Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei - how do we pay a little? - video tutorial

Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei
Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei

What is the Netflix tutorial in Turkey about 8 lei?

The Netflix video tutorial in Turkey costs 8 lei, it is about the fact that the prices for Netflix subscriptions are different from country to country.

It is also very important to know that we can subscribe to another country and thus pay less.

How little does the Netflix subscription in Turkey or Argentina cost compared to Romania

  1. Turkey = 8 lei
  2. Argentina = 16 lei
  3. Romania - 40 lei

*The prices are rounded and are valid for the basic subscription.

How do we pay less for Netflix, like in Turkey or Argentina

Simple, using a VPN, which gives us an IP from Argentina, for example, instead of the IP from Romania.

I subscribed to Argentina, which costs 16 lei for the basic version (non hd), and for that I needed a few things:

  1. TunelBear application connected to Argentina
  2. A new email address *
  3. A new phone number *
  4. A new bank card *
  5. Activation of the subscription is done by a browser, not in the application (the application is allergic to VPN)

* New means your email, phone number, or card has not been used for another Netflix account.

What is the cheap Netflix subscription procedure?

Suppose you don't have a Netflix subscription. If you have, you need to log out and clear your browser cache.

  1. Turn off your browser
  2. Start the TunelBear application and connect to the desired country
  3. Check ahead Netflix price list by country
  4. Log in to Netflix, create an account and choose a subscription
  5. Disconnect your TunelBear VPN and connect to the app
  6. From now on you have a subscription made in the chosen country which will be automatically renewed monthly.

I chose Argentina

I initially wanted to do it in Turkey, but I don't know why, it didn't work with any VPN, it was still giving errors.

I chose Argentina, where the prices are very good. Even if the prices are a bit higher than in Turkey, it is still much cheaper than in Romania.


It seems that due to multiple attempts by users who wanted to make a Netflix account on Turkey, Argentina or other cheap countries, "it doesn't work very well".

Why doesn't it work anymore?

Because many users have come to use some IP addresses that the VPN service provides, these IPs have been banned, or marked as suspicious IPs.

The luckiest ones are the ones who used those VPNs for the first time.

The solution

The solution is to use VPN services that provide dedicated IP for each user. Even if they are for a fee, they are only needed when you create your account.

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Video tutorial - Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei

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  1. MAXIM VASILE said

    everything went well until the phone number. He says that he sends me a code message to confirm the account. I haven't received anything for 2 hours. from the country code? I can't change the prefix. How did you do it?

  2. Needless to say, this thing hasn't worked for a year.
    You need a phone number in that country for confirmation

  3. But do you still have subtitles in Romanian? if you are with netflix from Argentina

  4. Mazilescu Aurel said

    Is there a problem with the currency of the card?

  5. Mazilescu Aurel said

    I have an LG smart (3D) TV and it doesn't work with Romanian subtitles, can you help me with something?

    • On LG 3D, if it's from 2013 or something like that, it won't work on any account. It's from the TV. I have 2 LGs. The newer one works, the 3D one doesn't work. I searched the net and found it was from LG, not netflix, and you can't find any firmware for it.

  6. The Premium subscription for Argentina costs 939 ARS, that means 40,48 lei for the official course!

  7. They don't let me pay, I tried with 4 cards

  8. I tried the browser too, it doesn't work for me either, you must have a phone number from Argentina, it doesn't work to change it with a ro

  9. Cornel Popescu said

    Columbia has the lowest price!… 0,044 RON for Netflix Premium! ..

  10. Initially when I read the article I said woow how loud, I also consider Turkey or another country… but after I did the calculation how much does a VPN (monthly in my case) from Avast cost me because I trust them to say so (I have Avast for about 15 years) and VPN at Avast per month would be 29 lei + 17.50 Netflix Ultra HD version would be 46.6 lei both… then from 46.5 to 59.39 would be about 12.89. So in my case it's not economy.
    Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

  11. Well, Florine, the man said that you only need a VPN when you do the account, not all the time…
    I tried and as above, now ask for Argentina number. So you can't change the prefix, I tried all sorts of clicks and nothing
    Well, maybe they got caught in the phase, but Cristi, if you find another possibility, it would be ok

  12. The tutorial, although quite good, has many grammatical errors. It was probably written on the phone with the auto-correct on. A mistake to change "Even if prices are slightly higher than in Turkey" in "Even if prices are slightly higher than in Turkey"

    • You wanted to be smart, and you came up with a bunch of beans…
      "Even if prices are slightly higher than in Turkey"

  13. As it was written earlier, can you explain to us how you managed to enter the Ro number for confirmation?

  14. Everything is ok until the stage with the phone number.

  15. If you log in with an account for another country, you will watch movies accredited for that country. Not all movies are seen in every country. There are movies that can be seen in Romania and cannot be seen in other countries, they are not listed in the Netflix grid of those countries. So this variant is not really interesting.

  16. I made a Premium account in Turkey. I used the Bitdefender VPN account I had to create my account, I didn't see any discounts in Argentina. I cleaned my browser (cash and cookies). Revolut payment - 17,56 lei, virtual phone at the Russian brothers "sms-service-online" $ 2 for activation, I consumed $ 0.5. I selected my favorite Romanian language and then I logged on to TVs (they don't have VPN). I now have Netflix from Romania at the price of Turkey, the next payment on 11.01.2022. Thanks so much for the tip.

