OnePlus One review, my favorite phone

What does "a good phone" mean? Does it mean cumbersome interface or unnecessary software pre-installed? Does it mean that the phone must be from the company (HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc)?
None of the above. Is a good phone that looks good, moves well, has good range and in addition it is also cheaper.
I have described a OnePlus One, because this phone is very fast, looks good and has an excellent battery among others of course.
After a year OnePlus company was founded, a company that aims to make top products at affordable prices. So far managed to OnePlus One and all without advertising, without tradition and without aggressive marketing. What they promise made, a top phone at decent price.
Why I think OnePlus One is better than Samsung Galaxy or LG S5 G3?
Because it is faster, cheaper and more permissive (Flexible Warranty).
Daca Root a OnePlus One not lose guarantee
OnePlus One is very fast due to lightweight interface
OnePlus One is extremely fast internal memory (which is quite important)

Image captured on the review posted on OnePlus One
OnePlus One has a very good range (8.20 hours screen on time)
OnePlus One has the function Power off Alarm
OnePlus One has default overclock profiles
OnePlus One has a very good room
OnePlus One 4k DCI shooting HDR (nobody does that)
One OnePlus take pictures raw (few do this)
One OnePlus take pictures at long exposures (few do this)
List of ROMs, kernels and recovery available on the official forum OnePlus One
The list could go but do not want to bore you.
What is my opinion?
OnePlus One is the first phone that does not feel the need to sell it, is the phone that gives me exactly what I needed always:
processing power
Now other manufacturers should think twice before throwing the phone market loaded with bloatware and cumbersome interfaces to higher prices.
We are not ignorant, we can see that.
Why pay 2500-3000 lei for a phone that does not cost more than 200 dollars factories him?
Do not feel duped?

Pret - OnePlus ONE 5.5 ″ Android 4G LTE Smartphone 3GB Ram

These are purely personal opinions and not be aware of them unless you are convinced that we have been honest.
Those who have already invested in other phones do not need to feel attacked in any way, surely you are satisfied acquisition and you have nothing to worry.

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. have you bought or do you know someone who bought the phone from them directly? with or without an invitation? because I think the third-party price is a bit high… sure, this would be the last solution in case it is not possible directly from the site (sure, overall, the price is good, even from third-party sellers)

    • I do not know anyone personally who have bought from them directly.
      I would buy on Amazon (link above) or on Geekbuying (Spain deposit).

      • back: I did order now directly from my site and added cos.deci martea.oricum go, do not buy now because I necesar.vroiam budget to see if it can live on site.precizez that I am not in romania maybe that's why I managed to catch so quickly black sandstone taken from the gb.64 350 20 25 standard or express transport.

      • to understand that the data / charging cable is the red, flat one, present in the reviews on the net? because it is to be bought separately, and I wouldn't want to buy it in vain… I was thinking of taking a tempered glass , also from them, and a flip cover… everything costs 400 euros, shipping fees included. I think their power bank is ideal, although it's not out yet. Maybe until I get my phone, it will be available. It costs 16 euro.

      • Hello Cristian,
        I have a question: You bought on Geekbuying? I am interested in Spain as warehouse order to avoid customs duties.

        Anticipated thanks for the answer.

    • I I bought the invitation in August 2014, on their website and the price is best, especially now can directly transport in Romania for 17 euros. So lei ~ 1400 total.

      Every Tuesday you can buy it without an invitation.

  2. one more thing: it can be bought on Tuesday without an invitation. only on Tuesday. but I don't see great chances to take it this way

  3. yes, my bad: now I saw the video, a sign that you have it… I wasn't paying attention, I just read the text. I hurried.

  4. 1. Cristi, you can test or to test Digi please a card to see if it goes well, calls, data connection etc?

    after so many positive factsheets and a decent price and I would like the future to take it.

