We're taken with the jerk, that's the truth. Day by day we are convinced (fools) with offers that most tempting with Net Unlimited.

The unlimited net is one of those offers that nobody can resist. However, we must be aware that at this time, with this technology, it is almost impossible, as a provider of mobile communications services, to give NET NETWORK clients.

As if the offer with NET UNLIMITED transposed.

  1. You can eat unlimited, but only a sip of an hour
  2. You can have what salary you want, within the limit of 50 of lei per day
  3. You're free when you want, except for weekends until Saturday

But what are the problems with NET UNLIMITED?


It has the most unlimited net. Unlimited Limited Offer 4G.

If you look closely, clearly write NET UNLIMITED 4G, but things are not really that way, because:

  1. Digi has no 4G network than cities, with poor coverage
  2. The Unlimited 4G Net is actually limited to 40 by GB on 4G, and only 10 of these on 3G
  3. Outside the cities Digi coverage is terrible
  4. Best of all: about 2G nothing says
  5. If you are not 4G or 3G, you will you only have 128Kbps / 64Kbps NET UNLIMITED speed
  6. You have very high chances that in 80% of the time to spin in the 3G network, where you have only 10GB traffic


These are the most bandits. If Digi can forgive him for being small and has no network, we can not understand Telekom unless he wants to steal clients from red and orange.

Issues that are not spoken in advertisements at NET UNLIMITED:

  1. At any subscription and any card, you have limited network content for 1.5 Mbps and 480p resolution
  2. How do they know their video content, does it spy my traffic?
  3. Every subscription you have some traffic included, but to use it, and you can watch a bigger video of 480, you have to disable the Unlimited Net Bonus. Intuitive not?


Nothing to say. If you overtake traffic, you have to pay, but at least you know what you are talking about and you have speed without limitations. There are no limitations to fixed net subscriptions, and that applies after the end of the traffic, so that you will not be charged.


Nothing to say. Here if you exceed the traffic included in the subscription, you pay. Orange has cost control, an option that reduces bandwidth, which is only activated after traffic is over.

Conclusion, the truth about UNLIMITED NET

I do not care how much a subscription costs, how many benefits are included, these are details that are part of each service provider's strategy, but I'm interested in being properly informed and not misleading.

I have two subscriptions, one is Orange and the rest is on Telekom, and when I was in the hospital I had a Vodafone card with 100GB (good).


Anything I try to do on the network telekom, I feel like there is an obstacle. I think it's a firewall that filtered the data, otherwise there was no way to make the difference between video traffic and other traffic. Although the coverage is very good, the net works extremely hard.


On orange I have no problem, just as when the terrestrial fiber network falls, it's like Orangeit's crazy. Otherwise everything is OK.

From my brief analysis, orange has the lowest prices for service quality and network stability.


Until recently I had no connection with Vodafone, but recently I was hospitalized for some 2 weeks and the only fun there was the internet. As the hospital network was available only to doctors, I used the mobile net. In 2-3 days I consumed all 8 GB in the Orange subscription.

After that I got a vodafone card that had an offer with 100GB. At first I did not believe it, but it was good, 100GB without limitations, so 2 week was a boyfriend. I broke Youtube and Netflix, what do you do in the hospital?


About Digi I do not know much, except my brother told me he could not access his surveillance cameras. This is because buildings are likely to be on 3G or 2G, where bandwidth is drastically limited after 10G on 3G, and 2G is limited all the time.

The Truth About NET UNIMITED - video tutorial

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  1. Claudiu said

    Sincerely, but the published information is not fully understood by the author. What dropped in front of my eyes and it was just what I was going to write about was the mention that DIGI does not say anything about 2G technology! How to mention if they did not buy and did not want 2G in the first place? In addition to voice and snail speed, 2G does not know how to do (EDGE of Orange and Telekom is excluded, it has some 256Kb / s and basic GPRS is 56Kb / s). I have memories rampant but not gone! If you were to look at the coverage section, you would have seen that the 3G and 4G network is very extensive and is still expanding (not just in cities), as they were and are the cheapest in this category. And the rest is the same fish food, everyone limits the traffic and they have the right to ask for the extra tax if it is exceeded if the contract stipulates such a thing (it is unlimited in the sense that it does not cut your macaron after its overrun, you want it when you want it). Correctly informed does not just mean the amount of internet, if we split the thread in 4 we see that "minutes in international mobile networks" are not in all mobile networks (please call an MVNO or an operator with which it has not finished a call bar included in minutes, see that although mobile is charged). Do we forget the moments when Orange offered uncontrolled traffic on the good just from 1 morning to 6 in the morning? Do we forget about Vodafone's Skype bans on the subscription if you do not pay a fee or the compression used that degrades the image quality to save resources? And companies know what sites you are entering and what protocols you use, just as they manage traffic from you (point A) to point B, through them (as you pass from Pitesti to Bucharest and go through cities / communes / villages and not through the water pipe). Vodafone still has a parental control, how do they know they block YouTube if they do not filter somewhere I walk ... I have all the respect for you and do not hold on to any company if that's the original impression. I do not expect this comment to be published or stay too much on this site, but I hope it's okay to see what I wrote. Good evening.

