MultiROM multiple operating systems on the same phone

MultiRom is an application that helps us make multi boot on Android phones. I mean let's run multiple operating systems on the same phone without uninstalling any of them, and the choice between them at startup.
MultiROM is exactly like boot manager of WindowsThat allows us to choose the PC startup, what system we still use.
As we can use MultiROM must fulfill several conditions:

What we need to do many boot with MultiROM?

1. Root
2. Custom recovery (TWRP, CWM, etc)
3. Kernel with support kexec-hardboot

If you fulfill the above conditions, we must download application MultiROM the play store and it will do the rest.

Any problems!
Most times can have problems because root's done wrong or unsupported kernel kexec-hardboot.


These afaturi you follow / apply on your skin. After some maneuvering wrong, your phone may malfunction. team does not assume any responsibility in the event of problems.
Installing and running multiple sites on the same phone rom is something for everyone. If you rely on, you better not start.
If you can not take responsibility, please do nothing. Follow the tutorial and ready, not necessarily to do for me.
This operation is more dangerous than the root or flash a kernel uire, so beware!

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  1. hello, a question: can boot the phone on a stick as a PC can boot the LiveCD, like backtrack, wifislax, just as we do on pc? and if the answer is yes, we could do with backtrack on phone we do on pc?

    • It is possible to run some Linux distributions. It's not that easy, and it works on any phone.
      Tutorials us when we do, we try to favem something for everyone, not just for a small group of enthusiastic users.
      Hacks can be made on Android, as all Linux is. The thing is not available to everyone. It's too much work and the results are not as on PC.
      Soon I will do a tutorial related to "password recovery" or "web sessions" on Android. I think that tutorial will be "helpful" and in addition it will work on any Android phone.

  2. Costi, you must understand the limits of a phone. No matter how technology evolve, currently you can do on the phone is a pittance compared to what you can do on your PC. I guess you want to run backtrack on Android to wifi networks more easily broken. Well do not go! Even if you find an expert who, miraculously, able to alter the distribution of Linux you board wifi phone is weaker than a PC or laptop. It does not support it. If you want to convince yourself, try a tutorial method oldest on videotutorial but I guarantee you will not go

    • El Bandido! said

      What guarantees do you? I'm really curious! May inform yourself before you post you can not! Can Wi-Fi phone card can capture "handshake" s but by an external OTG cable could do that! You thought?

      • It might go like this, but the method would be much more complicated and have not obtained such a thing. There would be a possibility on Windows tablets, but as I said, and repeat, even the most advanced phones are inferior in many respects in front of a PC even the medium configuration. Think about this: what you can do on your PC and what you can do on your phone?

  3. Marius Catalin said

    How to root your phone?

  4. Thank you for answers. I understand the current limitations of a phone, but I am optimistic and expect to keep when a hand phone with the power of a PC, when I multiboot just like pc

  5. gherghisan.nelu said

    I have a Nexus 5 with CyanogenMod installed. The kernel is not compatible. I look flesh-free kernel for android nexus 5 with lollipop. The phone has entered into a bootloop. I quit.

  6. it Bandido, I tried a USB card tp link (one that capture handshakeuri laptop), I tried with an alpha plate of a friend, but no one saw through otg.poate phone because I have a xperia z stock rom, rom because no other genre can flash CyanogenMod, because they can not unlock samsung saw s2 can enter monitor mode, can this nexus 7

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I posted the comment field penultimate tutorial two links that can be used as a resource and guide for unlocking the bootloader Sony Xperia Z. Specifically the tutorial presentation made by my colleague TWRP recovery.

  7. Razvan said

    Hello, I have a samsung galaxy core sh 355h when I turn on the camera appears error "camera" I tried a factory reset, resetare_camera.apk camera fixed cm, and does not want. Moody when you do not want not want go go, what can I do? Thank you !

  8. Constantin said

    Why not post Adrian.
    I ask out of curiosity for interesting tutorials as Adrian post.

  9. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    Can you detail where to install these ROMs side? What exactly happens with new partitions created with multiROM (I suspect are ext4) after deletion, if allocated or unallocated space remains orphan? Face TWRP all you have or would have other things to know?

  10. pop vasile said

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    We will move to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy current Skype the new Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Policy Microsoft dated August 1 2015.

    What to do? These documents are important and we encourage you to read navigating the links at end of this e-mail. By continuing to use Skype after August 1 2015, you agree to these terms update. If you do not agree, simply stop using Skype or cancel your subscription before that date. If you are a parent or guardian, you are responsible for how you use Skype or young child, including purchases made.
    If I want to explain all that use Skype, what changes referred, thank you.

  11. Hi! For nearly a week I can not access your facebook, after I confirmed my identity the message "We'll take a look at the documents you Submitted and get back to you. Need more help if we confirming your name, we'll reach out for additional documentation. "And relaxation .. Can I get my account or will remain blocked permanently?

  12. Hi, now I tried installing ROM in parallel and surprise… .NOTES 3 IS NOT SUPPORTED…. and yet it's not a phone no name 🙁 I'm hurting…

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