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  1. Sorin Chiran said

    Android is a little problem .... there mesjul "error loading player playable no sources found"

    • It's done!

      • Hey all.
        My name Ciprian and you have a question and simultaneously a problem
        I have a router Netis-wf2471 and are connected to an internet Rds.
        I did router settings corespunxstoare But I have a problem
        1.emite wifi signal .My connect with tel ... But I can not download anything and this at other sites
        2.aceasta problem is encountered and desktop connected to the router

        Incidentally ... I unplugged the router net and I connected directly to pc ..
        And that limitation is gone.

        So please tell me what to do Cristi exactly which setting ... really?

        Thanks a lot

  2. Marian said

    I love what you did with the mobile version of the site. Congratulations!

    • No mobile version is the same interface for all.
      The trick is that the design is fluid and adapts to any resolution on any browser to fit everything on the screen and you to always have the same site, whether they come from the desktop, tablet Saude phone.
      If you want to see how it works live, increase or decrease the browser when you are on videotutorial.ro

  3. Hi Cristi, I have this router 3 months, I have the one with external antenna and I can say that I surprised myself and the things you can do with it.
    As did the first time you've done all sorts of tests and gave him reset and 20 times a day.
    A small tool and smart addition to not consume any more likely somewhere in the 3W and 5w full load, good signal passes through concrete walls and laptopu 2 almost always get full signal and rarely 4 line.

  4. Alin Lucian said

    Any problem fisare of my message, or is in process?

  5. Hello Cristi, you can do a tutorial on how to build a NAS server from a PC, that could explain what components to choose what to install for the server to work etc ...

  6. poldac said

    Error loading stream
    Could not connect to server
    Do you have a problem with the server could not watch the tutorial?

  7. Cristi, I am looking for a router. Can you recommend one or several models by 150 - 160 lei? Preferably TP Link (do not know if my model is cheap enough ...)

  8. Sorin Chiran said

    It is excellent existent.Se player can easily control the dispozotivele android and it is so elegant and desktop and portable.

  9. Alin Lucian said

    I'm so sorry that it queries my post here, but I'd like someone to clarify me.
    I posted it and the tutorial Acronis True Image 2011 that was posted 4 years, and it's hard to get an answer.
    It again I'm so sorry!

    Nush if someone respond to me in this post considering that this tutorial was posted almost 4 years.
    Anyway my question is next!
    I have an Acer PC from Germany 4 years now, he has the Acer backup and restore, backup is placed on a hidden part.
    When reinstalling Windows actualiazarile last very long and I thought it was up to date and I do a new BackUp. I installed the Acronis backup I did but the backup occurred selected and my HDD where the factory backup HDD 100 MB, images taken reach 37 GB!
    The questions are:
    1. Can I Backup only C partition where Windows and I cunctioneze right?
    2. If you are partition C only affects restoring other partitions, eg the backup partition from the factory?
    3. What's better to do all 3 backup HDDs, or just enough partition C.

    Another question that is not related to this tutorial, sorry.
    After you make a backup image, can I delete the hidden partitions 2 (100MB parity and one with factory backup) without having problems after that, because I want to buy an SSD and I want to put he windows (backup image). Any chance I can make this change or a bad idea?
    Or how I can do I can make it move!

    Thank you!
    Good luck!

    • Backup Factory is not the same with the one made with Acronis.
      Partition mega 100 not allowed to delete it.
      Partition backup of the factory can be removed and attached to the partition C. However, we can not know for sure if the manufacturer did not put the MBR partition backup.
      Any operation you do those two hidden partitions can ruin your operating system.
      I usually remove and reinstall the operating system partition backup, but in this case you'll have to reactivate liceentei by phone from Microsoft.
      If you still want to do backup with Acronis, I would advise you to save all partitions and put the backup on an external hard drive or to break it into several pieces with winrar or 7zip, so that it can put on more DVDs.

      • Alin Lucian said

        Thanks so much Cristi!

