OnePlus One, recovery and data loss without ROOT

Hi friends, today we will root for Oneplus One, in addition we will see how to install recovery without losing data (if you have unlocked bootloader).
How to install custom recovery (TWP recovery, CWM Recovery) on Oneplus One?
It is assumed that you have unlocked bootloader. If you do not enter fastboot and give the command:
fastboot oem unlock
Unlocking the bootloader will delete all data on the device and it is therefore necessary to make a backup for photos, video, files, SMS, before starting the ceva.Ca to make backup SMS will recommend the following tutorial:
Installation TWP recovery:
1. Install universal USB driver (For adb and fastboot)
2. Install minimal ADB
3. Enter fastboot mode
4. Copy the recovery image adb folder minimal
5. Install recovery with fastboot command:
fastboot flash recovery "nume fisier.img"
How to Root the Oneplus One?
1. Copy the super SU zip in the internal memory of the phone
2. Enter recovery
3. Install the zip Super SU
4. Restart the phone
5. Check the root with Root Checker (Link play store)
Operations like that are dangerous in some cases (current stops, restarts PC crashes PC), which is why team does not assume any responsibility for.
Although officials said they delocarea Oneplus One booloaderului, rootarea or flash another rom uirea not affect the warranty, I do not think you want your phone to get hurt VEVA. So be sure at any time!
Take extra care granting rights applications whose root!

Files that can be used on all Android phones:

ADB mimim
Universal ADB driver

Files ONLY for ONEPLUS One
SuperSU and TWRP recovery (Only for Oneplus One)

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  1. Hello! I have a question, if anyone can answer me. on a Sony z ultra phone I use android version 4.3. I still didn't want to go to 4.4… I saw on youtube that this version has some bugs. the problem is that soon Sony will move to version 5.0. can 5.0 be installed by jumping over 4.4? thank you!

    • It is recommended to go through all versions if you do not lose data.
      If you can make backups to install and so skipping a version.
      If you do OTA, I think you will escape any updates will be made all the time.

  2. Hello I got a call from orange Orange gova a pretty good phone.
    ii it can install CyanogenMod? I do not like the interface

  3. Kingo root

  4. Good ziua.Sunt owner myself and I OnePlus One.Am few questions.
    1.Am and I rooted phone, but I noticed that after he did not update it rootat.Trebuie to repeat the whole procedure of root?
    2.Ce custom rom have proven that seems worth it installed?
    Install a custom rom 3.Daca and I want to return to the stock of where I can get zipul?
    Can you give me a link?
    Thank you.

    • 1. After the update has to redo root for files and rights are restored.
      2. I used Mahdi Rom with stock kernel then I changed and AK Franco kernel.
      3. If you want to return to stock, install the fast boot ROM from stock:
      htpps: //
      You need to install the fastboot, not recovery.

  5. Salute. Please help me with a problem if possible. . I own a Samsung Galaxy s4 and make them want to update to version 5.0. . Tells better steps to figure out where I'm wrong. . We firmware version lollipop (zip sd card). .inchid phone. Tin + volume down and power keys to enter the home system recovery. . Dau install a file on the SD card and select. . And I write something like error signature issue. . .ajutama please with it. You have unlocked your rooter or something. . .astept answer thanks.

  6. go on lg g2 d802g blocked orange? or how can I do that?

  7. Salut.Cunosc someone who has a tablet Miia, and that does not work ,, ie, press the start button opens the writing appears Miia (logo) that appears after ANDROID writing, and so remains, no longer change nimic.Am tried to reset the dedicated button ptr.asta ie with a small hole where you reset the needle and tried degeaba.Am option to hold down the home button and volume down, but does nothing to make it was the first one. Can I install another android, or what to facut.Multumesc

    • Send the product to service.
      From what you told me I can not figure out what was going on, do not tell me much, and even if you had told me, it's hard to diagnose a no name product.
      Who knows what build of Android installed with stand without support google. How well was assembled Android.
      It is best to go to service the tablet, they see the spot and can solve the problem or change the tablet if you can not fix.

  8. Salut.Se looks like I did to my great disappointment to ruin this wonderful telefon.Am had the phone rooted and wanted to install a rom custom.Am entered recovery (TWRP) and gave his rum flashuiesc respectively but do not know what reasons mers.Am not done something stupid and I gave wipe and there I checked EVERYTHING (Dalvik cache, system, time, internal storage, cache, USB-OTG) and the job I did with battery 16% .Now you can not light up at all. I'll keep him busy all night to something asta.Poate guy and you give me something idei.Multumesc.

  9. I installed this about 2 applications lg g2 d80220g coded orange, root and stump autorek. it is easier and makes your access job. and though this method is simple
    do not know how unloc somehow tel. even to reinstall the software.

