Nobody protects us from phishing, we have to defend ourselves! - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial will present again how can we defend against phishig's

First of all for those who do not know or have never heard of phishing in the following lines I will say it is and how we can combat this phenomenon
In the field of computer security, phishing is a form of illegal activities is obtaining confidential data such fidate access applications like banking, trading applications (E-Bay or PayPal) or credit card information flow, using techniques for handling identity of a person or an institution

A phishing attack consists usually in the attacker sending an email message using instant messaging programs or phone, the user is advised to give confidential information to win some prizes or is informed that they are necessary due to technical errors that led to the loss of original data. The email is usually indicated and a web address that contains a clone of the web site or the trading of financial institutions. Most phishers use this method to get bank details.
A few recommendations for your computer safety
1. Never open an email attachment that comes from an unknown source or unreliable.
2. Do not open an e-mail, unless you know what it is about, even if it comes from a friend or partner. Most viruses spread using e-mail. It is easier to prevent than to fix, so ask for a confirmation from the sender.
3. Do not open an attachment to the message with suspicious or unexpected subject. If you want to open it, first save it to your hard disk and scan it with antivirus updated.
4. Delete e-mails or messages you do not want. Do not forward them or reply to their senders. This kind of messages are considered spam, because it is undesired and unsolicited and it overloads the Internet traffic.
5. Do not copy a file if you do not know or did not come from a trusted source.
6. Be careful you do download files from the Internet. Check the source of every time and make sure that an antivirus program has verified the. If you are not sure, copy the file to your hard drive or on a CD or DVD and check it using antivirus own.
7. Make back-up files regularly. If a virus destroys them, you can replace them. It is recommended to store these copies in separate locations or even on another computer or hard copy.
8. Every time you have doubts about a file or message, do not download, do not run or open it if it is unreliable.

So in more Romaneste you are the only ones you can defend yourself from phishing
Practically traps and the gullible will fall for them.
As you saw in this video tutorial from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera already include anti-phishing modules but unfortunately no browser can really protect you.

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. I looked and I was stupid… I have no words where it ended up… good that the gabori lords know how to put in the dust a babuta who took out a harag (stick) from the ground that marked the area of ​​land drawn by the "lords" from cadastre but no one sees them in these leaks of society…

  2. Very good tutorial. BRAVO CRISTI….

  3. if you crash your 2009 bitdefander amtiphishing page that has a block in all brawserele to me like it

    • SRJ: If you crash your 2009 bitdefander amtiphishing page that has a block in all brawserele to me like it  

      the tutorial page you tried it?
      maybe he stops some pages somewhere but a 'well done' one still fools him

  4. You're right Cristi but on this crisis we also need some money. We better all hack each other ………

  5. LucianGL said

    There is a method rarely used, I see it more certain that any antivirus.
    what I mean:
    we have a PC (confidential data is removed from the start) and we want to enter a site, open a keygen, a torrent, a file attached to something, or we want not to be afraid to enter somewhere… remains the sure source of to use at least one virtual system in which to "test" all these things

  6. beb3_mykk said

    WOW>… .are strong people copy even worse ek ordinary man… and especially older people hbr do not have what is that psihing… .and how many have not been fooled so far… :(

  7. Corleone said

    Do you know how things are? It's good that you still got to my vb remember (THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW HOW TO KNOW) But what happened tziai lost inspiration, ???? Itzi send a list with pr free, you can do about them tutorials, (Come satzi mai I say something loud that you support, and indeed you are right, I have a self-install link that if you click I am on your PC) but this is not my fault that I did it but those who go there, as for others… you know what would be / miamrescris bios as malasat renelu! MULTA BAFTA

  8. Corleone said

    Forgotten and for that SCZ do one about Visual bass world knows that when put in pc download: find yahoo pass to see the room without knowing, flood, with this in the pc to who you want it to mes punetzi ,,, intzeles ,, sure you keep up the work :)

  9. @Corleone:
    What I did in this tutorial is not called phishing, is called Anti-Phishing.
    You used to ask us "to do phishing to teach the world how to avoid" we can not do phishing demonstrations because children are watching us, we do NOT want to be a place to learn nonsense , we want to make the world a better place, not to train criminals.
    I know what you want but we do not know that stuff like that, always to show a protective methods to keep people aware of the methods they use malicious people.
    It is a shame for those who do that are really talented Phishing and cease making ugly stuff.

    The illusion of easy money made everyone crazy!

