MBR in GPT without loss of data, what are the differences

MBR in GPT without loss of data
MBR in GPT without loss of data

What are MBR or GPT?

MBR = master boot record

GPT = GUID partition table

MBR and GPT are “partion tables” or in Romanian partitioning systems or schemes.

These are small partitions that contain data about disk partitions, partition type, file system used, and more.

What is the difference between MBR and GPT?

MBR is the old system that has been used since 1983 and has compatibility and all the older operating systems.

It also has a number of drawbacks, notably that it does not support larger 2TB (with 512 sector) and is not compatible with UEFI and advanced UEFI features.

GPT it is the new partitioning system that provides support for the “future”, ie for all the functions that exist and will appear in UEFI and in future operating systems.

Some clarifications about MBR or GPT.

MBR - you can install any OS, even Windows 10 in legacy mode

MBR - It is more compatible with old systems or media players

GPT - does not work with older operating systems

GPT - offers advanced features due to UEFI compatibility

GPT - "some" say they move better in games (no longer checked)

How do we change from GPT to MBR or vice versa?

There are many applications that will help you do this in graphical interference.

Even without applications, you can switch from MBR to GPT, but you need to use the command line.

The application I recommend is the EaseUS Partition Master. An easy-to-use application, which is free of charge.

Download EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition

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MBR in GPT without data loss - video tutorial


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  1. Hello Cristi. why does it ask me to buy the version to convert mbr to gpt? because I want to know if there is cv 100% free that does that conversion. You said it was free did not say you had to buy it first. It's not a fortune. Dae does not give money for just that. Because if you have the GPT in some cases it must be Mbr and vice versa. If you put another free program in the text.

  2. Dilimache said

    Can we move from MBR to GPT in the partition where we already have the system installed without a break or is it not possible?

  3. Yes, it was really interesting what Dilimache says, the fact that it must be made from another operating system is difficult, because not all of us have a second operating system installed. Even more interesting, when installing Windows 10, no choice was made between the two, the LEGACY was chosen by default on a new nout SSD.

  4. Augustin said

    Super tutorial.

  5. ViorelR said

    thank you, very helpful what you have presented to us.

  6. Mihai D said

    Cristi Hello!
    Can you tell us and highlight if there are any problems with the new Windows Update May (1903) and if so which one would be the most common?
    Thank you.

  7. Mihai, this is the most upsetting: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ph/help/4508640/event-viewer-may-close-or-you-may-receive-an-error-when-using-custom-v ; I mention that no remediation solution on the net does not work! Then in the file explorer they changed the file view, in the sense that there are no miniimages but only the name of the files in the directories, which makes them much harder to identify. I'm sorry we made the update.

  8. Cristi, I have found a program called Aomei Partition Asistant Pro, which has among the options and converting MBR into GPT to the partition with the operating system !! Do you think it's worth trying, or is the risk too high?

  9. Thank you for the information you share with us… this tutorial was really useful to me, I couldn't get over that error and, of course, everyone advised me to format the disk !!!! Hello, good evening!

  10. I Upgraded PC. I have pc with ufs. On it I put an SSD M2 on which I installed Win 10 x64 PRO.
    From the old PC I brought the new HDD sata 2. Everyone has installed 10 x86.
    The new PC has adapted the two HDDs and works together with no problems, they can boot from anyone and nothing happens.
    When I put the SSD and boot from it, it often appears that the disk needs to be scanned by errors
    and after restarting, scanning begins, and sometimes it also diagnoses one of the SATA disks.
    Rau is that from a time it destroys the operating system on the scanned disk.
    For a while, I solved putting a clone and solving the problem but for a while after I put the clone
    at the cracking times I have a blue screen or a black screen with a message that did not find SO.
    So the two SOs on the HDD are going smoothly, as the SSDs destroy them one at a time.
    Can someone help me ?
    I'm fine.

  11. Hi, I would like to know if I have a system with BIOS (this only supports MBR) if I have an HDD of 250GB MBR for the operating system and another one of 4TB, can I do the one of 4TB with GPT?

  12. Hi Cristi, please tell me how I can convert an MBR Disk to GPT with Windows 10 x64 active (running) without losing the operating system and installed programs, I mention that on the SSD is only Windows and installed programs. It can be converted with Windows running or you need to insert the SSD into another PC.
    Thank you .

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