Increase speed wireless bandwidth channels

Hi friends, today we will see how we can speed 300 or 150 Mbps (depends on network card) on wireless. Many of you you have purchased laptop or tablet and you have noticed that the wireless speed is not as high as you expect, that even if you are near the router.
Due to the limited speed wireless channel bandwidth is usually router issue 20 / 40 Mhz instead the vast majority of cards are limited to only 20 Mhz.
It must be said that not all wireless NICs can achieve 300 N Mbps, but many can achieve and do not do because of this limitation.
To speed touch with your network card must have a maximum transmission power of the router and network card can be operated in 20 / 40 for wireless B, G and N are very important drivers, you must have the good drivers, preferably on the official website of the manufacturer.
N150 wireless NICs can not go to 300, they are limited in the factory and you do not do.
The tutorial is for those who have network card N300 have N300 router and network card still only go up to 150, or for those who NIC N150 and not actually get on the 65-72 DESAT Mbps.
If you do not have a router, but no bloated budget, I recommend two routers that I have, are quite good and not expensive at all.
TP-LINK TL-WR740N a wireless router super cheap and super good
Netis, a router and repeater capable, small and very cheap

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  1. Cristi I want to do the same thing yes no onboard wireless network and the Ethernet integrated in Speed ​​appears to me 100 Mbps while the network card is Gigabit, in settings there in taboo Advance does not have bandwidth capability and no other setting I set that allows me this. You may have to take their own speed according to the speed router? Gigabyte motherboard GA-B85-HD3 rev2.0

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In vain have gigabit network card if your router is not gigabit and gigabit packet does not have the Internet provider

      • The router is the presenter crystal tutorialu Netis few days ago and can go up to 300 Mbit and I wish my board network and even to go to the Mbit 300 as if to say, so I kind of have a network NAS I do stand to transfer even with 100 300 Mbit?

  2. Mr. Cristi I bought this router [ ] And I want to know what the range has i am in Madrid and I'd like to connect to the router neighbor [the parents [The problem is that is located about a block 100,200 feet away that obstacle I purchased this router with the hope that I will be able Connect's connection but my question is. I can do that I can connect to the router Thanks

  3. chrism said

    Thank you!
    I "grew" with Toshiba encore from 130Mb / s to 270Mb / s !!!

  4. chrism said

    Something similar settings pt.Android?

  5. Adrian S. said

    Sal, I own a wireless router TP-LINK TL-WR 841N and box shows me 300MB and in connection shows me just 72 MB. What settings to get them to reach and to me even at 250 MB. Thank you and I wish you the best day possible.

    • Do you follow the tutorial?

    • malpractice said

      Set the router channel width on 40 Mhz frequency. See here:
      So the router is to achieve maximum transfer rate 300 mb / s Your receiver wifi traffic reaches a maximum 150 mb / s if working on 20 Mhz, if you can work on 40 Mhz (ie 20 20 + Mhz, dual band, as seen in this tutorial) then traffic can be perceived 150 than mb / s
      You realize just 72 mb / s for your router has made setting I mentioned above and it emits only 20 MHz default frequency, so will not be able to achieve a higher transfer rate 150 mb / s and you receiver somewhere in half for wifi so can your handset.

  6. Adrian S. said

    Yes, I watched but you have a different router from mine and I have not found me Bandwitch Capability. Do not ask if I had not watched videotutorialul. So what remains? You wanna tell me to my router settings how do I do? Thanks.

    • Bre, I did not do the router settings, I changed a setting in the network card. It is assumed that the router is set well and deliver the 300 Mbps.
      If you want to make a tutorial on advanced settings of a router, ask in the comments box.
      Antenţie, as I said-n and-n tutorial text, not all network cards can go up to 300Mbps if N150 can go maximum to 150Mbps.
      If N150 not approaching this speed, you can make this setting. If you have not set it means that your network card does not allow you to make changes too advanced.
      There are more advanced NICs and NICs simpler.
      The driver also plays a very important role.

  7. danutababei said

    I have the same problem with a Presario CQ56 laptop with Windows 7 x64 rom. and I don't have that setting in the properties! If you could help me too… I have a net from Upc with their wireless and I have a speed of 72 right next to the router.

  8. Make beautiful tutorials, interesting. But I noticed that you kinda stopped with tutorials for software and web services like email, web hosting sites. Than hardware and on mobile.

