Miracast, Android phone to connect wirelessly to TV

Hi friends, today I will show you how it works Miracast. If the iOS (iphone, ipad, ipod) have Airplay Mirroring on some newer laptops have WiDi on Android we Miracast or screencast.
Miracast is a protocol that helps us on the TV screen without wires, just you see on your phone or tablet, a kind of HDMI Wireless.
To use miracast we need a phone that supports screen mirroring (Jelly Bean or KitKat), exactly who is operating system and hardware required for it, besides we need a phone Miracast compatible TV or a android MiniPCI you to use it in case you do not have a Miracast compatible TV.
The connection between devices is done via WiFi Direct (not local network), this means that do not need to have a router for whatever connection is directly between the transmitter (phone) and reciver (tv miracast or mini pc connected to tv) .
How does it work exactly?
To simplify everything, Miracast has the mission to send the video signal displayed on the screen of your phone or tablet, directly to the receiver. There are some software instructions that take that signal from the frame buffer, compress it, pack it and send it to the receiver via WiFi Direct (not via router), just to eliminate downtime, this resulting stream reaches the TV or MiniPC connected on TV), here the stream is decompressed and displayed on the screen in real time (almost). Now of course, on some devices it will work better and on others worse, depending on the compatibility and power of the phone. Certainly in time the instructions will be finished, the hardware will be improved and the lag will be reduced, maybe we will have an exclusive chip for Miracast, which will later be able to be used for streaming, video encoding / decoding, archiving …… However Miracast is a useful feature that can sometimes help us enjoy multimedia content on larger screens without cables, even DLNA could do that, playing movies or photos from your phone or PC to your TV but with some limitations.
For those who do not know the phone can run DLNA TV only video, photo or audio, Miracast displays what is seen on the phone or tablet.
Even if your phone supports Miracast, and not necessarily work. I met this problem when I used the Nexus 4 for Miracast connection, connected and disconnected after a few seconds. There must be some compatibility between network faces the transmitter and reciver. In the same setup, with LG G3 not had any problems. Certainly the way the Nexus wifi 4 (Murata) is not well understood and wifi module of MK 908 (Broadcom).
Experience is pleasant to the gaming, where it is almost impossible to play in television watching, the lag is too high.
For movies, youtube, apps, facebook, web browsing and other light things go, unfortunately gaming is not a solution. I would have liked to work with a bluetooth controller connected was a dream mini console without wires.
If you need a fast wireless connection between TV and phone or tablet just for video, photos or music, we tutorial and about DLNA technology.

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  1. hello. a smart samsung tv 6300 have any possibility to connect phone / tab?

  2. What version of cool MiniPCI use of the site you've submitted Cristi?

    • After using an exotic rum, plastic casing melted / deformed and removed it almost completely. Now use a passive chipset cooler (I think I showed you) thermally bonded forests.
      Now everything goes very well with the stock rom (latest version). I had problems when I started using passive cooler with the stock rom.

  3. Anderson said

    The function that I knew before, always presents George Buhnici phones. How have you missed the tutorials there watching me.

    • CUCU Mircea said

      You forgot something essential…. How to connect the phone to the TV… plugs, cable and other things necessary to get to the connection you already had !!!… problem specific to all those who are already aces but it seems a banality to explain this to beginners, because in parentheses be said .. this is the role of the tutorial, to make you understand to all those who follow you and I really do not know, I do not know the steps there, not only connoisseurs… I am not interested in the quality of the image at games,… lost time, practically in this video… For me everything is .. how do I get there! ??? .. ups it seems that this… And it's not the first time I notice this in you. and it's not the first time you do it, you really lack the didactic tact! In the future, please be more understandable to everyone .. simpler and more efficient, don't get complicated by examples, because in fact today this is someone's intelligence, to be simple, efficient and understandable to everyone!

  4. Hello Videotutorial! I have a problem with your PC meu.Astazi open a game I was playing 2-3 minutes and then I gave a crash masiv.Adica screen was all sorts of lines, but the unit still functiona.Dupa you unplug it (otherwise I can not close it or restart button does not work) and you start working, but only when I play, so it happens.
    Thank you!

    • Source or memoirs are due. Most often happens in memory, which often are not 100% compatible, or have some more errors. Poaye be and the source, if undersized or poor quality.
      This is of course assuming that the game is original, legally purchased.

  5. Cristi I have a question. You're the one who enlightens me. MicroUSB cable and a long USB can connect telefonu IIa TV? You mean open sopcast on android phone and see on TV if not get TV Look who we love games in the near 1 as me otherwise? It may be there is something?