        Unfortunately I have a common problem with those internet (fine 2800 eruo).
        Can I contact you by phone or chat, I want to enlighten me on something IPs.
        If you remain registered address or leave me a message if you do not stay, you send. If I coast something cici not a problem to solve! ...

        Thanks so much Cristi!

  10. alex567S said

    Hello Cristi. Hackintosh project it go on?

    • Normally, this is also on the list.
      Sometimes new topics come and face the waiting (tablet, router, ubuntu, etc).

      • Alin Lucian said

        I know what you say, but a little complicated to explain and to write all this is a lot! But let's try.
        I got home a letter with a fine of EUR 2800, they say for a movie that I downloaded it after I used to exchange the money! (Do not see a link here).
        IP that I'm on the letter does not match my address, I called and I explained that I did not take any video and IP is not mine, but I said that IP I change when I get on the net. Now I nush to pay, ptr not got nothing on the net, especially in 5 morning when I was in fantasyland.
        It can be as they say, to change my IP?
        Around the high that's my problem, and as I trust your knowledge want an explanation as I can give her I sued them for the job!

        Thanks so much Cristi!

        • This is called SCAM, is a branch of the fishing community.
          Attackers users use fear to get money from them.
          Care that your phone number, if in fact belong to an institution if it is not scam.

          • Alin Lucian said

            Yes, yours! I already talked to my lawyer, and it's serious business! I have a few days to be able to sue! All documents that I came really are what they say. I know of IP can not change me, if I do something on the Internet, IP is my ID as it were. What I have come to me in Hati's another IP, but as I accessed the site has changed my IP. That I do not understand! With this changing IPs.

  11. Hello Cristi.
    Please indrumama to a tutorial or make you one how to put android mobile. Specifically I was gone, erased. I have a Lg L5 and stay lit when you turn on the LG logo but that. A few days before he started to give me error in android. Please help me!

    • Calls not like the PC, not simply install Android. It is an image that is called ROM, made specifically for each phone separately. That image must be "injected" into the phone with a specific tool for each phone or phone maker.
      Xda-developers looking for information about 'how to flash the ROM on LG L5'
      I can not help you because it does not hold that phone model.
      We can find general information about the "root means" "is and how to use CWM recovery."

    • Adrian Gudus said

      write in the search box top right "Install ROM Genuine LG Optimus One P500 to eliminate root and ClockWorkMod Recoveryc" Press enter and you will find the tutorial.

  12. Hello, me on my router ASUS RT repeater function n53 I do not know if all found on the ASUS or in some models.

  13. Asus has wl330n3g repeter mode (ie 6 usage modes) and go smoothly! + It and portable

  14. Marian Valentin said

    Finally a new player! Now I can watch this great tutorials on iPhone! Thank you! The player works very well!

  15. Robert Jumbo said

    And with dd-wrt n740 with the latest firmware has Repetera function (but I think it's another name). I say this because the last firmware Repetera goes well as the older version did not work.

  16. TP-LINK Wireless N Router TL-MR3040, 3G, Portable, opinions? has battery

  17. Hi my name is Alex and Cristian would like to kindly a tutorial on how to create a wireless network for your phone or tablet precizen as nam but a usb router tp-wn722n and computer {desktop} are very grateful if I looked really helped me out nam over the internet and only found about laptop and net shared creation. thank you.

  18. Correction say I leptop but more interested Tues desktop thanks.

  19. Hi Cristi you could do a tutorial on this router with advanced setting details.
    Thank you.

  20. Cornel said

    A dirt cheap, only £ 55
    A simple inexpensive router, priced around £ 60 Tp-link TL-WR740N
    I do not recommend!

    • It's more stable than Tp-link, TP-Link range is somewhat higher. Anyway I said, for those staying in the yard or a large apartment, choose a model with external antenna.

      • Do you know what the coverage is TP-Link TL-WR740N, it's good to pass the signal through 80 cm thick walls of the room?

  21. Costelina said

    looks like you do not understand more deeply (or whatever you pay attention to the tutorial)
    This is where it was not cheap and stuff deastea net router that can take a seat and give it away and Cristi's question was if you have any router will do this thing or if you know
    and finally another model

  22. You mean you do not recommend that model cheaper at TP-Link? Then the minimum price to be ... I ask myself above on a recommendation, but I was told. Please can you tell me?