    2. geekbuying is kind emag online store, Amazon? (Me so it seems).
    Ebay or gender?
    3. The shpping method is Airmail, DHL and EMS. I think that only "airmail" is free, is it safe to handle the product until it reaches me?

    good review, different from the others found on the internet, I really didn't think there would be a smartphone that would open if the alarm was activated. A Huawei phone (digi mobile) from that black one that had no sd slot or memory, camera, had nothing "smart", once the battery was completely discharged during the night and the phone turned off but in the morning it turned on, the alarm rang scheduled and then closed again. The android from samsung that I own now (slightly older model, about 3 years and something) if it is off, there is no alarm in the morning.

    thanks and good luck further to remove tutorials / factsheets same quality

    • 1. I have not tested OnePlus One with Digi card because I have one. Anyway I do not see why it should not go.
      2. Geekbuying is an online store classic. Amazon is a combination of classic and consignment shop and Ebay is an auction site combined with the consignment.
      3. My advice is to tie DHL and buy warehouse in Spain Geekbuying or you can buy it on

      • Marius L. said

        Speaking of Amazon, Cristi… I have a question: some products on state "Dispatched from China / Hong Kong etc.", although it is posted on the UK website. What should I understand? The product will be delivered to me directly from China / Hong Kong etc. or delivery is mediated by Amazon, in the sense that the product will be sent from Asia first to Amazon, and then will send it to me. Do you have any idea about that? Will I have to pay customs duties if I buy from, but is "Dispatched from China" still mentioned? I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me on this. Thank you! All the best!

        • Amazon is like a consignment, anyone can put products on sale.
          You like to be sure that you get the product quickly and you will not pay taxes, will choose Selleri in Europe.

          • Marius L. said

            Thanks so much for your answer!

          • Oh, uncle, what a reputation and what reference to the store, consignment, you told him, that's how long they've been privatized…?>

          • Even if you haven't heard the term before, it doesn't mean that this type of business is dead. On the contrary, it is more current than ever. “Host” example:

            Now the seller who brings the goods in "consignment" is called a partner or merchandiser, and the "host" earns part of the profit.

    • I use the card Digi, Optim Unlimited subscription and Internet 3G has very good speed! Only enter the roaming malls, otherwise go on Digi

  5. Hello
    I'm a fan of your site, I would like to ask you, what do you think Xiaomi phone MI3?

    • I have a very good opinion about the quality of Chinese phones, namely: Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Huawei.
      Be careful though, any company, and they have a wide range of products. I mean have phones top, and entry level phones that are weaker.

  6. Can you tell me what you weather widget on the screen?

  7. jeancote said

    Hi Cristi, I took the nexus 4 your's recommendation and it seems to work as well as one extra, without you buying influence his other tutoriale.mutumesc wait.

  8. nick5roo said One OnePlus forum requests for invitations or offer invitations
    I personally this phone (version 64Gb bought in December 6 1380 with lei) goes very well with digi card plus internet.

  9. It appeared OnePlus TWO 5.5inch Qualcomm Quad Core Smartphone 2.7GHz LTPS 3GB 64GB RAM ROM FDD-LTE 16.0MP 4G OTG NFC Miracast-Black

    • nick5roo said

      Two did not appear, follow the above topic, there have details. What you saw are leak sites. It is scheduled to appear in late summer.

  10. I wish myself a tutorial on installing Windows 8 or 8.1 in UEFI mode, what are the advantages and disadvantages, whether deserved or not to install it in the way UEFI, and what settings need to do in UEFI before installing and another misunderstanding that I want to be covered in the tutorial that is also part of the subject, which is deal with high Boot.Am Secure need a tutorial of it to me straight.

  11. Yes, it has a top hardware but I do not like, because the housing is plastic, aluminum or glass if it was it was more interesting to me, but with the housing so that all the cheap plastic ring.

    • Contrary to general opinion, aluminum or other metal is not friendly airwaves for That makes a lot of sacrifices that cost money.
      Another disadvantage of metal is not very well absorb shocks and scratches quite unpleasant. Besides aluminum phones are very cold in winter.
      Do not think that metal phones have their problems or disadvantages.

  12. I've ordered it on March 24 2915 (Tuesday when it no invitation) directly from the site and I paid for one 338G € 64, plus a spare cable temperet plus a glass, I said reserve to be there. Today I say 31.03.2015 2-4 will reach Royal Mail weeks after I bought when told it would be delivered in 4 days. You do not have the opportunity to choose what you post can reach in Romania, reaching only Royal Mail, as I said in 2-4 weeks. When you come, he'll tell you more

    • I think you get the phone over 900 years.
      : )
      That, after the date on which you have placed the order.

