The new Origin application from Electronic Arts with free streaming games - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will present original application from Electronic Arts, in one place we can play our game demo on PC or streaming method, a kind of semi-online games with extra graphics (requires Java).
I realized a while ago video tutorial on SteamAn application with free demos and full games, Origin is a little different because it uses streaming with which we can play online exceptional quality. The advantages are obvious streaming, primarily not install anything, it uses only storage for specific files.
For games streamed instead we should have a very good connection, also have to give up your downloads in the background (uTorrent, DC + +, YouTube) if you want quality.
We also have online games on the original (not streaming) with a pretty good graphics but they can not compete in quality with streaming games, you can find streaming and gaming gaikai.comPractical and original application Gaikai platform uses all.
If you do not meet the Origin, do not forget that there is also Video tutorial SteamIt is more mature than the latter Origin and promises but let's not forget this is a beta.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. FaraVirusi said

    Cristi was right when he said that it needs a high speed net. I do my work gives me this error that tells me that I have too little speed to the net, although the test is that I stopped and messenger, and uTorrent, and all I consume quality audio tape but I still do not go.
    I will try and have a safe night that when higher speed net and then come with a promise feedback

  2. Hello Cristi! There are several platforms genu, cloud gaming!

    Try OnLive, it's much better and has many more games!

  3. on live games is much better and no matter what PC you have, all games are functioning at maximum quality

  4. Hi all. Cristi, about 2 days watching with interest tut. Opera's browser, and even began to like very much, unlike Firefox or Chrome. How to Tell your own, that's great, moves very well; and that will be your favorite browser from now. So how more use Firefox? (

  5. nice .. I hope to add more games…. the free

  6. Hi Cristi, You are the coolest .. But please help me with something .. That "Hero Rising" Game on the Disney channel .. is there ??

  7. you get on the program, I do not appear STORE, cn help me on mn? MS!

  8. You can also present Onlive… I have been using it for about a month… I am very satisfied ..

  9. What net provider must choose to have net quality?

  10. Alex:
    What net provider must choose to have net quality?

    Now we are testing, we will definitely make a tutorial about it.

  11. you get on the program, I do not appear STORE, cn help me on mn? MS!

  12. Cristi / Marius, get the revolution! Down with Basescu! No more INTERESTED YOUR COMPUTER hails from Timisoara ..

  13. The Best of World said

    It can make a totorial about why get a SSD instead of a CPU i7
    that is worth taking a i7 who's at 1300lei up when you can get an SSD with only about 600-700lei?

  14. Worry is not good!! I put FIFA 12 AND NOT START DUE IMI original program

  15. Hi Cristi!

    I also downloaded Origin and when I log on to the program I don't have the "Store" option


  16. sal cristi… you can do a tutorial about the onlive platform… I want to know how we can load it with our games from our computer… I have some games that I like a lot… ok…
    thanks ..

  17. laurentiu said

    sir, cri $ ti, $ ask me why and I do not go full cry $ i $, $ ite've seen sites that ask if i go on a $ gf210 saying that goes me tells me not UPort ™, I 4gb ram gb video card 1 128 bit 3.0 ghz dual core processor, and says he does not support the video card, what to do???

  18. Hello,! which means, (could not initialize videodevice: po) I wanted to do a demo of a game on the stem application. and the game did not open. I watched, the whole video tutorial with stem and I will try and with this application (origin) everything worked… ok.! until the demo opens.
    if there is a rasp. We warmly welcome you. and some tips that I have to go where the computer has improved matters!

  19. Cristi good I downloaded this app but I deoasebire to stream it if you give the free game asking me to buy them, and I'd like to play like free

  20. stefan bobes said

    I can not access my original account. I phoned them and they said I was going to send an email to unblock my account. I almost miss 2 Monday and nothing. Can I do? please help me I have a lot of games in origin and I paid a lot of money for them. thank you. please send me an email [email protected]

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