    • There are more visitors interested in hardware and Android than hosting and managing a domain / site / blog etc.
      If I had several requests on the comment field, I definitely return with such topics.
      We also work with the client's material…

      • a B C D said

        It would be interesting some tutorials on servers / hosting / networking or IP cameras

      • Yeah right, you're right. It would be nice to see and tutorials on software, internet, email, websites, etc. as before.
        Anyway remain the strongest in terms of video tutorials, guides and tips.

  9. Cristi can you please reply to me thanks to the question above.

  10. Costelina said

    every connection has a name
    if you know the name of the connection to the router in question, and if the PC sees that connection, and definitely you know
    and password when you can connect to that router as simple as ABC

  11. Sorry rephrase the question I bought this router after auditioning tutorial netis wish sal use the Repetera [ ] And I want to know what range I'm holding out strong and I'd like to connect to the router [parents [who are about 100,200 meters around me a block that hurdle I purchased this router with the hope that I will But my question is can Connect's connection. I can do that I can connect to the router SSID mention again iam own password changed router antennas parents can be a router that [ How far can capture? Thank you so much Help

    • If you have a block like obstacle, do not think you can have a stable connection or you will not be able to connect at all.
      Put on top of block of I (if possible) a router to make a wireless bridge connection 2 way.
      A block is an obstacle too big for the signal of a wireless router. You can have the most expensive router in the world, you can not pass too easily through concrete walls x number.
      Even if you invest in equipment stronger, still do not believe that you have a stable connection. Besides, the price of equipment will far exceed the 2 year subscription for new connections in your location.
      For if you place the router (and it energized) the block opposite, I'll do a tutorial in a way to make a connection 2 wireless bridge. Basically you play the role of relay router.

  12. Viorel Ianasi said

    That speed reaches 300 Mbps but only if needed… It's from power management. If you do a bandwidth test or download something you will see that it goes and will stay at 300 Mbps… it is not from a distance from the router, there you are 🙂

  13. Sorin Chiran said

    I am interested in web design and web development. The more diversified the topics approached, the better.

  14. Thanks yes I think I could do that.
    Flat on the floor of 5 5 [block obstacle has 4 story] and the block across the street where he lived all parents of 5 5 obstacololui Basically I live one floor above. Waiting tutorial
    [If you can tell the distance specified above router captures thank you for answer

  15. Hello external antenna TP-Link TL-ANT2424B Unidirectional Frequency response: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz gain: 24dBi Impedance Ohms 50 can capture internet long distance wireless internet eg the 1km distance or if you could make a tutorial
    Thank you

    • 1 km ??? Well with that antenna I think you could share wireless internet to the whole of Europe 'Just kiddin'. Do you think when you propose something? 1 km away, man !!!

  16. Hello, Cristi help me and me that I fail to connect the front panel that speaker. I want to change the motherboard and I want to make that brand. You said something to me but I can not spoil anything. Please help me, even an idea how to do, as a brand that sounds internal stereo speaker directly. I owe you
    PS: I know that is not related to tuto, but at least you PC.

    • You buy a 5.1 system, plug it into the sockets on the motherboard and then cram it into the case. Hard or what? Ask for some totally aberrant things… Do you use your computer as a portable mp3 player? Do you put it in your backpack and it doesn't fit your speakers? Or what is the phase? Buy some portable speakers…

      • Rather than do cool better help. That PC, make it to work and I have to do it like that brand. Better say you suck. Do I stand to buy anything, I asked if I could help Cristi, but better say no than to let the man you're good to wait. I'm going to specialists, I think I do nothing. Thank you were very kind help.

  17. Marius Matei said

    This setting can be made on the macbook?

  18. Hello please make a tutorial on how to walk and will protect your i phone or android theft thanks

  19. How to turn an old PC into a NAS would be a tutorial idea.
    Thank you.

  20. hello, I would like a tutorial similar to the one made some time ago how we can install the windous directly from the hard drive but this time to always boot from that partition where the windous is without always taking steps with esy bcd. that I don't know how I did that I can always install the windous on that slope without having to show him the boot path on the slope. (but the partition is hidden) and if I show the partitions it tells me that the partition is system (boot). I don't know if I expressed myself correctly and it was understood exactly. like in the hand when the boot appears windous setup (embs) (it's that hidden part I said) and windous 8.1 where the operating system. I hope he understood Adrian or Cristi what I mean… ..

