STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10

STOP invasion of privacy pe WINDOWS 10 by Microsoft

What are the tutorial is about?
In this tutorial I will show you how to disable all settings that violate your privacy by Microsoft Windows 10 by massive usage data collection, navigation, preferences, location, etc.
STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10

What about data collection?

We live in an increasingly connected world - however, this does not mean that we have to give up privacy, and put our personal data on the tray, to be used in the great stew called Big Data, which uses who knows who / when and for what purposes.

Who is Big Brother?

It's about big companies that collect data: Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo (these give and hackers). The truth is that nowadays data collection is easier than ever, even users voluntarily share their personal lives.
STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10

Yes I, I have nothing to hide!

I hear this phrase all the time - "I have nothing to hide!" Wrong! Privacy must remain safe from the eyes of the world. How about receiving strangers walking around your house all day, because you just have nothing to hide and you haven't broken any law.

What can be done with our data?

I recently saw on TV, on the news show, some citizens who were picked up by the police, fined and questioned about some posts on Facebook - One of these citizens wondered: “How did they find me, sir? that I had a fictitious name on Facebook? ”. How do you think the police found him?

Exercise of imagination?

As you realize how dangerous personal data may be good to do an exercise. Take a friend swap phones or laptops and take a peek into the history of the other browser. I promise you'll be shocked how different would seem that man here before.

Human nature is strange!

In front of a friend we still have little secrets - Instead IN FRONT OF A BROWSER WE HAVE NO SECRETS!
STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10
App tutorial!
app Privacy Repairer it helps us to close the "windows" and "doors" that Microsoft has left open to keep an eye on us.

video tutorial - STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10

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  1. Adrian Gudus said

    I use Spyboot Anti-Beacon
    Recommended is that after a Windows Update application interface to recheck to make sure that some options were not restored. It happened to me that after an update when I checked Spyboot Anti-Beacon's interface, some options will be disabled by that update, I was absolutely sure I left active interface Spyboot's Anti-Beacon

  2. Exactly Adrian and I just use Spyboot is the best. Instead nice and especially welcome this tutorial comes VB Windows.

  3. What do we do with the "Androids"? What do we do with the data from the e-mag, from the banks, mobile telephony, other and other entities from which we shop? I have said it before and I say it again, when you went out on the net, no matter on which operating system, on which device, when you have a tangent with online technology, you can no longer sleep peacefully, because you have a high tail and in sleep. Let's not suffer from Paranoia. It's like going to the beach for nudists and being dressed because he sees you, I don't know the moles on your private parts! I'm surprised that overnight, you became such a fighter against personal data. Are you really so "armored" that no one but Win 10 accesses your personal data?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      This tutorial is for those who take privacy seriously. You can leave Windows as is. You do not have to apply what you see in our tutorials.

  4. On repatriation does not work!

  5. Hi, I haven't commented for a long time, although I'm following all your tutorials. I'm more interested in those about PC. About phones, rooting… not much. Now I'm strongly against collecting data from anyone. So I show up as best I can. In 10 licensed pros, I use SpybotAntiBeacon-1.5 and Distroy Windows 10 Spying, + the visible ones from Windows 10, camera, microphone, feedback, update… I saw this tutorial and I tried this too. It's interesting that it shows me many "open" Windows spying possibilities when I turned them off and many others are disabled by other programs. Now I don't know which is the best program, but we try to avoid it as well as possible.
    Thanks for the tutorial and more.

    • Baltazar senate said

      I'm not a public person, I do not have accounts, I do not have important records, but once I've bought it, why should anyone like it, as if it were his computer.
      I bought it for myself so that it doesn't show something that tells it confidentiality.
      But I no longer use, I passed Windows XP and Windows Internet 7.Asa is unbeatable.

  6. Bună.Dar these settings can be made to the operating system installation!

  7. Yes, welcome tutorial, and get really the very good application, much easier than you to go and make settings for each one, thanks.

  8. Cristi I have a question: how it works and if it breaks with the guarantee and warranty should be sent to a goal of pe.gearbest had paid curieru and where demand for such Hardware Warranty? please give me details I'd like to take a Xiaomi phone 4 notes there. sorry for oftopic

  9. I understand that other versions of Windows does not collect data?

  10. Hello! To win 8 there or something similar? Thank you!

  11. Cristi good!
    Very good tutorial.
    I also recommend a similar utility from O&O: O&O Shut Up10.
    All the best and good luck!

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