Move to a different phone games and applications without loss of data Helium

Move to a different phone games and applications without loss of data, settings and progress of the games can be quite easy if we use the appropriate method.
In today's tutorial I will present application Helium, which help us do backup, restore and synchronization between the two devices android applications (option premium).

How to backup your phone?

With Helium can do two kinds of backup, one phone and one PC. Backup done on the phone, can be stored on the phone or in the cloud (requires premium restoration).
Backup phone It is recommended when making changes to apps, and want to be sure you do not lose data or progress in games.
Backup PC It is perfect for where we want to move data to another phone or want to reset the phone.

How do the restoration?

Restoration of the application interface is very elegant, because we can choose what we want to restore. Even if I did 100 backup applications, we can restore many we are not obliged to restore them all.

How to make moving applications to another phone?

Moving applications to another phone is done with the backup method on the PC. As you will see in the video tutorial, in the Helium application on the phone, we have the “PC Download” option, which starts an http server, in the background in the phone; This way we can enter the phone from the PC, where we can backup and restore.
How to make moving applications?
Both phones must be turned on and you have the app installed and activated Helium (see video tutorial)
1. From the PC, phone backup 1
2. Disconnect your phone and connect your phone 1 2
3. Make restore phone 2

Syncing from one phone to another

Syncing can be done live, without doing backup / restore. Both phones must have the application installed and activated Helium, after which they must be connected to the same Google account. Restore menu, choose the latest version.
Unfortunately this feature is only available in the premium version of Helium.

Why do we need to transfer to other phone applications and games?

On the phone
1. Helium for Android
Windows PC
1. The application for activation Helium
2. Drivers universal ADB

Move games and applications to another phone without losing data with Helium - Video Tutorial

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  2. Desktop alternative exists? .. It can move an application to another system.

  3. super app. but is backing that makes you tick your account goole to ssincronizeze etc. for backup settings and applications do not? and helium backup this application completely and if the application is put on the card?

  4. Good tutorial, thank you.

  5. Cristi, but I can only see half of me that server applications. Is there any solution.?

  6. Cristi, but I can only see half of me that server applications. Is there any solution.?

  7. Good only half! I backed up the need for speed game and the surprise… the game starts from the beginning even though I put the saves.

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  9. But I can do this with facebook

  10. Hi… no samsung galaxy J5 is connected to helium… .why?

  11. In the Premium version on OnePlus 7 Pro it does not backup all the applications that are selected.
    If you deleted the application you backed up, goodbye restoration.
    You can't log in, it doesn't save in the cloud, etc.

  12. Stop promoting this application because it no longer exists in Google Play. I paid for the License Key version and took the test. Offer another updated transfer solution.

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