NVDA and Ivona between now and the blind can use your PC

Today we pay attention to the visually impaired, for them We have prepared two software with which they will be able to know what is on the screen.
NVDA is a screen-reader software, it is in English and a little robotic synthesizer sounds, which is why I turned to Yvonne, a pretty Romanian digital voice who knows very well, even with diactitice.
Normally NVDA should go in tandem with the synthesis engine of Windows, unfortunately it still does not support the Romanian language, so I turned to Carmen (voice of IVONA Romanian).
I tried to keep everything as simple as possible, we have to consider that people with sight problems have much experience on the PC, I hope I was able to simplify the process of setting up.
Before I found these simple settings I searched and tried several solutions, we stayed in the couple NVDA + Ivona, this setting is simple with the best results.
Since this tool can benefit different categories of users, not necessarily just the blind. Even sloths can use this setup for reading books without pictures.
Download NVDA (From sourceforge.net)
Download Ivona (Commercial, free trial)


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  1. Andrew said

    Yes, there is and Loquendo, and sounds super good, http://www.loquendo.com/en/demo-center/tts-demo/romanian/ It sounds great, but I have bought. Even Tirala not I found this software. Does 2 voices Joan and Michael.

  2. Eh, while the blind use voice synthesis and / or other programs that are based screen reader. Good that you touched and explained this type of utility programs. Another software is JAWS from Freedom Scientific, mainly voice in Italian. It seems that for them, deficientii of view, it's easier to work with it: office, internet and email, instant messaging.

  3. daniel said

    These softwares are useful in case the user gets bored reading (news, text tutorial, etc.).

  4. ciprian said

    When you tutorial with OnLive + + tablet: MINI CONSOLE CONTROLLER?

  5. ciprian: When making tutorial with OnLive + + tablet: MINI CONSOLE CONTROLLER?

    We'll have something even better, surprise…

  6. Hello!
    Thank you thought of us, but the world must know that blind people use the computer since the roar of windows 95.
    There are at least very good 3 screen readers for Windows and JAWS I mean, COBRA, Supernova and not least NVDA.
    Linux, the most used is ORCA. Just like you said and you in turorial, it sure would be if these screen readers and their voices should be subsidized even if not free as in fact happens all over the world.
    Very few people know that blind people can use a computer as did those who see, obviously, with little interest and patience as it is otherwise in the case of those without vision problems.
    maybe you surprised to know that the site Association of the Blind http://www.anvr.ro Pontes association or website http://www.pontes.ro are made even blind.
    I myself am blind and through site http://www.tiflo.ro I try to give a helping hand to those with vision problems.

  7. Daniel said

    Cristi sorry to tell you but for the blind such software is useless, there has long been a software that can not be replaced (at least that's what the blind say) is called JAWS for Windows and is produced by Freedom Scientific and costs a lot of money and some states subsidize him to see what software it is, it takes you a long time to learn it but how much does he know how to do…

  8. cristian said

    I am blind and use something but NVDA, but jaws. 13 14 jaws and jaws are used for PC and are much better than NVDA. I did scriptures sites and jaws. it is for phones and PCs. if you want to really help the blind and tutorials can give you more details and how to install and some keyboard shortcuts that you know how to better explain to people how I would do it myself. I'm glad you thought of the blind seer who bully you first do this. again good luck in what you do.

  9. mosanton said

    Look what I found… Do you think the song is familiar? 🙂

  10. mmg1818 said

    NVDA uses the CPU a lot.

  11. The prototype said

    Hi, Cristi! I want to correct you. At the beginning of the tutorial you said that you have to LOOK (the blind). I don't want to offend, but they can't really look… since I can't see! 😀

  12. cristian said

    You're wrong. First you have to know the blind and then tell you what to play I said to look is about anoastra that just can not tell them that you have to touch the internet. so we say. and must not picking on this topic because it really does not make any difference as I said look instead to say that listening or pipe. and if you do not believe me you'll get some more of my friends or saying that just because we are so accustomed us. We see with your fingers and it is called as we see most often not as PIPA. very rarely hear a blind that will say yes to the touch. most will say yes I see. but the thing that does not matter what I said in the previous comment.

