Move settings, passwords, bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome

Move settings, passwords, bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome
Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how moving all settings, passwords and bookmarks in Firefox browser in the Chrome browser.

If my colleague had a tutorial What is the best browser - Firefox vs Chrome vs Edge I will show such move all "catrafusele" from Firefox to Chrome.

Although Edge came out overall best browser, Google Chrome still enjoyed success with extensions made for the developers, and are highly appreciated by users. For some practical matters less now just extensions and browser.

I decided to do this tutorial in response to a user named Adi telling us in the comments box above tutorial mentioned that would make switching to Chrome browser if you knew how to move all settings, passwords and bookmarks the Firefox browser in Chrome.

Moving process is very simple and requires no additional software. Just visit the Chrome browser settings and then go to Import Bookmarks and Settings or Import bookmarks and settings.

Although we chose to import data from Firefox to Chrome, the same procedure can import settings, passwords and bookmarks in any browser Chrome.

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  1. Michael Alexu said

    Hello! Could you do a tutorial on how to create a custom hidden recovery partition just like it is on Windows laptops preinstalled? You know that each manufacturer modifies the operating system a bit in the sense that they are more useful than their own, includes some device information in System propriertes, changes the background, and so on. I currently have only Windows and the drivers installed on my laptop and I want to back up the system as it is with the background I have now in my face, with Lenovo's programs and drivers I installed it now, etc., you understand. I have found a video showing this or something, please: I've tried what's out there, it's mostly just that it does not keep my background (it's also the blue one from Wndows), and if I say I have Annyversary Update and after I receive updates from Creators Update and I want To give it Reset your PC, it does not work anymore, so it's like I would clean install it, it does not take into account that backup hidden in the recovery partition that I created and configured it like that video. If you know another solution by creating a system backup by placing it on a hidden partition exactly as laptop manufacturers do, and if you give it Reset your PC or System Recovery to return to its original state (as it was when I created that partition) it will I'm grateful! A good evening!

  2. Thanks to everyone for help and tutorials wear!
    Thanks so much for promptness!
    I know that this thing with the move of the information between the browsers is not complicated, but it seems that the simple problems are hard to solve. I followed the steps in the video and LA MINE DO NOT MERGE. Yes ... hard to believe ...... but just do not import passwords, navigation history or preferences / markings. I think I DO NOT IMPORT. I do not know what might be the problem because it's a pretty simple job, maybe some "strange" settings made by me through Firefox, although I did not get my nose over there.
    Do you know that could be the problem?
    How can I handle this?

    Why insist? I have a PC too powerful and Firefox kills .... !

  3. daniel said

    The current version of Chrome is no longer possible to import directly from Mozilla.
    It's possible only through the html file.
    But Mozilla can export from and import into html in Chrome. The problem is that not only shows your bookmarks in a folder vertical "Imported".

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is also possible. We used the latest version of Google Chrome, this tutorial is only 3 days posted. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome. Go to the top right menu button and click About Chrome or About Chrome and see if a new update is available or if you write that Google Chrome browser is up to date

      • daniel said

        Here he writes:
        Version 58.0.3029.110
        Google Chrome is upgraded.
        At "import bookmarks and settings" I only have IE or html file with bookmarks.

        What's different: I did not let Chrome be the default browser. Is it from this?
        Should you have "full rights"?

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Well, to import something from Firefox, you must have Firefox installed and set as default browser. Logical, right? If you have not installed Firefox, how and what to import from Firefox if you have not installed it on your PC?

          • daniel said

            You've misunderstood.
            Obviously I have Fiefox installed. I've also installed Chrome, but the default browser has been firefox.
            I think that's why I do not see the menu as in the video.
            Or not?

  4. ViorelR said

    Thanks for the tutorials. And to me the same problem as above. Updated on the latest version of Chrome, set as the default brawser, and import all my bookmarks to a bookmark in the bookmarks bar.

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