YouTube Bigger Thumbnail for Share on Facebook

YouTube Bigger Thumbnail for Share on Facebook

YouTube Bigger Thumbnail for Share on Facebook
Bigger YouTube Thumbnail for Facebook Share - Hi friends, in today's video we'll see how we can have a bigger thumbnail or thumbnail for the YouTube videos we share on Facebook

Facebook has changed the rules!

Those who have a YouTube business or a YouTube channel and are promoting it on Facebook have probably noticed that Facebook's shared videos have no big thumbnail with the play button in the middle and the click of those who see the post, the video is no longer played and the user is thrown into a new tab (a new browser window) to watch the video.

Many times the thumbnail is displayed very small and incomplete. That means we will not get any more clicks for the YouTube video share, we will not get any views or, as they say in terms of marketing, we no longer engage.
As everyone uses Facebook to promote or get views, the rules recently adopted by Facebook, we hurt ourselves in this regard.

Another rule changed by Facebook is that services that automate the sharing of a blog post or personal site on Facebook are no longer seen with good eyes, and even those who use it are penalized. Such a service that automates the sharing of an article on Facebook is the famous IFTTT (If This Then That) but this is another topic.

Why did Facebook change the rules?

For a very simple reason. Lately, Facebook has increasingly focused on developing and improving the personal platform for Facebook videos uploaded. You've probably noticed that ads have started appearing on Facebook clips.
Well, YouTube is seen as competition by Facebook and to encourage the world to upload videos to Facebook and not to YouTube, they have taken these measures. Facebook no longer wants to be a friend of YouTube, no longer wants to promote YouTube, no longer wants to send its users elsewhere but keep them as much as possible on the site. They no longer want YouTube businesses or channels to make promotions and views on their backs.

What are the solutions for having a bigger thumbnail for Facebook shared YouTube videos?

I have introduced two services that allow you to generate a link that once shared on Facebook, it will be displayed with a larger thumbnail. Through these two services, we can change what kind of look to Facebook, our video clip on YouTube. We can modify the thumbnail to be displayed on Facebook, the title of the video, the description, and we can even put a play button on the miniature YouTube share on Facebook through these two services presented in the tutorial.

If the YouTube video we want to share with Facebook is considered to have no title to attract clicks and viewers, we can change it through these two services. The same can be done with the thumbnail!

Although it is not morally correct at all, we can make a more "uninspired" YouTube video, on which not much attention was paid to the title or thumbnail, appear cooler, more interesting, make you click to you see it, when you share it on Facebook through these two services.

Links to the two services used in the video tutorial:

Video tutorial - Larger YouTube thumbnail to share on Facebook

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