Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Review

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Designer

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Designer

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Designer

I have a wireless mouse that did not understand very well; Unfortunately transciver has dongle or the too big. Microsoft Explorer Mini model is one of the first Mice which was introduced BlueTrack technology.
Technology BlueTrack Technology improves accuracy and the sensor that improves the behavior of the mouse.
Microsoft BlueTrack mice works on almost any surface except glass. Those who have offices or glass tables, you might want to try a mouse Logitech MX series, which Darkfield tracking technology.
For old mouse dongle was too high, I decided to head for a bluetooth mouse.

Advantages of Bluetooth Mouse:
Mobility (no transciver)
Low power consumption
Compatible with laptops, tablets and phones.
Less interference (compared to 2.4 Ghz)
Bluetooth mouse Disadvantages:
Some PCs and laptops have Bluetooth older.
I chose Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Designer that is somewhat affordable and small enough so as not to see the bag.
Of course, Microsoft is not the most ergonomic designer mouse in the world. Fortunately BlueTrack sensor technology do good work and did not feel any difference between the old and new mouse precision.
Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Review
Designer Microsoft Mouse, Bluetooth, Black (EMAG)
Designer Microsoft Mouse, Bluetooth, Black (pcgarage) (voucher:I1I7YG41)

If you do not mind the lack of side buttons, click the noisy and not very ergonomic shape, this mouse is for you.
I must say though that if you come from a more expensive mouse, I think I will thank Microsoft Designer.
Altogether, Microsoft Designer you do your job well and in a few days you get used to his form.
Importantly, the accuracy is there. BlueTrack Technology is really over classical laser sensors that meet them on most mice.
Most of you probably want a mouse like this to use on the couch, bed, or arm of an armchair. I must tell you that on textiles, wood, chipboard, leather and other surfaces, this mouse works without problems. The only surfaces on which he makes strips are glass and thick carpets (who…?).

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  1. Hello going on desktop?

  2. Handsome mouse, but if not so comfortable I do not need,
    I worked hard on PC.

  3. I'll catch him spondylitis. What good it's nice if it's not comfortable? You admire you work with him?

    • What does man image? What do you think Apple Magic Mouse is comfortable? Why they have not sold a lot of pieces.

      • Yes, yes… with problems like this .: Initial reception to the Magic Mouse was negative, with reactions to its inability to perform simple day-to-day functions such as the ability to middle click (without any additional software), or trigger Exposé, Dashboard, or Spaces, features that had been offered by its predecessor. Many of those features can be enabled on the Magic Mouse with the use of third-party tools.
        Undersidor of the Magic Mouse
        In 2009 Several Reported That the Mac news sites had issues with Magic Mouse Maintaining a stable connection to Mac Pro workstations.
        If we buy headless products… then yes, you can "sell a lot" and "shit" nicely packaged.

  4. Hello! What's better mouse, Bluetooth, or wireless? I searched on Google, but I would like an answer from experience proprie.Multumesc!

    • To be honest, most stable is on the line, after which the wireless transceiver and the last is bluetooth. I'm not saying that Bluetooth is not as stable as 2.4 GHz wireless, bluetooth drivers just sometimes not installed corrct and small problems can occur. If you know that you have installed the correct drivers when bluetooth is as stable as a wireless mouse GHz plus 2.4 not sure dongle.

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    The shape of the box is called "vertical slice of tor"

  6. Without suparaee I do not know whether it makes sense this tutorial. Worse is a mouse plus wireless mouse and tasterule not always good for liability. and sometimes miss if you will execute you write or do. I had the Mause now a year and a wireless keyboard and I to be leery ,, ,, and I gave that annoyed me free

  7. Attention !. Do not go than Microsoft Bluetooth on laptops that you listed, give money for nothing else.

  8. Hi Adrian and Cristi, I'm on the subject, I'm trying to post in the hope that being your last tutorial maybe you can read my post, PLEASE SOON to an answer at least: I have a OnePlus One 64 gb, I'm in the UK, for a while I haven't had a SIM for a long time, I can't read the network. I never made the wrong position of the SIM when I wanted to change it (meaning there is no physical defect in the destruction of the "unit" of the reading alley). Is there any software? I have tried so far and installed about 5 ROMs, CM11, CM12, OXYGEN, ColorOS,
    Is that the cause? How can I bring it to "0", that is, maybe it will work, delete EVERYTHING from it, and bring it to Factory Default? I bought it from Ebay, CM 12 was installed then with Lolipop 5.0.1.
    Please, a little tutorial can? I tried watching on Youtube and Google, I found the solution.
    Thanks for any reply! , love you guys !

