Video mixing different resolutions formats and orientations + crop, cutting, watermark

Video mixing different resolutions formed
Video mixing different resolutions formed

What is this video tutorial about?

From the video tutorial "Mix different video resolutions formed" you will learn how to paste, combine or mix several video files filmed at different resolutions, in different formats and with different orientations. In addition, you will be able to crop in any video segment, remove a logo from the video, rotate a video, set your own watermark or cut and keep only the important sequences in the video.

Why would we want to do Video Mixing different resolutions formed?

Each one of us has footage made over time, footage made with different devices, at different resolutions and in different orientations. At some point it may be necessary to mix several footage, either to make an assembly or to concentrate the pleasant moments.

Program for video mixing different resolutions formed.

The software with which we will paste several different video files as format, resolution and orientation, is called Format Factory and it is a free DAR application, we must be careful when installing, as there are two adware programs that want to be installed together with the Format Factory program.

What else can Format Factory do besides paste video files?

Format Factory is a very complex program that, apart from merging different video files into a single video, can do several things. Even though the Format Factory program, presented in this tutorial knows how to do a lot of things, today I will not enter into other functions but will remain on the Video Manager function, which among others has:

  1. Paste different video files
  2. Increase the volume in the video
  3. Incorporating subtitles
  4. Crop on video
  5. Delete any logo / watermark
  6. Insert your own watermark
  7. Choose between multiple output formats with complex settings
  8. Rotate video
  9. Cutting the most interesting sequences in the video
  10. Fast encoding CPU and GPU

Download link Format Factory

Download Format Factory

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Video tutorial Mix video different formats resolutions

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  1. Cristi.Respect but how did you come to be? An intelligent boy from which I learned how to eat a ssd while others were in group 0 on my own and now I do ... I learned a lot from your posts. thirst for knowledge.You split the pc into 4 or more components, each explained separately. Always as a child I was fascinated by the technology, what is inside, where is the motorist, if I remove it my dad? Cristi does not give you in the world of IT snobs, be with us the normal ones.

  2. I cannot install, I do not pass win protection.

    • On the blue window with "protection", which is the smart screen function, you have to the left "more details" or "more info", click there and in the next window click on "run anyway" or the Romanian version.
      smart screen filter 1
      smart screen filter 2

  3. Gelulache said

    Thank you.

  4. Super, congratulations Cristi!

  5. I'm sorry I didn't mention that I have win7.
    I installed the program on the laptop where I win 10 and go clock.

  6. hello Cristi.I do not know how many people are interested in this topic that you have addressed in this clip.I give you an idea. week I got into this fever and I'm just fascinated by this topic. I automated almost the whole house (lights, pc, tv, receiver, speakers, central) all on voice commands. I think it would be a good idea to start some clips on this topic. I am in continuous search for new ways to control the devices in the house

  7. 1. Happy Birthday Videotutorial!
    2. Format Factory seems more user friendly than Avidemux. Can we escape the installation of that Format Player?

  8. Hi, I'm shooting with a gopro7 black in 4k at 60fps.

  9. Hello . With Format Factory you did a video tutorial many years ago, transforming a song from one format to another (one picture from one format to another). It's a software that I see has evolved a lot. I installed it. You can make a video tutorial with a software that fixes old photographers, or how we can fix old photos. With the help of software through scanning and remediation or there are special cleaning substances. How do we keep them in ok conditions.

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