NEW Google Maps Street View and Navigation Turn By Turn now in Romania - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will present the premiere of Street View on Google Maps for Romania, besides this new feature in Google Maps, for our country and we provide turn by turn navigation type, function navigation works on PC but the best Android phones go on, although it is in beta, there is even a voice that tells us what to do, just as dedicated navigation software.
Last night before I go to bed I found the navigation function of Google Android phones, I was so excited that I went out to test was 2: 30 night, this feature was available only for USA and Western Europe for Romania was left waiting long.
Soon I will do a tutorial on Turn by Turn Navigation function free from Google Maps, to one another to enjoy a virtual walk along the streets of Romania on the computer screen, unfortunately at the moment only a few major cities in Romania are covered The Street View in Google Maps, definitely the whole country will be covered quickly, the Google team moves quickly.
Street View can help us preview a location before you get there, for example, we can see where you are going to vacation, often those who are disappointed buy a wealth of location. Using Street View in Google Maps you can find in 5 minute hotel looks like they are going to leave and its surroundings will make, that way you can avoid any "Tepe".
Enjoy a virtual walk in front computetului, hold the mouse arrow on the map and go on vacation.
Pleasant holiday.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. I have discovered before you>

  2. What special gadget that you use?

  3. very nice tutorial but I more than hold times mam rereleased the tutorial and learn a lot from you note 10 + I remain with you until the end of the note you are 10 and many health and good luck to all

  4. Hi Cristi, I'm desperate. I want to install windows 7. But the problem is that I 5.1 realtekalc883 and driveru system is not compatible with Windows 7.

    • istvanHi Cristi, I'm desperate. I want to install windows 7. But the problem is that I 5.1 realtekalc883 and driveru system is not compatible with Windows 7.

      Well who stops you to install a driver for windows 7, run the Realtek website and download the driver, often to update the manufacturer delays on DVD drivers and motherboard drivers are unlikely to find if you bought May 1 before.

  5. I sat anxiously to see where is Simona Sensual drink coffee, and when there a lousy coffee :))). What's more, this is Romania, a café bistro's fancy :))!

  6. not have the more accidents driving ... you did ...

  7. But make no blog articles ...?

  8. but images are not present are old, and not in real time acualizate

    • myhay: But the images are not present are old and nusunt acualizate in timpreal

      If you think a little, you will realize that it is impossible to restore all images at short intervals.
      You do realize how much information is stored on Google servers Street View images?
      No thinking not think how long it takes to rebuild it ...

  9. is OK. thanks

  10. Interesting but for the time being. Bucharest and several cities but there just streets principale.La me out with all that has over the locuiotori 400.000 even downtown arata.Asteptam it can not be solved in time.

  11. Yes, it's good to have appeared in Romania (finally) Google Street View, but seems more developed has most updated images and more cities are included.

  12. cristian watermelon said

    You can make a videotutorial how do online video platform

  13. Cristi, that function only works for mobile phones with Android on them or go and the others that have different OS?

  14. Why do not I give the little village out in the right as in the tutorial?

  15. I think all I have found the answer to some small towns do not give little man

  16. Interesting tutorial, I'll download it myself on google.

  17. This application is particularly useful when we go to women, as it helps us to find them more easily.


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