  2. fanedialog said

    All those who complain about Digi have not even had a subscription month.
    I have all of them and now I have orange and digi and really good orange is good on the internet in the city and signal to the peasant, but outside the net chapter all stupid, Digi not say there is nonexistent.
    What prices have Orange Vodafone telekom before digie and what prices do they have?
    I was subscribed to the Orange 10 years, a subscription of 8 euro had 120 min national 500 network and attention 100 mb net that after you exceeded the toll break you paid 9 euro for 40 mb, at the moment I closed everything, you know what they did the next morning after the day before they prayed that milogi did not cancel the subscription I received at 8 XXXXX 70 morning of messages one after the other with the same content I never even ported the number I threw it directly to the garbage.

  3. Mananci C
    ... .This cristi (it's an excuse because it's not 1000 Lei kilu)
    Among other things you say:
    "3- Outside Cities Covering Digi is Terrifying"
    I have TOT from Digi and I am very pleased.
    Fly the net in a village at 75 km from Bucharest.
    You see the overwork. Pohta Buna!
    * Please "wire" to refrain from commenting that he is from tzara

  4. @Hriscu
    Do the melteanule, give Digi food, or what do you care about and offend man? It's his opinion he wrote in an article, if you do not like to stop following this site, but do not talk like you're in the sheepskin! And you tell others that I'm from the country ....

  5. Let's remember what orange and vodafone were doing before they came to the DIGI Mobile market. They will not hold on to anyone, but at least they have done something for everyone, including those in the country. That's not the quality in the offer ... but anyway they pushed things up!

  6. I think that at the moment digi is the most k at "price, quality, have changed many, speeds have increased, 4g signal is everywhere, I have 4 subscriptions, and do not forget the volts and vo wifi,

  7. ViorelR said

    Have you read the announcement in advance to post it, what do you mean by "" is the most k at "" what's that "K"? . Indeed, Digi has given back the prices long after they appeared on the market; Telekom, Orange and Vodafone had enormous prices, and still practice, I'm happy with Digi, I do not use much the net, I live in the city.

  8. ViorelR said

    Thanks for the tutorial, very well you did that showed us the new "underground" of the telephone contracts that we do not read too.

  9. axelluny said

    Hello Cristi. At telekakaom things are so. Their DNS and from there filters all. More precisely, I know exactly what you did on the internet. It is one of the 4 aspects that made me give a kick in the ass after two 10 TEST days. Digi and if you rock your 3 G, do not limit your traffic to 10 G, nor do you pay extra.

  10. Brothers, the competition is small in Romania, that's why they are KKT services. There are two or three big operators to see how speed is increasing and lowering rates. I'm waiting for Musk with his satellite internet ... I hope to grab ... .. :)

  11. Ciprian said

    In the last country we had dig. Indeed, after 5 gb traffic slowed down, but the price was much better than any other provider.
    They have made progress on the network but there are still areas where you do not have a signal at all.
    What I still want to notice is that Orange or Vodafone, the largest networks, have no unlimited net.
    I live in England and the virgin media card is of unlimited 25, including hotspot. Now, three have put the same 24 offer on the market for the subscription. I do not know how it works at three, but at the virgin, I had to make a hotspot on my laptop, on TV, at Xbox (where the child watches Netflix movies or YouTube) also shoot at torrents from time to time at speeds between 3 and 6 mega.
    Also, the net and the minutes can also be used when they are in the country or in any other EU country.
    And I am surprised that in 2019 in Romania, Orange and Vodafone, which really have the best networks, have very large subscriptions (57 Euro at Vodafone) and you still have no unlimited net.
    It's not normal for you to pay so much for the internet today, and even if there are more net-to-card variants, I should not be bothering with such things in 2019.
    Even if prices have fallen below the offerings and other providers, they are still profiting greatly from customers and good things should not cost so much.
    Very good and useful tutorials.
    Good luck!

