Google Spirit & Brain Medicine Google Arts & Culture

Google Spirit & Brain Medicine Google Arts & Culture
Nowadays free time is almost non-existent, and time for culture is "even more" non-existent.
Google Spirit & Brain Medicine Google Arts & Culture

Why do we not care about culture?

The “global” man works hard to make money, money that has become more important than culture or sometimes even more important than interpersonal relationships; That's because the global man has become just a soulless machine that is interested in easy things, easy to digest, ready to chew.

Are we becoming more and more superficial?

Yes, the social and economic system does not need cult people, it needs workers to work, not to think, or worse, to philosophize or talk about culture.
Our culture is fun, fashion and shoping. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's bad to just shake our heads with useless things and forget the real culture.

I mean, we don't have time!

If you're thinking about how you're on Facebook, Instagram, Tabloide, YouTube, you'll realize it's time, but there's no interest.
If we really want to, we can pump something useful in the head.

How to mimic!

Many do only the eyes of the artistic "fitness" world; In reality, however, many people have not visited an art gallery or theater for a long time.
Social pressure forces us to do something: to read a book, to go to a museum, even if this is almost impossible in the real world. We are ashamed to recognize the truth.
Google thought of us and developed an application called Google Arts & Culture.

Google Arts & Culture, a breath of fresh air for each of us.

The Google Arts & Culture mobile application is available for Android and iOS, but can also be accessed via the web interface in any browser on your laptop or desktop.

Who is the Google Arts & Culture app for?

Whoever is attracted to plastic art and has 5 free minutes in a break, can use them in a pleasant way in the application.

"Goghen and Matiz" in the stove!

I could say that this application should not be missing from the phone of art thieves, so they will also know what to steal and how to negotiate with the buyer. You realize how prestigious an amateur art thief is when he knows everything about stolen artwork…


Everyone install the Google Arts & Culture app NOW! No excuses!
When you find free time, use this app to admire some pictures instead of burning time in games or Facebook.

Mobile and web application links.
Google Arts & Culture for Android
Google Arts & Culture for iOS
Google Arts & Culture for Desktop

Medicine for the soul and brain Google Arts & Culture - video tutorial

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  1. While listening to what Mr. Cristi was talking about, I also installed the application that was exceptional. Of course, for those who like not only arts and to enrich their knowledge in other areas. Maybe some people say "why do this?" Yes, for me, for my soul, because you will not know, you can not at some point understand things, you can not talk with the others in an elevated dialogue, not necessarily super-formal, for me, I repeat !
    I congratulate you that, here, there are young people who love art, beauty, culture, science!
    Of course I'm waiting for other interesting news and I congratulate you!

  2. Frumosa treaba. Me (and I think many) I would like to listen (not to read, to listen in Romanian or to watch movies), broadcast with a steady charisma and not only. Something like:
    - 5 minutes of history with Adrian Cioroianu, very nice documentaries
    - telecyclopedia, but they are a bit old and I can't find them
    - [email protected] IT, after TVR
    - Journal of Sciences, from digi-world
    - Roads among memories ”by A. Buhoiu, very beautiful documentaries

    Discovery style documentaries, on different themes and genres.
    I like to listen to them in the bus, on the bus, etc.
    Where can I find it?

  3. Bravo! Super tutorial. Thank you beautifully! I think everyone has the curiosity to see at least a few things in a particular area or area.

  4. Hello, a tutorial about hakintosh in 2017 with the newest bone, like? The one on the site is exactly 2013 I would not bother to do after that tutorial.

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