  23. Waiting tutorial about Windows 8.1 bug with "limited connectivity", "I like me appear so frequently.

  24. pop vasile said

    Hi, one question: I net from Clicknet (DSL)
    I could use this type of router to take over from clicknet (with authentication and encrypted) and can open ports in the router NETIS 2,3?
    Thank you.

  25. Cristian said

    very interesting tutorial, but I have a TP-LINK router WR740N bought following your recommendations, I installed DD-WRT on it, the same, same advice, my question is: can break the security of a wireless network using the above router BackTrack mentioned (or KaliLinux)? I mention that I watched the tutorial about Backtrack and wireless network security, but do not have a wireless network card.

    • Unfortunately if you make a bridge connection, the computer does not feel router as a wireless network card.
      In bridge mode the computer is connected by cable to the router, and the router has wireless signal from another router or wireless AP.

  26. WHERE buying it,?

  27. Andrei Vlad said

    Could you make a tutorial on that would be the best router that has the range between 250-500 m, or changes that can be made to a router by changing antennas. You have already submitted a 3 models of routers (D-Link, TP-Link, Netis this site that's a pretty interesting tutorial) but I want to give more explanations about failure means a router, where to watch the specifications to figure out what the coverage is, how we can make changes to a router by mounting some components on it etc.. and differences between devices such sites (access point, router, repeater) or the difference between antennas (omnidirectional, and bidirectional, dbi etc.) all in one tutorial, even if you more than an hour, I will certainly not be bored and I will not run because these things interest me very much, and certainly there are visitors 'thirst' like me. . .
    Please make such a tutorial, if you have the opportunity!
    Thank you!

    • PalAlexander said

      And I want that!

    • A router can range from 300 3000 meters or even if in the open and is equipped with unidirectional antenna, amplifier and router must also be strong enough.
      Inside complicate things, we have walls and other equipment that disrupt the wireless signal.
      I'll make a tutorial with tips for a better wireless coverage at home and when you raise echiamentele necessary, I will do a tutorial on point to point wireless links the distance of several hundred meters or even kilometers.

    • I think something trebuie.ce hell is this?, and how it works? wireless connection is duplex connection and a laptop I do not have much issue 50m.poate Cristi will explain.

  28. Daniel said

    Another router that can take a wireless signal as Serioux SRX-WR150WH, I am 1 year and still going

  29. George said

    Please make a tutorial on how you create an email account on gmail and yahoo but without stuffing phone number, to create without the phone. There may be a loophole something that I tried and I was with him so he asked me phone number I did not put them there and stayed on the server so to speak, I've made nothing that all I could not get rid of that thing with that field number. Please if you can think you're analyze countries in software, hardware, tips.

    • Yahoo do not know how I did it but recently gmail account without phone number. That's a safety measure. If you forget the password they will send a code via SMS to reset. That no. The phone will be used only for account problems. What happens very rarely. And you'll only receive sms. If you do not want to enter it are not required but it seems that you have to fill those fields with secret question and capcha code.

  30. Cristi and can you give me advice on my Netgear Smart Gigabit Dual Band WiFi Router AC1750 (R6300v2) _???

  31. Daniel said

    I greet you, to you could make a tutorial router ZTE-ZXHN DIGI-H218N from RCS-RDS, the most appropriate settings and everything? Thank you.

  32. Adrian Gudus said

    Alin-Lucian question is simple. Some Internet Service Providers assign static IPs (which does not change with each connection to the internet) and the majority assigns dynamic IPs that change with every internet connection.
    Even if your ISP assigns dynamic IP that does not means that, they will not know what time, on what date was assigned ip X and to whom. It keeps some logs just for cases where someone uses the Internet to make illegal.
    When a client commits a crime, look in the log provider, check what time was allocated ip committing illegality, on what date and who was assigned that IP.
    If you now have another ip from the day of the offense, does not make you innocent! Have another ip now have a subscription for dynamic ip but that does not prevent providers ip verify that you have now or 2 3 days.