      • Yes Cristian Cismaru, you're right, I got the date wrong. But I'm sure you understood that it was vb from March 24, 2015! And, just today, April 02, 2015, I received the phone, which is ok, it moves super, I really like it. He came with GLS mail and I didn't pay anything extra, taxes, etc. I say it's worth it, now let's see what and how…

  13. The big MINUS of this phone (which you, Cristi "forgot to say"!) Is: battery (Not removable)
    So toss the phone after he died !!!
    D`aia's so cheap.
    Be fair and even if you're interested in advertising material.
    I do not care your bisnitzul

    • 3 change the battery in minutes, even without tools.
      Nevertheless, this operation is done every 2 years, so it is not cause for concern.

    • You are bad, tough and full of contempt against a man; even if you did not say these things (say by absurd did it on purpose, which I do not believe) could say it in another form and in other words. It's very easy to ruin the image of a man in a pen stroke.
      Longer reflects that and see if you do something wrong.
      PS This site has taught thousands of people to handle computers and henceforth thicket problem is how everyone uses the information received .. The way he explains many of the problems we face every day, you can understand and most idiot man and if it be only for that, is commendable gesture to all who teaches us how to use the computer, do not give them the head.

      • This is !
        Most often people feel better when they leave one comment phlegmatic.
        If that helps anything in their mental or emotional rehabilitation, I sacrifice myself. For the good of society…
        : )
        In these years I have developed a sense of humor that I did not think I will ever have. These things do not affect us at all.
        The fanboy * is a kind of kamikaze terrorist. Don't take his "holy book" as it dies in your throat.

        * = Fanboy brand faithful person, ready to start jihad against the (unbelievers) other brands.

      • Congratulations to post.
        And I have the same view

    • how to throw the phone if the battery is not good? You're an asshole.

  14. uf !!! I'm glad you also told me about "Chineseness" and not samsung, lg, sonny. How it moves also depends on custom rum. For example: I have a zte v967s quadcore and I have a custom rom of a Romanian developer CARLIV. the phone moves super fast. most of them use play store and it forces you to have gmail and the whole google suite. I use a mail client in which I have 3 demail addresses with a color for, each and marchet use 1mobile that saves the apk on the card and get rid of the google suite and all the synchronizations that consume battery. I don't want to upset anyone.
    cristi if you want to make a tutorial and explain what services can be stopped on android that is, rom "slim" (without google suite) to move well, to keep the battery as you did at windows

  15. Interestingly tutorial but why not do a tutorial on android 5 minuses we have now, I know you've done one in the past but have only shown the qualities and defects none.

    • Costelina said

      well again is a misunderstanding:
      this phone has installed CyanogenMod (optional on other phones that sweeps ie you must install them
      if appearing on compatible Android removing stok that has a lot of useful applications or not)
      so you do not have to get them soft transplant
      and I say CyanogenMod is clean and makes the phone rang
      and battery yes, I have said in another tutorial about one-plus-one think it's a problem
      ie you have to replace your phone nice and it would be better to not have headaches
      one over the other phone is good for this money and top
      I do not think I see perfect
      Who knows what the future holograms will appear as sound as they say Windows 10 pioneer in something

  16. OnePlus not deny that one is not a good phone but it is better than iPhone L'6, 4 them or Xperia Galaxy Note Z3.Şi as evidence and give a link to a review done by CNET which shows clearly that's a good phone but not as good as the above but what is good about him is calitate.Deci price ratio is a good phone at the price of are.Că of you and you're satisfied with it or that you like does not mean it's the best.

    • We have to understand that strong brands influence the media trusts.
      What interest is to promote CNET OnePlus One, they have no advertising budget.
      Often phones are presented quickly after brief test within one week, during which it is impossible to evaluate objectively. Intdeauna result is the same, powerful companies earn top positions just before the reviews.
      It may seem that sounds like a conspiracy, that that is so.
      My advice!
      Today you can buy a product, and if you are not satisfied, return it 30 days.
      Try more phones before you decide. Stay with them a week or two and see what you can.
      Yyyy, and start with the accestibile top products.

  17. salut.daca buy this phone on, I come home or customs?

    • I ordered it on March 24, 2015 and today 02.04.2015 it was brought home by GLS mail, I did not pay anything extra, taxes, etc. I ordered it directly from the official website (Tuesday, when it is without invitation). After about 3 days it is mailed to Royal Mail and from there it goes to the UK (I understand) and then to RO. That's good because customs are no longer paid. It goes great, I like it. At least I know I won't lose a lot of money in 1 year when maybe I want to get something better, maybe Oneplus Two…. remains to be seen !

