Intel assembly AC 7265 best wi-fi network card

Intel assembly AC 7265 the best board wi-fi network

Who does not want a Wi-Fi more rapid and more stable? That was the idea when I started to change my network card in your laptop; It is unacceptable to have better connection to the phone as the laptop.
My laptop, Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7) came with a network card Atheros. As is known, the Atheros cards are not the best; And how I want to have stable connection, put the cart a network card Intel AC 7265, which without doubt is the best wireless card currently on 5 Ghz, and almost as good on 2,4 Ghz as board Killer wifi 1525, which ironically, is also made by Qualcomm (Atheros).
Among other boards Wi-Fi, AC 7265 Intel network card is a very economical and in addition, Wake On Lan accept, Cam rare for a wireless network card.
Besides the old card QCNFA222 Atheros, which reached maximum 300 Mbps network card Intel AC 7265 867 reach Mbps actual download speeds high. In tests able to draw AC 7265 560 520 Mbps download and upload with speedtest Mbps. These results are very good for a wireless network card.
Intel assembly AC 7265 the best wi-fi network card
7265 AC connection is very stable and is kept stable across all applications running on PC.
Returning from standby is quick, while the connection is made just before the image appears on the screen.
Intel AC 7265 is a network card that will make you forget that you are using a wireless connection. Just like you cable net, as long as you stay within range.
Using Intel's range is about 7265 40 AC-60% higher than with Atheros, but is more stable. Disconnection is barely even where you do not expect to have coverage.
For the first time since I took the laptop, I better coverage than the phone, incredible!
Without doubt, Intel AC or AC 7265 7260 is the best wifi network card at this point.
If you want to upgrade, carefully study your laptop and see what you have network card slot. You have to unscrew and to forget, or to seek the support forums.
Are two slabs of wi-fi network: M2 and mini PCI.
Price Intel AC 7265 (wireless card)

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  1. For desktop PC network card that you recommend? Thanks!

  2. caisindonici said

    Thankyou again

  3. Cristi why it is so important to install the latest drivers for your video card, sound card, and more.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That can be used by the operating system to their maximum potential, the operating system to better understand your hardware (video card, chipset, processor, WiFi) to manage and use it effectively

  4. wifi network card drive there and that's what you like?

  5. Hello Cristi and I am on my laptop in 2008, all wi-fi network card Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN and at that time they put 5GHz N, very hard at that time to see something 5GHz networks. Majority of laptops now if you do not give more than him, you have only 2.4GHz N. networks at that time I've given a lot of money on your laptop, then it is too expensive and were used daia.
    PS: I can say not always work to put the latest drivers, because I have met so far 2 issues, namely:
    1. Board Wi-Fi from your laptop when you enter the World of Tanks to download the latest version. Game Connection Limited occur after a while simply dying to see other IP network 168.254.658.1 blah blah. Wi-Fi had stopped after going 10-20 sec stopped, and until I removed all Wi-Fi drivers and until I left the windows stock did not go any color.
    2. On an HD5770 video card with the latest AMD driver on the W7 I didn't have HDMI sound in the Control panel at Sound, it told me Device in Use: problem …… blah blah And until I put an older driver from 15.7.1 to 13.10 it didn't work, now after I put 13.10 in Control panel at Sound it doesn't say Devicein Use anymore and it sounds.

  6. It has one of NIC chipsets presented by Cristi above board connects to the PCI Express x1, so check that your motherboard supports it.

  7. Milov Florin said

    Hello Cristi,
    I do not want you brush, but congratulations ptr. your colleagues and your tutorials. I 53 years and really helped
    tutorials to get along better your laptop. I have a TP-Link router and Archer C9 all looking a dual-channel plate ptr. my laptop. Everywhere Ebey what I found I was told that is not compatible board found myself with my laptop model. Aum ask you if you go on LENOVO G560? I changed something in laptop SSD 120G, mem. 8G DDR3 1066, i5 M560 gen1 processor.
    Thank you and may you have time to answer me and me.
    Florin Milovic

  8. Dear Cristi,

    I looked version Mini PCI Express slot for this network card, but I found nothing!
    Perhaps you meant to AC 7260?