  33. Flood D said

    I have a router Netis WF2411.Are same capabilities, but is slightly cheaper (£ 43)
    And even does its job very well, although we have the 7 months.
    I like those from Netis make regular updates to all routers firmwares from them.

  34. catalin said

    I net from rds ... how do I necessarily need to wireless card? I want him to have wifi in my pc .. not from the neighbor .. go right?

  35. iFlorin208 said

    You just connect this to a power supply Natis and wifi signal, and with this device net you even further?
    I live in a big house with 2 floors, ground floor and attic and I am all over the net, in the house, you advise me to do?
    Let me buy a 6 Netis of them? Do you think it would be a good solution?

    • iFlorin208 said

      Since no one answers I mean what I thought I will not fgunctiona, sin, waiting for an answer from you whether it works or not.

      • In the first part you are right this router is able to make wi-fi and give it away through repeater function. On hand with advice not know what to tell you better expect to meet Cristi or Adrian. The idea seems good in theory but in practice I do not know.

    • Although Netis can connect and can pass on only wireless connection in these types have losses.
      When the network is thinking well, must be planned, that you would be good to have wires going all over the house and their end to be many a netis or other router, that way you do not have signal loss and good everywhere.
      Even if wireless is the wave, it must be said that the cable is King stability.
      If you build house, buy your cable cat5e and spread it everywhere, in a central position where he will stay roouterul towards extremities.
      If you already finished inside the house will have to use power line adapters to net transport through the power lines. Compared to cable cat5e, these adapters are more expensive.

  36. Hello Cristi,
    Netis own router and tried a firmware update! I suspect that something did not work right now because he no longer sees any computer ............. NONE! Do you think there is a procedure, resuscitation "to this router? Thank you.

    • Reset the router to default settings. Bottom has a hole, push a needle or a toothpick.
      It happens sometimes after firmware update was more confusing settings.
      The NIC driver settings jab.
      If still not working means that the router DHCP server does not give you ip. In that case you have to put the network settings manually.
      Manual settings for the network card in your PC or laptop that you want to go into settings roiter site.
      Ip put
      At subnet
      At degault gateway
      In just one pass dsn
      Then save and inceci again to get into the router.
      After you fix it up, restore settings on the network card driver.

      • Julian said

        Cristi welcome, and I have the same problem as me Relu not only resets deloc.ramane bculetul from sys lit all the time and does not happen nimic.modelul my e wf2411 .ar be another solution?

  37. FlorinP. said

    I see that your router has a section IPTV.
    You can receive the posts of this router if the ISP provides IPTV channels?

  38. George Lintes said

    I greet you,
    Yesterday I bought a router NetisWF2409 but fail to get on it in settings. I connected via cable to a desktop without wireles network card. NIC settings are the tutorial, and IPv4 are automatically IPv6. When inserted into the address bar nothing happens. In the left window, the bottom says 'Transfering date from ...' and still wait in vain. I'm wrong or faulty router?

  39. Hello,
    I could use it as an AP for a network printer?
    I mean instead of pulling wire from the printer to the router put a Netis near the printer and fix the problem.
    Thank you

  40. Is there any way to use rooterele TP Link TL-WR740N (or other model) as a REPEATER?
    There must be a way to fecam this, a firmware thing?

  41. You can use a rooter Tp Link as repeater?

  42. Thanks for this video tutorial.
    However, I have one question: how to use the now provided free of RCS? I saw the tutorial that are restricted to no-ip and dyndns. Maybe I'm wrong ...

  43. For repeater mode should not be the link between Ruoti be there?

  44. Hello,
    I would like to know how it behaves over time, as it is stable (side or the wireless router / switch)?
    And eventually the processor has, I do not find anywhere.
    I would opt for the model that has WF2411 for antenna's signal puternic.Eu you for a suspect that is exactly the same as the model you have shown you, I think that the hardware is exactly that.