  18. Florin C. said

    Cristi please if you can in the near future to present a tutorial services and processes android and what role (ie you can stop safely, etc) .I searched the net but I found that I learned a lot for nicicum.Multumesc of your tutorials.

  19. Who wants invitation? I 2,

  20. When you do a tutorial OnePlus two?

  21. In case of failure to OneplusOne, how to do? In Romania there any service for this model?

  22. The battery me about a day keeps me half, to two. It's a little better than the Note 3, had previously. And concrete compared to the speed with S5 Galaxy's faster, including net. Cloncluzie: I'm glad I will not lose a lot of money to a possible upgrade, satisfied quality / price

  23. While a presentation of OnePlus one toolkit, from what I saw on the net tool that knows how to do everything, and do not work with the Windows command line (after unlocking the bootloader to the root update including rum) .inc something that I liked this phone: within a week to update 3 times from os11-os11s-os12.
    Thank you in advance.

  24. Nelu Hiris said

    I have a s5 when the battery is under 10% and playing a flat battery faster data traffic starts wifi sua why? Thank you.

    • No need to download the battery. It even destructive to empty every time the battery.
      Ideally, when you put the phone on charge drops below 20%, and to remove it when they charge.
      Turning to the issue ta..telefoanele have some profiles that come into operation in certain moments. Poor battery is a trigger of such a profile. Profiles can be created for the economy, for performance, for navigation, for use in exterior, etc.

      • Nelu Hiris said

        Many thanks Cristi.Deci understand that teleofonul is ok and has no defect nimic.Am and I thought it was representative and not one knew my answer falls below intrebare.deci when to put it 20% videotutorialele to incarcat.Urmaresc much and so I managed to teach myself how many more, something I really appreciate the effort you make.

  25. Nelu Hiris said

    I want to buy my phone memory card for rogfrumos .We help me with advice .What is the best card, company, class and transfer rate, thank you

  26. Cristi do something to sound louder, walk a little volume!

  27. Robert said

    it's the first time I buy a new smartphone, and I got myself One Plus One

    I have a question… did you format the battery at first? because I didn't do that and it doesn't last me a whole day as you say in the review, although I use it moderately I would say

    • Li-ion batteries are not formatted.
      The lifetime of the battery depends on the use of options used GSM signal strength, distance router, how to synchronize the services used, etc, etc.
      Normally, when one buys the phone, it tends to rub more than normal.
      Have patience to get enough of it and only then you will see how you're.

      • Robert said

        Yes, and I've read here and there and I understood that after 5-6 calibrates longer battery load. As soon as I got (30 April) to 2 day I was in the mountains where I had no network signal, I was in Digi network, and enter Roaming. I probably eat this much battery because the network is looking for. It's true that I used pretty much like any brightness camera and I did not set it lower. I'm curious how to handle everyday life in Bucharest and optimize after him.
        Apart from this small issue with the battery, which I hope to adjust are very pleased with him. A super phone, I recommend!

  28. Sal Cristi. What version of CM you did when you had installed video?
    App probably know but maybe you could give an update to the article: those from OnePlus selling and Romania some a 2 months, but increased prices by 50 euro and phone bought from them on the site comes from UK, so EU and do not pay any additional fee or other customs like the

    • In this tutorial I CM11s (Android 4.4 KiKat), a version specially made for Cyanogenmod OnePlus One.
      Now I CM12 which is based on Android Lolipop.
      In terms of price in Romania, it's normal to be higher because some pay customs duties and VAT.

      • ms raspuns.Te wondering version of CM for that and I'm on 44S (I find the best and most stable) but still not out 8h SOT
        They raised the price for all of Europe, so it's more convenient to take the USA if you have someone bring it to you

  29. Hello.
    You can say to me how to synchronize phonebook contacts with people on facebook that occur picture?
    From the settings, accounts, facebook and I just tried to stop syncing option or remove the account.
    Automatic synchronization is enabled, but that's all. The problem is just facebook.
    We android 5.0.2
    Thank you

  30. I had this phone and can say that is super strong for how much. A very good phone. I found him 2 minuses of which only one bothered me most:
    1) living in Paris and 4g coverage is very good but there was little of OnePlus one always 4g because he did not know all the bands 4g of France (that bothered me the best)!