    • Costelina said

      write operating system
      four times you wrote "partie" ===== the partition is written
      when you make a mistake twice it's rush or light but 4 times ……….
      take a look and windows l you peeled three times windous ……… ..

  21. Proposal, why we take into account monitors, display in general how we choose what we needed: hz, ms, tn, ips, hd or fhd, 16: 4-4: 3, advantages depending on the diagonal, which is more "healthy" for eyes etc. After all, you need a screen at all times, laptop, pc, tablet, etc

  22. Hello! How about a tutorial on cameras car? Have hope for the future?'s A promise of May veche.Va thank you and look forward to the next tutorial!

  23. Marius said

    Hey thanks for the advice but I still do not understand about this external antenna TP-Link TL-ANT2424B Unidirectional Frequency response: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz gain: 24dBi Impedance Ohms 50 it can capture long distance net I read on other forums that it go depends on what type of router chicken but I'd like to know if long distance captures the signal and know what 1km = 1000m
    Thank you

  24. gabriel said

    Hi, I bought a lenovo laptop installed with Windows 505 G8.1s factory when I tried to use the webcam does not work, I installed drivers etc nothing in the future if possible a short tutorial about this? THANK YOU very helpful last 8.1 tutorials about windows seem to have a lot of bug.

    • Costelina said

      do not you tell us if you update enabled, because it's so varied and
      Windows sees you in your pc and show them updates

      • gabriel said

        yes I have the update activated. and I also had the problem with wifi, I solved that in the tutorial. the driver is installed I find it in the device manager but when I try for example on skype it tells me that I don't have a webcam ……….

        • gabriel said

          I say currently is no hardware Dispositivo of equipo está conectado. (Código 45) is not connected to the PC that is lenovo easycamera. Thank you.

  25. Ovidiu said

    but for PC?

  26. I do not have that setting, I have a lenovo laptop g550 and board wirles not find that setting, and I like increase its power?

    • That model of laptop has a network card that only supports speeds up to 100 mb / s which probably prevents the growth rate of that panel configuration wirelles.

  27. Thank you very much for the tutorial! Good luck in the future!

  28. Chat Geanina said

    Hello! It has about choosing country / region result in transmission power of a wifi? And if they had, what country / region emits most strongly?

    • Transmit power is not related to the selected country. When you select your country, you will use only a certain range of channels, depending on the frequencies locate other services in those countries. This is done to eliminate possible interference.

  29. Good evening.
    I bought the router 2 days ago and I have the following problem.
    Wireless signal you receive is only 2 dashes on a laptop Compaq Presario CQ 58sq 140. Staying at home high school, has 3 story and I want to say I bought this router in hopes that I can cover as much of home. Before installing this one holds a D-link DIR signal 605L and I dashes 3, 2 router is located on the opposite side rooms away. Noted that old and new router we have installed in the same room and in the same position, with only wired internet there.
    Configuring the router I made a right and a colleague from the computer.
    My question is why so expensive router is worse than 605L DIR. What do you recommend to buy if you return it.
    Thank you.

  30. mihaela said

    I have a confusion: I have a Lenovo laptop with Intel 590m B2020 series. I followed all the steps, and the router, laptop and Wi-Fi adapter and speed is unchanged: 65Mbs. Although the features are said plate is n-type, without giving details, in settings with Banc Capability looks just b / g, even if we channel 20 / 40 Mhz. I can not say that is wrong, but I would not mind a higher speed, and for that I really do not know where to watch me.
    Anticipated thanks for the answer.

  31. daniel said

    Question foolish, but understand the entire novel, I rds speed from 300 mb / s. Tplink Rooter wr740n with 100 300 mb on the mega lan and wireless, to understand that those 300 mb from rds will be strangled 100 port or WiFi downloading can reach 300.
    Thank you

    • You guessed correctly. A router wan to 100 mbps porturtul will reduce bandwidth.
      The mbps 300 are available in the local network to devices in your home.
      You will have a better speed when transferring files from one laptop to another mbps 300.
      To use the entire width of the tape you pay, I recommend a router and gigabit LAN and WAN ports. And I advise yourself not to think how many. Speeds over 100 mbps routers need very good to give you a pleasant experience in navigation.

