PC components to be mounted in the housing

Hi friends, today's video tutorial we will install in the housing components that I bought last tutorial:
Before mounting the motherboard housing spacers do not forget, they come with housing in a bag with the necessary screws. The spindles have a yellowish color (probably made out of gold
The components are mounted generally easy, I already have mntat processor, memories and power to shorten the tutorial, if you do not know how to mount these components invite you to watch the following tutorial:
If you bought a CPU BOX, then surely you have boxed cooler on it being applied to thermal compound.
Do not touch / remove thermal compound on the bottom of the cooler.
Memoirs installs very easily, probably everyone is doing it. If after PC startup hear a strange sound (a long BIPA) means that you have not properly Monet components generally happens when:
It is well fitted one of the memories
One memory is faulty
Not connect the CPU fan
No power video card (where Monsta video card)
There are well placed to source power jacks.
Bupa mounting all the components you need to plug the jacks in place, the most frightening are the plugs that come from the front panel, there have jacks:
Power on
Led power
Led hdd

If you do not know how to mount the front panel, see manual and follow the tutorial:
I trust you'll do.

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  1. rasai03 said

    Wait to see how comfigurati and mount a game server for a euro and speed 10000 servar.Astept components. Waiting

  2. dacian said

    good job… ..thanks for the tutorial

  3. Sorry to insist, but I really want to buy this system but also my video card so please refer to the source it. Thanks

  4. FaqyaK said

    What did you use thermal paste, so that came bundled with the CPU?

  5. Octavian said

    Cristi I have a laptop and it doesn't have usb3, if I go to the service center could they replace usb 2 in usb3 ??? , because I have three usb2 outputs and one of them I would like to be usb3….

  6. Costelina said

    hello guys, I installed Ubuntu LTS 14 4-two days on the laptop and I am very pleased how it behaves
    very nimble, fast start not you super bugs

  7. Thanks Adrian for response related to the source.

  8. Andrew said

    Hello Cristi,
    I watch with great interest to your VCRs.

    I have and I have a request to you, a huge request!

    Own laptop http://www.cnet.com/products/gateway-nv7901u/ (Gateway nv79) my cousins ​​brought from America, now a 3-4 years.

    The point is that despite his great performance then I think that is becoming increasingly outdated.

    First, it should be on a SSD (clear) and mute the other current HDD slot (I 2 slots hard).
    I intend to keep a special ptr SSD boot, antivirus, and a game (which I often play f), and the crap I keep my HDD for music, movies, kits, etc..

    If you look closely, the worst I ever HDD (8mb buffer, 5400 rpm, slightly worse compared to anything!)

    SSD would like to give me a link to a good SSD ptr me (both in size and as sata, speed, etc. - I am afraid to buy an SSD that does not match my base plate or my interface )

    Secondly, we need to add some RAM.
    The mom of the girl I 2x2GB A frequent 1333Mhz in dual-channel.
    What I want to ask here: can I get a pleasant 2GB him and add a pleasant 4GB 1333 frequency? or must be the 4x4GB 1333 Musa?
    And just a link with a recommendation.

    Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Personally I recommend this Corsair SSD
      Unfortunately maximum frequency supported by the processor is 1066 MHz RAM with diligence (perhaps you were wrong when you said that you have to 1333 on the frequency of 2 2 GB) At least so says the producer. Are you sure the ones you have are 1333 MHz?
      If so, I recommend that 4 GB Kingston
      You can put up to 8 GB of RAM in your laptop, so you can remove one of 2 GB and put one 4. In your place I would take a second 4 GB each.

      • Andrew said

        Yeah, I know. As are 1333 MHz.

        Can do, please, a broader search and tell me for sure?: (

        And another thing, I can put my Gigabit network card? (I do not know for sure if we board that is now mounted Gigabit or 10 / 100)

        Thank you

        • Adrian Gudus said

          The official website technical specifications mentioned that memories are 1066 MHz. Regarding the network card is said that this is gigabit

          • Andrew said

            Thank you very much.

            You see that I gave an add friend on fb.

            I know there are many models of laptops like mine ..
            I'll take a specialized program to exactly what model it is.
            I know that between a gateway and gateway nv79 nv79u (or do not know what model) are differences.

            Vb on facebook if.

  9. daniel said

    Thanks (and) for this tutorial.

  10. Catalin Gramaticu said

    Congratulations! Very good tutorials. I watch for a few years, although I'm not very much.
    For the 1.000 - 1.200 lei system, I think we also need an optical unit. What do you recommend? - Thank you!
    PS - if I was wrong… .sorry!

  11. Adrian as tisepare system motherboard Asus m2n's, AMD Phenom II processors x4 945 source 450w noname video card Sapphire hd gb ram ddr 7770,4 2 800 mhz a 200 gb wd hdd and an ssd Kingston 120 gb .
    What should be changed in the system or you have added!

  12. Manual said

    Good tutorial, good point. At several tutorials hardware.