    • luciangl said

      I recommend you go to a phone box, appears to be a problem for many in the UK hard.Sunt pretty cheap on the Chinese or indieni.succes with one oneplus

  9. The box is triangular prism shape.

  10. I solved somehow, today, I removed all of it, of TWRP, including internal storage or has not started, do not do anything, he was dead. Then I watched then tutorial After I installed CM12 last here and PICO gapps here . I go! I tried two senses, Lyca and O2, both added to the network.
    PS: can someone help with the same problem, so I posted resolve that we found it. Phone I installed TWRP again, and I root at, I installed apot CM12. Everything I did on a Windows7 / 64 bit.

  11. I would like information about what can be done to get rid of lag, the delay that occurs often horrific wireless peripherals. I recently purchased a Lenovo -mouse key kit and have a terrible lag .No one is a connectivity problem but drivers and settings from Windows believe .Multumesc.

  12. I bought one and I am satisfied thank you for .. recommendation.

  13. Hi, I know you will ask why this tutorial is not related, but I need help.
    I bought a Asrock motherboard will not boot Windows B85 Anniversary and 10 either USB or exchange rw.In DWD installs on Windows 7 DWD r, but the mouse does not work or during installation and even after (even if you install draiverele mouse ).
    A plate as guilt or BIOS version on this motherboard?
    I want to mention that an older motherboard from Asus and a laptop, the installation goes smoothly with Windows 10 on that DVD.
    Please help me solve this problem!

  14. I saw the tutorial and …… ran to order it. I bought it but …… is not compatible with the rest quality-price f good.

  15. Adrian bucatariu said

    I bought one myself but instead connects to w10 running on an HP TouchSmart 7.Folosesc tel.HTC One 600 .There can be used any chance? Thank you.

  16. then it seems to be defective… .and I go with it to the warranty

  17. Faraonu ' said

    A mouse, superb!

  18. I bought this mouse not knowing the existence of this tutorial; It is very good, connected with no problems and this way we got rid of a dongle that even if very little was permanently occupy a USB port. The problem with accommodating (as palm Clicking, scrolling) are things that differ from one user to another and may be astefel for some small drawbacks. Indeed Apple Magic Mouse is a white thing, almost flat and has a scroll-touch (hello rotated so) and still saw enough that I use.

  19. It connects and Android OS version 4.4 KitKat? I need a bluetooth mouse because I do not recognize the cable device on the go.

  20. Perfect. Thank you answer me so quickly. Seriously (Y)

  21. ahile1978 said

    Hello Cristi.Am this mouse, motherboard Rampage v assus extreme incorporates Bluetooth 4 as mousul.cand turn my computer on and connect the mouse but after about 2 minutes, and if you go off the mouse and it is so light all after two minute.La automatically connects you who detinetzi this mouse connects everything so hard?

    • It is possible to enter into a kind of standby. Try pushing buttons.
      If it doesn't work, try changing the "Power Options" power profile, where the USB suspension must be canceled. To quickly check if it works or not, activate the "High performance" profile

      • I resolved I reinstalled the motherboard drivers (update) There has to install bluetooth driver first and then the chain, I say in my book based motherboard.
        PS success with tutorials and more are subscribed to tine.probabil as deaia miam purchased this mouse anyway is an excellent mouse.

  22. Hello!

    I also have a question… I have a macbook air 13 ″ and I recently bought a Microsoft Designer bluetooth mouse. The problem would be something like this: I keep the laptop about 1 meter away from the wireless router (a HUAWEI). Many times, when I download via utorrent or transmission, it happens that the mouse goes crazy: it moves hard, jerking. I had the same problem with another mouse, a no name but wireless, not bluetooth. The only mouse that doesn't bother me is a Genius, still a wirless.
    I speculate Well, the problem is the interference of the mouse -Wireless the mac's and routers, all of them located very close to each other, or it could also be another cause? The laptop is new, I am about 2 months.

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