New in Android 4.3, changing permissions used by applications (App Ops)

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about updates coming in the new operating system Android Jelly Bean 4.3. As you probably already know is available a new version of the Android operating system. In today's tutorial we will see what options we have in Android OS interface 4.3 Jelly Bean manager and how can we access permissions for installed applications.
When it comes to news in the graphical interface of the Android operating system 4.3 we list some:
- the option for autocompletion when dialing a phone number is deactivated but can be reactivated.
- The camera application is improved and offers better control over options
- some new frames and preconfigured colors in photo editing mode
- a new option in the advanced settings for Wireless: Scan always available, allow the Google location service and other applications to search for networks, even if the Wi-Fi network is disabled.
- The photo sphere mode in the camera application has been improved
- the ability to create Restricted Profiles for those who use Android 4.3 on a tablet. A good thing for those who let their children use the tablet but want to protect them or restrict their access to buy or use certain applications.
A complete list of all the news of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 found here:
Another option currently hidden and highly interesting in 4.3 is Android (App Ops Optional Aplications Permisiions), a place where we can manage permissions used by installed applications. Unfortunately App Ops can not be accessed through already existing settings in the operating system but will have to install a third-party Play Store to access the App Ops interface. The application is called Persmissions Manager and is free in the Play Store. This application (Permission Manager) is just an App Ops interface and can not be used on earlier versions of Android.
App Ops can check what permissions those applications require and what kind of information they have access. If you see an application that we believe should not have permission to read sms or logs for missed calls, we are able to restrict its access to such data or can even uninstall the application said.
given that there is this App Ops in Android 4.3, it is likely that in the near future Google to introduce an interface or a place to access it directly from the operating system settings. Towards the end will say in the source code of the operating system Android 4.3 were found lines of code indicating that Android will support video playback 4K (XXXHDPI)


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  1. It seems that permissions can be set since the installation of applications

  2. ionescu said

    This new restriction option will not be able to be used for more "illegal" purposes, in the idea that the permission to verify the license in the store could be deactivated.

  3. LucianGL said

    thing with license checking is done for some time and work

  4. danut81208 said

    I have this version of android samsung s4 4.0 running my half of phone functions. sx.delulare on the go and not much more, yet poorly

  5. I put CyanogenMod on a Galaxy Ace and the phone doesn't work anymore. It opens, writes "Samsung Galaxy Ace S5839i" on the screen and stays that way…. Any idea what I can do?

  6. Marius Cristian said

    The update will be available only on the Nexus range or other devices you will receive?

  7. I also have a request to make a video for Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660) how to increase the internal memory with the help of the 8 gb card ……

  8. ionescu said

    LucianGL: This thing with license checking is done for some time and work

    I knew I can do, but requires root and an application. But this is something officiate and it would be weird to be able to.

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    Marius Cristian: Update will be available only on the Nexus range or other devices you will receive?

    This is only up to the manufacturer because their devices do not receive an update from google, it is their responsibility to download the Android 4.3 source and adapt it for the devices that have their hours on the market. Some manufacturers tend to "abandon" their devices and no longer offer updates for some models that they consider outdated. Here I would dare to call those from HTC who move very hard to offer customers the latest operating system, where you say that they have abandoned many devices in the sense that since the launch of some devices has received only one update to a newer version of android, other models I didn't even get that much.
    Precisely for this reason I decided to buy something from the nexus range. There are many other benefits

  10. Adrian, I had myself a question, which consumes more battery gingerbread or jelly bean the same settings?

    • Anderson said

      ionutAdrian, I have a question myself, which consumes more battery gingerbread or jelly bean at the same settings?

      Consume most Jelly Bean by Jelly Bean I default settings on S2 and more 1 2-day does not keep me, considering that I 2000mAh battery. Bilz-bliz has many more sites back to ICS or Gingerbread 2.3.4.
      Jelly Bean disadvantage:
      - Charging takes 4-5 hours
      - The system is more difficult to load
      - Consumes more RAM
      Jelly Bean Features:
      - It moves fast
      Advantages 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich:
      - Charging the 2000mAh battery in at least 2-3 hours / Jelly Bean 4-5 hours
      - Consume normal-medium / Jelly Bean consume medium-high
      - Opens the system faster at ICS / Opens harder at Jelly Bean

      Now each conclude, I pull the ICS was the best of all, charge only 2 2000-hour battery compared to Jelly Bean opens and heavy load and difficult but 4 5-hour charger 5V / 1, loading the same with one of 700mA, so the conclusion is to load faster for the use as quickly, not wait 5 dies hours after your mood if you want to play on it, or you're on vacation put it in busy afternoon and evening when it want to surf on it and it's not loaded, I say a little unpleasant.

  11. Adrian please show this and new how to install sopcast on Ubuntu PPA 13.04 not match sites on this version of Ubuntu and it's more complicated, we do not comprehend the trench a few who do not know, thanks

  12. I know this tutorial is not about my bad. Cristi I have a problem, I have a site on WordPress platform (well it does not matter) can not make a field that I have ip in cpanel at all. I tried host A or CNAME but nothing. I gave ping my site on their subdomain and answer without any loss, but when I copy the ip and place it in the address bar I get this error unavailbale Account Account unavailable

    Maybe Have Been Moved account, deleted, suspended or not activated yet.

    The Requested Resource Could not be found But May be available again in the future.

    My question is. What is happening? Why not respond to the ip? or vice versa? Something's not right. But subdomain go smoothly.

  13. Adrian Gudus said

    DavidAdrian please show this and new how to install sopcast on Ubuntu PPA 13.04 not match sites on this version of Ubuntu and it's more complicated, we do not comprehend the trench a few who do not know, thanks

    I do not see why not install Maxe TV, how to install Ubuntu TV Maxe existed in a video tutorial addresses you add in SopCast, you can add very easily and Maxe TV.
    Tutorial to Install Ubuntu TV Maxe find it at this link:
    Even though there is about Ubuntu and Ubuntu 12.04 12.10, the method presented in that tutorial works on Ubuntu 13.04

  14. Thanks Adrian, I installed TV Maxe and went well

  15. I would have liked to have implemented in Android 4.3 that “permission manager” application directly in the “setiings” application from Adroid OS, but maybe in the future who knows 😀

  16. you can do a tutorial about updating google maps "maps" on samsung s3 I have. or how to install IGO on android phones. "maps" - google maps do not show me exactly where I am in the city… the job is completely shifted. I can't really use this function. I would like to know if a location where I am at the moment can be saved.

  17. Valentin said

    Do you have any idea why I have not yet received the update to 4.3? I am owner of Galaxy Nexus

  18. Hello,
    I have a Galaxy S4 model SGH-M919 T-MOBILE USA and installed version of the 4.3 from T-MOBILE but in language settings I have the option of Romanian language, it is possible to install a program or what not to benefit menu in Romanian? I would like to make Root can be without?
    Thank you, all the best!

  19. I learned a lot from you in the tutorials that you make, explain very well and explicitly intelesu for everyone, and thank you for everything you do.

    I met a problem in Windows and give head odd in any way.
    Pecizez: I changed windowsu, I put other windowsuri: 7, 8, 10. all operating systems problem persists. hardu lam reformatted at least 5 times when I tried with different windows Links to solve the problem every time I have been formatted hardisku.

    So my question is as to fail to give Pernis files, and do not understand why?

    I leave you a video below, to understand me better

    Please help me in this than in all problema.Sper soul to find solution this problem.
    I beg and I apologize that I wrote my problem here coment but did not know how otherwise to make contact with you, you are my only chance and hope.
    Thank you and respect you very much

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