Mcleaner firewall for mobile phones that rejects unwanted calls or messages - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we perzenta a firewall that is called Mcleaner phone, it helps us to filter unwanted calls and SMS or MMS messages that have started to become increasingly annoying.

For peace and comfort is our right to be able to choose what kind of calls or sms receive, this is not always possible and thus we find ourselves bothered all day sms advertising or information that we need, they have easily transformed easily into a kind of mobile spam.

Also many of us get calls from unknown number of private (hidden number) to do all sorts of bad jokes and ruin our good mood, these things can be solved very simply by using it Mcleaner which as we realize and the name of is a mobile cleaner, it filters everything we say to filter, that way you'll never receive anonymous phone calls and no SMS of all kinds will only receive the calls you want and just talk people they know.

The mobile phone has a very importance in our lives, think of it as a mobile phone spend more time than with loved ones and I want this inanimate object becomes a source of stress in addition, after we all radiate May Day and stressing us, joking of course!

Wed honest Mcleaner I find that this is a tool that everyone needs, it is able to: block calls, block SMS and MMS, sound can also filter out certain calls (if you mistress or lover) to not hear the phone ring when you do not want, you will see only a teabag on the screen when you have time check, besides all this has a lot of functions that we invite you to discover the tutorial.

Put your phone in your order, decide what you want to receive calls, do not let stress by mobile phone companies with their ads and annoying anonymous calls that will hurt all day, do not forget the mistress, Enjoy!

I invite you to watch the other video tutorials made by me on the cell phone.

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  1. LucianGL! -It would be very interesting for me to find out: It is mandatory, meaning something special is needed, a special server like orange to be able to watch TV or it is possible from a server with which you watch the internet from your PC! Please answer me !!! I know it refers to the previous tutorial but I'm afraid I won't… .. !!

  2. LucianGL said

    Xpres - you need such a server for a wap connection, in case of using an internet connection you can also directly with the condition that in most cases we have various applications installed

  3. hello, I want to write some song in cassette format Nero track, the songs gave me one, are tracks and are in. CDA and I when I came to do tracks with nero does not support the format. cda can you help me?

  4. DaneZu… uses xilisoft audio converter or other audio converter you convert them wav {track) give nero to make audio cd or dvd and you're done.

  5. Thank Fanibu I converted and I get

  6. With pleasure… DaneZu

  7. Congratulations tutorial for me in March of interest to record telephone comvorbiri if you have time to make a tutorial

  8. LucianGL said

    Gaby is not difficult to record phone calls, all you need is to install software that allows this, and believe me there are plenty, but some of them watch beeps that can be heard by the other person

  9. @ LugianGl:
    if you can Faic a tutorial on how to unlock a mobile PC tlefon

  10. LucianGL said

    Danish - I can do a tutorial on how to decode a mobile phone on a PC, but there are certainly many who have other phones, in a word - there are many types of phones and many methods of decoding. in the newest methods the right ones are well kept decoding software and most of the time it costs money. I don't think there are many who would agree to (approximately) 1000 euros on a software and then decode for free

  11. I have a nokia 6234 are in vodafome network and recently I got a card and I cosmote unlocked phone and I would like to decode and free and learn it.

  12. LucianGL said

    DaneZu - I don't think it will cost more than 20-50 lei to decode it

  13. Octavian said

    Hello LucianGL! Very nice tutorial you. I want to know dk intend to post BB5 decoding methods (for Nokia Symbian, specifically for nokia n70)

  14. @Octavian: Brethren, what the hell are your feet on the ground? Well, we will be, but think about it, those who make decodings for money have given thousands of euros for the equipment with which they do this, and we should show everyone such a thing for free. take these and look for each one of us and take our cakes because we took their bread… no one will go to decode with money… plus it would be nice for us to show you the mocha and you take money and decode others aaaa ? Trezireaaaa we are in Romania, It will be a generous old man, yes, even so… you don't want us to find you free jobs, to make you make free coffee, not to have to go to work, to take your child from kindergarten and all this for free? They can't do it !!! That's why Romania is going crazy because the Romanian puts his foot down easily… it's too dreamy and looks for only Gratis domle… if it costs 1 thousand old lei he doesn't want it anymore… because he wants it for free! I'd rather put your hand to work and stop looking for miracles and freebies. But they are to some extent! Well, what profession gives its job for free? Like decoding phones in the end… it's still a job… you being the one ,, decoding phones how free would you learn or show yourself in a tutorial how to do that? yyyy?

  15. LugianGL is not a problem of money, I knew that around how much you said it costs but I wanted to see how it decodes, if you could do it in the tutorial…

  16. LucianGL said

    I will do tutorials on Phone Support, there are many ways and very very much to explain, plus money to invest

    again if you want to decode your phone go to a gsm service

  17. how do catch him phone and PC?

