OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

OnePlus is 3 the fourth OnePlus phone from the Chinese manufacturer. In contrast to the OnePlus 1, And X 2, 3 OnePlus comes casing made entirely of metal (aluminum space :) Buttons + SIM support metal, ceramic fingerprint sensor, in the Romanian "can not find plastic or if you're looking for.
Because metal casing, do not go through radio signals, was used antennas injected into the grooves of the casing; Thus achieved a similar design (+ iphone + htc Huawei) and Bulbucata room resembles the HTC One M9.
Although borrowed from all OnePlus is 3 very personable and extremely well executed. Kind of like a super model taking lips of Angelina feet from ... .. etc, until something comes out perfect. The housing is made of aluminum block, the turning, not the press that other phone on the market, so it keeps the rigidity of the whole assembly. Aluminum alloy from which it is made OnePlus is 3 quite stiff and can resist a bend test.
The screen is AMOLED type and is called "Optical AMOLED" × 1920 1080 resolution. AMOLED is covered with Gorilla Glass 4, which means that the phone will be more resistant to small scratches that annoys us all.
To my eyes, that works very well, pixels are invisible. I do not know what the hell I see others, but for me 1080 enough.
Leaving aside what other journalists IT rambling, 1080 using a screen on the phone is a much better choice than a screen 1440. The idea is that the graphic chip has managed just 2 million pixels, instead of 3.6 million; This means less power consumption, less heat and games running more smoothly. So only advantages; Or maybe you prefer the VR ...
Fingerprint reader!
Below the screen we have the fingerprint reader, which is unbelievably fast; almost "so there!" At first I thought it was bullshit sensor to it, and that does not detect fingerprints because it is damn fast; But it is real and fingerprints detected with great accuracy and speed. Probably the speed sensor is due to the ceramic layer, which is dirty / scratched harder.
That will not keep the jar is super cargo; And the pictures and videos are super quality. The camera is much stronger than OnePlus One More fully in the review where we talk about rums and ROOT.
The battery!
In review, I did not have time someday.
Like her brother fingerprint reader; Dash is called technology and is the fastest boot on the market. 5 amp charger injected 4V the time, that 20W. Peak summits is that the phone stays cold throughout the load, the task of managing the load being taken Charger, which warms him in place of the battery (a kind of hero). We know that the battery does not like heat or cold - is deteriorating quickly in extreme temperatures.
Charging times
64 30% in minutes
100 57% in minutes
Faster than S7 or G5 who 3.0 Quick Charge technology from Quallcomm
Break everything. Samsung Galaxy game sweep S7, G5 LG, HTC 10 or anything else, period.
This phone is incredible. What is missing is only waterproof, who knows, hurt sound speaker and microphones.
Euro 399 on the official site
or in Romania:
OnePlus 3 mobile phone, Dual SIM, 4G, Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, 64GB, 16MP, Android 6.0.1, Graphite
Video Tutorial - OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

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  1. decebal12345 said

    A few days ago I was thinking you wonder if you're going to beat you buy this phone, given the reviews of the first OnePlus.
    I wanted to ask you:
    -root (but see that you passed)
    -merge 4G both senses? But 4G from Digi?
    -Battery (see as follows); I saw printscreen with 9-11 hours that I seem hard to believe
    -read cost altogether
    -carcasa you get? I read somewhere that you can not buy in Romania. You can select it with your phone and to pay them appear as unavailable

    • Ie how to buy it? - I bought it already!
      I bought "the individual" I have not received a gift or for review.
      The review will talk about everything.
      Housing is on the way.
      Dual sim 4G (two slots)
      399 euros altogether, brought to the door.

      • decebal12345 said

        Thanks for the reply.
        You misunderstood ... ago about the week I wanted to ask you whether you want to buy (hopefully to do a review for me too I'm of a mind to take him; I have a S6 Edge + that are dissatisfied May mainly because the battery), now I have seen that you took.
        -4G From Digi work?

  2. Cristian said

    Congratulations acquisition and expect your opinions after a week user.

  3. Cristian said

    How did you get the speed of the wifi? Did you do anything additional settings? I can not only obtain max. 100Mb / s, I 1000Mb from Digi net. Note4 we got on the same terms max. 150Mb / s.

