AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top unjustly ignored

AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top unjustly ignored
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Mikrotik PAH AC top range of SOHO networking manufacturer in Latvia. This wireless router does not boast a solid marketing, but can boast performance and functions away from Router OS operating system, which turns into a real wireless router router super smart. AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top.

Mikrotik design PAH AC:

Here people from Mikrotik not play with design, AC PAH is a simple device with a durable plastic housing. A housing of the same shape and meet it and the other Mikrotik models.
Routers Mikrotik, RouterBOARD that, that's brand product will be primarily functional and performance. The design remains neutral, pleasant, not kitsch bone, how see some routers on the market. Overall I like, I'm being conservative. The only problem with this design is that it sounds too generic, as if a certain switch, not a top wireless router.
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top

Output PoE for APs or IP cameras.

A major advantage of Mikrotik PAH AC outlet PoE last LAN port. This feature saves us a power when we want to mount a IP camera They have an AP, this cable being able to be fed through the net.


Speed ​​wifi - 1750 Mbps (aggregate bands)
Class router - AC1750
Speed ​​2,4Ghz - 450 Mbps
Speed ​​5Ghz - 1300 Mbps
Antennas - triple ring - that 3 3 × MIMO
Sockets for external antennas - Yes, motherboard
Internal antennas - 6 antennas / 2db
Maximum power - ie 800mw 30db
PoE - PoE and PoE out in
WiFi standards - 802.11 B, G, N, AC
Processor - 720 Mhz
RAM - 128 MB
Flash memory - 16 MB
Operating System - Router OS
VPN server - Yes, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
FTP Server - Yes
Hotspot - Yes
LTE Support - Yes
Working temperature - -20C - + 60C

Antennas × 3 3 + sockets for. external antenna:

Alignment Mikrotik a triple ring PAHs AC antennas, that is, MIMO × 3 3. That's not all, because we have the motherboard Connectors for connecting external antennasIf we want to do that. Although all 6 antennas (on 3Ghz 5 and 3 on 2,4Ghz) are internal, and a gain of 2 db, which gives me a better coverage than we currently Asus RT-AC56U, and ironically, the coverage is better and than that of Asus RT-AC87U.

Map Lite, a router as a matchbox from Mikrotik
AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi
Tutorial wireless router Asus RT-AC56U
Transfer files between PCs at high speed

Speed ​​connection between the router and laptop mobile respectively

On laptops have Intel network card × 7265 2 2 866 and we Mbps.
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top
Mobile (OnePlus 3) have AC and we 1 1 433 × Mbps.
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top

Coverage Mikrotik PAH AC:

In my tests, made on the default settings, Mikrotik PAH AC was much better than Asus sites long distance. This is probably due to close 800mw transmitting power. I tried setting 30db wireless 800mw that, but I felt great difference indoor and outdoor settings core router is able to cover my yard without problems (small yard, 500m2).

WAN to LAN test results Mikrotik PAH AC

942 Mbps each time with 0 load on the CPU (FastTrack activated)
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top

LAN to LAN test results Mikrotik PAH AC

941 Mbps each time with 60% -80% load on the CPU (FastTrack activated)
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top

Mikrotik PAH AC vs Asus RT-AC56U

Mikrotik routers in the proximity of the best on the Asus download and upload. When we left the routers Asus begins to lose signal, and Mikrotik your laptop is kept stubbornly.
Below are charts download and upload wireless made mobile phone and laptop.

Mikrotik PAH AC vs Asus RT-AC56U - test download

Mikrotik PAH AC vs Asus RT-AC56U - upload test

Hap needle official tests Mikrotik router can show that much more, but for that you have to do something special configurations with NIC bonding, so we can move Gigabit speed.
AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top

Thanks team because they have made available this router.

AC PAH review Mikrotik, router Top - video tutorial

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  1. Cristi Hello! Yes, coverage is better because manufacturers make equipment such Ubiquiti Mikrotik or enterprise that require more in-depth knowledge of networking. Personally, before I crack the router Netgear R7000 (hardware fail) I did not, but I took the doctor a router Ubiquiti Edgerouter X accompanied by an Access Point Ubiquiti AP-AC-LR and I can say that having only one super good coverage in a house with ground floor and first floor (170mp) plus range quite high and outside, still 200m.
    In the future if you can even advise you to refer to other users and Mikrotik Ubiquiti products.

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  2. cristian said:

    Very good tutorial.
    I would like if possible to make a tutorial how to make a network access point varieties, covering a large area with microtik products.

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  3. Cristi seems you about mediaboxurile UPC? catch me tel u 84 6.40 Mbs Dow and considering that my band's 150 maximum net. You can do a tutorla them. As it's ok configured etc. They seem very good one.

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  4. Cristi are started in the networking, if I'm not mistaken you specified a tutorial older to be a decent router must have gigabit WAN and LAN hardware accelerator NAT, QoS basic.Dar needle and question me is that routers nat wireless hardware acceleration found that this is not stated on the website of the manufacturer and that is so important to your wireless router NAT hardware acceleration?

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    • Each manufacturer names or function. Actually hardware acceleration is minimal software intervention, if it makes sense.
      Asus routers called CTF (cut-through forwarding) and the MikroTik called FastTrack.
      That helps mapid response times by eliminating the minimum of software intervention.
      We have seen the tutorial on Mikrotik PAH AC when I tested Lan to Lan, the processor was not charged at all. However when I tested the Wan Lan processor high enough, between 60% and 80%, because there connections to Wan Lan, traffic must pass through the firewall, and meet certain rules. The more rules, the lower speed and higher load on the processor.

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  5. Hello Cristi, I said you did a tutorial in a few years ago to a D-Link Booster and bought 3 pieces. But time has passed ... Now I 2 days a PAH AC. So tutorial came very on time. Of course I am interested in port forwarding. But one thing I find very useful as how to do that if the WAN connection is not functional I enter stick with 3G automatically or possibly 4G. And from the logs would be interesting, I can offer. And that with Graphing site you showed it. I to D-link I mentioned I have a problem that kept interrupting few hours or minutes and then recovers. Although it would be interesting to hap AC. You and a pleasant and decent present setting routers and this is evident even if I had not said it. In 4 thousand views in less than 2 days is an opportunity for those from Mikrotik to keep in touch with you to have as many details. Congratulations and expect a continuation of the situation and how the commitment and collaboration is fresh ...
    Why not use the Romans good as Mikrotik routers? Thanks a lot

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  6. Cristi, routers tp-link as hardware acceleration is called nat

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  7. and jack near the fiber write Poe? not go out until poe poe cable supplied with the first jack Poe? I do not understand what Poe

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  8. FLORIN said:

    RESPECT greet Christ! I purchased recently RB952Ui-5ac2nD Mikrotik Wireless Router, SOHO 2,4GHz 802.11b / g / n 5GHz 802.11 / ac 5x Ethernet and frankly, not too SANT satisfied. DDEC STIU.E ELSE YOU HAVE PRESENTED TO YOU BUT as I gave him something I expected to be pretty good. Well, CAN I suck me to restrain him PUTIN.iMI SHOW DESKTOP COMPUTER Santa CONNECTED AND INTERNET BUT WHEN AM Aces BRAUSERUL ... .PAUZA!

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  9. Gabriel said:

    Cristi Hello can you tell us if this router with the optical fiber connector can be set to use fiber optics directly from RDS without the need of their ont?

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