    Thanks for reply Cristi
    Have a nice day

    • After I studied a minute, I found a safe minus the router, no wireless LED if it is active or if activity el.In rest seems ok, though I was astep answer before I buy from Cristi or and another person experienced with routers that this router has Netis.

      Thank you

  45. Hello
    At the moment it is only generated from recurring mode or wirelss internet and lan ports, I would like to use it to capture its Internet and generate a DVR.
    Thank you!

  46. What else can I do on this router that my ISP gives me ttl1 net and I do not go to the internet router! router gets IP but do not net on !!

    • Well why pay more aside 1 TTL value is too small. Your Provider did this in desperate perhaps to escape the flood.
      Talk to them, tell them what's up, to solve the problem.
      TTL is timeout packet on your network if a second nobody uses those packages, they are discarded. Flooding is bombing a network with packets to nonexistent addresses, such network load and no one can use, assuming that the network uses inexpensive equipment.

  47. I could use this router as a dongle to a smart with wirelessready? From the description I think so, but I would like an answer from someone experimentat.Motive would be many: starting from the beach utilities, price (a dedicated dongle LG costing somewhere 100 ron) .Multumesc anticipated.

  48. Hello, I watched your presentation with great attention and interest at the same time because I want to get myself a router di this but I want to know if you can connect to a router via wireless signal to give away and also to cable connected to a PC. Why this interests me, well I want to connect to a router in the neighborhood and at the router I can not connect with the phone because the signal is weak and probably if you put in a way to boost signal repeater but I want to use it on pc. I hope you understand me. Thanks in advance.

  49. I wish to congratulate you videotutorial.ro website, watched with interest your advice, and I would ask you to give me an idea about the problem that I have.
    company where I work has a wifi router 2.4 ghz, wifi internet access is free,
    I live in the building next to the company about 15 m from the router and the laptop near the window I 2 signal lines.
    How can I get a better signal and how to distribute it throughout the house (approx 40 mp) where I live? (For TV, playstation ... mobile phone)
    I mention that I can not adjust the antenna to the router I connect the firm or UTP cable. (Possibly more than to put a repeater / extender in building eg. Netgear WN3000RP that extends signal but lose much of download speed from what I understand).
    From what I found I had an AP Ubiquam PICOM2HP that probably you can set the repeater and connect to a router or adapter inside airGateway.
    I have found indoor signal booster TP-LINK TL-WA830RE, ZyXEL WAP3205 V2, or probably different routers that know and AP client mode.
    What do you think would be the best solution?
    I look forward to your response. Thank you

    • The solution is to make a wireless bridge. See that we have a tutorial about it.
      15 m is a small distance between you and the router but if there are walls / windows complicate things.
      Walk the bridge method if you need wireless and wireless repeater if you need in your home.
      You must know the browsing experience in such situations is not exactly pleasant.
      If possible:
      My advice would be to put a abobament you ultimately will be won, you will not waste time loading pages or low speed.

  50. Viorel Baciu said

    Hi Cristi please help me given me a neighbor's router password from Netis_2_4g I login but does not really work because the world was not always reset to configuring one because I know it is a distance between us and between 150m us is a building signal is good but the connection is slow ff I home adapter from TP-LINK and a directional antenna is 16dbi .Intrebarea can help me configure this router as Accespint can enter or skip or Teamviever do you have a program that can help me to enter my address is Viorel Baciu.Sau Skip expect a reply by email Thanks in advance.

  51. Hello! I noticed east wirless router has not 1 chanel, has from the 5 13 ... so it just me or is the problem that ... help me varog more! Thanks in advance!

  52. Karbonh2o said

    I bought the router based on the recommendation of the site. I am satisfied with his performance, since it's a very cheap router. I have one question. There are alternative firmware for it? Thx!

  53. which is better? I rds agreement with 20mb / s download with 2,2mb su / s and I need to give wirless signal to laptop and a smartphone so I need roterul.Voi that I recommend it? http://www.emag.ro/compare/245

  54. Birsa ANA-Simon said

    I got my ears I Buc home. Wi-Fi router Netis 2411.merge ff bine.am come to visit someone, we struggle to 2 days to assemble the same type of router connected to a modem rds..si not want anymore! I tried all variations posibile..si when finally on page devicwe's ... fall pagina..ce I do?

