The new conversation mode from the Translate application helps us to talk to strangers - video tutorial

Hi friends, this video tutorial will show you how we can handle in another language, I do not mean the English or French that almost everyone understands, I mean the more exotic languages ​​that it is impossible to understand.
The Google Translate app on android was introduced some interesting news, a newly appointed conversation that until recently was not anything too spectacular for us Romans, but now with the introduction of vocal support for Romanian language this new option opens up new horizons.
Imagine going on vacation in China or Japan, how do you get with those people?
Translate conversation mode translates into any language that we speak in Romanian and not only translate but pronounced in that language.
The screen is split in two in conversation mode, on the one hand you have to speak, on the other side will speak "Chinese", exactly as I did in the tutorial.
As you will see, in tutorial, my pronunciation in Chinese is not very good, that's because I recently spoke this language.
Another very useful new feature is translated using OCR software (Optical recognition charcater) should not be how to make a picture of the text we want to translate then to select the finger phrase or phrases you do not understand and that we must translate translate them.
Google Translate for Android application is very useful to those who wish to converse with someone who speaks another language, maybe for a vacation in a remote area or chia to translate a call. If we take into account the translation OCRBasically use this application area is unlimited, we may limit your imagination.
Certainly in the shortest period Google will "sand" the pronunciation of the car, we have some similar services that show us that it is possible. It is possible to have a better pronunciation, and diacritical, even the observance of punctuation marks and paragraphs.

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  1. marian_91 said

    Very cool, now we also support Romanian finally

  2. marian_91Very cool, now we also support Romanian finally

    Support translate Romanian into long was perhaps you're referring to introduserea voice, yes this is a very important job that opens several new features that will be introduced in the near future

  3. Andrey said

    Works on PC?

  4. Very good tutorailul!

  5. how can we translate a video on youtube without subtitles ……… .translate only what is heard in the video

  6. Cristi terog do a tutorial on the best gaming system

  7. Mr. Cristian, like Mr.. End .. You can do a tutorial on the best gaming system but until 1500 2000-lei. Thank you.

  8. mishu: Mr. Cristian, like Mr.. End .. You can do a tutorial on the best gaming system but until 1500 2000-lei. Thank you.

    If I-NSEL were done tutorials on this subject. Search carefully and you will surely find!

  9. razvan said

    How hard you broke me, Chinese. what else did i laugh at…

  10. Mr. Cristian, I have a question I can not downlda nothing like the original saeturile, yahoo, others that do?

  11. florin Dron said

    Hello, I have a question cristi what phone you have, samsung galaxy i9105? if so, you're pleased with it? thanks

    • LucianGL said

      Cristi has a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 of 16 GB internal card, like the original versions of software can put ginger, ICS or JB 4.1.2, the phone is quite advanced and no matter how you try to know, will always be something new discovered el.Deci da is a very good, not to say that he and pen / stylus
      Phone is very good for me as part of the GPS very quickly connecting to GPS, but also lead somewhere 250 personally installed applications + games
      Of course it is not the best phone, but considering that it sells at £ 1200's quite convenient

  12. How do I create a theme for android.

  13. Anderson said

    Hello, how can I make such a PC monitor I connected 2 one HDMI and DVI on the other, how do you share your mouse and keyboard to the monitor HDMI and the DVI monitor. Two people can work on it at the same time. But be 2 mouse cursors and two keyboards on one PC connected to PS / 2 and another USB in my case. How can I make 2 mouse cursors on both monitors?

  14. Dragos said

    Translating this helps, but you should know some of the language in which you translate.
    I would not recommend to someone who does not know foreign language.
    The translation is done in vain. The tutorial shows the English translation with a different meaning. And that's not a coincidence - I've used Google translate many times. It is certain that it is not possible to make an exact translation (it is normal).
    The app is very good, but not for all.
    In conclusion, you need to learn something before.

  15. own a Samsung SIII and at least for me is very welcome support Romanian language voice very loud Cristi

  16. sorry to post here but it is very frumosa new interface to web-site 10 + bv note

  17. You changed the subject?

    • Yes, I Treece on a new design for several reasons:
      1. Speed, new clothes move better, much better.
      2. The same theme is used on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.
      3. Title fonts are larger, easier to read, not tired eyes, you can read from the chair stand back.
      If you are curious to see what "responsive design" means, you can zoom in or out on your desktop browser or you can enter the site on your phone, the site folds automatically depending on the screen resolution. Not only does it fold automatically but everything is arranged nicely.
      I gave up separate mobile theme because it moves very well.

      Hope you enjoy

  18. crystache said

    Off-topic and I hope I do not offend anyone.
    Wow what writing, take my glasses to zoom.
    I was scared the first time but know that the theme is awesome.
    Only talk about the work that you submit.
    Thanks VideoTutorial.Bafta.

  19. In my introduction Void function voice. It's just pen and camera.

  20. crystache:
    Off-topic and I hope I do not offend anyone.
    Wow what writing, take my glasses to zoom.
    I was scared the first time but know that the theme is awesome.
    Only talk about the work that you submit.
    Thanks VideoTutorial.Bafta.

    At first glance may seem large fonts but if you lean back in chair / armchair will see the advantage.

    • Yes we like the new theme is more convenient and makes surfing more enjoyable. Thank you!!!
      All the best!!

  21. Try and download IVONA voice is much better in Romanian.

  22. Too much white about it, I understand it's "responsive design" but even so ..
    My opinion is that you should not have to go so suddenly to another interface should be remain on the same design, and it can increase and font, etc..
    It's just a personal opinion, I do not hate the new theme, the old theme was perfect.

  23. carmen said

    It is the only tutorial that I could watch with Windows 8 of the laptop. All interested me until now, I had to watch on your computer. Have you changed anything?

  24. ITranslate Try and you will see the difference.

  25. Why are SXI

  26. yes sorry for what I said devreme.Sa know that is a very strong

  27. leroiv1 said

    Offline not go packets languages?

  28. Marius par Barbara said

    As I LOGA

  29. I translate into English Romina

  30. Cristian Mihaela said

    I tried translation from Albanian into Romanian. NOT GOING voice !!

  31. I have a question, I need to download to translate my messages on messenger on Romanian and vice versa?

  32. hello Tell me please how can download the English on the phone not to use netul or rather can download the desired language then it can be used without internet thanks.

  33. Friends who know how the program is called the Chicken eg a text in English and you turn it in other words all but has the same meaning in lb dak knows someone please write an email to [email protected] thank you

  34. robert Smith said

    I do not care!

  35. Serbanescu Gina said

    Good evening!
    Can you please tell me what is the application that instantly translates a phone call from one foreign language into another?
    It has circulated at some point on facebook but I missed a 🙂
    Thank you!

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