A partition from multiple drives

A partition from multiple disks
A partition from multiple disks

A partition of several disks…. for what is possible

Even if you have the impression that this tutorial will not be used immediately, it's a good idea to understand how dynamic volumes work in Windows. It's good to know how to make a partition from multiple drives.

You will also understand how some configurations are made on the servers, where the volume space needs to be very large.

Why merge multiple drives into one partition?

A few days ago I installed Bitcoin Core on Windows. While installing, I realized it would take a long time, because it has to download the blockchain.

This blockchain has some 240 GB and is steadily growing.

During the download of the hard drive that I chose to place the blockchain, it was a load of 100% and the writing speed was a few KB / s.

It lasted about 3-4 days….

SSD blockchain download - A multi-disk partition

When I realized the HDD was a wreck, at this task, I decided to download the blockchain on a SSD.

Unfortunately for me, I only have two SSDs, one 240GB Adata and one 120GB Sandisk.

The blockchain has some 243GB, normally does not fit on any SSD.

The solution: gluing the two SSDs at the software level

Joining two or more drives in a single volume, partition, can be done very easily with Windows or a partitioning program like EaseUS Partition Master.

I have chosen EaseUS because it is more stable than the Windows utility, and a plus has other useful options.

How do two or more SSDDs or HDDs merge into a single partition?

Watch the video tutorial…

Download tools used in the tutorial:

EASEUS Partition Master

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A multi-disk partition - video tutorial


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  1. Hello! if i'm creating windows. what's happening with the partition?

  2. Gelulache said

    Windows is a program, you can not format it. A program can uninstall, update, modify it, not delete it yourself. You can format only physical support, such as hdd, ssd or a memory stick.
    When you install an operating system you can format the entire physical media (hdd,….), In which case all partitions disappear, or only that partition where you had the OS before and then that partition remains. You can also "delete" the entire physical support and distribute it as you wish.

  3. Laurentiu cake said

    Hello Cristi.
    I think there is a big disadvantage here, and that would be if it cracked a hard disk assuming to lose data on the second. Also, recovering data with recovery software is still incomplete / impossible.
    It's true? Thank you!

  4. Eduard said

    Hi Cristi. Can you please give me some 7 links that are safe 100% ???

  5. Ticuna said

    Cristi Hello!

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Can you tell us why you needed BTC core? blockchain? Any future projects?

    Thank you

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