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Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about two very interesting service from Google. Specifically talking about a Google image search (Search by Image function that is part of Google Images) and other functions to sort results by subject and about the Google Recipe Recipes or rather Google.
As you probably know already, smartphones with Android operating system allow us to take a picture of an object and in a few seconds Google tells us what it is in the picture and gives us even information about this software for Android called Google Goggles. Until a few days ago, this function was present only on smartphones with Android operating system but now this function to search with an image is available for Desktops. More specifically we can load a picture from our computer or give a link to a picture on the internet and Google will tell us in a few seconds what it is in that picture. So if we have a picture of an electronic device, a play mechanics, a gadget or a dog and we do not know what race comes, if apartment or backyard can upload photos in Google Images and he will tell us what is the picture, what breed of dog is in the photo and so on depending on the subjects of the photo.
Google Recipe is an interesting service and allows us to look for recipes based on foods you have on hand. Assuming we have the fridge 2 eggs, a tomato, a cucumber, onion and chicken, and we have no idea what we could cook with these igrediente using Google Recipe it will suggest recipes that can be cooked with ingredients we wrote in the search engine. Advanced functions located on the left side of search enables us to further filter the results. If we do not like tomato juice, can eliminate this ingredient from Google Recipe results and we will only provide recipes that do not require tomato juice, we can even filter by time these recipes can be cooked. If you do not have very much time to cook, Google Recipe will only suggest recipes that can be cooked in less than minute 15, 30 60 minutes or minutes. Also if we are more careful with calories and silhouette can use Google Recipe filter will give us recipes that contain no calories more than 100, 300 or 500 calories. It's amazing how much technology and tools that Google provides us with valuable free. We just use them to make life easier and save us time is the most precious element in everyone's life. That being said I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how to effectively use search with the help of Google Images and Google Recipe Search by image.

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Adrian Burlugeanu....

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  1. sailorriver said

    And we thank you for tutorial

  2. Ticuta said

    use the work, does not appear to me Photo aparatu can not add a picture from your computer to take ami optin data appears only thing you gotta do with the keyboard?

    • AdrianGudus said

      use the work, does not appear to me Photo aparatu can not add a picture from your computer to take ami optin data appears only thing you gotta do with the keyboard?

      To use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. About these browsers already have tutorials in case you do not know how to use. Just enter the name of one of the browsers in the top right search box and hitting enter.

  3. Darkside said

    Finally I may not be here after this tutorial I see that your visitors still ask walpaperul Adrian.Ei can now simply take a screenshot with the image that they like and they will find on google.
    Thanks Adrian for tutorial.Ati could you doing tutorials on Ubuntu?

  4. Google's getting better Thanks for the tutorial

  5. mytzusky said

    @ticuta: For now, this feature works only in Google Chrome browser.

    • AdrianGudus said

      @Ticuta : For now, this feature works only in Google Chrome browser.

      Not true, it can be used on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chromium, Google Chrome but not in Opera look like. Check before posting comments that could induce visitors in error.

    • Darkside said

      @Ticuta : For now, this feature works only in Google Chrome browser.
      Not really I use this option on firefox.

    • I looked 9 pa IE and it works.
      In other news, thank you very much for these tutorials (especially because you lose a lot of free time), because when we are inquiring, I run to the subject and solve my problem.
      I read several sites with tutorials, but you say that you are the best.

  6. search images just go on firefox and google chrome I read this news release, but I do not know what site I read

    • AdrianGudus said

      search images just go on firefox and google chrome I read this news release, but I do not know what site I read

      Internet Explorer 9 go Search by image

  7. I was wrong, I realized shortly after I wrote the comment Ebook Reader is different from a tablet :))
    Anyway, thanks for promptly. Make a good job! Good luck

  8. linux996 said

    Make a super job guys, I have a request: Make a tutorial on how to change the firmware on the phones or other devices such as routers. Thank you in advance!!!

  9. 5.0 firefox final: D said

    It seems that people from Mozilla have progressed in terms of speed, considering that most users Firefox nor were usually well with the version of 4 has (Firefox 4, launched with much fuss in March after a long series of beta releases) and has already released the final version of Firefox 5. Admittedly, the kit installation browser to download currently only found on the Mozilla ftp sites, and will be made public only on June 21 2011.

  10. 5.0 firefox final: D said
  11. provide that Google will be sued by tiney

    • AdrianGudus said

      provide that Google will be sued by tiney

      I don't know if this will happen and if it will, I don't know if TinEye will win, no one has the resources of Google and its power. Google is able to identify image for a very long time on mobile phones, did not invent the TineEye wheel… (search with images)
      I have never heard of TinEye in my life, the first time I see you now… to see how "important" they are 🙂

  12. more specifically recognizes google image after her expressiveness. nice tutorial

  13. Catalin said

    Hi! Where can I get the browser Chromium OS ?????

  14. cristian watermelon said

    you can make a tuorial about TotalMedia Theatre 5 please?

  15. It is not attached great.
    I loaded a picture that I did my dog ​​and did not even realized that it is a dog who showed me pictures that have almost the same color as those of my picture. I find inutin when it comes to personal photos.

  16. I did some tests and it seems that they identify colors first. If you do not write the description is nothing, give erroneous results. I do not think personally that will be functional soon on GOGU perfect, but I'm sure they do!

  17. Hello, ajutama, I am not the one with the picture icon appears in pc.Cum .Sa are looking to defend me?

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