NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and the alternative Telegram and Gmail

What is it about in the video tutorial PRIVATE or temporary messages on Whatsapp Gmail Telegram?

Video tutorial - NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and Telegram and Gmail alternative

In the NEW PRIVATE messages tutorial on Whatsapp and the Telegram and Gmail alternative, we will see what is the difference between private conversations on WhatsApp Gmail and Telegram.

We will see how the people from WhatsApp have implemented the temporary messages function and how this new function in WhatsApp compares with the confidential message mode on Gmail and with the Secret Chat with self-destructing messages on Telegram.

Tutorial - NEW PRIVATE messages on Whatsapp and the alternative Telegram and Gmail

What does the new Temporary Messages feature in WhatsApp do?

Temporary messages are messages that are deleted after 7 days in the case of WhatsApp. This is an arbitrary period that we have no way to change.

Compared to other solutions offered by the competition, the implementation of Whatsapp is a bit thin and comes a bit late.

Enter on this page to see everything about temporary messages on WhatsApp.

How to activate temporary messages on WhatsApp?

Temporary messages can be activated for a contact or for groups.

For groups - enter the group / menu / group details and from here activate temporary posts

update to the video tutorial

For contacts - Touch the contact icon / press the right button marked “i” and from there activate temporary posts with that contact.

The competition alternative for "private" or "temporary" or "confidential" messages:

gmail: offers the possibility to send emails confidentially (see menu options while writing an email)

Telegram: when we talk about confidential, private or temporary messages, no matter how you want to say them, Telegram is from my point of view the best. Activate the secret chat mode with a certain contact and choose from the menu the expiration time of the messages, from one second to one week.

Tutorials privacy, privacy, etc:

Video tutorial - NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and Telegram and Gmail alternative

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