Free navigation and virtual holidays with Google Maps and Street View - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I present a method of sailing free, we will APEA to services google, for creating an itinerary we use Google Maps and for short vacant virtual we will appeal to service Street View, which is included in Google Maps.
Google Maps is a database with maps from everyone, great advantage of Google Maps is view satellite, we can see on the map buildings, parks, stadiums or other objectives.
With what can help us Google Maps?
Let's say we go on a vacation, to an unknown location. For this we need a satellite navigation device or a simple map, in the first case we have to spend money, a satellite navigation device is not cheap at all, in the second case we have to make our own route, creating the route is quite difficult when we are surrounded by several "all-knowing" friends, that's what we say to take there, that beyond….
Google Maps escape us of expense and of problem with creating itinerary, this service us will create single route best, will tell us where to a's take will tell us what to do at each intersection and on which roads let's take, pure and simple us we denote or Print itinerary and hit the road.
If we want to travel in same town, Google Maps helps us manage with means of transport in common, on down or even by bicycle.
What is and with what can help us Street View?
Street View is a service included in Google maps that gives us panoramic images 360 of degrees on horizontally and vertically, so we can travel through world without us to raise from armchair.
Course, these journeys virtual will not compare never with the pleasure real vacation, but can be a surrogate good that can nourish curiosity and banish boredom.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Geniuses at Google

    • is a very young project founded in 2009, but probably sooner or later will be taken over by Google. Google does not let anyone make them competitive.

  2. Fredreick said

    Expected to occur for Romania.
    As they united with those studded could Opeluri Astra in Romania throughout the country.

    • Razu: Genie from the Google very helpful and I hope to come and Romania Best videotutorial   

      Fredreick: Interesting.
      Expected to occur for Romania.
      As they united with those studded could Opeluri Astra in Romania throughout the country.  

      For Romania is already Norc!

  3. Cristian said

    Already have Opel sites and in our summer trecuta.Pe you have street view and map ;).

  4. Hello!

    We Romania and Street View,

  5. Sal! Forget an alternative until we arrive in Romania

  6. sall! tutorial I'd like to make a plugin for Winamp DFX for example! lot!

  7. Norc system is (also) for Romania and is very decent

  8. Adrian Covaci said

    I understand that people from the street precedence view their website to those of Google.

  9. Very useful and ptru Dad :)) and he looked and Gautam hill roads and where to go

  10. : -j anyone knows something like that… or google earth… I don't think a tutorial was needed

  11. prigoana70 said same thing but did the Romans. It's very interesting. A videotutorial would be welcome.

  12. Very loud! is also great! All good guys from videotutorial!

  13. Gentlemen

    I have a question to you and I hope to gasessc a solution:

    Some programs, applications, games are set to run on a resolution (0000 X0000) set by the programmer. Well I want to be able to use these applications on a notbook that has a resolution (1024 × 576) at 32 bits. maybe you tell me to look on the manufacturer's site but I want something SOFT.
    Waiting for a response from dumneavooastra.

    Thank you in advance.

  14. Fredreick said

    I know Norc
    But Google is moving faster.
    Norc not just in cities and highway roads. Google hopes to make something interesting in Romania.

  15. Good Cristi.Eu long follow tutorials and are very happy with them as I could learn so many things folositoare.Eu so have a proposal for you or your colleagues to do that is to make tutorials and even a tutorial how to do update GPS.Cred navigation program are many who bought a navigator and after a year of use to find that perfect browser is not quite accurate as more roads or changed or been lukewarm and others appeared as navigator knows them .'m not expert but I read on the internet it's possible to make updates and everything remediaza.Multumesc much and hope to do and such a tutorial

  16. Hello friends. If you did not know tell you know that Arad has street view on Google Maps in Romania.


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