Anti ransomware anti-encryption NEW files in Windows Defender

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NEW in Windows Defender anti ransomware anti-encryption files
Hello friends, in today's tutorial we'll talk about the security of important or precious files. We'll even see how we can protect our precious files from the ransomware infections that, once our computer has infected us, will encrypt all the files and so we will lose it.

Controlled access folder

It is a new layer of protection added to Windows Defender with the new major update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, which is already available from 17 October for the Windows 10 operating system. If you do not have the update to Fall Creators Update, you will not benefit from the new "Controlled folder access"

What does Controlled folder do?

Through it we have two features called Protected Folders and Allow an app through Controlled folder access.

What does or is Protected Folders doing?

Well, this feature allows us to add a folder or more to an "armored box" that is supposed to block viruses from accessing the files in that folder. Basically, if we have the Contrllef access folder enabled, the system automatically protects system files and files in Documents, Desktop, Music, Photos, Videos, Favorites, but not other files that are likely on other partitions. Using Protected Folders, we can manually add the most precious files to a folder, and then add the folder to the Protected Folders section.

In the case of a ransomware infection that will encrypt all the files in the computer, it is assumed that the files that were in the folders in the Protected Folders section will not affect encryption.

What does "Allow an app through Controlled folder access" use?

This feature allows us to add an app to the list of applications that have access to or can use, modify, add or delete files from an existing folder in Protected Folders. If you happen to use a more exotic application that the system will not allow to write, modify, add or delete an existing file in the folders in Protected Folders, you can add the exotic app to "Allow an app through Controlled folder access"

Basically, the operating system already offers automated access to popular or friendly applications (as they are called by Microsoft), but if it happens that an app complains that it can not access or can not modify the file X in the folder, the existing Protected Folders, you can add it manually.

Video Tutorial - NEW in Windows Defender anti ransomware anti-encryption files

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  1. Hello. someone has escaped cryptography. [[Email protected]] .arena?
    I tried some decoders but I did not succeed.

  2. Very nice. Thanks for the tutorial and I am extremely curious how this protection behaves to a system infection like Cristi's tutorial.

  3. can not find folders or encrypted files with linux?

  4. The problem is if we have another antivirus ... ..the rejoicing is if it deserves the change from Avast free in Microsoft Windows Defender. What do you think ? I really care about ...

  5. For Windows 8.1, is there something similar? Thank you!

  6. I also use Avast Antivirus and this option is disabled by you. And I can not even activate it, it's inactive. Antivirus can handle this thing.

    • Adrian Guduş said

      It does not handle this work. To enable this feature, you must use and enable Windows Defender

      • If we disable the current antivirus and activate Windows Defender to enable Protected Folders, then return to our regular antivirus, will the Protected Folders setting be preserved?
        Thank you!

  7. Good tutorial!
    Off topic: Can we do a step by step tutorial how do we become amazon affiliates to promote links for their products and make commissions?
    I think it would be of great help to many of us!

    Thank you

  8. Mihai Badea said

    I do not think a demonstration video tutorial is necessary. If the Adobe Premier folder or Photoshop folder is protected by default, it is logical that the program will have access to it, right?

    • Adrian Guduş said

      Not. I have spoken quite clearly in Romanian but if you are harder in Romanian, let me explain.
      When you add a folder to the Protected Folder, the system is not so smart to automatically allow access to the application or applications that will use or use those files in the Protected Folder. You ask too much intelligence from an operating system!
      The demonstration for which I asked you to write my comments on whether to do it or not, refers to a whole other thing!
      So (although I explained clearly in the clip but with Romanian it is harder for me, who knows ...) To intentionally viruse me with a ransomware that encrypts my data and see if files added to a folder in Protected Folder will be protected if they get rid of being encrypted by ransomware infection

      • Speak more beautiful people, do not be marlan.
        What about these dummies? "Although I explained clearly in the clip but with Romanian it is harder for me, who knows ..." or "I have spoken quite clearly in Romanian but if you are harder in Romanian, let me explain. ". He speaks nicely with the man. He asked because he did not know / was not careful. She did not give her hair, Review your behavior!

  9. Mihai Badea said

    Thanks for clarification. It would be really interesting to see what a ramsonware infection looks like and how our important files escape untouched.

  10. Stefan Vlad said


    Does this update apply to Win 10 Home or Win 10 Pro?

    Thank you,

    • Mihai Badea said

      In the articles I've read, I have not read anything about a difference between the two versions of Windows. Instead, I learned that not everyone will see the update because Microsoft makes it available in stages. Not all computers are eligible from the release of the update. The upgrade process takes several months.

  11. If you can a quantum firefox tutorial and how to get the addons we have before (eg NoScript, Beef Taco etc). Thanks!

  12. I have recently noticed on the "free" movie sites that the processor is being used to the maximum. AM bitdefender free edition and it stuck in my chrome with bitcoinminer, is it possible to bite bitcoins for others while watching an online movie? It seems to me a serious security issue, considering that not just on a site this happens. You can do a tutorial about it.

  13. George said

    A tutorial about GrandCrab and BitDefender's No More Ransom project is possibly Cristi? Adrian I think he's a little busy lately ... Thanks in advance!

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