OnePlus review 3 room, of the best

OnePlus review 3 room, of the best

Sensors from Sony and processing set, Review OnePlus 3 can be measured by peer best smartphone cameras on the market.

What sensors has OnePlus 3?

Front room is equipped sensor of Sony IMX179 8 MP with a Fotos sites 1.4 micrometres digital stabilization (EIS), aperture f / 2.0, fixed focus, 1080
Back Camera, has a sensor Sony IMX 298 sensor 16 MP Fotos sites 1.12 micrometres optical stabilization (OIS) for 4K, stabilization Digital (EIS) + OIS 1080 and 720, aperture f / 2.0, autfocus PDAF, way manually capture RAW

Camera - Oneplus 3 review camera, among the best

Good stuff:

-Poze Highly detailed and colored in good light and low light
-Autofocus Very good in most cases
White -Balans almost perfect in 99% of cases
-Expunere Very good in various lighting situations
Manual-mode, which replaces some shortcomings
-More Than Samsung Galaxy S7 good detail and color day

Find us best:

Lack of a sports mode for children and pets
We -Câteodată shutter 1 / 17 in broad daylight in the shade (ghosting to subject movement)
-In Manual mode, we do not have precise control for focus
-Câteodată Not appreciate good preview of the long exposure
-More Than Samsung Galaxy S7 poorly in low light

One above the other:

On the photo, OnePlus is 3 room as good, and sometimes better than the most expensive smartphone cameras. If we compare OnePlus 3, the Samsung Galaxy Note S7 or 7, 3 OnePlus can say that pictures are more detailed and natural, in contrast Samsung Galaxy Note S7 or 7 make better pictures in low light.
The fact is that we can not have it all unless you accept thicker phones, where to accommodate larger sensors and better goals. Some phones are better in low light (S7), others are better image quality in good light (OnePlus 3). Phones with lower resolution Fotos sites will be bigger and better in low light, but not so good in good light to detail and resolution.

Camcorder - Oneplus 3 camera review, one of the best

Good stuff:

-Quality 4K excellent after, the last update was increased profile codec and bitrate, the 42Mbps to 54Mbps
It -quality sound good after the last update
The camera front excellent Vlogging (stabilization super)
-Autofocus That works every time, even in low light
-Slow Motion to 720fps pretty good 120

Us good stuff:

-Autofocus Difficult to control the macro background crowded
-limitation Only 10 minutes of recording resolution 4K
-Macro Blocking to move fast on very fine details (Asphalt, decorative plaster)
Lack aka HVEC codec. H265 (same quality / 3 review fişiereOneplus smaller room), Snapdragon is capable 820 HVEC
Bonus tutorial filmed OnePlus 3
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Video tutorial - Oneplus 3 camera review, among the best

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  1. Very poorly to record video with sound. May 15 cm and not about yourself you'd hear at all. And generally remaining brands telephony shooting very well. And do not forget the camera from SONY then why not have direct phone SONY

  2. I greet with respect will follow from the first tutorial I know ing no connection with the tutorial I have a question I have a Philips monitor with VGA input model HWC9190L would like sal use as a TV connected via a scart cable VGA You would think it would work sal connect to a satellite reciver digi please if I can reply sao another possibility. Thank you

  3. Vlad Andrei 1456 said

    I apologize that my question is not related to this tutorial, but please if you could make a tutorial, a guide or make a table with Intel processors (eg i5, i7, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake), and their equivalent from AMD,… in most guides for laptop purchase did you recommend laptops with Intel processors, nVidia graphics but could you also recommend some processors and video cards from AMD, equivalent in performance to Intel and nVidia? Maybe we can find laptops with very good specifications and at a good price from AMD, but for example from AMD I don't know what to choose, I don't know which processors are very good during this period, graphics cards, etc. An Intel -equivalent- AMD table or nVidia -equivalent- AMD would help us a lot.

  4. what she can do for this money, break wood, cooking, washing etc! By the way did you become boring with this phone, so you no longer praise! others have phones 1000's praise but not so!