  9. Milov Florin said

    This is currently my board network. I think I have given the correct data if the laptop data Anything else we can supply you can help me just to correct a purchase ptr dual channel boards needle.
    Thank you.
    Microsoft Virtual WiFi Adapter miniport
    Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter AR9285

  10. Hello,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 T-MOBILE USA 4.4.4 Android software but the Romanian language did not installed, I look for books in the Play Store do not find in Romanian only English. Can you help me please tell me how you install language Romanian or soft suits me for the above model that contains and Romanian language?
    Thank you, all the best!

    • Daniel Radu said

      I think you need to put CyanogenMod, there is a tutorial called "How to install CyanogenMod, the best rum for Android phones and tablets"

  11. I have a asus leptop X550LC model with Qualcomm Atheros network card worth AR9485 exchange variant Present yourself tutorial I'm interested in your opinion.

    Congratulations for tutorials ……… ..

  12. I with: Qualcomm Atheros Network Adapter Wireless Network Adapter AR5BWB222
    (Killer Wireless-N Network Adapter 1202), reaching speeds of download (uTorrent, IDM) of ~ 12MB / s via wireless connection.
    Basically there's a big difference from cable connection.
    The router goes through 2.4 GHz provider UPC Ireland.

    A certain suggestion would be to take into account as a wireless adapter that is compatible with MAC OS X drivers from. Not much longer and we will have most of OS X in dual boot with Windows or any of the desired OS

  13. Cristi along the network card you just enhanced it, you could make an improvement majora.Uite what I mean, do you understand the idea:

  14. Hi, from what I see there is not much available online in Romanian stores, what I found is this model Intel Dual Band Wireless Network Card-AC 7260 2 × 2 AC + BT what do you think Cristian is the big difference?

  15. Cyprus, make a fool us or have trouble seeing, the page's link to the network card shown in the video.

    • For my laptop model asus x550LC is not the same board presented by cristian is umpic different with another mount the same specifications, at emag is presented but is not in stock so we asked about the model AC-7260 (found elsewhere) or what is the difference AC-7265, for this is the comments section to be informed not to be honest ………………… ..

  16. Hello! I also want to change my network card on a Toshiba Satellite l50-b-2c8. At the moment I 3160 AC Adapter Intel® Wireless Dual-Band, 1x1AC, M.2 Card + Bluetooth which I understand would have the same slot. What do you think?

  17. Another question Cristian, how fast torrent download on your new card?

  18. Hi Cristi, I changed that Intel AC 7265 M2 format card with an Intel AC 7260 mPCI-E, I sent the first board back, the refund of the amount paid took place without me requesting it, I want to mention that on the following day who received the card back and returned the money. I ordered from amazon Germany. I tested the board all this time and I want to give you justice in terms of signal stability, response time; when windows is in the log on sequence , you already have an internet connection. I didn't have the old problem with "limited connection" at all. The maximum speed I reached is 433 Mbps (I have a dual band router that can't exceed 450 Mbps in the 5 Ghz band ); on foreign torrent (external) I downloaded with 10-11 MB (I have a 100 Mbps subscription). The improvement of wireless performance is obvious (the original board of the laptop had a maximum of 72 Mpbs, often disconnects, limited connection, etc. )
    I wrote a review and tutorial Lenovo laptop, immediately after we solved the problem, but perhaps you have not written vazut.Am here again I heard the statement by the end of the tutorial, I like to thank you and I felt grateful for the fact that you gave me very good advice.
    I recommend all Intel wireless card AC 7260, 7265 AC! Check the format you need, go to the Ark Intel motherboard and consult the technical data you intend to be the same format cumparati.Aveti but care and attention to be as screws positioned holes on the motherboard of the laptop hard uluiNu change!
    Another thing: the various sites I read some comments from people who changed their original antennas of the laptop, desire a more stable signal, then had a series of problems: Disconnect, etc.Nu change antennas ! Only wireless card!
    Cristi Thanks again! Thumbs up!

