A new pop-up feature in Gmail, multitasking for webmail - video tutorial

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about a new feature introduced by Google for Gmail users. Specifically it is the new way of composing an email in Gmail, New compose experience (experience of composing new e-mail) as Google calls it is a unique way to compose a new email. Basically when we want to send an e-mail, we will not have a whole window dedicated to composing a new e-mail but it can be sent and composed of a pop-up window.
What do we help that?
Well, many of us when we send an e-mail may want to quote or paraphrase text from another e-mail. In the old way, if you wanted to copy text from another e-mail and then "paste" it into the new e-mail, you had to give up the e-mail you just composed to search through the e-mails you received. the text you needed. You went to the Inbox, searched for the e-mail, selected the text and then went again to Drafts or "Unfinished Messages", selected the e-mail you gave up and then started rewriting and "pasting" the quote in the new email you wanted to send. If you happen to have copied the text incorrectly or vice versa, you would remember that in fact you had to copy more text, the ordeal was even greater. You had to give up e-mail again, go to the Inbox again and you already want my head explaining 🙂 Imagine going through this every day.
With the new way to send an e-mail from a pop-up win everything changes very long time and just use Gmail account. I personally have never seen such a facility offered by other service users free e-mail. It greatly eases one thousand jobs. That being said I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how to use the new way to send an email using Gmail from Google.
CAREFUL: This feature is at the beginning of the road and it is very possible that some users do not have access to it yet. Unfortunately, there is nothing to help you get the new facility faster. The only solution is to be patient until you are notified of the "new way of writing an e-mail" in your account.

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Enjoy !

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  1. Very good idea from Google

  2. A good initiative from Google and can be especially helpful if you use a notebook or a tablet.

  3. Misto good for touchscreen tablets were weak and not write!


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