Smart FM modulator for your car - bluetooth, SD card, hands free

What is an FM modulator?

Smart FM Modulator for your car:

FM Modulators have emerged many years ago but have now returned with more compact size, better pricing, and more features.

An FM modulator is a small FM transmitter that emits at a very low power, as long as the signal at the radio antenna is reached.

These modulators have a radius of 5 meters and feed to the lighter socket of the machine.

What does a FM car transmitter use?

These car gadgets are especially useful for older machines, they can not play music via bluetooth or USB sticks.

For a classic car, for example, it is a crime to change the original sound system, because this action could spoil the appearance of the interior.

The same goes for cars that have good sound systems. It's a shame to change a good sound system to a new one just because it does not have Bluetooth.

What features does a new FM modulator have?

In addition to the basic FM modulator, these devices have USB charging ports, USB music, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot, and auxiliary jacks (the tutorial model does not have the AUX plug).

In addition to other features, we also have a hands-free function, voice navigation function, voice commands (google now).

Why Buy an FM Transmitter?

The price is very good. We do not have the big prices anymore. At the cost of a car charger, you buy an FM modulator that has a dual charger plus other features. you get more at the same price.

Another advantage of new modulators is that they are very small. A new type modulator is about as much as a dual car charger.

How much does the auto FM transmitter cost in the tutorial.

The price is below 50 of lei, even if you order it from china.

FM Modulator S-10 on Geekbuying

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Video tutorial - Smart FM modulator for your car



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  1. Dilimache said

    A little addition to what Cristi said. Even if it accepts cards up to 32 gb and theoretically you can store thousands of songs in mp3 format, be careful that it will only play the first 500 songs as they are written on the card. So if you transfer 1000 mp3 songs to the card, it will only play the first 500 in alphabetical order. Instead, from the phone, via bluetooth or cable, it will reproduce everything, no matter the number of songs. I have been using these fm modulators for many years and regardless of their quality or price, they all have the same problem. So test and do not bother to put more than 500 mp3s on the card. I made this addition for those who want to fill the card with bags of songs and see that it does not reproduce everything. Otherwise nothing to say, you takes out a lot of "trouble".

  2. Lawrence said

    How long does it get? Comes from China? Instead of Romania, we cross Poland, did we understand well? Is not there, or is it weaker in quality? Thank you.

  3. Always Cristi comes with something interesting. Thank you for this.

  4. Cannot be purchased from Poland, the only option is from China…

  5. I recommend roids 2s or 3s I have this and do not compare to anything

  6. "I recommend roidmi 2s or 3s I have something like that and it doesn't compare to anything"
    - what?

  7. Thanks

  8. Adrian Guduş said

    @coco Cristi's tutorial is about an FM modulator and your link is to a car charger. What's the connection, what's wrong with it?

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    @Xantes that means not those in the warehouse of Poland, they are over. Either you wait to re-enter the warehouse in Poland or choose another warehouse. As a rule, choosing China as a warehouse, it costs less, but you expect a little more to arrive. Also for China warehouses, you often benefit from free shipping

  10. luciangl said

    As a quality are all cabbage absolutely all modulators, if you want something really good, try a Parrot (cost around 250 €) but change the car into a disco monster plus you have Bluetooth connectivity, card reader, 3.5 jack or for usb stick, and most importantly has an audio amplifier.

  11. Mihai D said

    Hello Cristi,
    In the tutorial you did not exemplify (or at least I did not notice) how to hear a bluetooth phone call through this modulator.
    I am interested in whether the voice of the interlocutor can be heard decent and if he hears the same in yours. I have no HD Voice claims, but at least I understand what the person I'm talking to says.
    I saw a firecracker (something at 20 lei) of such an FM modulator that could not hear the voice of the one who called from the car or was heard extremely slowly, unintelligible.
    Thanks and I am waiting for an answer because I am very interested in such a device.

  12. I bought this cadget does not go music via usb on the phone (S8 SAMSUNG) and I do not think reading music from different folders at least I did not read.

  13. The music on the phone is played via bluetooth, not USB, bluetooth works very well, I tested with Note8 and Notes 5 and Nokia 7Plus.

  14. Glenn hugs said

    Hi, after Cristi's tutorial I decided to order one myself. He arrived today. He did exactly 30 days. This is exactly how Cristi presented it. Absolutely amazing! The voice on the phone is heard very well in both directions. It matters what kind of FM receiver you have. I have an older Passat where the audio system sounded flawless but was outdated in connectivity. I upgraded it with this device. Thanks Cristi and as many tutorials!

  15. victor stoicescu said

    Hello everyone and I ask for your help. I bought the device after the link in the tutorial. It does the job of a super charger !! Connected phone via bluetooth, frequency fm and device k, it goes. QUESTION: if I do not keep radio on the frequency set on the device , it can still be used? I couldn't get sound after waze on the radio. I mention your radio range. Thank you for your help, Victor

  16. wool expensive rib said

    An FM radio is very good at this

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