  19. Hi there!
    I have a question to an acquaintance broken motherboard, urged BIOS update diskette after diskette has not read properly and corrupt BIOS. How can restore the BIOS to life, I put tester and appears FF. May I say can make or throw it in the trash?

  20. What model motherboard is it? It's a board ptr desktop, laptop?
    In principle it may revive, I think we should look again flash, but I think after a stick usb.Descarci BIOS manufacturer's original page, and then make a bootable flash stick.
    Watch these videos on youtube, maybe some help:

    • The motherboard is MSI MS-6788 848p NEO, the BIOS is AMI and the tester motherboards and ignited code appears FF + 5v, + 12v, + 3.3v, -12v, CLOCK and PCI FRAME, IRDY , oFF and RESET stay on very little and it landed RESET flashing little less and stay on.

      I have an ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe and that looks like where it's been changed face of BIOS, because I put myself a Celeron 2.0Ghz and go smoothly, it locks in POST, but if you put a Prescott 2.8Ghz starts when he wants, error code appears D4 and stay on PCI Frame and IRDY and does not light anything on the monitor. If you stop and restart occurs Bad BIOS Checksum and I ask Floppy or CD-ROM, I gave Floppy with bios 1008 and makes it even after a shutdown and restart D4 or sometimes starts and go into BIOS give Save Settings and restarts when the POST appears d0, d1, d4. Sometimes when I still flash look bios appear artifacts on display, but it was the video card I put the video on PCI Maxtor Graphics 2MB (1990-1991) after I restarted and so D4 after Iara go into the BIOS, restart D4 block and appears now and then Bad BIOS Checksum Recovery and appears -I gave all in one.

      When I go d0 occur, d1, d5, beep-beep d6,38,84,85 Date and Time BIOS Setup 00,07 look after restart FF, d1, d4, d6 and appear Bios Checksum Bad E9, F3 FC. I think that's BIOS chip defect.

  21. It can be installed even if the laptop wifi card came with a motherboard with standard b / g / n?

  22. Dan Dorobantu said

    Following this tutorial, I decided to change my wireless card. I bought intel ac7265, and when I connected it to my lenovo g50 series laptop, the surprise “unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. power off and remove it ”. It is worth mentioning that I am up to date with the bios update, I know that lenovo / ibm are with "fru acceptance" but not like that the question is if there is a solution I can eventually use this board. thank you in advance!

  23. From what narrate so it seems, you can try to disconnect by one: the video card., Ram, CD, Floppy, etcDescarca Bios original and try a flash clean longer and method to remove the battery from the motherboard and jumper.

  24. Roxana can be installed a wireless card AC, even if the original plates laptop is standard B / G / N, and I had a plate all B / G / N, we replaced it with a Intel AC 7260 M-PCI and go perfect.Ai need a dual-band router AC ptr achieve specified speeds of producator.Ai care card format: M2 or M-PCI

  25. Hello, I also installed the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 2 × 2 AC + BT wireless network card, Retail on Samsung 300E4A / 300E5A / 300E7A / 3430EA / 3530EA windows10 64-bit operating system started without problems
    Speed ​​Download 5 test 379.64Ghz Mb / s Upload 208.89 Mb / s per lane 2,4Ghz Download 219.35 Mb / s Upload 173.40 Mb / s
    I tested the Netgear router with RDS 7000 R1000
    Bluetooth does not work and I have a puzzled why it only works in nonstandard 802.11 a / b / g
    The standard configuration settings 802.11 I n or ac
    Please if you can help me with an explanation or what should I do setrari
    Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Find our tutorial "Increasing the wireless speed of the channel bandwidth" in the search box at the top right. It is important to read the text above the tutorial

  26. How good is this adapter if I'd like to break a wi-fi password?

  27. Hello Cristi, I have an Acer laptop Nitro VN7, like yours fail in Windows 10 with scaling display, we set to Customize your display 125%, but it bothers me that some applications can not be seen clearly like skype , Yahoo! messenger windows etc.In 8.1 no problems because we Acer Quick Access-Optimized Display Scaling.Intr really AR5BWB222 Atheros wireless card is type N 300Mbps I caught her fur 239Mbps.Am did I order for Intel board AC 7265 excellent tutorial.Multumesc!