  6. How do I delete videos received from those I subscribed to on youtube and I don't like them on tab.samsung 3100 dr 7 ″ .Thanks, guys, thanks.

  7. Hello! With respect ptr gift that you have to know a lot of miracles, Please explain to me, I have a tablet LG GPAD 8.3poate be connected to a samsung tv f5000 (one used without smart) product from Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle ??? Thank respectfully SIMON

  8. Salut.scuze for offtopic but I have a problem with the phone.
    I have a relatively new samsung s3 mini (2 weeks), when someone calls me with a phone from Allview (than with them I noticed the problem) I answer and it locks, it seems to me that we are connected but I don't hear anything, he doesn't hear nothing. After the call closes I have no sound at all, games, music, youtube… nothing. It only recovers after restart.

    I did not do anything with the phone, not even root.
    Do you have any idea what could be?

  9. a tutorial how to make changes compile and decompile apk files, folders, various graphical issues

  10. marius nechifor said

    Hi Cristi. I have a question. While launching an application for android through which we can see the articles and video tutorials. If it is more difficult to launch it in the store, at least put the apk on your site and there are enough users to install it. On this occasion we come with impressions about the application and over time, maybe you launch it in Google Play and something else is gathered from the advertising. An application idea, which works and is suitable for your specifics….

  11. nicu hard said

    hello, but how can we use miracast laptop or can not

  12. Suggestion, explaining sensors and technology on smartphones, LTE, HSDPA, DLNA, A-GPS etc. What NIC (net) use to know what to expect when using routeru

  13. Cristi on connecting your TV to your phone can see TV Online TV etc. Where can I find a HDMI MHL cable 2 meters both physical as well as virtual stores Cristi normal? I do not know if I enabled Samsung Galaxy S II. It's compatible?

  14. It would be very useful for a lot of people if you did a tutorial with an online TV site where we could watch the league matches .I, it's still crazy now with this TV look. Thank you!

  15. App is wrongly titled "Miracsast ,, maybe…

  16. Hello! I have a question too. For several days I have been trying to connect an iphone 4 to a sony bravia that has the miracast function… Is it possible that the iphone is not compatible with this function? Can anyone help me too? Thank you

  17. Hi. I also have a question: How can I connect a samsung s4 mini to a Lg47LB731 TV. I mention that the TV, sees the phone and vice versa, tries to connect, after which I get the message "the device is disconnected" (on the TV) and on phone the message that it is not connected by screen miroring although it is activated on the phone. Should the TV have any problem? It is under warranty and if that were the problem I would solve it, but I don't want to make fun of it if it's just from the settings .The pictures can be seen from the phone on the TV, only the screen mirror function (phone screen) I can't even display it. This TV often gives me the error "insufficient memory, the application has closed". although apart from youtube and google I didn't install anything on it. That's why I still suspect.
    Thanks in advance TV…

  18. My TV supports miracast (LG 47LB731V) and the android on the phone is 4.4.2 (S4 mini). So after what is written above I should be able to see the phone screen on TV, right? Nothing more false :). I can display video / photo / music / youtube content from the phone on the TV but I can't even play the phone screen on the big screen…. The phone and the TV "see" each other trying to connect but nothing…. I tried with S5 and respectively S5 mini, they are connected but move very slowly….
    Maybe they do resolve in future upgrade ???
    Please help me with some advice that if he had any fault of the TV, return it until Monday but I bought in Germany and living in Belgium and not too crazy so I would walk if he had not any defect, especially since the rest are pretty happy with tv.

  19. I tried a multitude of applications mating Phone-SmartTV, gender iMedia Share, Bubble UPnP, All Cast, Air Wire, WIFI Display, kinome Connect they use now, but none of these applications for Android, not read all movies with subtitles, you open the SmartTV
    If you have no idea who makes application to read subtitles to movies at the time when Android is paired with Smart TV will beg leave a comment if you have no idea.
    Um and another question! Do you know an application for android, transfer files Wifi, ANDRIOID-PC and PC-ANDROID, apart from the one you presented it in an older tutorial
    A good day!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Have you tried out MX Player? If not, you can integrate the subtitle in the movie, we already have a tutorial on this topic, you can find it using the search box on the top right. Or look for the tutorial "How to watch movies with subtitles on Android phones or tablets"