  10. @admin_cristi: Very true thing with the talent of those who do phishing… .. but it is just as true that no one is interested in grinding this diamond…. no one stimulates young performers in Romania. If we support young talents then Romania could easily reach the forefront of Europe….

  11. Why do the good young people of Romania choose to go abroad? Because the country can't offer them almost anything… with 800 lei per month you don't live even 2 weeks… .. And why does this happen? Because we have an incompetent leadership, only eager to make personal fortunes about what you said to Christ "The illusion of easy money has driven everyone crazy !!!"

  12. @Andrew:
    If you are not able to do anything in Romania be sure you do not concurentionale out where systems are very well developed.
    You can also go out to work in some "SLAVE" positions, positions that they don't crowd.
    Should go out when you're ready to give up dignity.
    No win no longer out how to win before.
    And there are cunning people who take advantage of you.
    Lately all that I know not manage to raise money for increased costs and wages have decreased.
    Wine and there are Chinese or Indians ready to work 24 / 7 for 300 per month.
    Earn good few years ago but is now no longer win.
    What to leave out, to be their slave, to do their dirty work.
    First of all I'm human and I have dignity.
    If someone gives you an outside post for which you are prepared and you made school worth it if I do not think it's worth it.
    There is no rule about what is happening in Romania.
    November citizens of that country are stupid and go wrong.
    As long as Becali will be appreciated, I'll get stupid.
    As long as a can-can to read, I'll get stupid.
    As long as you do not get involved to do something, I'll get stupid.

    As long as the CAN-CAN SITE ARE 230.000 visitors per day and VIDEOTUTORIAL> EN ARE 2.800, I'll get really bad.

    Do not bother me as has 2.800 visitors per day but does not bother me that people want to learn something that would stay in the head, valuable knowledge that could use a job, you can say that if know how to use your PC have a job in addition.
    What you learn if you go on CAN-CAN??
    It shows what level of thinking the Romanians, that's why it get worse, not Basescu fault, not the fault of birth, Iliescu's fault, not the fault of Ceausescu.
    WE are to blame for that after I'm stupid do not even want to be better.
    Everyone wants to make a football player, no one wants to be a doctor, MU ONE wants to be a teacher for the teacher TRAMWAY COMES TO SCHOOL FOOTBALL PLAYER AND COMES TO TRAINING jeep.
    Salaries WANT, WHERE IF produces nothing.
    Watch yourself what are you wearing, most CLOTHES ARE FROM CHINA.
    Go to the market to buy something, finds nothing ROMANIAN sales.
    Produce nothing, we live on credit, spending money that ultimately AJUMG in China or Turkey.

  13. @admin_cristi: You are right, but there are also Romanians who go abroad for managerial positions and who, if he stays in Romania, could make us produce something, but if no one encourages him, no one stimulates him, then of course he chooses to go abroad where the state he also gives him the raw material and pays for some utilities…. and of course he also has a profit but that country also has a profit…. And with the can-can the problem is that the media promotes such nonsense and does not promote something educational and useful because this is the tendency… they want to dehumanize us… They want to make us worse than animals…. People with influence became schoolless shepherds who knew how to be scoundrels….