  32. cristianp said

    I have an rtn56u and a tplink-1043nd.v1 Honestly after modifying the flash on the tplink I was surprised by its capabilities (lock, lag, delays… or simply when transferring files larger than 10-20 Giga at a speed of 2-3MB it crashes and the whole package was restarted… Honestly Asus is asus (cooling problems honestly burns without fan on it but only crack _until one day we will see… I will try to change the flash on asus with the one not authorized by the producer (merlin) to see what surprises me or disappoints me

  33. Cristi hello I have a question if you can help my wife has a Acer laptop router.Care extensa5230e internet connection would be a problem for laptop alone is all disconnects and reconnects all alone I can do to eliminate the problem of what could be the network card or router? ajutama more please with advice. Thank you in advance

    • Possible causes:
      1. It may be a strange setting in router
      2. Paca network's weakest laptop
      3. Driver immature NIC
      4. The laptop has too many Saved networks
      5. Too many networks in the area and appear interference
      6. Do you have other transmitters / receivers in the house
      7. Microwave, going on 2.4 GHz
      Try to delete all stored networks change the SSID (network name). Delete current network and bag it back. Make an update to the NIC driver. = Ask your neighbors to stop all routers

      • Thank you very much Cristi will try what you said

        • Dani Andrei said

          (all Acer) I also had this problem on Windows 8.1 I searched I've done dozens of settings crazy I put various drivers that I had to make them. Like a miracle occurred 10 windows and the problem was solved. Install w10 not regret it faster and Windows 7.
          Now if you come back ontop Digi Net Fiberlink subscription 100 matter what router you like and you'll have all the same speed that is 100 mb

  34. I did not set it.
    it is possible to activate it elsewhere?

  35. Hello!
    I have an ASUS laptop x555lj-xx012d and has 802.11n Broadcom wireless card specifications, but the bandwidth capability than I 11b / g 20 / drivers 40mhz .. I have the newest. Use Windows 8.1
    Linksys router is E900 and has N300 band. Now it is set to Auto, if you give the N sees not only because I have the option laptop in network card and I do not know why, when it highlights plate maker n .. Does anyone know any solution?

  36. On an Android phone more than 46 57 mbps download and upload so it's not like there's a set limit or what? The router is 300 mbps. The laptop I did the settings you've shown in Videotutorial and hopefully before I went mbps show max and do not exceed 72 45 Mbps download now show me enough light to 150 93 and downlaod mbps and upload 96

  37. Hello Cristi.
    I have some questions: If instead MHz band on the 20 20 / 40 MHz harm with a network card, laptop or router?
    And another question would be why I only 11b / g: 20 / 40 MHz and 11b / g: 20 MHz if the laptop supports b / g / n? It would be normal to have and 11b / g / n: 20 / 40 MHz?
    Thanks for this guide. I managed with subscription 100 mbps to reach higher speeds.
    I have an Asus X550JK-XX116D and TP-Link router and speed laptop C2 Archer was 5.19 MB / s Download, 6.46 MB / s upload and 6 ms.
    And after I changed the Bandwidth Capability on 11b / g: 20 MHz on 11b / g: 20 / 40 7.05 MHz I reached MB / s Download, 10.20 MB / s upload and 5 ms Ping.
    2 + MB / s Download, + 4 MB / s upload and -1 ms.

    Anticipated thanks for the answer.

    • 20 MHz bandwidth = small but slightly larger radius.
      40 MHz bandwidth = high, but short-range and low compatibility with older wireless appliances.

      • I spent some time on 40 MHz until the 40 netul was not working and had to move on 20 MHz. I use a C2 Archer. You know this router settings to make it faster?
        I find that I ping it too high compared to D-link router Dir615 old that I could play games with it online and have little ping in the game but we lag. I do not know what might have that could be the explanation for this.
        I realized I had walked hardware NAT but do not know where I can find this setting, maybe if I can help one to find me. And should gave Enable.