  13. I think an interesting tutorial would be about the following settings, which replace the programs that share the internet connection, Anyine running windows 7 can do this exactly the same thing with out any extra programs. Open command prompt with admin privileges and type in “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = (whatever you want to name your access point) key = (whatever you want you password to be) then press enter. now leave command propt open and go into your network connection. right clock on whatever connection your have for internet (for most people it will be their ethernet adapter) and go to the sharing tab. link the connection to the new connection point that is listed. click apply and close out of that. go back to command prompt and type in netsh wlan start hostednetwork. and tada all done no extra program needed. as far as i can tell this only works on windows 7. once it is set up once all you have to do next time you want to use it is make sure you have your wifi module on and open command prompt with admin privileges and type in “Netsh wlan start hostednetwork” with out the (“), it will start a hotspot with the last setup password and name.
    It creates shortcuts to start and stop connection share! It is more elegant without resource consumption, and without annoying advertisements from various software!

  14. We salute!
    I realized and I recommended configuration for you and I have a little problem:
    I want to add a hard disk (the storage space). ExcelStor It is a sata to 7200rpm.
    The motherboard bios (Asrock B85M-HDS recognizes my hard drive… but when I enter windows it doesn't "see" it).
    Have made a different setting in the BIOS?
    Thanks for the information!

    • Did not you say you did, you had old windows, you want to reinstall?
      Did not you see where in my computer, the drive managenent.
      What OS do you have?
      Try to put yourself in my place, I know nothing, just that you do not see the drive.
      Offers you more, do not be stingy!

  15. I'll be with a question. Managed to run such a system on windows xp? I need at a fime where we license only for xp. Or rather, how can we make them run Windows XP on newer generation compentele not come with drivers than for 7 and 8?

    • For managed to think you can run but not having drivers do not know how enjoyable the experience will be.
      If you can run Windows 7 programs running on xp but in your case if you xp license just not much to do.

  16. Hello,
    I recently put a new motherboard, cheap MSI video card integrated in it. I'm running OS XP3.
    The problem is that when I scan documents directly from Canon multifunctional MP260 No picture appears on the computer screen as it was before.
    The multifunction scans the document but the computer does not "see" it and the scanned images do not appear somewhere in a file on the computer. I checked.
    And to scan documents I have to go to the computer to the Programs / Accesories / Scanner and Camera wizard - and that's the only way it scans my image from the multifunction scanner
    I reinstalled the drivers from multifunctional nothing.
    Is there any solution to scan directly from multifunctional Automatic?
    Thank you

    • All the settings need to be scanning option. It is also important that this process is not blocked by antivirus or firewall.

      • Thanks Cristian, I tried your advice but the scan settings window does not open. After repeated attempts, a window appeared from the Canon MP multifunction that says "Insufficient memory".
        I did have a plate GB DDR RAM 2 3. Not enough? I need to buy another motherboard Ram? MSI motherboard specifications H61M (G3) is mentioned 16384 Mb memory.

        • If you have "insufficient memory" does not mean that you do not have enough RAM but it can mean that you do not have enough storage space. Although I doubt this is because you can't scan directly but try to delete unnecessary files, programs, etc.

  17. Matthew Scarlat said

    A particularly interesting tutorial. I still have not tried it, but you never know. It's good to know even theoretically how to mount a case. I never ever put in hardware, but maybe that will come such days. Sincerely and watching you!

  18. I watch all the time what you guys do! I also have a question, I bought this motherboard 3 days ago from asrock b85 hds processor G3420 -3200Mhz, what memory do you recommend at 1600Mhz ??? I put kingston 2GB, DDR3, 1600MHz, Non-ECC, CL11, 1.5V - lack of budget at the moment and in win7 it's the weakest link, it gives me a score of 4,7 points processor 7,1 graphics from processor 6,2 . Should I buy another identical memory or take two 4GB ones? Thank you and I look forward to the following settings!

  19. View Product said

    Hello Cristi, can connect a sata ssd me a pc without m-SATA port on the motherboard? Thank you for your attention.

  20. Hi Cristi, I want to buy my desktop system and I have two questions:

    1. I have an ssd intel 530 series 2,5 ″ and I would like a desktop rack

    2. I saw that the CPU writes specifications only supports 1333MHZ. It fits a dual channel 2 x 4gb, both 1600MHZ

  21. Can the motherboard burn if I didn't mount the spacers ??? I tried to check it only once, it didn't light up..and after that I mounted the spacers… is this a reason why the motherboard doesn't work ??

  22. Lavinia Aioanei said

    How can I delete the empty spaces with no shortcuts on a phone Allview A5.
    I need a suggestion. Thank you.

  23. Hello! We purchased the following components for the computer:
    “Https://www.forit.ro/procesoare/intel/146331-kaby-lake-pentium-dual-core-g4600-3-60ghz-box/…,“ https://www.forit.ro/placi- de-baza / asrock / 166536-h110m-hdv-r3-0 /…, “https://www.forit.ro/memorii/crucial/88610-4gb-ddr4-2133mhz-cl15/…,“ https: // www.forit.ro/surse/inter-tech/68149-energon-550w/…, believing that a grandfather PC will come out. But I found that is not the case. It moves harder than the older PC and that's just because I'm on the net, if I were to play average games, I don't think it would cope! I don't have a video card, because I thought that the processor would cope with what I needed.
    The old one has this configuration: FOXCONN RS780M03A1 motherboard, processor ATHLON 64 X2 5600 2.8GHz, 4 GB DDR2-800MHz PC2-6400, it opens quickly, does not crash, clicks any folder, page, video, and starts instantly, I was expecting it to happen with the new one.
    Surprisingly, I do not understand the cause! I'm sorry I bought them!
    The only good thing is that it is very silent.


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