  4. It is a beast with a card

    • Basic version has 64 GB. It is sufficient in memory plus it is super fast read-450MB / s and write-180MB / s. Find you a card with this speed UHS-1; You need fast writing speed, because you 4K shooting, big games, rushed processor. The slick micro SD UHS-1 has 95MB / s read and 90MB / s write. No more shall I / O CPC weak with small files. Apps on an SD card loads more difficult than the internal memory.
      The SD card is good, but 64GB internal memory, not pointless.
      We Popcorn Time, cloud services, synchronization methods, etc; What do you need SD card?
      Aaaaa, you leave the mountain and have no net; You can spill phone's internal memory or on a stock External HDDby OTG.

  5. Mircea Enescu said

    Also following a videotutorial did you OnePlus I took a one and not regret a secunda.Acum me sick grav.Trageam eye a while to model it yet though it's hard to separate me from that in op1 2ani days it worked impecabil.Astept forward to the next videotutorial details, if perhaps tehnice.Thx Cristi.

  6. Hello, can you please tell what are the steps you need to follow them for buying this phone? I have never bought anything on sites outside! Thank you and congratulations for all you do

  7. Razvan said

    Nice phone, and I want to take it but I have a question: If you order from their website by DHL the same way you did, you have to pay taxes / VAT / Customs avnd considering it's free shipping?
    Thanks, Keep up the good work.

    • OnePlus 3 command on the official site and get it home by DHL, without extra charges or transport. Payment can do it directly by card or through PayPal. I paid through PayPal.
      399 euro all the money they pay him.

      • Cristi I got sick with 3 OnePlus
        2 options are PayPal and Visa only. Initially I tried VISA, but all I said something went wrong and try again in 10 minutes, I tried about 5 times ... same error. I entered the site at VISA surprised that there were RON, below is a link that still gives me the transaction rate. I do not know why that would not be effected with VISA transaction but being anxious ... I went to PayPal.
        In fact about PayPal and their commissions and talk and wanted to warn prospective buyers as possible.
        Date 21.09.2016, BNR - 1EUR = 4.4509RON PayPal - 1EUR = 4.6450RON and besides the huge difference of course, I have taken 57.57RON without any notice and did not even appear anywhere in the bill or on their website to pay (I think this is little written terms and conditions). Anyway it's too late for me, but I hope not to appear to others and I hope this comment.
        Thanks for your review Cristi are convinced they will worth the money though it is about 120RON more than if you paid with VISA :(.

  8. Dragos Touch said

    Too, too muuuulti praise him. You subjective 80%.
    The phone is not bad, especially the money, but to 'the supreme Zeus' as you see it much longer.
    You can be less subjective.

    • nick5roo said

      My friend, you do not have a phone in your hand OnePlus!
      Your phone is worth every penny! If you're a fanboy, orient yourself by aifon or sammy.
      Do not be mad at me, but I was objectively replace Cristian! Not subjective.

  9. Catalin said

    I had OnePlus and I kept 1 5 days after I returned because it was blocked several times. Now I have a LG G4 of 8 months is not locked ever, plus I think that the photo's quality.

  10. I went from one to 3
    Phone deserves every penny of the euro 399. Superlative quality.
    I have not yet tested 4G. In WiFi in 2,4 I failed more than 72mbs.
    With moderate usage data and WiFi turned on and the battery goes non-stop half a day.

  11. florin73 said

    I ordered myself a call and we chose DHL and regret that I paid first 19,99 $ for DHL at 6 days PayPal asked me to longer pay still 35 $ for DHL to me bring him home have to pay 100,80 still lei plus customs fees (paid by DHL) if you choose DHL phone later reached with any 3 weeks and pay only aprox.340 lei.

    • I did not chose Express delivery.
      I ordered on June 23 evening on 29 they had sent, the phone arrived in Romania on July 1, but I brought him in July 4 months. Day USA
      For OnePlus 3 than the price I paid him, and so 399 euros. I wanted to take and other accessories but were not in stock at the moment.

  12. is a very nice phone probably have to purchase too. how you paid transportation to him?

    • I did not pay transport. Price 399 euros, including the atom is still with transport charges up to you at the door.
      If I were American, it would have cost us 399 dollars.