  10. Hi, how do I install on a HTC One m7 cerbelus in dos .. or as you said. ms

    • Dos is an operating system running on the diskette, you have Android.
      As you can install the zip Cerberus need to have a custom recovery recovery instead of the original.
      I guess you do not have it.
      I recommend you familiarize yourself with android platform, see our tutorials about Root, Recovery, flashing, etc. You can find them in the category Android Tutorials.
      These are not things that make them so, jap-jap. You must take time accumulation of information and not to rush.
      A good source of information is the forum, where you can find all sorts of tips and Infirmation related to your device.

  11. 2 questions ala video to root the Galaxy Note:
    1 875 thing going on vodafone?
    2 where zip download sites

    • You can not use the procedure shown in that tutorial on another phone because as specified in the text above tutorial and as you said is for Galaxy Note!
      For another phone model, I advise you to look for the root version on xda developers or on other profile forums. From what I read, the Vodafon 875 was originally Alcatel T'pop. On XDA, some said they rooted it with Kingo Android Root or a Chinese tool called "ishauji".

  12. cristina said

    Hello. gives me error copying image (error: cannot load 'rec') on one plus

  13. flavius said

    Hi Cristi, I watched with great interest the majority of your posts I managed to make my way phone cyanogen android samsung s 3 4.4.4in this android normally have a recovery program but when you make your recovery go to the end and I give Andro. seccure not found and I write recovery complete.aici I stuck not know how to recover data from android samsung.mi you be a great help if you answer me this mesaj.multumesc.

  14. I recently bought myself a oneplus, making the transition from a s4.Totusi are not satisfied with its rum OS: Android version 11.Imi cyanogen4.4.4 trouble with rotation and connect with other devices (Bluetooth) .Te would ask you tell me what rom seems best at the moment, can get rid of these buguri.Multumesc anticipated.

  15. Who knows if it has a chicken on a stick if something new will in the future be able to recover old files that I still do not manage programs require licenses so now they find the old data recovery software if you put something new on a stik them May the old ones or to put them in a folder on these new?
    Please answer all nice to me here.
    Thank you!

  16. but from a samsung gt c3530 and the micro esdeul's to be able to see old photos of 2013 made it even leam deleted or accidentally formatted pretty please you as a guru for mine.Multumesc to have a good day and Thank you very much to be healthy, I expect an answer.

  17. can you retrieve old data if you put new data on a partition from what I see it's hard :(

  18. Hi I have a oneplus one of 16g and I do not go on the Internet 3G anyone knows why?

  19. Valentin said

    I own a galaxy s3 and I want to put cyanogen mode 5.0… ..
    but first I want to make backups in case the original rum as I hate the cyanogen to give it to restore
    I do not understand how can i make backup.
    Can someone help me?

  20. Hello. Yesterday I also received a OnePlus One after calling 1 month.
    I tried to make myself what have you done here in the tutorial, but Fastboot PC devices do not see telu, Why?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • Either phone in fastboot mode do not have or do not install drivers or not you did something right there.

      • I have everything I need! I will try on the PC, I only tried on the laptop…
        There is a gender Samsung ROM ?? I do not like e-mail, contacts and messaging application!
        Maybe in the future doing some tutorials on OnePlus One!


  21. Hello. On Oneplus One of mine who now has acute colored custom version of cyanogen 12.1 spcial for oneplus 3g one does not take to any network than is otherwise digi EDGE or GPRS.

    I Cm 12.1-YOG4PAS1NO.

    It could help?

  22. Hello. On my Oneplus One it is cyanogen 12.1 - 12.1-YOG4PAS1NO and 3g does not work on any network except at digi.mobil otherwise it is edge or gprs but 3g does not start it. From what can it be?

  23. Adrian Gudus said

    Make sure you properly set APN's for caretele you use for mobile data option enabled

    • I set it right. I also talked to customer relations… nothing! Activated on the card and 4g… nothing works! Only digi works. Will it be from cm? To put that cyanogen default?

  24. Hi!
    Where can I access OnePlus sensitivity One ??? I'm looking almost 2 weeks and found no sensitivity Touch!
    There's something I want to ROM or as the menu can make the Samsung S3, S4 or S5 ???

    Thank you very much!

  25. Hi, I followed all the steps until the command “fastboot devices” and there nothing appears to me… if I write “fastboot device” it says: waiting for device

  26. dan scarlat said

    Hi I have a problem
    can not load the Bootloader unlock
    fastboot oem unlock command I give it erase everything on the screen and I think locks because the screen is lit park in background
    fastboot oem and custom devices Device unlocked info says: false

    I need help

  27. Hello! Can you tell me please how I could get into fastboot mode phone samsung galaxy j5?
    Thank you

  28. Anamaria said

    Please help me. I have a HTC m8. I looked release pin. What can I do to him reseteza without pictures and messages to delete? Please


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