  14. @Andrew:
    I want to go out to your career success construct a domain top.
    But the percentage of highly trained people who left the Maserati for which they are trained.
    Mostly leave: baby sitter, waiter, dishwasher, caregiver for the elderly and mostly thieves and beggars who then come home and give big business "I made fraternal combinations" "I managed" "I made them suckers."
    The most productive branch of work abroad is prostitution.
    The recipe is as follows: the girl leaves to work as a maid or bay siter / gets there / right click her passport is taken / left click is put on the product / takes out a few hundred a day / money is sent in small installments by western union do not blink) / money is used for other baby siter / ite then the whore (now paid) comes home at one year and can no longer figure (he got used to the idea that it is "baby siter").
    So to make good money out without.
    Romania's chance is the "IT" field because this is how India has developed a lot, which is now a world leader in software production.
    As a young man you do not have other options, so if you learn good computer everywhere you chances for PC language is a language internetionale, you either need a lot of IT specialists in Romania and worldwide.
    Computers do almost everything we need people to manage, Romania does not have good specialists in this area, there are more amateur in this field, but many will not know what to do.
    It is best to do what you love and you will definitely succeed only doing what you love can be powerful.
    No need to pick a profession in terms of gain, you have to really love what you're doing or you'll be an average human lifetime and you will not have any way of rewarding career.
    Let me give you a sample of thinking:
    Many friends ask us if out money, we answer that we do not get any money yet, we know they answer, we're stupid, we say that if we do not get money no tricks.
    It's all about money in Romania.
    Everything weighs in cash.
    Do not make money, you're wrong.
    No point in doing anything if you get money.
    Some tell us to put something up for sale on the site, we have answered that not sell anything, of course we made handicapped. wants to teach people how to effectively use your PC, how to use the software, how to avoid the dangers on the Internet, we do not want to take money from visitors, do not want to fool anybody with anything, if sponsors will look good if you do not.
    Think if they had read a site like in each area, how smart could be Romans.
    I hope that the Romanians wake up from their sleep and get their hands on what they have learned, because only this way we can become better, you don't learn anything from "can" but really nothing.
    As for your opinion that the fault is media argue that men should not be like sheep, are smarter and I think we can choose our fine without influence.
    Or maybe we are like sheep!
    Think of Romania that could be better if we all trained in different fields.
    What the hell are others smarter than us?
    We are an intelligent people but we waste our time reading FREEDOM and browsing "CANCAN.RO".
    We eat curiosity: what's done with mihaela dani, what's done Andreea Marin, which has done sexy braileanca.
    We are exxxxxtrem of goons.
    Even as we are like sheep.
    You see, we are now a country with all the young people were all trimmed EMO EMO EMO all dress that would be the difference between sheep and humans?
    Now why are not EMO are minority and therefore are more exclusive.
    Come as we kind of away from the subject Phishing, I get crazy.

  15. @admin_cristi: Maybe we should send by mail a link to this tutorial many banks in Romania, until it happens to convince or will not take masuri.La our country many have never heard of measures to prevent something to happen raul.Trebuie Specifically, a robbery, a man die, otherwise deget.Uite not move a case that was in Cluj BT robbery, a bank must be well guarded by one man with a stick? Let's be serious, bufneste me laugh :). Their profits from million poor can not afford to pay people to guard proficient team or to make a secure site.
    Not to mention the fact that the population is not even educated enough about these frauds, how to avoid these traps or how to make an online payment, etc. Woe to our head…!

  16. sal guys, very good and tutorialula this, I watched with great interest k on almost all others I also have a question that is not related to the tutorial, which I can dak the any USB stick The 8 gb and gave it to someone muzik him and brought him back when I do my work, helping me and me what to do with it, stick it in the computer knd sounds from usb like but I would go there nik, no window, and open dak give him gives me the error of my computer, is there to do something with it? any order something may not know or it throw.

  17. I also received this message from the mail :) not a once-3 4 times

  18. boby_admin said

    Knowing that sticks longer hurt
    If the warranty's fine if you can not throw it away

  19. @dons: Do you have NOD32 version 4 ???? Know that the node automatically blocks everything you connect to pc, usb, stick… so if you have NOD32 version 4 (latest) tell me to tell you what to do…

  20. am nod32 am kaspersky internet security, so knd bag sticku shows me ka found a new "hardware" but I can not open it from my computer, and stiku is not guaranteed so k I can throw it away

  21. @dons: I say don't rush and deactivate or even uninstall the antivirus to see if it works without antivirus… I've heard that kaspersky blocks the sticks !!

  22. @dons:
    You tried to right click and "open" or "explore".
    If it works it means you have a bug walking on the net lately especially on yahoo messenger network.
    If nothing works so try it on another PC.
    If nothing works then it has died.
    Sticks have a very short life compared to hard drives, if a stick he would have the OS that would go into one would not last more than months at a function 2 27 / 7 is that's a little less than the hard drives that can run for years (the server).

  23. aerosol said

    I agree with you mostly ..

    I know I strayed from phishing, but what I would add:

    Time is a limited resource, it depends on us how we use: can-can be read either we start even teach one another about computers (for access to a tremendous amount of information), or see a movie like Zeitgeist, End Game, The Big Picture .. and we clarify how things are.

    Once you realize how things actually should come forth accountability, and motivation to change the world for the better. Even with a seemingly simple thing, an educational site as videotutorial or something ..

    Cristi and Bobby .. you all my appreciation!

    I wish you all good health and success!

  24. It's really nice and well copied site`ul

  25. sal, it's not because of the antivirus, k all that guy had and when it was good, I did open and explore and nothing broke k I k I tried it on other computers and the same

  26. @Adrian:
    nod32 about 4 version: I get that yellow icon and clicked on it and I say I have to do something update.Stii how to make me not alert?