      • perfect if you do not have to pay. I find the price is ok about 1800 lei calculated in euros. and the dollar would be coming around 1600 and a tad. I'm not very expensive considering the looks and performance. and rewiu wait to see the details. google play store etc whether or how to put the can and others. Samsung galaxy comparing with last Cheaper something or Apple. give my opinion and not worth the money you should at least 3 years 4 im change with another. rewiu be a more completely and in detail.

        • store has apologized play.

          • Sure, OnePlus is 3 Play Store (play store) because Oxygen ROM OS is certified by Google.

          • yes I specified after. as forgotten. shame that oxygen can install on any phone or tablet. neither officially nor unofficially. especially if you Allview or somewhat more low cost. although I know what goals are chinezarii etc. credca but not impossible to make universal oxygen OS for any tel. but who knows maybe in the future

  13. Karolin said

    What can I say hold S7 Edge Gold and Samsung phones OnePlus 3. S7 is OnePlus phone service personnel and authorized physical lucrepers. And frankly from all points of view One really cost me plus 3 399 euros and S7 Gold 900 edge. One plus worth as performance and price really phenomenal but instead as with updates to the day after a long telephone usage One plus it slows be restar at least 1-2 times a week to go fluent as S7 Edge is the Best. Not a fan of any brand of the contrary are here and I can say I like Sony aste is another question and I wish I had Z3 Z5 One plus give it away. As I said S7 Edge makes more beautiful pictures in low light, the games load faster, and everything contains> flash player or large images. What can I say what is more advanced edge s7 One addition to really imprint reading material and metal casing. And of course the price is worth it completely. Edge S7 advance and stay in much better camera for photos plus 3 One girl especially in low light, speaker stronger and clearer, waterproof, Contrast. And even if they have the same Chip Video animations load faster on most S7 and are smooth.
    Tip if you have money worth S7 EDGE S7 not easy and if you do not have to buy OnePlus Edge 3

    Greet and bonus tutorials Cristi

    • OnePlus 3 2 was released barely weeks. I do not know when you took it and when you have had time to form an opinion so quickly.
      I OnePlus One of 2 years and do not reboot at all.
      In reality OnePlus phones and Nexus are more stable than any phone on the market, simply because it runs stock Android.

      • Greuceanu said

        As a colleague said above, obviously exaggerate the praise to his address OP3, I personally fanboysm sounds cheap, but so far I know you're not that type of person.
        OP3 has already appeared a month, sites Profile Foreign already reviews detailed its overall smartphone is very good, but with minuses face top models like HTC 10, S7, S7 Edge, Huawei P9 , especially in the worst calibrated display, battery life, camera mediocre or slightly worse than the models mentioned.
        Nothing has raw power, it's faster than any model of the tasks referred to zilnice.Adica is a phone that is worth the money, but nowhere does not behave like a beast compared to current flagshipurile from Samsung, HTC, Huawei and LG .
        One unbeatable advantage has reported the offering price.
        And yes, I think you are more subjective than objective, and believe me that I know what I'm talking both in concern you that follow you for many years, but also in regard to the subject of the present article.

  14. Marian said

    Hello Cristi, tutorials appreciate all that you do, and look forward to the full version and tutorial about this phone.
    Since opening day attracted my attention, as the current Nexus phone 5 served me with confidence battery but no longer meet the demands of daily, and the age of 2 years Hattrick.
    Being an avid fan of Android stock, I'd like to order OP3, but an impediment would be that you can not result in warranty, but must ship it if you have problems with him.
    What do you think about this aspect of the guarantee, compared to a product purchased from Romania that you can easily carry in warranty.
    Also, I noticed that he appeared in Romanian market price of 2.199 2.299 lei lei respectively, but do not understand why is so big price difference compared to the Seller of 399 E.
    All the best.

    • The price difference between OnePlus site and in our stores is about one hundred euro. If you do not mind….
      However, if the phone breaks down and go with him to warranty, the store will take over and it will send all the OnePlus.

      • Marian said

        Given that that's a pretty big difference percent euros, and according to your assertion that they send all the OnePlus phone can conclude that it's better to order online,
        I look forward total review, which will be decisive in your purchase. It seems that some users have already received 3.2 Oxygen OS.
        I hope that in his tutorial you focus less on the operating system.
        All the best.

        • I put myself oxygen bone 3.2.0, and I can say that I like the large volume and sound clean headphones, profile sRGB color and sound better on video (noise reduction software for audio in the videos was too aggressive).