    • See you here: http://www.netis-systems.com/en/products/wireless-routers-regular/53.html#.VKBEzl4gA in downloads section, at the bottom a quick quide installation (Quick Installation Guide) in PDF format.
      Basically blue cable connected to the modem jack RDS WAN router, and the blue cable that comes in the package Netis LAN jack connect the router and ethernet jack on the PC. Then enter inbrowser address, the address that accessed it and Cristi in tuorial. There the Quick Setup Internet Connection Type heading select PPPoE and enter the username and password you have in your contract. View as passed by these settings and crystal tutorial and guide that explains in PDF.

  55. hello, I have a router Netis wf2419d and I have problems with it. introduce wan cable net and the LED does not light. configuration is identical to the one posted here after manually. RCS-RDS provider is. I do not understand anything, I direct cable net, if I connect the router to the computer wan WAN LED lights. I do not know what happens, as if the router does not want to see the RDS net. What would be the problem (again, as the manual configuration is done, ie PC saw my router sees my browser address)?

    • If the LED does not light, it is possible that the router is not properly set or cable crimping not be better. Maybe if it does move a little contact.
      Reset it and make the settings again in the wan.

  56. Hello. Try connecting this router as a repeater and fail. I have a router connected to the HUAWEI ZTE ZXHN H298N ECHOLIFE HG 865. Thank You

  57. I got a Netis router but can not connect wireless tablet. i do not know why. I signal on the tablet laptop but I

  58. cristi, thank videotutoriale! I bought a netis2412 who will not do their job! has a different type of interface wan point source lipsindla outher! Everything else pretty much the same! in setting the wireless network connection, you are forced to work in AP is not connected and there is no limited access! reapetear mode worked a couple of times lost signal and basta! repeatear no longer access any! like without net access line appears with a yellow triangle! I have a new leptop done but I installed your Windows 8 7ultimate! a lenovo ! what suggestions you have! I tried with a seruoux and as ..multumesc!

  59. Videotutorial.ro hello I have a petition of you if you do a tutorial Netgear Wireless Router WNB300 thank N2100

  60. Hi, I have a problem with a wireless Netis WF2419.
    I did not connect on that IP which appears's settings page .. I did not get the driver CD and after its official website appears in the archive .. no setup, no nothing, do you know where to copy it?

  61. Tavi Barca said

    I bought a router WT2412. When I try to change your password after I Intart the bottom right Triangle yellow exclamation mark appears and can not access nocio web page. What do you think.

  62. I bought myself a router Netis wt24411, inspired tutorial of Christ, but it is not to set any form: if you exchange standard password "password" in "password1" for example, simply do not like not You can access the router, but not even I can not connect to the router. That did not change any settings in the router, except the password. The default password works intermittently and severely limiting speed, even with good wireless signal. It may be that faulty router?

  63. tutorialul.imi good like that and I hear many interesting things!

  64. tutorial.mai good and I hear many of which had no knowledge.

  65. but DDEC no longer continuo. 2014 stopped in November?

  66. .2015 pardon

  67. Robert Cristea said

    I can not I connect to page !! I can give anyone the link on page ??

  68. Mad Netis said

    Cristi Hello! ... I have read and comment above I tried those settings but nothing !!!
    I got the same problem with Netis WF2420 after a firmware update.
    It looks exactly like the one you have presented you, just as is 300 mb.
    Do not manage to get into the interface, does not see anything. No laptop, tablet, phone. SYS LED lit, and the WAN lit and visible light.
    I tried all settings and data you anything.
    Pretty please, if there is a possibility of the "revive, use the same term as the friend of the comment above, which seems most appropriate in this situation, please play again, you tell me and I if there is any solution ..
    I hope that the last version is not the total resuscitation hammered two Kg.
    Thank you and good day!

  69. ... ma.trimite.la.routerul.telekom ... cum.procedex?

