New in Android Lolipop 5, user accounts

Hello friends, today I will present you the most interesting feature introduced with Android 5 Lolipop. It's about the "users" or "user accounts".
These accounts allow us to keep our data safe, while offering the phone to someone, such as a friend or child. Thus, when we offer someone else's phone, we enter the "Guest" account orGuest"And from that moment our data will no longer be accessible. Basically it is as we separate phonesJust as is done at separate software, just like on Windows.
Android 5 Lolipop officially arrived on several devices and unofficial majority. Soon Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and others will send OTA updates (Over the air) for most phones and tablets.
You must have felt a little awkward when you handed the phone to a friend. "to look and he". As more than 1-2 minutes passed, you started to worry. It is normal to worry in this situation, because each of us has a lot of data stored on the phone.
What are the sensitive data on your phone?
Password wi-fi
Words stored in the browser
Facebook Password
Password Google
Password Yahoo
Twitter Password
History Browser
Sessions navigation
Data logging various stores
SMS confidential
Emails that contain private data
Pictures and videos embarrassing
IPhone / iPad, iCloud account
On Android, the Google Account
And much, much more likely to not have you thought!
Once you receive the update Lolipop, use the user accounts you borrow someone's phone, and remember, put the password or unlock pattern on the administrator account.

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  1. After the update to lollipop did he do a factory reset? I have a midrange an Lg (L90 d405) and after the update to the lollipop it has a bit of lag… Should I do a factory reset? Anticipated thanks for the answer.

  2. The update to be available on a lollipop against Philips S388?

  3. lolipo not only can be done. I have a phone that can do this and android 4.1 can have shoved that company factory

    • Lolipop existed before the entry methods of user accounts in ROMs. In many cases, this function has been ported to tablets.
      Official though, it was introduced phones with Android 5 Lolipop function.

      • Costelina said

        it's very good that we have this opportunity as Windows
        now a question, I saw a movie a long time ago not even know what was the name
        Chinese or Japanese was a boy and I do not know walked past a large panel (a screen) and,
        smart walked on his website and changed ala advertisement panel with some images of his own.
        is that possible?

        • If the panel has a wireless communication interface can be hacked.
          If there is no interface can not.
          In future panels will even senses. Will display contextual ads in Pound for users who are in radius of action.
          For example, if you pass near the panel, you'll see advertisements chicks that urges you to buy a S6.
          If a user goes older advertisements will be displayed with pension funds and Prostamol.

  4. Sebastian Remus said

    Thank daaaar nice loud as I find no setup to me, mine, LG Leon!

  5. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    I need a recommendation… What is more worthwhile, a Karbonn Sparkle V or a Karbon Titanium S6? You can recommend me something else in the same price segment. Thank you!

    • Of the listed 2 I would choose Karbonn Titanium has S6 simply because 8 GB storage space compared with just 4 Sparkle V GB, and of those around you probably 2 GB available. Which is very little these days. Even without all the memory to install games will fill up fast and when you want to install a specific application to make you encounter a message that tells you that the storage space is full and you can not install the application. S6 has a better camera compared to V (theoretically, if we take the no. Of MP) if you are interested in this aspect.Dar if 4 GB storage space Thank you I would choose the Motorola Moto E, although neither Sparkle V does not sound bad . Both phones have specs you chose better (on paper) in relation to the price we have. Now you and how you want to use the phone.

  6. Valeriu Voicu said

    For me it's not new, owning a tablet toshiba AT10A about a year that has Android 4.2 and can make multiple user accounts.

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  8. You can recover data even after formatting, looking Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional, for me had very good results.

  9. Neomorphy said

    Hello, do a good job and will always follow. I have time to do when you have a presentation to package applications Greenify + Wakelock Detector (working very well together). Everyone thinks they want to have a good battery autonomy as smartphonurilor. Thank you and wish you a pleasant day!

  10. Lucian said

    A tutorial Backup cuTitanium would be appropriate if all you talked root.

  11. Manea Cornelia said

    Hello, I like how can I maintain all data on iPhone and Android that I want to delete everything on android because you sell? What should I do not to delete data (email, Facebook, video, photography, etc.?

  12. Lucian said

    Tell me please how I made it android oneplus 5 the one I've been searching and have not found a tutorial

  13. CORNEL said

    I have a Note 3 and it has been updated to Android 5, but I can't find the option to put more users… there is no one in the top bar… there I only have settings… it depends on the phone?… I wouldn't believe it…
    thanks ....

  14. sal gave an update to android lg 90 and 5.02 updated and are not pleased with him can someone help me I want to bring back the one before 4,4,2

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