    • The prototype said

      Sorry if I offended you.

      PS: Thanks for more clear! Have no idea what it's like to be blind.

  13. In my opinion, the computer can be used much better with a keyboard than with the mouse. For example, NVDA + down arrow read without break lines below NVDA + F12 telling the time, NVDA + t window title says so. NVDA key is practically the Insert key. So it was called by those who make the NVDA, Jaws those who called it the key Jaws, etc..
    Several keyboard commands can be found in the Start Menu \ All Programs \ NVDA \ Documentation \ Commands Quick Reference.

  14. ............ said

    It would be cool if there was a software that can help a blind via microfon.Cineva microfonului.Adica give commands by saying that Windows Vista can really give voice control microfon.Este?

  15. Lucian Bădoi said

    0Bună evening, I am blind and use the computer for some time and I'm doing very well in most activities with him, from surfing the internet to work with more complex programs, music players, video, video converters, sharing programs, but all these things are just with the keyboard, it is a program that you use for a long time and is called Jaws for Windows.
    Currently it is the best and most complex screenreader and has a multitude of commands and keyboard and mouse can handle all the keyboard, eg navigation control keyboard mouse combination is done by the block insert indent all the numeric + numeric keypad, and click the left and right are / or * on the numeric keypad.
    There are many things to say about this program more than 15 years helps blind to use a computer almost like a seer.
    It is a problem, do not read all graphs, for example, more complex Flash applications, programs like Gold Wave newer versions, and some graphics, but I do not know how to give details on the type of graphics, some are even blind programmers who have made websites and many types of programs and scripts.
    NVDA is an additional program like Window Eye but not so complex, but have this thing Jaws does not have it, reading when moving the mouse.
    It is appreciated that even though you have not known how the computer works a blind, have presented one of their friendly solutions.
    Much continued success.

  16. Reading the comments I've even learned and other special programs. They are good even for sighted sloths

  17. cristian said

    Anka if you do not know what you talking about? ie how blind people are lazy? ie we do not need programs to ease our work? only those who are allowed to see life and those who do not see it? trying to think how if you do not mind I can not give you to me that I would give much pleasure. Before you say anything it would be much better to actually think. there are many blind people who know a lot more like a seer and that does not matter? any program or application that eases our work is welcome. because there are many applications that we're doing that we do not translate any site nor Nvidia jaws. and those who see it and so do we need to handle ourselves. if we want something to ease our work does not mean they are lazy.

  18. Cristi, Anca did not say "for the lazy blind", but "for the lazy sight". If you keep using Eloquence at high speed, when it seems like a suspicious word, read it in letters.

  19. STEFAN said

    Cristi please help me out. to me in Romanian IVONA vb not and do not know what to do. Please more

  20. cristian said

    It's jaws and 14 32 64 the bit or 13 which has only in Italian voice. 14 voice but also in Romanian Simona is if you let me-ter or your messenger id and I'll explain how to install your jaws want. if you do not go perfect your Italian and Romanian 14 having.

  21. where to send text id here?

  22. cristian said

    You can give the text and send it to solve.

  23. I sent ms contact videotutoriak.ro and more

  24. cristian said

    At that cristi you mean Stefan? If you want to know who you're talking at least somewhat Tell us understand who you mean. If you mean shefu this site, tell us something and I realize that he's all crystal.

  25. AlexCristi, Anca did not say "for lazy blind", but "lazy seers". If you still use your eloquence at high speed when you feel a suspect word, read it in letters.

    Thanks, Alex.

  26. STEFAN said

    He is also head of videotutorial.ro?
    I asked that they do not know
    thank you very much