    • Virgil Popescu said

      So I ditch and connected happens to the router interface Netis2471 and if you get me out of Netis Telekom router interface you have to do in this situation thanks

  70. Diaconu Catalin said

    Hi, I want to know in detail what exactly it In one email .. this has given me a neighbor router password to the wifi (Telekom) and I kinda weak signal .. this router amplify the signal? and how do the connection from Telekom Netis router?

  71. Hello

    good tutorial

    Auchan is now at 30 lei !!! Today I took one repeater station and does the job perfectly.

  72. Julian said

    salut.am myself a question about 2411 wf Netis router firmware updates and iam did not go I could do something with it?

  73. Hello,
    I can do when I can not use my roter site ... .I tried Netis 2419 all possible (or at least what I believe)

  74. Virgil Popescu said

    Hi I have a problem I Telekom net and a router Netis-wf2471 if want to set something in me that leads directly to the router router router Telekom not Netis What should I do in this situation Thanks

  75. Hello, I myself am the problem. I purchased a router Netis, all well and good until I started to bag the cables. The problem is the following: I have a modem on rds (black with colored green stuff) I put a cable from the modem router, I put a cable from the PC to the router. Wi-fi signal but does not let me catch I connect pc or laptop or phone. Can you help me please?

  76. Hey all.
    My name is Ciprian and I have a question and simultaneously a problem
    I have a router Netis-wf2471 and are connected to an internet Rds.
    I did router settings corespunxstoare But I have a problem
    1.emite wifi signal .My connect with tel ... But I can not download anything and this at other sites
    2.aceasta problem is encountered and desktop connected to the router

    Incidentally ... I unplugged the router net and I connected directly to pc ..
    And that limitation is gone.

    So please tell me what to do Cristi exactly which setting ... really?

    Thanks a lot

  77. Hello! I want to buy this model: http://m.emag.ro/access-point-tp-link-150mbps-pentru-exterior-tl-wa7210n/pd/D5DMZBBBM/ and I want to ask if I could set it to repeat my network, but not to keep the laptop on.

  78. Michael Boriceanu said

    Router exceptional quality price, we installed and covers better k k repeat the basic ADVICE !!!

  79. CatalinCR said

    Good evening ! I am in Germany. I connect to a hotspot from Telekom fon, could I repeat that signal with a repeater? (model Fritzboz 310 Repeater). Is there a possibility? HELP!

  80. Viorel Baciu said

    Hi Cristi look on the net now I am pretty please if you have time to get AjTi to configure the router Netis honestly do not know me but now goes to hard reset and connects you please give the no beep call you immediately Aces and .0745367259 Thanks in advance Viorel


  1. [...] Not recommend it because it is cheap and good, if you are looking for a cheap and good router, I recommend Netis WT2412 or TP-LINK TL-WR740N, I recommend wireless router Asus RT-AC56Upentru recommend it is a [...]

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  4. [...] Hi friends, today we will see how we can speed 300 or 150 Mbps (depends on network card) on wireless. Many of you have purchased laptop or tablet and have noticed that the wireless speed is not as high as you expect, that even if you are near the router. Due to the limited speed wireless channel bandwidth is usually router issue 20 / 40 Mhz instead the vast majority of cards are limited to only 20 Mhz. It must be said that not all wireless NICs can achieve 300 N Mbps, but many can achieve and do not do because of this limitation. To speed touch with your network card must have a maximum transmission power of the router and network card can be operated in 20 / 40 for wireless B, G and N are very important drivers, you must have the best drivers, preferably on the official website of the manufacturer. Careful. N150 wireless NICs can not go to 300, they are limited in the factory and you do not do. The tutorial is for those who have network card N300 have N300 router and network card still only go up to 150, or for those who NIC N150 and not actually get on the 65-72 DESAT Mbps. If you do not have a router, but no bloated budget, I recommend two routers that I have, are quite good and not expensive at all. TP-LINK TL-WR740N a wireless router super cheap and super good Netis, a router and repeater capable, small and very cheap [...]

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