        What could be the maximum speed on a laptop Asus N X550JK-XX116D tape?
        Cable and 11-12 pulled MB / s Download. The big difference I say. And at about 2 ms latency. 4 ms even if I could remove the wireless and some 7 mb / s download.
        Now when the 20 40 mhz mhz not go as I download under 5 mb / s, I and 3 mb / s, 4 mb / s.
        Do you think if I just move on mbps internet 300 I have a chance to increase the speed MHz or 20 40 8 MHz mb / s download?
        But I am interested more in games Latency because I sacadeaza Archer C2 than the D-Link Dir615. It would be better for games Archer C2 being the most expensive and appreciated? (I saw many sites this recommendation).
        Not even I do not download the D-Link intrecepe Dir615 because of 2 strip AC 5GHz you do not come with laptops. They G and N. This means having to sit on 2.4 GHz and have velocity on Dir615 close by, maybe a little higher 0.50 mb / s download insignificant I say.
        That's why I wonder if mbps 300 move on, I move worth it? It speeds on laptops if they are G and N and 2.4 MHz only catch? Only phone (LG G4) comes 94 MB / s download 94 MB / s and Upload any 4 5-ms latency.
        Thank you again and I hope I figure out how I could increase the speed setting to download, upload and if it's worth doing Subscription 300 mbps considering the laptops I have that in 20 mhz I 72 mbps SPEED and 40 mhz I mbps 150 20 SPEED but now only go MHz and not know why.

        • Normally I should catch speed to download and upload support only if using TP-Link N and Archer C2 with subscription 100 should mbps and how to catch the 300 mbps subscription?
          Now I 3 mb / s download 6.5 mb / s upload and 6 100 ms ping subscription mbps (the speedtest).
          If you upgrade to 300 mbps speed will increase my speed or my speed if only now come up to speed on 100 mbps speedtest?
          I read on a site that Laptops with N support speeds of up to 300 mbps but why do I have such low speeds at a subscription of 100 mbps (I have higher speed on cable)? I barely have between 20 and 30 mbps download and 50-60 mbps upload…. and N still supports this laptop, theoretically shouldn't I catch 100 and 100 mbps (download / upload)?

  38. Alex Nicholas said

    Salut..ajuta me and me I a router TP-LINK TL-wr1043nd (n300) and a lenovo laptop z50-70 with NIC from Intel ac3160 not 150 salt mb / s. . can you give me some advice that I change the settings? or has the possibility to jump 150mb / s! mention that the internet provider is Rds 1gb / s.Multumesc

  39. I have a good router TL-WR840N rds I configured the PC to test the speed and I just 60mb with thread in PC directly from the router rds but I am limited to 300 60 mb I am wrong settings somewhere !!!

  40. How do I disable firewall and a router?

  41. Hello, you found any solution? I tl-wr841n, ab to rds of 300. I 300 the chain as cable router bag does not jump more than 100. cable between the router and laptop as all 100. I Intel laptop (R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.

  42. OvidiuMetallica said

    Hello Videtutorial..I also have a problem with the router..for a few days the internet on the pc and even through wifi works very badly at all..I tried 3 routers and everything does the same… I have the RDS internet network… the router that acm uses is a TP-Link… it is configured properly… some settings should be made..what would be the problem?

  43. Hi Cristi. I have a problem . In short, I watched the video tutorial and it's not exactly like you have the settings (windows 10). from RDS via 500 mb fiber optics and I bought a router Asus RT-N18U 2.4GHz 600Mbps High Power Router, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and it is connected to RDS router by cable, by cable everything is ok 300 mb but at wifi on milk on RDS I have 150 mb speed and on asus I have 65 mb speed (same Lenovo v570 laptop) if you want please help me because I don't like RDS router and I want something to be stable - thank you

    • I solved it. Thank you. I've been struggling for 3 days how to do it and after reading more and more here I went into the asus router and at WIRELESS I switched to - channel bandwidth - and I turned on 40 mhz - it was set to 20/40 and the sail went directly in 150 speed mb - if you are still reading me do you have any idea if I can change the network card to this Lenovo v570 laptop for something better - thanks

  44. very good video I had 72mbps now I have a maximum of 150mbps thank you very much for this "secret"

  45. I have a problem with the computer can not win 10 to see some video tutorials site (for example here will not the player is white where it should be)?

  46. Adrian Gudus said

    If we visit with Chrome, it no longer supports plug-in flash player and some of our tutorials are played with a player that uses flash.
    Come with Firefox or Edge and you will be able to see.

  47. Albu jhon said

    Leptop make them interesting to the new configuration at everything I did so far what Adrian and Cristian super computer engineers as many health and respect greet.


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