  27. @Irinel: How lucky you are that I just put it on today to see what it can do at node 4… follow the steps:
    Open node
    Going Setup
    Click the Advanced Mode Togle
    Then click Enter entire advanced setup tree…
    You go in the Tools list on the left click on the plus to expand the category Tools
    Click on System updates
    In the right window choose from arrows pointing down that No updates
    Click OK and that's all ready
    It was hard not?
    yes and a restart after these settings!

  28. @AdrianAdrian give me a review on this site 32 knot again. How is it? It's good? Or is it just the old that is good for nothing? And how's resource consumption?

  29. Cristi, you should know that I also looked at the websites of the banks in Romania and of all the banks I looked at, you should know that only 3: AlphaBank, CEC and BCR have a secure site, the rest none were willing to secure customers… And we did this survey on 41 banks all Romanian or with branches in Romania. It's something that should give us food for thought about the level of security on the internet that a bank is willing to give to the average Romanian.

  30. thanks Adrian

  31. @Andrew: For now everything is fine… what I saw changed at nod32 ver4 that it has a more grandmotherly detection, but the pope has a little more resources than previous versions, he sits quietly in the tray next to the clock… he doesn't say anything until after he has updated his virus signatures and when it detects a virus, they put 2 new modules in it don't bother, it doesn't give you all kinds of popups… but it still remained weak when it came to detecting viruses… I will also go back to Avira

  32. The word phishing comes from the analogy that is made with "tricks" on the internet that throw bait like fishing, "stinging" e-mails with needles that throw them into the ocean of the Internet in the hope that an unsuspecting Internet user (sucker) will bite the bait, thus providing passwords and financial information they want. The term phishing was coined by hackers who embezzled AOL accounts and tended to replace certain letters with more interesting ones for them in this case "f" with "ph". PS The young people who brag, threatening to leave, just have to leave but don't forget that for good jobs they have to be damn good (competent) and unfortunately too many Romanians choose the easy way to make money.

  33. @ Doni

    Do a scr., Put the image somewhere and give us a link, maybe we can find a variant. I had a friend who still saw from 4 gb 250 kb and managed to "restore" it with a program.

  34. @ Alex, sal, I was someone who deals with this stuff and said ka died: '(sin d he was a good stick 8 gb, the only option is to go to the guy that I broke down and to take my other:-)

  35. George Iordache said

    I absolutely agree with you Mr. Cristian on dissertation related to our people. As one who was often abroad will give right again. It is obvious that you are out of a very good computer and a very keen observer of everyday life and a man of the city as they say. Congratulations! How good it would be if we all think like you! Our problem is the mentality of the Romans. If other people have reached a high level of development is because they have had and still have a healthy mentality based on hard work and honesty. I was right after 1990 in Germany to Munich in crossing to France. On a side street in front of my hand went a German woman with her son aged about 5-6 years eating a chocolate. At one point threw chocolate packaging in a garbage can that was already full. When he noticed his mother rebuked and put down to lift his pack and put it in your cart. Enlightening, is not it?
    It's amazing, is not too much to repeat each time that you make on this site. SICERAM congratulations!

  36. sal, we found some artsy themes for windows, if I put a theme that I'm going to go wrong calculatoru me, k I saw other forums saying k k no good to change your theme to the computer k no to go well, is it true?

  37. @dons: It depends on what kind of theme you put, there are all kinds of themes… for some you have to apply a package to windows to be able to use them, for some not… some themes only change the edge of the windows start menu and taskbar others like vista inspirat changes your dlls, libraries in windows shell more precisely you will have other icons, the files will look different…. we also have a tutorial about Vista inspirat… you can find it with the search at the top right of the page or you can go to the section Playlist where you can see in a list all the tutorials… You choose if you want to install a theme or not… those with transparency effects and which will change your windows icons yes will consume some more resources and if you have a weaker pc no I recommend you to install such a theme!