    2) touch-screen software behaves like sometimes bizarre, like it was a little too sensitive (is something quite known on XDA and there has been much talk about it) but I can not say it is not so disturbing.

    Anyway, all in all is a super phone at a very acceptable.

  31. deserve to exchange a greeting xperia z c6603 a OnePlus one? I'd change it because you can not unlock the bootloader of mine, and I want a phone to be free from all points of view

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Are you crazy world with your bootloader. I told twice by now that you've left a link to a thread on the XDA Developers forum where you steps to unlock the bootloader Sony Xperia Z. Find better!
      You can find the link to the bootloader unlock guide for Sony Xperia Z in a comment on the “How to use TWRP recovery on Android” tutorial, which you can find with the search box on the top right or by going to the Home page ), and by clicking on the 4th title / tutorial

  32. firstly I have not asked you, and I do not know what you're getting as you're about Turkish musca.vad not understand I can not unlock the bootloader, as you've written where I've left you the links so let him Christ to answer me (unless it wants, of course), and you do not put yourself when someone wants to talk only with Cristi but not you. and if you get crazy so easily, it means you have some problems

    • It thousand is impossible to tell you how to unlock bootloader on Xperia Sony, because I did not do that device that tests and trials on it.
      As I have told you on other occasions, each phone model has its quirks. The ones from Sony are the hardest to "break", because they lock the bootloader very strictly, leaving no gates for developers. The thing is that HTC did the same, but now they are good.
      That's why I took my OnePlus One, which besides Nexus is a phone sites you work easily unlock the bootloader.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you understand English, you can. That's what it says in that forum on the topic that I gave you the link. They are enumerated, strung, examples all necessary steps unlock bootloader. You do not understand English is the second and looks at you. It is correct that only you can not unlock the bootloader generally do not go there to unlock the bootloader on Sony Xperia Z. You and YouTube tutorials on how to do this, but unfortunately for you, all in English. Sucks!

      • Sit down, new 4.Eu I wrote that you can not unlock in general but only to those like me who have allowed unlock: no.După as saying Cristi, people at Sony have left no loophole for developers to unblock those who unlock allowed: no.Însa do not want to continue to exchange with you, especially when you're the only one who knows English. Outside sees quite well the difference between Cristi you. I wish you a nice day

  33. Bogdan said

    Hello Cristi,

    Please tell me you've had the same feel good about OnePlus one? Thank you!

    • Yes!
      In addition, those from OnePlus will launch soon OnePlus 2. It will be an extremely powerful phone that will be equipped with Snapdragon 810, 4GB ram, USB type C, ultra fast fingerprint reader and others.
      If you do not have the patience to launch OnePlus is 2, quiet OnePlus One can buy that is future proof enough for another 1-2 years.

  34. Bogdan said

    Thank you very much!

  35. Bogdan said

    Following your advice I took a OnePlus
    . So far it is exactly as you said. Thank you very much. You're doing a super job.
    Tell me please if worth doing last update to cyanogen and if your android is better to 5.02 4.44 that comes with the phone. Thank you.

  36. Bogdan said

    And if you could you give me some advice on an optimal design would be great.

  37. Bogdan said

    Why when entering 2G skips and hear the galaxy s3 well as all the 2G. thanks

  38. necdelux said

    clay Cristi..I need some advice from you please… what do you say it's worth giving a Nexus 5 on a lg g2 ..?… thanks in advance.

  39. laurentiu said

    Hello Cristi. Can you recommend to me a link where they can buy OnePlus an invitation for two? Or if you look I had the courage to send you money to order me and me :). I am seen as something but I'd like your opinion how to proceed. I apply they think they take too long. Geerbest recommend you store up? It has a very good price. Pixy.

  40. Hello Cristi,

    Have you tried NetHunter Kali Linux software version of Offensive Security for OnePlus One?
    It would be interesting if you take a tutorial or a review for this software version.

    Thank you!