  15. Camera compared to Nokia Nokia 808 1020 sua

  16. allex06 said

    Ha ha. That is an exaggeration to maturatu not help anyone. Each package comes with its own advantages.
    The quality-price ratio here op3 really is the best.

  17. come with the complete review!

  18. Mihnea said

    Cristi sorry to say yes not on Digon on 5 "not all have hand than you ... I still remain to xiomi me ... a be good totate views give you Think and other ... good price good performance 2016 ...

  19. Firefox said

    Go with the review completely the root fingers to eat me!

  20. I have a big problem. I want to take a Xiaomi MI5. Even I was convinced to take it from Romania with extended warranty. But seeing how excited is the author's review of One Plus 3 are less distressed. Xiaomi seemed the best choice in this price range. So please give me some advice

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I would go on OnePlus 3 because:
      - Seems more okay to have a metal device than one glass front / rear. Glass makes it more vulnerable
      - The front room (the Selfie) OnePlus is 8 MP to MP 3 4 and only the Mi5
      - If you are enthusiastic and like you all play with ROMs custom, all kinds of tweaks software, OnePlus 3 is more widely supported and popular community developer OF THE Android development site is and will be very OnePlus diversified 3

  21. Bogdan said

    Since we learned of One Plus I was fascinated by this brand.Raportul quality + configuration / price is very bun.Toata Killer Flagship world calls it ... I hope it will be or not, but I think it's "best" .I watched many reviews, articles, impressions, comments, etc. and got the idea that no matter how much you put in configuration, such oneplus3 even with stock android still not optimized better than IOS.
    Maybe you are a fan say that Apple far, I use a Galaxy S6 I do not like iphone whatsoever.
    1 now a days I too was tempted to buy one plus2 me, but until I come to a formal channel with warranty, with service authorized think it will achizitionez.Dar then I thought, if all this would be possible price would be totally different from the one today.

  22. Adrian Gudus said

    I would go on OnePlus 3 because:
    - Seems more okay to have a metal device than one glass front / rear. Glass makes it more vulnerable
    - The front room (the Selfie) OnePlus is 8 MP to MP 3 4 and only the Mi5
    - If you are enthusiastic and like you all play with ROMs custom, all kinds of tweaks software, OnePlus 3 is more widely supported and popular community developer OF THE Android development site is and will be very OnePlus diversified 3

    • Adriane agree with you. the glass as you once escaped cement or ceramic went in Romanian. I get away and I am telu either be inadvertently luggage. vasusem even one who knocked iphone s6 like it was run over by train was still dust. if you have metal casing and possibly besides protection is protected much better and even screen. captilul laa pictures and do not forget that phones and tablets are not exceptional pictures no matter what brand it is or how many pixels you have pictures profesionaele etc .. IATI device. but that does not mean do bad pictures

    • Adriane agree with you. the glass as you once escaped cement or ceramic went in Romanian. I get away and I am telu either be inadvertently luggage. vasusem even one who knocked iphone s6 like it was run over by train was still dust. if you have metal casing and possibly besides protection is protected much better and even screen. captilul laa pictures and do not forget that phones and tablets are not exceptional pictures no matter what brand it is or how many pixels you have pictures profesionaele etc .. IATI device. but that does not mean do bad pictures

  23. What is the display? 6 5,5 inch or

  24. What is the battery life in normal use?

  25. dan Marinoiu said

    the review forward, forward ... .On when? possibly a mini review, after a few days of use

  26. So even a small view, an intro.

  27. Hello! He checked whether someone supports call waiting between the two sims? I mean is not dual standby ... Thanks.

  28. It is rumored that the phone is a great hoax of "marketing".
    What are needed 6 gigs of ram when top phones that have only 3 and that would have a big enough problem in battery consumption.

    • No longer valid job with the RAM being addressed in the last OTA 3.2.0.
      I'll talk in more detail in the full review, where a subject to treat in detail.
      Besides, I do not understand what the problem; It was better if I 3-4 GB Ram?
      With RAM there, you can always make improvements, instead if you have it ... what improvements hell are you?
      When other manufacturers give us the performance portion, one teaspoon per year, OnePlus 3 2 teaspoons gives us at once; And we like crap, we drown.
      Sure it's about a fox S7, G5 or 10, which does not reach the grapes.
      Now press the "button" with 6GB. make sure you have Note7 or S8 a 6GB RAM. Probably had to push Samsung or LG or HTC, but it was, they pressed "Chinese", that is between us, you press buttons increasingly often.