  18. "Http://"

    so do the tutorials and I looked at them
    I only postezpe you youtube
    I do not want to fill my hdd.

  19. Hello! Sorry to divert the discussion but I have a problem with a nokia 6680… 4 buttons on the keyboard don't work anymore (options button, exit button, left and right) do you have any idea what could have happened ?? that I find it quite strange 🙂 it may be a CV from the phone software (I mention that it doesn't have too many applications installed)… I tried with nokia software updater .. and the same or is it just something from it ?? … Or is it the 3rd option that I shouldn't confuse him anymore because he's outdated ??? I'm waiting for an answer .. ms in advance 😉

  20. ionutz said

    Sorry to post this tutorial here that has nothing to do with what I want.
    LucianGL I want to ask you about what wap offers are for Germany?
    Thank you!!

  21. LucianGL said

    Gaby - try remote control furniture
    Ady - change your keyboard
    Ionutz - I don't know what offers are there

  22. Andrew said

    Lucian there is a web server for symbian S60 v3?

  23. LucianGL said

    Andrei - exists but only works on S60v3

  24. marian said

    Welcome. Luci, I have a question, how can you make an archive jar or sis programs can put them on your phone?

  25. LucianGL said

    with x-plore can make archives in jar or sis to put as many as you live in your phone

  26. marian said

    Thanks a lot!

  27. marian said

    Luci pretty please if you want to do a videotutorial about x-plore

  28. LucianGL said

    x-plore is the best manager for smartphones, with it you can easily handle your files on your own phone, you can archive them or zip them, you can move, edit, copy, delete or send to someone else. You can listen to music or view video… find out information about the phone or restart the phone, you can close tasks running on the phone (similar to task manager on PC)
    also good to be careful what you do with such a manager because you can easily mess up your phone and you have a resoftare

  29. haosss said

    I thought I knew a lot about my phone, but thanks to LucianGL, I learned a lot of things ……
    thank you luciane you are very strong… I thought that the guys from GL are strong only in terms of PCs but I see that they also have them with their phones…
    hello my concetatzenii Totz of GL and not only!

  30. flarin58 said

    What happens when your Nokia 5700 wwigo refuse to install software? so the pc worked, but the phone does not work installed. waiting for reply!

  31. LucianGL said

    flarin58 answer is simple, that is not compatible with your phone model, see the tutorial with this application that I put a list of compatible models, you can also see the list in case it updates the official website, I checked today and Your phone is not compatible with this application

  32. alexander said

    what is called program that shows you the whole phone .. k I broke my display and I want to somehow control my phone: ((

  33. Phone robbery that's why I had the n95 and now I have it three times I lament that this

  34. however this is not vb what deals are subscriptions cards, this site iIt cosmote vodafone orange, making it simply a website that shows people videotutoriale on pc, chear if acoolo is the phone does not mean that this is gsmtutorial. ro! waking oamenio good ETSI legal adrian is right to look like a video!

  35. As can be blocked / rejected calls especially from hidden numbers?

  36. I have a nokia 6233, and I need a software to block incoming private numbers. Mcleaner not compatible with this model of Nokia. Does anyone know such a software that you can use it?

  37. Tomescu Andrey said

    Salut! I have a question! How did you capture software? I've N70, but do not know much! If you can help me give you an email to: [email protected] ! Varog much!

  38. Tomescu Andrey said

    LucianGL, you can ask some questions about NOKIA N70? Where can I get applications for other dynasty. it? You can contact me at YM! tomescu_andrey! Ms much are the hottest!

  39. I installed a nokia Mcleaner n95 porcarie.Respinge 8gb and is not in contact calls when activat.Am went through all the settings and tel. and Mcleaner's and when I disable Mcleaner going well.

  40. Although the contact is set to accept.

  41. It can be installed on Nokia 6500? If you can not install other software I can use for this type of Nokia?

  42. I struggled to May and looking series, try CallFilter, simple, free and effective.

  43. Site someone other software to block it and calls and sms?

  44. there are many other programs that do their job well, but it is best optimizat.Cochina if you have problems with this software surely he is not to blame, and I am now a N95 8GB and works perfectly, as I N70.deci goes on, the problem is not the software but from you, I explained how to do if N70 because when I did I just N70 tutorial, now I N95 8GB and if it is set properly ok.cand I have to apologize to you explain where exactly Please do not ask what software used for capturing and did not even ask or jocuri.multumesc applications

  45. LucianGL how can I contact you in "private"? Possibly a messenger id, I have more questions about symbian.
    Thank you!