  41. Hello, my daughter ordered a One of this… after 2 days she automatically upgraded, something… and lost the signal to the network… she restarts, she has something on usb… ..or cable charging… if you keep it plugged in the laptop works, if you take it out it shuts down and no longer starts Did you throw the money out the window? How can he be praised so much if he has so many problems all over the net, the world is complaining… is he lucky? 🙁

  42. Cristi Hello, Can you give me an opinion: it is still worth purchasing one OnePlus One 64 today? I saw an offer from Ron 1550. Thank you very much.

  43. Hello Cristi I crontab I did everything and I update ver 5.1.1 android 4k year UHD room and I do not like the beginning of 4 times 2k somehow know what is ??

  44. I did update to ver 5.1.1 and I no longer appears 4k deea DCI and dc?

  45. Hello Cristian,
    I bought a OnePlus One 64 and fail to set it to shoot unlimited, can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  46. Hi, I bought myself one plus x and Roman but they did not say a menu in Romanian, can imibda a hand .ias change the software but do not know where to take and be .Mulţumesc!

  47. Hi. I also bought a Oneplus one sh and I would like some opinions if possible. On the phone is cyanogenmod — cyanogen os 12.1 android 5.1.1 lollipop. Before this phone I had Note 1 and Huawei P7. What is curious about the phone is that no calls appear, messages lost as numbers on icons, can only be silenced from the volume keys and when I connect the headphones the headset does not appear. I wanted to know if Kitkat is better than lollipop. This interface seems to me very colorful maybe also thanks to the jelly bean on the Note 1 or the Huawei crumb

  48. Dorel Ban said

    Good evening! When you do a tutorial for one plus2? I have this phone and I would be interested in such a tutorial! The problem is not Romanian, I Model A 2003! Thank you

  49. Cristi Hello! how to behave when you OnePlus one of you ?? you're as happy as you did when the review ??

  50. How to OnePlus One's screen compared to a SuperAMOLED ??

  51. Hello Crusti,
    Please tell your opinion about X OnePlus phone I want to buy it.
    Thank you!
    Regards Adrian

    • OnePlus X is an interesting device that worth the price. On the market there are other exciting offers that have appeared lately. The choice is yours.

      • Thanks for the reply. I read the opinions of many people who bought this phone, either by invitation when it did not appear in Romania, or from Romania when it started to appear (at the end of last year). Many say that the CM modified by the OP is not really ok, some say that it does not recognize the SD card, others that it does not have a menu in Romanian (this is not a serious problem), others say that the battery is not very successful. I don't want to prolong it much, I know you had (did you?) Have a Oneplus One and that's why please just tell me, if you were to buy a 5 telefon phone now (it's optimal for me) and should you choose between a 5 xy Samsung galaxy A2014 (5) and a Oneplus X, which you would choose, abstracting that the A5 is a bit cheaper?
        Thank you again.

  52. Cristi *

  53. Ana-Maria said

    Cristi good! I really need advice tau..Am acquired the OnePlus One in December, so the phone is relatively new, purchased from Germania.După 3 weeks I died camera front, meaning you can not use jamming occur linii..Problema form is not that. .Ieri Phone died completely, have 80% battery and recharged închis.L have different chargers but not charging, I can not open deschide..Ce to be done? Thanks in advance !!

  54. Marian halls said

    Cristi, you think you deserve a OnePlus One in 2016? I deal with videorecording games like Minecraft, Asphalt and Real Racing 8 3, the second question would be: Do you think can do that? Thank you

  55. Marian said

    Good evening,

    Seeking a pouch OnePlus one (the original old is pretty worn sign that has done its job), I arrived at this article, which has over 1 year old.

    Since the December 2014 own this phone, I thought to leave some opinions from the perspective of one who has enough friends that own this phone.

    - The phone looks and behaves like on the first day (it was protected with a flip cover)
    - Autonomy still 1, day of intensive use of tio business, 2, days of moderate use. I never ran out of battery during the day.
    - I never felt the need to empty the internal memory (64, Gb)
    - I did not make the official updates to 6.0, those who did this, experience some bugs
    - After 6 months, when the screen heats up after a gaming game, a small area of ​​yellow appears in the upper left corner (yellow tint). After 1 or 2 minutes, it disappears.
    - Dropped on foot dozens of times (in the cover), given to children to play with.
    - If I lost my phone today, I would still go this way

    I was a fan of the Nexus range, up to OnePlus
    I had a wife and has S6
    Iphone all work colleagues.

    Telrfon a good, cheap, durable and top performance.

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