Modification of hidden settings in Windows XP with the freeware Tweak UI - video tutorial

Modification of hidden settings in Windows XP with the freeware Tweak UI - video tutorial
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In this video tutorial we will see how to reach some hidden settings in Windows by using software free (free) called Tweak UI, which it will download the right from Microsoft, a company that you know and you very well that produce Windows XP and Windows Vista and beyond.

You heard right FREE FROM MICROSOFT, to surprise yourself and this company knows how to produce software freeware, really good and not much memory or CPU load.

Tweak UI is a program that should be installed immediately after installing the Windows XP operating system, because it gives us some options that the usual settings in Windows XP does not reveal.

I'm successful because I skipped this software until now and I have handled other video tutorials, because this is a very good and important software that everyone would need to have it installed in computer required.

This freware from Microsoft Tweak UI centralizes all important settings of Windows XP's in one place for us to have a better control over their cit.

I invite you to watch this video tutorial, but not before creating a restore point or backup with Acronis True Image, or whatever other software that you can use to backup!

Prior to track this tutorial, please see the other video tutorials about installing Windows XP or about creating a backup with Acronis True Image.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. ..foarte good tutorial thanks ...... ...... some useful settings for PC

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  2. No comments for this tutorial see!
    You do not like it ?

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  3. Cristi, it's not ... it's very popular programu pleasure ... "stinks" youtube video tutorials with him, just on blogs and forums are no ofence photography tutorials ...

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  4. Now a lot of time watching video tutorials on youtube about this little programas, and frankly ... I looked at all the tutorials pertaining to the program, but no one has explained better than you what each function! so were very shallow, just shows you which functions ala Mr. tolocanea in English ... but he does not explain for what it is, what intampla.Felicitari !!

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  5. I propose a tutorial ... do one about Sopcast ... or make anyone's alternative ... that would be a tutorial on how we watch TV on our PC without a TV tuner (so says park

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  6. It's good idea, I would be interested in such a program me !!!

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  7. my question as I saw you make a bootable image bootable CD with tutorial as you do but I tried sami nero make a bootable CD with Windows and did not work although I've selected the smallest burn speed

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  8. Sergiu 1 said:

    Hello everyone !
    "Mess" my constant way: I want to get rid of annoying dialogue ala ignition PC (the one with login) .. of course you only have to give windosul enter but I want to run normally without logging.
    What annoys me the worst is when I want to give .acelasi restart dialogue stressful> What do you Want the computer to do? <
    Thanks ..and expect an answer on the "trouble"

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  9. @Sergiu 1:
    That dialogue is not a nuisance but a good thing for security, so it would be normal to have everybody.
    That's login dialog when appeared after installing a program that requires better security of Windows-ui.
    Normally pote be disabled from control panel / users, but could not work up not uninstall that program that triggered this.

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  10. Adrian Stan said:

    hi i want to ask I wanted to do a Windows XP with nLite I followed the steps exactly IAI fc and you but when sal install given me an error looks like E: \ i386 ASM \ 10 \ msft \ windows \ gdiplus \ GDIPLUS .MAN why is this error occurred as myo be just following the tutorial steps that you can say to me sami

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  11. @Adrian Stan:
    I did that for the sake of the tutorial steps, that does not mean you have to do the same, he specified and there, every change Windows as it sees fit.
    Maybe you pulled off something wrong.
    Maybe your windows is not very good, it may have some gaps.
    Maybe you have carried away and put too much of it.
    Altogether, and I know that I ruined a lot of CDs until I managed to give him head.
    Finally I made a maga xp almost fully functional 200 of unnecessary things without me in it.
    Keep trying, you lose a blank CD is pretty cheap and not to ruin your operating system or try it on a virtual machine virtualbox similarities.
    We virtualbox tutorials that you can have an operating system in the current system and at the same time.

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  12. I would like to make a tutorial about how are posted on its website video files.
    It is much different from your own site how to post the audio files?

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  13. DannyDanny said:

    Thanks tot.In than 2 years since I computer is the first time that I managed to make him go as I lead carte.Apropo games that I thought it would go.