  28. Enemy petrica said

    Hello Cristi I did command for AC 7265 Intel board, I montato and I met a problem and do not know how we can solve it if you can kindly help me appears on Displays; Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. power off and remove it how to solve the problem thanks

    • A good idea would be to make a BIOS update.
      AC7260 and AC7265 Intel NICs are fairly new.
      A few months ago, neither my laptop does not get along well with this network card.
      Make a BIOS update.

  29. Enemy petrica said

    Hello Cristi I did command for AC 7265 Intel board, I montato and I met a problem and do not know how we can solve it if you can kindly help me appears on Displays; Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. power off and remove it how to solve the problem thanks leptop is a lenovo G50-70

  30. Hi Cristi I have a sony vaio vgn-fw11l and I would like to change the wifi card, the problem is that I don't know if it is compatible with intel 7265…. (I opened the laptop and the wifi card is MODEL 512 AN_HMW INTEL WIFI LINK 5100)… .if you could give me some advice. thank you

  31. Hello,
    In this model of laptop: Toshiba Satellite l750-1n0 can change network card Atheros tee AR8152 / 8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20). I would like to exchange with one 10 / 100 / 1000.

    Thank you,
    A beautiful day!

  32. Michael S said

    Following this tutorial, I decided to change my wireless card myself.
    ac7265 intel we acquired and the time when I plugged it in
    my lenovo laptop series B70-80, surprise
    "Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. power off and remove it. "
    It is worth mentioning that are updated BIOS update,
    question is whether there is a solution you can use to follow this board.
    Thank you in advance!!!

  33. I decided to change my wireless card myself.
    Ac7265 intel we acquired and the time when I plugged it in
    my lenovo laptop series B70-80, surprise
    "Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in. power off and remove it. "
    It is worth mentioning that the data are up-to-date BIOS,
    question is whether there is a solution you can use to follow this board.
    Thank you in advance!

  34. Hello,
    I have a question: the intel® ac 7265 wireless card is compatible with this notebook: Laptop Acer Aspire E1-572G-54204G50Mnkk ??? the laptop has Qualcomm Atheros AR956x card but I don't know what interface M.2 or Mini PCI has…. Can you explain me me too??

    Thank you in advance

  35. Hi does anyone know where I could purchase 7265 AC model?

  36. hello, I bought myself this year 7265 intel wireless adapter, I installed the latest driver from intel, but I do not see .I 5hgz network router works very fine needle 2.5hgz. a review would be great.

  37. Hi Cristi,
    If you could guide me from where you bought this network card "intel ac 7265"… I searched on the net and I can't find it. at EMAG out of stock, only found on amazon.
    thank you in advance


  38. I also bought this board, but for a desktop with the Asrock Z270 PRO4 motherboard, because it has slob m.2 wifi.
    The problem is I do not know what type of cable to buy for the antennas. I understand that MHF4 is needed, but few sellers specify the type of cable and do not know what to do.
    If you can help me with an answer, it would be great.
    Thank you in advance.

  39. HELLO !
    I have a Sony Vayo Laptop - SVE-1712BCXB - Own network card - Atheros - AR5B225,
    I bought another network card from Intel - AC-7260, with this card from Intel my Bluethoot does not work.
    I installed the Intel drivers in vain.
    Can you help me ?


  40. Good Cristi! I have seen that there are different contacts between the two boards. This is not a problem?

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