Music on Youtube on the phone screen off or background

YouTube music on your phone with the screen off

We all know that today listening to music on YouTube. All artists launches new songs on Youtube, because in this way can readily become public, and in addition, they check / confirm popularity.
While on Youtube gathered a lot of parts, which, moreover, can be organized in playlists, you can gather all your favorite tracks.
The problem with listening to music on Youtube, on the phone, is that the device's screen must stand on, and on Android and iOS, which uses battery power at an accelerated pace.
To resolve the issue appeared a lot of applications and Xposed modules that allow us to listen to music on YouTube with screen off. These applications, however, require root or wine with lots of advertisements, some of them very aggressive. Apart from this, those applications can complicate the device and can drain the battery.

How do we listen? - Music from YouTube on the phone with the screen off

It's easy!
To listen to music on youtube with the screen off, I use Firefox, walking, Android, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). I have no phone at root, Xposed and I have not installed anything outside of Firefox.
Firefox is free and is in the App Store and Play Store.
This method can consume data traffic from subscribers, mobile data when you are on your phone or tablet. That's because Firefox does not take only the audio but also video part.

Video tutorial - Music from Youtube on the phone with the screen off or in the background

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  1. I installed amazon app store and put PVSTAR + are more on amazon store but that seemed most ok. bar remains running and you comp notification bar. my opinion is good to have and amazon store and download is here simpu put and fill with telu give download and install on the link you have to activate only unknown sources. Cristi's method or if you do not mind entering to close browsveru or running in the background

  2. Beta version of Firefox for Android (which is all the Play Store) can stop the music in your notification bar. Specifically press the pause button first and then you slide to clear notification.

  3. Go with Maxthon for Android

  4. Nice of you that thought Porumbescu Thank you!

  5. Cristi please do tutorials on wordpress and image and featured sliders (ie that slideshow) know that you were on site prior years ago.
    How to work with sliders or sllideshow and how to add posts in WordPress.
    I know it was a slider before slidshow here on the site about 5,6 years ago

    That pare3 my best app for listening to music on youtube.

  7. Xposed there is a way you can listen to him Frameworks and background music directly from Youtube application.

  8. TORRENT SEARCH ENGINE passed away. Easy to be his dust.

  9. The Stream app on the play store does the same thing… but being free… how I didn't get to use it… I think it's full of ads

    • I know they have been removed from play store all applications running in the background to youtube or restricted-meaning way of Goole. I gave myself or others like it ok. and if you wonder why you were taken out is simple google does not want to lose money from the ads running in the background do not appear as advertisements or e aptoide store that has a lot of free applications take runes that money in play store. Free-meaning developers are available for promotion. Christ can do a tutorial that stores outside of Google Play and we can install applications that are better.

  10. I discovered this too late tutorial.Este Superr.Am a question .How can I log on NET cable to a tablet? Thank you in advance

  11. I searched long it !! It is thanks !!

  12. thank you

  13. But is there anything like this for WindowsMobile 10? Firefox is not even in the Store. I found a browser (Surfy Browser) but it only works in idle and not in the background…
    Thank you.

  14. Cristi, tell me please how find out exactly how often have you remain my laptop (for them not physically write in cpuz I do not say) and if we 2 slots rami of which 1 slot is occupied with a pleasant 2 rami and I have one free, is required to put maximum 2 like to see them (I read somewhere CICA) or to put and 4 or 8? On my plate write 2Gb 1Rx16 PC3L-12800S -11-12-C3. Dell inspiron laptop is model 3537. Please do yourself a little more time and answer me I do not know what the hell to buy. Thank you.

  15. I think unfortunately does not work. I tried to put music on youtube and then I went on a Samsung Home button S4 music suddenly stopped. When you get back on track Firefox takes over again has not even memorized the last seconds of song.

  16. No longer working…

  17. Dear Cristian, do I miss a configuration?
    I downloaded, installed and released Firefox, I chose YouTube and opened a song, but it does not seem to happen what we are waiting for: when the 30 seconds are selected so the screen stays on, the sound / melody stops.
    I mention that I use the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with the Galaxy A5 2017 Clear View Cover, which can watch the clock, drag the answer to a call etc.
    A tip would be appropriate.
    Thank you.

  18. corleone said

    I'm not going to play this game, I'm playing it, and if I close the display, there's nothing to say about it. (samsung galaxy s6) Why?

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