  46. Ok I apologize LucianGl please tell me where I gresit.Mentionez that the contact phone settings is to receive all calls and to mcleaner reject unknown calls, all other to be accepted even tried to dismiss the private.Am and private and I reject all calls that do not have the contacts and of course on the necunoscute.Te please if you know how to see how much RAM I have free in phone, as asset manager for the calculation.

  47. You can block a sms without who sent and receive messages as SMS arrived, I tried for some software and just reject you send sms and receive the message that reached the recipient

  48. Cochin ovidiu said

    Vb I do not about this but about the fact that I reject calls that are not set agenda though everywhere I just accept I reject unknown calls.

  49. What is that program called to show you which phone you connected, just like in the tutorial?

  50. Cochin ovidiu said

    Yes, after I found the tutorial while you're doing it complet.Cum mcleaner is now accept only no. of agenda.Dak want to accept the other no. outside the agenda put to white list and 0 segventa + and the profiles select Normal.

  51. LucianGL said

    MCleaner settings for variant S60 V3, that kind N82 N95 phones etc:
    MCleaner open, go to setup and you must have it
    White-list: accept
    -Black List: Reject
    -Contacts: accept
    Out logs to blacklist: log in system
    2 a mesage box with the symbol
    -Unknown message: accept
    Private-number: accept
    Service message: accept
    -Mms: accept
    -Wap bookmark: accept
    calling the box 3
    -Unknown call: accept
    Private-number: accept
    -Block mode: phone busy
    4 the system box
    -Use password: none
    -Confirm password: none
    -Incorrect password: login failed
    Kept log-max period: 1 month
    Auto-start: yes
    Show indicator: yes
    -Confirm to delete log: no

    selected profile-normal

    These are the settings for s60 v3

    tutorial was made s60 v2 system and application is different from s60 v3. then I had to know how este.acum v3 I explained how I got the settings and get any phone without problems, I just get stuck in the black list

  52. Cochin ovidiu said

    Ok.Lucian I understand that, but I want to reject unknown calls me and I set exactly like you said only the unknown and private call number I gave reject.O dak see that both of them do not give them you do not reject the reject calls necunoscute.Problema is now set to contacts although I accept and reject calls that are not on the agenda.

  53. Bina, I'd like to know where I could get a sn to mcleaner? test program on N70 super, and I love this program.
    Thank you

  54. fail to copy the phone, the first time they use these methods, but bother me messages and calls someone and 1 year

  55. hello. I installed a nokia MCLEANER n73 and was expired the 15 days. I've been trying to find a serial.dar have not found anything .. dak someone can help me with a serial. add tiziano_ferro4you_girls ms.

  56. Cochin ovidiu said

    Alex takes from here, 55092411or46998375.

    • Alex takes from here, 55092411or46998375.  

      Please me in the future not to put stuff like that on the site, possibly put on text sharing sites and put the link here, so go straight is kind of sensitive issue, if I understand.

    • Alex takes from here, 55092411or46998375.

      ms than serial.raman for duty: D

  57. MCleaner for iPhone 1.8.3

    Among the options to specify this version: If the incoming calls are blocked, the tones of "Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now." Will Be Heard

    That means that a caller hear ring top (song) by Ven. Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now??

    For S60 platform is a program to block the calls and instead to send SMS to the caller between a song and then stop the conversation?

  58. Morning.
    Great MCleanerul .. but come with a question.
    I installed it on a E50.Daca want sms `s` from Orange to enter directly into my inbox, how do I set it?
    Or is it not possible?
    Thank you in advance.

  59. LucianGL said

    Appeared many options to block sms, mms, calls, or all at once by many applications, including application submitted upgrades suffered, but also greatly changed phones or

  60. There is no version for Nokia C6-00

  61. I salute you and me there or you sp uo for program License Mcleaner and where a written license that do not find

  62. capture program called Mobiola Remote Phone Control, who shows you that you look great ecranul.iar other phone and appearance do not know how it's called but I want to aflu.stie anyone???

  63. program goes for samsung gt-s5230? :-S

  64. So I downloaded this exact model given by n70 findca phone and says I have it corrupted file

  65. May guys facrti a tutorail about a phone Allview f2 crony network settings and so on

  66. Any idea goes for a SGS II?

  67. idea you go for a Samsung Galaxy S II?


  69. Hello
    I have a Nokia 500 and a Symbian Anna bone, where can I find MCleaner for my phone? It doesn't exist on my official website for my phone… Help me and I really need it. Thank you!

  70. For phones with android what do you recommend?

  71. for nokia c5 program works?

  72. PLEASE TELL ME PT NOKIA ASHA210 compatible?

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