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  14. cristian said:

    Why I can not give a time ptr restoration system has been installed? steps that are doing that tutorial but when I give my system restore does not do anything

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  15. Good Tweak UI program does not want to start, says disable your administrator.Multumesc

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  16. @Dan: Not going to make changes for not logged in as an administrator of your PC, only the administrator account can delete or modify files on the system / windows ...

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  17. Adrian @ see ... So, for the program. I do not have much effect can tweak ui.Multumesc to give up as much time have you done to me scri.salut

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  18. Program is nice but a shame that I can not handle it and I ... .asta ie.

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  19. BRAVO -VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO. and thank you to everyone and those who write me and I ajuta.MULTUMESC.

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  20. VICENTIU said:

    Hi, I'm interested HOW TO MAKE YOUR WINDOWS XP SAINSTALEZ AN OVER A WINDOWS VISTA. Now I installed Windows Vista Home PREMIUM.TIN to announce that ARE NOT VERY USEFUL NEW quite know, CIAO

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  21. I've installed this program: D: D: D.. yeah I have a little big problem ... says "Tweak UI has been disabled by your administrator" and do not know how to 'make it work ... if you can `t say CNVA.
    thank you!

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  22. augustin said:

    Good nice but I tutorial program vista.Cu windows windows vista ?? modify and wait for a response.

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  23. augustin said:

    Still waiting for that answer :))

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    • augustin: Still waiting for that answer :))

      Do you have internet? of keyboard, mouse, monitor,? why not use them? Enter if that was shown in tutorial mystery "comfortable" he wrote clearly in black and white: "its onli worck in Windows"

      Google is your friend !!! wondering if you knew how you respond if it works or not. Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Vista uses

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      • augustin said:

        Do you have internet? of keyboard, mouse, monitor ,? why not use them? Enter if that shown in tutorial mystery "comfortable" clearly there in black and white wrote: "its worck onli in Windows XP"Google is your friend !!! wondering if you knew how you respond if it works or not. Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Vista uses  

        Yes ms adrian.A hard fsot mystery "comfortable" :))))

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  24. w7 how do beautiful icons on the desktop, I like this program a lot f ... Regards

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  25. I found that this would be equivalent w7: from the latest Windows Tweaker, but I do not find normal to see without the arrow icons sohrtcut, please help?

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  26. of Adrian, and I read all but the last row not found anyone how to change icons, shorkcut in w7? , I despair and I thought we got rid of errors, w7 starts I see that hard xp, shame w7.

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  27. thanks a lot of information but we already know and do not require any change to my Windows .eu wish you good luck explained to some person who can not folseasca you have installed Windows

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  28. constantin said:

    Hello! How can I copy tutorials (video) in the computer?

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    • Hello! How can I copy tutorials (video) in the computer?

      We are not and have never been agreed with downloading video tutorials on this site, if someone downloads something on this site, against our will, that means stealing.
      Why try to steal from us? We try to help you and to help everyone.
      No need to fear, will not close never, never will charge any fee for entering this site.
      Anyone can enter, anyone at any time to watch any tutorial on
      Resepectati our work and we respect you as you providing you with quality information in an easily digestible format.
      Finish with newfound mindset of communism, when people tend to fear and burdusasca refrigerator, you will no longer find food in the store the next day.
      Those days have passed, we have to be more relaxed now.
      DO NOT WORRY, will be open as long as people will need us.
      We do not sell site!
      Not close the site!
      We will not charge!
      Will be open non-stop!
      You can watch video tutorials anytime!

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  29. very good program ...

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  30. frankly I tell you this website I discovered recently ... and I mean guys that shows tutorials are very hard lot we can learn and that's about all ... now stay as far 2 hours a day for a week here and I installed I some of their programs, and some tests I was surprised how simple and how easy are done that you do not think of doing them ... their .bravo ... keep up the good work guys

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  31. p hello everyone, I am new here, recently I discovered this fantastic site that is helpful to everyone, tineo So Christ are concrete field brother.

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  32. Hello, very useful tutorialul.Pentru Windows 8 there a similar program?
    Thank you.

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