      • Adrian Thanks for the reply, but I think I was not well understood or not I express myself better in writing!
        It is not MXPlayer! It is perfect with corresponding codecs, I watch movies directions on your phone or tablet with subtitles .... or direct the film about integration subtitle.
        MX player I know very well in all his settings and integration methods under the same.
        They have nothing to do with what I want.
        *** The method is like that of YouTube, when you are on the same wireless network and can to open a video on SmartTV directly from your phone or tablet via a single touch of icons ***

        I say that: When I open a movie on SmartTv, through the method of pairing Wifi devices, with an application from those listed by me above, I can watch the movie in perfect conditions but without subtitles.
        Players of this kind of applications tested me, can not read the subtitles, and applications of this kind do not leave me to set another player base, that would be great to be able to directly open in MX Player, the SmartTV, impossible momentary
        I folosec kinome Connect wifi was conducted to pair the phone or tablet SmartTV site, but the player base of this application can not read subtitles.
        From what I have seen, there are no settings to configure another player base, in applications you've tried it.
        !!! I wondered if you know an application listed in the kind of me, who can open movies with subtitles when mating wifi, phone or tablet with SmartTV site.
        Methods like put subtitles on the film directly with VirtualDub, Total Video Converter,
        a practice the days when phones were "stupid" not to take direct knew subtitles, do not want to go back to those times ..
        And sorry!… I repeat the question!
        Do you know a free application for Android, transfer files Wifi, Android, PC, Android and PC, apart from the one you presented it in a tutorial older.
        Thanks for your understanding if you understand something, should I not return again to the internet in Trencher
        leisure, until I find something useful.
        Have a good day!

  20. I wanted to know if I can synchronize the tv with the laptop on the same principle as in the case of the phone… to just sit with the hdmi wires spread all over the house… is there any form of synchronization to see what is on the laptop on the tv… via direct wifi. without cables or routers? I may have asked this question already… but I couldn't wait to read all the comments… I'm waiting for an answer… thank you !!!

  21. Good evening
    One can watch on TV or other media android plexus remote server?

  22. Dorin Romulus said

    What do you think would be the most economical option (through acquisition) to connect an Apple tablet (iOS 9.2) and / or Samsung Note 2 (GT-N7100) TV Sony Bravia without wifi or Miracast, for Internet access?

    • I guess you want to see pictures, movies, youtube and other those, not just screen tablet / phone.
      I will present in the next tutorial, Chromecast's a clever device which is available in addition.
      I will tell you more in the tutorial, where we will see what he can do.

  23. Dorin Romulus said

    … Sony Bravia KDL-32NX5xx!

  24. Hi, I have a Samsung Smart TV, connect with him by phone Screen Mirroring, I have a question: I connect with laptop by the same function without HDMI cable. I tried but could not. Thank you !!

  25. Hello Christ. I have a Smart TV ultra 4k. I fail to connect to TV with a phone samnsung a5 2016 model. With a mini s4 can I give a5 NFC and sharing has nimic.ms

  26. Hello Cristi have a smartphone and an LCD LG LG L70 you think you can make the connection between them?

  27. I have a good kitkat android tablet 4.4 amdescarcat mobizen but I go to record games on tablet CEMI suggest I take

  28. Hi, I have this TV HITACHI 43HB6T62 H… and I don't know how to play the content from the phone on the tv screen. I installed on the phone from the play store a hitachi application as a keyboard and remote control but to play video or pictures from the phone… ciuciu .thank you

  29. Hello. Although I have an A8 samsung phone with Smart View, I can not connect to a smart mirroring smart samsung uhd hu6900. My phone displays something like "Turning Smart View on failed. An error occurred. "What are you up to?

  30. sorin razvan said

    Hello. But what's the solution between phone and laptop to see pictures or videos directly on your laptop?

  31. Petrescu silviu said

    Good evening. I recently bought a newer chromecast, basically that little round device and put it in the hdmi outfit on my non-smart TV, and I can not connect by phone. Specifically, I do not have a wifi router and I want to connect via wifi directly and I can not. I only have internet on the phone and can not connect or I do not know how to do it. Please help. I am a truck driver and you would do me a great favor if you help me. Thank you.

  32. Hi
    He followed the headline and I executed each step correctly but my husband deleted all the miraculous wi-fi devices. This would mean that all devices will connect but will require approval. At the moment I can no longer connect to the TV. What is the way to disconnect me on TV? I found out when I was connected to the TV I couldn't stay connected for a long time… why? At 3..5 min it disconnects. The TV is philips and tell is samsung galaxy s6. I am waiting for an answer if possible. Thank you!


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