  12. I have been watching Cristi for many years, I do not even know how many have passed, and even if I have 3 unlimited subscriptions from Digi and I had a disgusting experience with Orange some time ago, I would not jump to the neck of a man to rub it very ugly from those who do that. I watched, I listened, I found out some things I did not read and draw the conclusion. I'm not going to praise Digi now (I'm happy with talking as much as I want and where I want a good price and the net cares less, just for Waze or some other stuff I do not care about youtube singing me in time what I'm doing on the road doing so ...) so let's not be too excited about the statements.

  13. florin said

    Cristian is right. I have dual sim. Orange and Digi on both net. Digi breaks out in town. In the rural area, it gives hard times (tested in Ardeal, Maramures, Oltenia). Orange is better off with coverage, but at a slower pace than Digi in cities. Digi flies elsewhere. Forget you to take everything from them alone. It forces 3G, so you can not have Digi and the net on another network. (may be already phones with both sims on 3G but do not know)

  14. Hello to everyone .. I have a statement (advice) when I see that some people are satisfied or less satisfied with Digi's offer of coverage ... I am happy with their services and I really do not see them gone anymore in the distant future.
    Now I'm addressing the dissatisfied ... if you have a Digi Care ... account. make notifications over referrals .. from your account. Tell them about what problems you have, I guess the cover. has everyone ... and hope it will work out.
    I'll shortly tell you what I've done.
    In the area where I am active since when the 3G signal was very bad, 4G did not exist, I and a colleague made complaints to them, contacted us, admitted that it is, and that they will solve in the future the problem ... passed what's 1 year and something ..
    And I'm not telling you that I came across one day with 4G full signal (3G without problems). the internet does not say ..excellent.
    ..that can be .. and where I was in this country I had no problem with them.
    It's growing but we have to have patience, and I do not invite them to go to Or., Vo, Te ... and pay a hat.

  15. You really are a Puppy

  16. Fuck you after that you're stupid and sign up.
    You have the impression that if you are at one of the telephone providers you are not as puzzler ... you're up to the bone marrow, you're stupid, you're not leaving

  17. Howdy. Everybody does what they want or can. Digi does not exist in 2G. Every firm has its advantages. Digi has trouble with the signal even in the city in block. It goes from 4G to H + and you feel the difference right away. However, the price is very good versus service. I have 5 subscriptions to digi all ported. One from telekom and 4 from Vodafone. Those from vodaf. I still send messages that I can activate my background song. But they did not give me anything until they got a doc. porting. They chose to keep only rich clients, not interested in offers, discounts, etc. Their business. I choose 70 for lei. 5 "Unlimited". As they are now.

  18. hi i have consumed from telekom 400gb net per month only onlain programs and is not limiting

  19. Sorin said

    You hear Claudiu say that Orange offers uncontrolled traffic from 1 at night at 6 in the morning, right ?. But why that laura and not the day, because the normal man at this time sleeps does not stay on the phone so they put on "offer" this to look like they ......... so everyone has a shiba to say so and any speculate.

  20. Many ukie tkktnazist said

    7 I stayed at the Telekkt Nazis, the biggest Nipple with these rags, (tv antenna, internet and fixed telephony / 100 lei / month) until I missed it. I passed all the digits to 80 of lei.

  21. All operators have their pluses and minuses, you dispute for nothing. Now about coverage depends on where you are in front of an antenna tower. To me, almost in the big city center, the orange mobile internet goes very slowly and you say fly, if you go on I do not know what mountain vodafone flies and the dam does not exist either. The important thing is that the dam has really lowered the prices of the competition, if we want to be fair. Let's not forget a few years ago subscriptions to orange or vodafone with 3gb net to some 27 + euro ... And what omits operators to say clearly and in big letters about the mobile net is that it be unlimited but not at the same quality or value after exceeding the quantity from the contract. It is practically unlimited only as existence.

  22. Digi doesn't have 2G!

  23. I had all the subscriptions possible in ro, and the most ok were orange and telekom.
    telekom is really unlimited, you should not disable the bonus if you watch live 1080 gen twitch, yt, facebook. It's a spell, in one month I did 120gb traffic in total data and it was still going as a grease. If you want the telekom as unlimited as possible, it's simple!

  24. View Product said

    Vodafone has unlimited (real!) Subscription of 17 euros. And in 5G if you have a compatible phone and you also catch the network. Orange has the highest speed on the net but they have high rates. Digi is so and so. In Brasov I have no 4G signal in the apartment and I sit at 1km from the Digi headquarters and at some 5-600 m from the mobile phone antennas. I guess theirs. Telekom is a bad joke!

  25. At these providers better ... there are huge prices for mobile services.

  26. Andrei Iosifescu said

    It's not like that at Telekom. I have unlimited net, at 1080p. This month I used over 90 GB and I had no problems with the internet. With a card of 6 € per month.

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