  29. claudia said

    I read some news that should be yellowish ecranu would have a yellow hue is true? and that the battery is weak you than what you can tell us?

  30. claudia said

    Heat example if hard when you know they say yellowing in the sun. it's true ?

  31. claudia said

    and wants a phone that takes and battery and powerful but so what can you recommend 400 euros ??
    You can make a presentation at asus zenfone max?

  32. decebal12345 said

    My card is the game's ankles pending review. If there is, if I see that money will go to the wedding on Sunday.

  33. Hello,
    I have a OnePlus One.
    I use the phone service, with about 1000 contact.
    The problem is that losing your phone contacts. Especially those used less frequently.
    It is impossible to work like this. When your world is dearer and you need to call someone you have not talked much, admit your lost contact. And can no longer where you get the number.


    • The phones keep contacts in three places: the sim in internal memory and cloud. If you have saved contacts in one of these locations, and is not set for display, contact is not seen.
      If you have contacts in the cloud (on google account) and not of the net, they will not show as synchronization between phone and cloud is no longer made.
      I had no problems at all with contacts OnePlus One.

  34. It has problems with sending an SMS to a contact group. A message sent and 10 be poor people go. And I need to send them the same message 100 people.
    It can be set to operate with SMS sent to 100 people, the problem is malfunctioning, messages reaching only a few people.

    with respect,

  35. Tell us even when the review occurs, we do not keep you in suspense. :))

  36. I gave refresh the page more than a Facebook page refresh, pending review site :))

  37. holder of a OnePlus are very pleased one.Sunt el.Ruleaza flawlessly without lag or other blockage, I 6.0.1.Un android phone him down palaria.Vin from a samsung s5 and s6 and believe me, I am so happy oneplus.Cred that you upgrade to OP3

  38. Cristian please tell me OnePlus is 3 menu in Romanian? I had x and had no thank OnePlus

    • And n is clearly seen tutorial that OnePlus is 3 menu in Romanian. In addition, Google has self-correcting keyboard in Romanian language.
      In short, we're covered.
      Even I wrote this comment on OnePlus 3, the Google self-correcting keyboard.

  39. Thank you good night

  40. Sal deserves to go from edge to OnePlus s7 3? Thank you

    • I do not believe. Performance is similar on both devices. S7 Edge has some extra stuff, such as better stability, water resistance.
      There is no justification passage from my point of view, unless you want to do business, your money remains.

  41. Ok thanks for the advice

  42. Cristi hello! I want to buy me and I op3 can help me with some advice?

  43. Hello Cristi please tell me you're having any of these problems at OnePlus 3
    I want to take it and do not know what to do thanks

  44. Thanks Cristi

  45. Tom Office Series said

    Ff is a good phone that money. Frankly OnePlus company grew rapidly by simply listening to what the people. Can I change the colors of the clock? Nu.mi like that blue

  46. Cristi can you tell me please how do you google the band disappear from the display to thank op3

    • Like this:

  47. And one thing I would ask you to update its 322 and do not understand why give so hard down the wifi with 100 kb

  48. Hi, I'm interested if the phone is full dual standby or active?
    Thank you

  49. Shawl. Today I got to me and I saw that the phone is like oxygen 3.1.2. From what I've heard various forums would have trouble footprint and a few things. You can tell me please how can update to the latest version? Thank you

  50. The updating system appears to me "Your system is up to date". Ultimare verification: 06 / 08 / 2016. If you give to information Oxygen Phone version 3.1.3 appears to me so it's the old version. From what I read on various forums should be unlocked bootloader and rooted to give update to Oxygen? I really did not know to unlock bootloeaderu nor to route.

  51. Dear Cristi,
    Phone arrival wait reason please recommend an antivirus for it and what program cleaner, optimize use?
    Thank you.

  52. Marancea Catalin said

    Cristi Hello! I recently discovered your website and I declare myself a big fan.
    I wanted to buy this phone, but I read somewhere (can not remember where) they did an update and now the battery drops to about 1 4% minute and that the manufacturer would have withdrawn support, acumsunt in Dubi. Can you help me with an answer and enlightening? Thanks in advance!