    • I also tried Turkey, but it doesn't want to take my money, I tried with cards from Unicredit and Visa and Mastercard !! Are you sure it works with Revolut?
      After I pay, is the step with the phone number, I registered with e-mail, did not ask me for any phone?
      Please answer !!

      • The first day I ran into the problem of activation by code sent on the phone, I searched and found a site in Russian, (they also have an interface in English): "sms-service-online" - to receive activation code sent by SMS, you must The account is loaded, the minimum amount is $ 2, the country must be set as Turkey and the Netflix service must be chosen. The whole procedure of creating a Netflix account must be done through VPN, VPN is needed only at this stage. I chose the Premium service and gave the Revolut card details, I was asked for the Turkey phone number for the activation code, I spent $ 0,5 in the SMS-online application (phone number is valid for 20 minutes), I received the code in the application 6 digits and the specified amount is removed from the card. I had an activated card and an account in Turkish lira, loaded with the amount for the cheapest account, but because the amount was insufficient, the money was taken from the account in lei (and a small conversion fee, because it was Friday). In the account settings I set the Romanian language and I logged in with TV, I had to restart after I logged in for the first time because the interface was in English. now it works normally, the movies have subtitles and some (cartoons) dubbed in Romanian. I also had Netflix and the site is the one from Romania. That was all.

    • NightMind said

      Hi, I can't find "sms-service-online" in Turkey….

    • Hi Gabi, can you please help me get my account on Turkey? I tried your method, but I can't.

  17. it doesn't work, I tried different phone numbers

  18. It's just plain bad. Subscription made in Romania is the last all-inclusive.
    Netflix 2021 subscription prices: Rates start at 7,99 euros
    The subscription price varies from 7,99 euros and reaches 11,99 euros per month.

    7,99 euros (approximately 40 lei) per month: you do not have access to Full HD content and you can only watch on one screen at a time
    9,99 euros (47 lei) per month: you have access to Full HD content, but not 4K, and viewing can be done on two devices at the same time
    11,99 euros (approx. 56 lei) per month: practically, you have all the options - 4K content and simultaneous viewing on four devices.
    app 56 Ron / month can be used on 4 devices. 1 me on TV because I don't need more and 1 in 3 friends pay 14 Ron a month and we have everything and 4 k :)). Question why to make fireworks with VPN exchange rate from account to RON in pounds or b
    the country's currency to watch if it grows and I can pay more to be afraid that it will close if it catches me if I don't have technical support in Romania etc when I pay on a maximum subscription 14Ron / month? :))

  19. MAXIM VASILE said

    I managed to account for Argentina, basically, but I paid 27,80 lei. What is the explanation?

  20. UP .UPDATE….

    The problem is with the VPN. Too many people end up using those IP addresses and obviously Netflix blocks them.

    There is probably a limit to accounts that can be made from a single IP in 24 or 48 hours or a week. Who knows?

    Try VPNs that offer dedicated IP. VPNs with a dedicated IP are only required to create an account. Some offer a trial period, most offer a "money back in 30 days" if you don't like it.

  21. I also tried Turkey, I don't have a problem with VPN, but it doesn't want to take my money, I tried with cards from Unicredit and Visa and Mastercard!
    Or the problem from VPN !! The idea is that in the window where the payment appears, it automatically takes my TRY currency, that's why I say that VPN seems to work, but I can't pay !!!
    Please answer !!

  22. It is charged for what you presented with an additional 10 lei.

  23. But you can also buy 15 euros a year from aliexpres, now it depends if the Chinese or who sells keeps their word, so far it's oky.

  24. you can buy from z2u for $ 2-3 a month… it's much simpler

  25. luciangl said

    netflix is ​​also free 😀

  26. So if I pay a VPN for a month, enough to create an account in another country, there would be no problem. I'm thinking of doing Colombia. Is it still working or are you bothering me in vain? Thanks!

  27. Don't worry, it won't work. After multiple failed attempts for Storing the phone number in the account (the system did not send the activation code via SMS to the phone). I got in touch with a Netflix consultant who told me that I don't have an active account, the account can only be activated after you choose and pay for a subscription, and this can't be done because you need a phone number in the country where we want to make the subscription, because the system automatically gives you the prefix in the country where you want to subscribe, and you can't change the prefix. If you know another method, the one I don't believe in, I'm waiting for comments. Good luck

  28. Kodi installations with addon MRSP and you have everything new on NETFLIX, amazon prime

  29. Cristi Gheorghe said

    Hello, I managed to account for Turkey now. As VNP I used ExpressVPN. I then accessed Netflix and, after many unsuccessful attempts to pay by bank card (I also tried physical cards and virtual cards Revolut and Raiffeisen Bank), I turned to the payment card option. I bought the gift card from (there are variants of 50, 100 and 200 TLY - Turkish lira), where I paid with PayPal (after the payment with the card was refused). I re-entered the Netflix account (after emptying the cache and closing the browser) I chose the gift card, entered the code received in the mail and completed the registration of the account. When registering the phone number, I changed the prefix on Romania and after 3 attempts (with Resende code) I received the code via SMS and I also validated the phone number. Good luck!

  30. Valentin said

    Howdy! After activating the gift card account and then entering the phone number, did you manage to add a bank card issued in Romania? Or do you make monthly payments with gift cards?

  31. Valentin said

    When you renew, can you add a bank card or do you pay with a gift card?


  1. […] Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei - how can we pay less? - video tutorial […]

  2. […] Netflix in Turkey costs 8 lei - how can we pay less? - video tutorial […]

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