  5. In the footage, the sound is not really of note 10, but I think it can work there. A review interesting are and I turn my owner OP3, I for one have tried to shoot some fireworks at midnight, I can not say it failed phone but no result is not too good from my point of view.
    I would also like to ask you Cristi, you use protection for the screen (if using), because I managed to scratch them preaplicata and I want to apply a tempered glass. Any recommendations by?
    All the best.


    Cristi, I am an IT enthusiast but I am not a specialist so please as a pensioner with little money, can I buy an ONEPLUS3 phone ???… Is it worth the financial effort made by me?… The other day I met
    with a friend in Calimanesti and talked to him about the phone that it doresc.Spre my surprise I have this phone and told me he is disappointed that no longer charge and expect to reach
    London to return it to DHL and wait for it to see what will happen. WHAT DO I DO… STRANGE MONEY OR NOT?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We can not tell you what to do. I can tell you, however, that may be a manufacturing defect (happens at major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung) may be due to mishandling fault of the owner of the phone. The final decision is yours. We can not guarantee and we can not put his hand in the fire for anyone. Loading thing could happen and my colleague Cristi. Each must take the decisions they take risks with these decisions.

  7. yes… picture quality is very good ,, ,, if you have enough light (especially natural) you take excellent pictures. My opinion is that sony makes the best photo sensors for mobile phones… I own a phone. with sony IMX214 .13MP photo sensor and I am very, very satisfied with the quality of the pictures they take ,, they are comparable to oneplus3 ,,,,,,… on holidays I use the tripod to take the best pictures and I walk in settings very often.

  8. for the guy above (gvf)… slower brother, don't pack…. these guys do tutorials for us when we want to invest in something, to know what we give the money to. I was determined to go for Samsung s6, but watching carefully on GOOOOGLE different materials, including VIDEOTUTORIAL, I chose oneplus3 (I'm not saying that Samsung is weaker or better, but from my point of view I lean towards oneplus3). is normal when we want to buy for example a phone to know how powerful it is so we look before buying it as much data about that phone… what camera it has, android version installed, ram memory, processor model, how good take pictures, how to film, etc.

    • I feel like you do not know to read the manufacturer's specifications that you want to buy !! mura you really want in your mouth?! if one tells you to jump into the pit, you jump? flock effect persists at us! thinks, read before you buy! What has to promote their interest so tf.mobil so?!

  9. You have time these phones to 1-2 days autonomy, nothing good in May reteneti, I have Talal neighbor who still argues that if it comes cutremutul has netefonul in your pocket but has no idea appreciate the functions of an OS like Linux without android those who use windows do not know what I'm talking, I guarantee.

  10. My brother. Don't be upset, but honestly I tell you I'm suffering. I had an allview phone and I read the manufacturer's specifications that I'm not retardant… and believe me it had a super ok processor with 4 cores, memory over 1g, camera with many megapixels, but in reality it was stuck, the pictures were woe to their mother, she had lag in almost any application .. totally a phone pin. and then I dug on the internet and found out that that model was really a problem? So moral .. do not be carried away by the specifications of the manufacturers and look for some opinions, reviews… that you can stay with a swollen lip.

    And by the way with the herd effect. I understand that if you are told SEE THAT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT IS RED, DON'T PASS THE STREET… YOU BIG BOOS PASS IT!

  11. Hello Cristi do a very good job and you and adrian I am glad that there are people like you two
    my problem is this I wanted to make a paypal account and what do you not go to the card account've visa electron I would like if possible to do a tutorial how to solve the problem is a tutorial all about paypal but old wish to make a new tutorial about paypal because
    now or see changed much to this service

  12. Hello Cristi. Yes it is a super phone but the price is very steep.
    Ptuea you can get and a S7 Edge or do normal S7 review the phone and camera.
    or the HTC device bn.

  13. A new batch of phones came to the Oneplus store in Europe: "We're delighted to inform you that the OnePlus 3 Graphite 6GB + 64GB EU A3003 is ready for immediate shipment - it's about time!"

  14. Florin Rusu said

    Thank you very much for the tutorials, the information you disseminate is for those who realize that they need it… The accountants might refrain if no one asks them to "talk"

  15. Hello Cristi, as is done in Android screenshot 7 on oneplus3. Ms cool!

  16. Cock:))) said

    Settings: Gestures screenshot with 3 fingers simple as it gets

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