Optimizing, cleaning and firmware update for Corsair SSD toolbox - video tutorial

Hi friends, today you will be introduced to a collection of tools for cleaning and optimization of SSDs, it is about Corsair SSD Toolbox.
Corsair SSD toolbox helps us a lot to keep the health and performance of our time Corsair SSD.
It is known that an SSD after a certain period of use no longer behave so well if not the command Trim, Trim unfortunately only works on newer operating systems, from Windows 7 up. To avoid performance degradation over time due to lack of TRIM support, Corsair introduced the Trim option Toolbox programmed, this is a blessing for older operating systems running on the SSD. With Trim from the Trim Corsair Toolbox can program execution at certain intervals, so keep SSD performance at high rates even on Windows XP.
Another useful tool is the one that helps us to completely wipe SSD, this is useful if you want to sell SSD or simply to revive him after an intense use. Please note, using this method will permanently lose all data on the SSD and they will not be able to recover even with professional tools for recovery.
Another important function of the SSD Toolbox is the firmware update. Update the firmware on the SSD it has never been simpler, so simple that you do not believe it that's all ...
At this point I could not tell you if Corsair SSD Toolbox works with SSDs from other manufacturers but certainly all manufacturers Assn SSD drives have such utility, I do know that Intel has something similar.
Before presenting Corsair SSD Toolbox and I showed how to disable the Intel Smart Response Technology, that if we want to give up or want to get the full OS on SSD.
Download Corsair SSD Toolbox
Intel SSD Toolbox
OCZ Download Center (Select your model)
Kingston SSD Toolbox
For SSDs from other manufacturers, go to the support section of your drive and download utilities specific to each drive.

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  1. Sorin Chiran said

    I know an "uncle" who bought a PC performance, and those from the store and put a SSD.Evident when he saw that Mr. pc go a little harder ignorantly started to defragment :)) ssd ... woe to the guy.

  2. Anderson said

    TRIM does not work on Windows 8, supposedly failed error trim. What do I do in this case?

  3. Anderson:
    TRIM does not work on Windows 8, supposedly failed error trim. What do I do in this case?

    Windows 8 should not give her trim manually automatically handles the operating system.

  4. poldac said

    How Secure Wipe if I give the OS on it?

  5. hello Cristi, I have SSD (Corsair forcegt 60 red) as yours go extremely well with October 2012 until today I wrote just 525gb, indeed I did not "wrought" I tried to take care of him ... he few installing 7 and 8. I think I'll take myself ala tool to make them an update to firmewere because I 5.02 but from what I know or heard must be empty right? ok ms

  6. zumzum said

    Hi, well Cristi now like better? The trick "cashflow" and cloning SSD or must leave the system as you have done now, that you have disabled Intel Smart Response that can make sending and update and still running like that?
    Not for nothing, but I expect a motherboard AsRock H77M next week, just to trick the "bridge" between SSD and Hard! And take nothing? Or I'll use IntelSmartResponse and occasionally I'll get them off to TRIM SSD?
    Please answer me when you can, as it's better!

  7. Corsair SSD Toolbox firmware update is only for Corsair Force Series 3, Force Series GT, Force Series GS Series and Neutron Neutron GTX Series SSDs. For others, the message that there is a newer firmware.

  8. adrian said

    Kingston HyperX k 3 Salut.am a nice please if anyone can help me to update the firmware ... I've read that I have to do another operation Track the pc do not understand how to do this to my bag ssd in Another PC really do not understand I hope to be someone here give me explice.multumesc

  9. Good evening. Can you do a review on how to do a firmware update for Intel SSD series 330, 120gb? I looked on videotutoriale but only about SSDs Corsair, OCZ, anything about the intel! Thank you a pleasant evening

  10. I want to fit 60gb SSD for system, since a friend told me they do not recommend an SSD for the system, but to put a hdd. Please tell me your opinion.

  11. Adrian Gudus said

    cristi: I want to install an SSD for system 60gb, since a friend told me they do not recommend an SSD for the system, but to put a hdd. Please tell me your opinion.

    We have said what over hundreds of tutorials. In all the tutorials on setting up a system we always recommend a SSD. Even more explained and why in different tutorials on the site. Did you ask your friend why does not recommend an SSD?

  12. Hi I want to reinstall Windows please explain to me the more I use WIPE SECURE go there but do not know he's black not green buton press it and wait mimic Thank aid

  13. Hello, I installed Windows 8.1 on an SSD and I would like to know if you should leave Optimize drives (Disk defragmenter open), I can say that my SSD sees him only after I run WinSAT.
    At first I disabled this option because I saw the tutorial you have disabled but not for Windows 8.
    Thank you!

    • Windows 8 and 8.1 know very well manage the resources of a SSD.
      If you have these operating systems do not have to make any changes. Windows will make a TRIM "optimization" instead defragmentation.
      In Windows 7, the user had to make small changes in settings and 8 8.1 now no longer required. Even indexing drive is different, no longer write as much as it did before.
      Now almost all operating systems running on SSD know and change their behavior.

      • Thanks for the response I was not sure and did not really find tutorial for Windows 8, just what I found was on other forums in English.
        Happy Birthday !

  14. Hello,
    I have a SSD WD Scorpio Blue, WD6400BEVT - 22AORTO of 640GB, and can not find anything on their site toolbox gender. I want to fix it, often can not I access all partitions and open them 3 and very slow. What do you recommend I have any option to recover it?


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