  38. radunebunu said

    the ones from the bank announced on the radio that people don't trust such a thing that many of them fell into the trap… I couldn't believe that I also deal with clients…

  39. Very good tutorialul.Mai find out what country we live.

  40. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    You can better promote this site through extreme advertising: newspaper, TV, radio, leaflets, even manifestos if possible. Aim for another category of public, the market is big and there are places. If you are interested you can do on the site various tops, contests… even games that would stimulate the visitor more. Offer assistance to those who do not manage to give up sour comments, I mean remote assistance. Missing the "donations" section on this site, but you have to think about what we encourage us, the visitors, to make those donations. Instead of "complaining" that has I don't know how many visitors, because the Romanian public likes gossip, and has as many as it has, because it lacks something, the competitive spirit in the admin should be awakened. of this site and to get more serious about it, giving up the sad comments that give the impression of a fight with the windmills. We Romanians are what we are and I don't think anyone will ever change us. stupid, etc .. but we are also: hardworking, humble, adaptable… etc. We all have flaws and qualities, only, our qualities are hidden by flaws because that is how the “jungle” in which we live trained us. I don't think we should wait until each Romanian wakes up, but a dozen faster people to wake us up. The team should think about what beat to use for sheep like us, to learn to manipulate the masses of visitors with a certain "sugar". I know, it's expressed a bit harsh, but that's the reality. I'm waiting for this site to flourish, I really want to, until then I greeted you. Respect.

  41. @Ionel cut leaves ...: Nene, you want a lot… it's easy for you to talk from the outside because you have no idea how much hosting costs and how hard a tutorial is! You want too much mocha… hear remote assistance… yes don't you want us to come to your house to plug your pc in, to clean your pc to install your windows like that without anything? As for the awakening of the Romanians, I try it if I tell someone that he is stinky and lazy, he starts to cry, alas, why are you talking to me like that… if you take the novel and want to wake him up, he swears at you for speaking badly to him and- You learn it well! It's very easy to give advice and you want a lot, yes, make a free website yourself and see how easy it is and how many hundreds of euros you spend on hosting to see if it suits you! I bet that if tomorrow there will be a Donations button on the site, no one will give, no one will donate even 10 thousand old lei and you know why? because that's how it is Romanian… let it go, sir, if it goes, let's look for free and what to donate? or if he donates 10 thousand 10 thousand he wants the whole site to take him home… How many of those who received help here on the site came and said thank you for solving advice etc? Very few… why? because the Romanian hurts his elbow… he sees his interest and then puts his palm on his ass and leaves !!!

  42. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    The problem is how much you want… because as a "surfer" I want a lot and I go where there is a lot to offer. Regarding remote assistance I did not say that you can do this "mocha", and yes… you can really do many things to others on the computer, things that seem small to you “wipe the dust, plug in”… against a small “donation”, you have to be patient and not give up. ”if you donate 10 thousand”… the secret is to know how to you make the man draw his own conclusion that you deserve to offer you 1 leu, that's all you need: 1 leu. Let's not forget that it's for educational purposes, it's something constructive.

  43. @Ionel cut leaves ...: That is why this site is for information, education, and not one for services! It is not possible to be white and black… or purely educational and without obligations on both sides (you as visitors and the site) or providing services, you paying and we provide only after your payment! If you are from Vaslui and I am from Bucharest, I can't come for 10 thousand to plug in your PC or wipe it until you come to take me by car… one on top of the other, leaving the joke to a part is not so easy to do them all and thank everyone! AND YOU CASURFER SHOULD HELP SOMEWHERE AND OFFER SOMETHING IN EXCHANGE… NOT JUST US AS A SITE !!! THAT IT IS NOT A PUBLIC AGE TO DO YOUR NEEDS AND DRY IT! IT'S A PUBLIC SITE! that EVERYTHING IS GOOD THERE MUST BE INVOLVEMENT ON BOTH SIDES AND YOU AS A VISITOR AND US AS A SITE…

  44. boby_admin said

    @Ionel cut leaves ...:
    You're absolutely right and understand very well what you mean and trust me that we have thought about these things but can not do anything without money
    Vidotutorial is a server investment period and then maybe invest in advertising
    Deoacamdata Videotutorial grew to nearly 3000 unique visitors on their own without even invest in advertising 1 lion
    We know very well that time will come and they will need to invest in advertising that many people do not know that there
    At the moment the priority is to deal with the infrastructure of the Site and after one to tune everything then we can focus on other things

  45. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    @Adrian: the distances between us, being "internet users" or as they say, have no value, we are practically in the same dining room, you just know..Well, why everything has to be only white or black ? For example… Alex has a penchant for web design, and maybe he has to honor a project, a contract. Do you think he wouldn't find help here? Among us there are those who are good at something, or don't know how but want to learn, you can even you take care of us, those who want us to learn to do something. Just put a little love and patience in what you do, in addition to the trust you must have in those around you (we, the visitors) and not be so "cold" man, be gentler with us, that if you learn to work with us you may have satisfaction.
    @boby_admin: money is and will always be a problem. I, as a visitor, what could I bring to this site?… let's say I want to change my field of activity toc and precisely because of you..I am attracted to this field… I learn quickly. .What could I do with it?