  27. Adrian Tamasan said

    Hi Cristi, and hello to all others.
    I am blind, and I join the opinion of the Blind commented above with your own opinion.
    JAWS for Windows from FreedomScientific.com is really the most used screen-reader in Romania and since version contains a voice in Romanian Simona from RealSpeak. Although the bulk of users have pirated versions of JAWS, NVDA totusieu think that is almost as good as Jaws, and if we count it's free, then I think it weighs more. And maybe a free one is safer than money and Cracu.
    Finally, going over it, there are two inaccuracies that you made in the article, or even three.
    One, the fact that NVDA is only in English, which is not true.
    NVDA can interface in Romanian and eSpeak can speak very well in Romanian, even more accurate than Carmen from Ivona, even if it sounds like. It's normal, because they are two totally different types of TTS that works.
    But compared with IVONA eSpeak is more flexible, and more responsive.
    The second inaccuracy is related to the fact that blind people are not very experienced with computer.
    Well, that's false. There are many blind at an advanced level of computer use are a very handsome number of programmers and web developers, as said above and Golddy.
    I myself have created a lot of sites and for the blind have a dedicated on http://www.nevazator.info site that's created all on wordpress, and where we talk about everything related to technology for blind people or topics of interest to them.
    Before leaving Romania, I was the first roman blind who had the courage to open a business on the internet, and here I refer to http://www.electroniceonline.ro who was an electronics shop that operated between 2007 and 2010.
    I closed when I emigrated.
    Completely blind myself as I run the site, and the hartzogaraie was held by my wife who has no vision problems.
    So I think I have enough arguments to this second point.
    The third inaccuracy is related by the insurance company settlement programs. So something is not done in Romania, and even if there are some mentions about this issue in legislation dedicated disabled, practically never heard even a single case of the blind in Romania is to be settled any software kind.
    So stick to pirated software, or free as N ~ VDA.
    Then, in response to a comment above may say the attempt is not true that NVDA CPU load more than Jaws.
    That the tests, if necessary, and make a report about this data.
    The truth is that NVDA is much less resource-intensive than Jaws, especially if it works with eSpeak.
    The reason so many blind people in Romania use Jaws is because they are more familiar with him, and learned from each other how to use it, then NVDA is a relatively new software, and only in the last two years had improvements both substantial that it can compete with the Jaws of equals.
    And believe me, that now even do that.
    Then, in terms of use, NVDA has everything a home user computer, and more.
    So, this is strictly about preference and habit, when talking about the comparison between the two software.
    Apropos of the above remarks, I prepare to write a series of articles on NVDA nevazator.info about the idea of ​​showing that NVDA is a Roman blind equal competitor's Jaws, the only thing that would have even the price.

  28. Adrian is quite right. I know this man very well and everything that said I'm sure he can prove. is a man who knows much art programming and even I and many other blind people know about the internet and we found it difficult to access the Internet right place. Indeed NVDA is a program that I think is much easier to install and very easy to use just like Costco and indeed all jaws is the most used by people. for Cracu to find him online and we do not need to buy it. but there are many who do not know about Jaws is a very good program for Windows. The advantage with the old NVDA is that he had only a stick and not have to install it you could use it directly on the stick in any computer. But why are we here and there are others who can help spread these programs that all blind people know how to use one of these readerele screen which greatly eases our internet browsing. I'm glad there are more people here blind and I thought I'm the only one. By subscribing to the comments but I've learned that we are enough to support something we know. Thank you too Cristian Cismaru anyway it's nice and wants to help blind community spreading these programs useful for those who only see fingers.

  29. Hello everyone!

    Maybe this is not the right place to ask for help, but I'm stuck and I have urgent need of guidance.
    (he said "urgently" because I only have access to the computer until tonight - he leaves the country -)
    He asked his blind girlfriend Simona install JAWS +.
    Installation went smoothly but do not know how to select settings in JAWS Simon.

    Technical Details:
    Operating system - Windows 7 32bit
    JAWS - 14.0.1037
    Simona - Vocalizer-

    Thank you in advance!

    • Eventually I managed

      PS If anyone needs 14 JAWS (32 / 64biti) or Simona, send a message on facebook.
      (search for this name => Pinduur)

  30. Flower Cosmin said

    Dec this combination is super, I use Ivona only for "reading", I as being visually impaired, I wear glasses all the time.
    Now I can use your PC without major headaches with this software.
    Thanks so much for this Tutorial

  31. Catavarga said

    Bravo, you are ASI in IT

  32. dami and Ivona me if u have it dascarcata

  33. My email remus [email protected] expect???

  34. Howdy,
    Such programs exist for Linux?

  35. Hello March interested in an app free for a blind person to read his agenda for android interested can call March tachscrim you help me?

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