    • I could not understand how to respond to something you do not you remember where you read. To try anyway.
      Battery problems are not OnePlus 3. Since the update to update, I have not noticed any odd behavior regarding energy consumption from the battery. Instead we have all kinds of helmet (with OnePlus 3 or without), which rooteaza phones and install all sorts of miseries in addition Root offering miseries and right. Bullshit going on background applications with elevated rights, and consume resources like hell.
      There is also the economic and media war in the middle, where they try to discredit the new entrants who do good things. Lest bite of cake designed "exclusively" great brands.

  53. George Grosu said

    Hi. I bought (used) by 2 weeks this phone is superb. For several days receive update notifications ptr oxygen 3.2.4.Descarc update site and asks me to install the update. After you finish installing warns me that phone will reboot when opening win tel enter Team Project. with related boxes (install, wipe, setting etc). Can I keep going or should somehow take him a service. Mention that your phone model is the 3003, oxygen 3.2.1.Poti help me? Respectfully.

  54. Hello! If you buy the phone in the US (with bandwidth specifications for North America) can be used without problems on your phone networks in Romania? or European version do I need?

  55. Hello Cristi, the phone is indeed very attractive and most reviews say good about it. Frankly I would be interested and I but 3 points that make me a little reluctant, and to answer your requirement I would like if you can do some tests Extensive camera (camera), battery and display including light sensor and the proximity. Now I have a HTC M8 of which are quite satisfied and I would be more satisfied if they do anything more than those from HTC about the focus of the camera. Another problem that I met and htc and samsung display is almost completely unresponsive when you take the ear's a little sweaty. Sometimes I from my pocket and I see a lot of buttons are pressed, though always keep it locked with PIN.

  56. Given that I like phones with smaller display of 5.5 "think it would be a good choice Xiaomi Mi 5? or go on OnePlus 3?

  57. I have a problem with OP3: I do not connect to facebook messenger on mobile data, wifi only. Do you know any solution?

  58. That was the solution, ms much merspect for his work at several tutorials !!!!

  59. Hello ,
    I gave the order on September 18 September 29 and I received an email that was expediat.Azi is 2 October and did not get "tracking number" to track livrarea.Cum find "tracking number"?

  60. Hello,
    I do not have a Paypal account yet. Please help me with some information. I want to take a phone company. VISA card company I made my name. Can I switch my name and company data for the bill even though I make a premier account, not a legal person ?. Legal person can receive invoice for your purchase ?. Who issues the bill ?. One plus Paypal or ?. Any advice is welcomed. Thank you!.

  61. Ion
    From what I know is the DHL shipment. If you go on "" on the opening page of a window (on the right) is called: enter tracking number (s). Put your number there, you enter and you will see the delivery status.

  62. Dear Cristi,
    I phone the September reason for returning and please you recommend an antivirus for it and what program cleaner, optimize use?
    Thank you.

  63. Dear Cristi,
    Return with a request to recommend a oneplus3 antivirus and what program cleaner, optimize use?
    Thank you.

  64. hello, it has a menu in Romanian? thank you

  65. Andrew Gabriel said

    Hello, if I order with VISA card where card payments? And if I card in RON has something? Thank you

  66. Andrew Gabriel said

    And if you could give me a promo code would be super!

  67. Hello,
    Please contact Oneplus3 myself, and I obseved as producer of apathy modelu OP3T page. The difference is only pocesor? Worth buying this version?
    Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The difference is the processor, color, 16 MP camera on the front (as compared 8 have OP3 MP) and 3400 mAh battery (compared to 3000 mAh compared to how it had OP3)

  68. Using this phone? Il recommend?

  69. I took my phone, what the hell do I do now with S7? OnePlus is 3 fff really good.

  70. Cristi Hello! Very interesting phone. And you can do a tutorial on delivery by DHL and all that entails using this courier! I appreciate enormously and I am sure that others!

  71. Cornel velea said

    I 2luni not find a OnePlus 3T and call history (I think I accidentally deleted) .... please if anyone can help me regain this historic (and give me appear on the display).

  72. gherghisan.nelu said

    What's your daughter Cristi increased. Congratulations. To be healthy and happy.

  73. It is possible to make a return to verse 7 android for OnePlus 3 if I upgrade to oreo

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