  46. @Ionel cut leaves ...:
    I agree with you, soon we will put up a section for donations, who wants, who feels like I've been helpful and of course who can afford a soon to support site with any amount.
    As well a help and 10 100 euro cents and do not get us wrong, it does not mean cadging is a way to raise funds from those who want to give, who does not want to give anything to be there.
    It is a method that helps to gathering funds and support of future projects.
    WIKIPEDIA relies solely on donations and we will try to do so, until now we have avoided annoying banners on the website of the kind that jump you in the eye and not the future we will not have that kind of banners.
    If you will not recoup expenses from donations site will appeal to advertisers but common sense and that relates to what we do here (IT).
    Along with launching the donations we hope to tighten every month as much as need for server maintenance bills.
    The amounts will be made public at all times and try to make even an instant update.
    We do not know yet whether it is better to publish the names of those who made donations, if they wish will come in a ranking similar to the reviews, we do not yet know about publishing consultant to those who donate, as one who donates 10 cents will feel the wronged girl who donated at 100 euros.
    Perhaps we publish names without public the amount donated.

  47. You're talking nonsense, if you test two antiviruses and a firewall, it doesn't mean that no software is protecting you. Try Norton Internet Security and be more careful next time !!!

  48. @Marian:
    With "me" you can address yourself in the country if you do not agree with something you do not have to talk to me.
    First you went a bit by Rascaieti namely
    It has no connection with antivirus Phishing
    It's just like any other site have been advised that a clone and not run out of money on the card or your nemaipomenitul antivirus Norton Internet Security bunghi's the deal with that site
    If someone makes a site identical to the video tutorial, does Norton jump on it? …… and they will say .. be careful that it is a clone

  49. cristinica said

    i want to mail these to be able to make a report plzz

  50. bv for tutorial

  51. Alexx_bat_boy said

    Cristi see the original page from top left Raiffeisen Bank wrote: ALERT phishing attack! .. CLCK you gave him?

  52. Saki Dennis said

    If you would be to choose between the 2, I think many would choose the fake deoarecee is much better than the official one.
    Cristi anything but respect for Bravo

  53. georgia30 said

    Thank you for this tutorial! It's really useful. Next time I make my payments on the net I will have better eyes ..

  54. Hello Baetica that make this job great help .. I have a question if you know the approximate when you do a tutorial on PayPal?

  55. Cristi Congratulations, you did (as always) a very useful tutorial.

  56. deaconuandrei said

    The BCR is not the same. All pages are secure.

  57. Julian Braila said

    Very good tutorial. Congratulations….

  58. Cristi's right, instead of pulling the slick track after the torrent, apex, DC + +, etc.. to let fuck to download as will as all the viruses will ever face and deal with hackers who are phishing

  59. Cristian Dima said

    All respect Cristi and all your colleagues are strong and you doing tutorials, I will watch whenever I have free time and I learned a lot from you as a man does not know why it all and will never send you the link to the tutorial above all friends and everyone you know.
    I wish you well Cristi Sinaia.

  60. sklipy said

    It's the same now, no main page of any bank is secured .. please how many transactions do yo I'm not passionate about their online security and the security they claim to offer in the bank with their security with everything and even if I have something to do, I prefer to go in person, I don't know why, maybe it's more Romanian, so I have no idea online :)) Anyway, I tell you 100% for sure that if you were out anywhere in this civilized world you appeared directly on the front page in newspapers and on prime-time TV with such news, but not with us if you present that Ion or Petrica from the country killed his wife you are considered No. 1 that you presented a topic of national interest ..nah how are you? Congratulations for the tutorial and it's a pity that the tutorial was not and is not appreciated at its value, something like "Promoted Tutorial" should be put in a column

  61. buna.Cristi enter I see most phising.te please attempt to make a tutorial for everyone to see

  62. Christians, I am interested in the law to detect such "dangers" related to computer fraud. Do you think you could help me or give me suggestions where such information and complaints are collected? If you wish, we could continue the discussion at the specified email address.

  63. As I said I'm interested in detecting such fraud information. We can talk by email. It can make a forum in which to announce any illegalities observed. It would be easier to counter these illegal activities, and others that occur over the Internet. Regards!

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