequency response: 17 - 23.000 Hz
      Sensitivity: -44 dB
      SPL: 121 dB
      Weight: 15 g

      I have them and I am very pleased with them.


  28. Hello,
    I entered the mixer-paths.xml but I did not leave anything to change that please a răspuns.mulţumesc

  29. Hi Cristi I have a s3 mini i8190 and I can't find mixer_paths.xml or tinyucm.conf what could I do… ..where would I find that I use cyanogenmad and it has a volume like small msss I'm waiting for an answer if you know

  30. allviev greeting a5 easy android lollipop 5.1 not find the file there is another version esteem

  31. Laurentiu said

    No one answered the question "If I have no mixer_paths.xml nor tinyucm.conf" I do ???????
    The tutorial is only for phones that have mixer_paths.xml nor tinyucm.conf.
    Thank you!

  32. Hello . I have a problem, I accidentally deleted the mixer paths file… and now I only have no sound on the phone… nothing related to the sound…. I also have a request for who can help me, I want all the code or file mixer paths for samsung core prime sm-g360f phone with android 4.4.4 kitkat

  33. Hi I have a phone and Sony Xperia T lt30p and entered the systems and then can not find mixer etc and paths, do not we all, what should I do? Thanks

  34. Hi. I have installed a root galaxy j1 browser but no mixer paths.cum do? I want to increase the volume when called

  35. On nexus 4, cyaongenmod 13, how can I increase the vibration intensity of the touch sensitive buttons? i tried nexus 4 vibration config, i gave it one hundred percent but i want more than that…

  36. geoexpres14 said

    HELLO Christ. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And a year as good as possible. We kindly and give me a ajutor.Am bought a brand DOOGEE Phone f.bine good moves but unfortunately the sound through headphones and the same in voice_speaker's a little weak, I tried to keep volume up system ANDROID and I follow the steps exactly, but you get to: etc: departe.Ce not find Mixer_paths.xml even recommend me to fac.MULTUMESC lot:

  37. lacramioara said

    How to disable a s4 mini headphones even if not connected

  38. As I set tinyucm.conf?

  39. constantin said

    I do not find patsh ouput is another name? samsung neo s3

  40. constantin said

    and as keyboard appears on the screen ??

  41. alexandru said

    No Phone send you help please call me on facebook please Russian Alexander

  42. alexandru said

    Is anyone there

  43. Daniel_69 said

    Hey android 4.2.2 Orange Reyo and I have not found
    mixer_paths.xml what to do?

  44. Hello Cristi Allview a5 have a mixer and easy and do not find any ajutama tinyucm please. Thank you.

  45. Cosmin said

    I have mixer_path. Xml but don't give me what you said on youtube, don't give me a "speaker" or there from the output paths, this doesn't appear to me. ..dc?

  46. iustin said

    Hi I have a sansungj7 and I can't find either mxer phat or tyni….

  47. Florentine said

    Hi I tried to increase the volume telefonuli shown in video just like you but I do not appear mixter_paths. P ALLVIEW server 5 LIFE. What to do

  48. madalin said

    I find ieu make changes but I do not allow to save. (Failed save)

  49. I do not hear no iPhone 4s I put all new speaker and headphones not only hear or detasseling

  50. crYsTyAn said

    Hi, I have an edge s7, I found Mixer_paths.xml file, but it's not changed and can not find anything related to the value of Output Paths.ce advise me?

  51. I have a Samsung s3 fisieru called default_gain.conffisierucu sake, do not try to advise you as to samsung's not so easy if you changed something it going sunetu, at least I like it happened!

    PS You should do a tutorial on the Samsung as many people samsung!

  52. for android 6.0 ,, You need to edit / system / etc / snd_soc_msm / snd_soc_msm_2x file. See SectionDevice Name “Speaker” and increase value for RX4 Digital Volume (from 68 to 76 as i done) for increasing loud for Speaker. For Headphone see SectionDevice Name “Headphones” and edit RX1 and RX2 Digital Volumes. I didn’t try to do it. Reboot your device. Excuse me for bad english ,,

  53. Boches Robert said

    Hello, increase the volume on the headphones Allview what 6 duo. After I installed browser root, then joined the System folder etc .... Well ... there I did not file paths mixer.
    How can however to increase the volume?
    Thanks in advance!

  54. I do not have any mixer paths and tynicum
    What to do

  55. Joseph red said

    There appears mixer paths I can do

  56. I have a folder archos 50c platinum etc ..and find no path and no snd_soc_msm mixer. Another option you have .mentionez I 5.1 version

  57. Marian said

    I'm not going to save. I get an error, failed…

  58. What to do if it gives us a plumbing error? Do not go to save we make a mistake.

  59. Liviu - YO3FYO said

    You have a search in the ROOT BROWSER and find "mixer_paths.xml" easily.
    My problem with a Samsung S6 is different, it's not written in the same way as in programming tutorials and I do not know what to do there.

  60. Hello! I have a question if I phone the phone after making this change, the settings remain?

  61. On samsung tablets going?

  62. Hello. I'm sorry when I want to save the changes and I do not know why I followed the steps in the clip. I'm waiting for answer Lenovo k6note. Thank you!!!

  63. Cristian said

    Hello! I have an Asus tablet, and for a few days I can not hear the headphones. Does anyone know the cause? Thank you in advance!

  64. So! Not working ! There is no mother of the file! With root for everything! I searched with the magnifying glass for all the names above! Nothing !
    Samsung Galaxy S 5.
    A joke… .What else can I say?
    Good hours lost! White Nights ! For what ?
    I say take a qualification course …….
    Possibly a faculty…. If you keep asking us to modify the Registers! From phones. winds.etc.
    Shame… It's not nice to make fun of people! It is more correct to say! Sir… I'M NOT HURING! There is no shame! Than what you do…

  65. Hello,
    Mr. Cristian, please make a tutorial for increasing the volume with the MTK Engineering Mode application. I have a Myria Grand 4G, with Mediatek. Thanks to him, I have been with him for almost a year. It bothers me, the sound volume, including the speaker. If I use WhatsApp or Duo I have to keep my phone on my ear. This gives video call! I'm kidding, of course. Make me sorry. I have tried other applications, not doing much.

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