Simple overclock video card on your laptop or desktop

MSI Afterburner is the application that can be overclocked video card on your laptop or desktop. The surprise is that we can use the app on other PCs, not just the MSI.
Afterburner is a simple, easy to use and most importantly, free.
Before getting to overclock, you must be armed with rerăbdare and be prepared for some failures that are inherent when it comes to overclocking.
When you overclock a laptop, you should be aware of temperature, power and cooling. On battery, the laptop will behave differently than when connected to the network.
Laptop cooler is not designed only for basic frequency; Therefore, be sure airflow in the air intake.
Watch the temperature GPU-Z (download below), and if you see unjustifiably high temperatures, reduce the MSI Afterburner settings.
MSI Afterburner options.
For owners of laptops or MSI, the application allows change various settings. For products from other brands may change, but the core frequency and memory frequency. Enough for us!

Simple overclock video card on your laptop or desktop

MSI Afterburner overclocking results with.
Performance improvements that we have achieved I on Acer V Nitro (VN7)With Nvidia GTX860M, it was 15% for super stable settings. During probing, I received some blue screensWho are almost normal in overclock.
Download links:
MSI Afterburner official download
GPU-Z download

Tutorial Video - simple video card Overclock laptop or desktop

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  1. For NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, I want your parry. a maximum that you think would be enough ...
    3327 MB graphics memory available
    E 2048 MB dedicated video memory ..
    I TRUST !!!
    And luck incontinoare mula I like what you're doing! thanks for all the tutorials

  2. Forgot to say it's accurate or not all processors and video cards are made for the DDRAM overclok is true. those that are made for overclok will go smoothly at maximum settings and generally get along with drivrele and overclok schedule. I am one processor is designed overclok i7 and can double that is mine is quad core and can be done octacore give 4 virtual processors. video card is desitnata overclok. but as said Cristi depends on what video card you have and what credca processor plus something failed and base plate is as important leads and sources. I personally did not need my ECP plus overclok that leads gamer and not more Linux on windows rarely get f

    • What do you do with i7 on linux. I i3 and linux fails 30% in anything. Before I had a 6850 and sitting too much to install software from source code. Now it takes about as much ram and cpu% maximum 30 20% of 8G about any 12% wd hdd black .... I think many rami i7 justify cpu Linux server if you take a small provider with a separate virtual machine server or mail, ftp www ....
      If not how do I set linuxu slackware I make full use of computer resources? Finish the job faster and reach 80% cpu even ...

      • and sometimes require powerful processor on Linux if you run certain programs that require processor. but not used. I got promotions I7 it was almost half of that time I paid esteemed by. and said travel deals

  3. ahhh tarried a tutorial from you with MSI Afterburner and behold, with patience and "vapare"))) came. I did a small test yet I motherboard and video card gtx msi 650 squash and already you've seen a little relative improvement. I was also a little button. Thanks for the tutorial, Merry Christmas and health tutorials how much we do but you know

  4. After the tutorial choose the air today due to the Deva swearing 'multi idiot because I is I fry for PCs.

  5. I use precision.poţi xvga make a tutorial about? Merry Christmas!

  6. Cristi can help me, I have an HP laptop and do not know where to download the drivers, I went on the hp website but do not know where to discharging, you can help me !!

  7. Merry Christmas everyone ! I stay healthy and loved ones! The birth of Jesus will bring peace and quiet!

  8. Hello world, I have not looked at that in general tutorial.Precizez 10% extra video card or processor is acceptabil.Pentru those with processors from Intel use "Intel (R) Extreme Tuning Utility" for those laptops Asus ROG gaming can be used for "ASUS GPU Tweak" for video.In card overclock nvidia my case a 980M with 8GB RAM is not necessary
    C-GPU Tweak we ASUS looks like:

    [IMG] [/ IMG]

  9. Hello Cristi
    How do you enable gt shadowplay a 940m?

  10. I think insults with "illiterate" in the Christmas threshold and do not have a purpose. Happy Holidays!

  11. Howdy! I want a tutorial on the Internet 4G now that the focus is more active internet to have always on you! Owning a data card from RCS_RDS and a portable modem that is compatible with 4G their website (2600 MHz TDD band 38) but do not know how you can activate a connection 4G a data card from them. For the voice + data no details but the only data I have not found anything. Holidays still beautiful and Happy Birthday!

  12. A tutorial really interesting to me was afraid to be honest I use this utility video card, have an MSI ATI Radeon HD7750 1 GB GDDR5 / 128 Bit Basic frequency of the processor is 830 MHz and the memory 1125 and we increased proceosrul and Maximum memory now is 900 MHz processor and memory temperature 1250 33 sit very well -35 degrees but increased fan speed on 10% .Deocamdata have not received any blue screen will show on a map comportamentul.Faceti good job thank you for the support offered along timpului.Sarbatori hear ourselves happy and healthy next year.

  13. Hello ! It's true that if you overclock your video card (or CPU) ii shorten the life of your video card (or cpu?) ??? I have a Geforce GT 630 1 128gb bit and I have the courage to do overclock because I heard many times that if I do overclock video card because it could ruin increase the frequency above the limit that has the factory. It's true? Thanks for the answer !!!

    • Michael, make sure you do not have dust inside (which prevents efficient cooling), make sure you have a good cooling or improve it, make sure you have a stable and updated drivers.
      As long as cooling and operating system works properly, you have nothing to worry about if Yorkers with 10% overclock the processor or graphics card (if possible of course)
      In general processors and video cards are clock-thread below in order to avoid the problems mentioned above.
      If for example you have a new PC or a new laptop, there will be no problem.
      While we recommend changing the cooling paste which can also cause problems.

      • Thanks for the answer !!! I will try to overclock a CPU E8400 so little to see how it behaves. In idle temperature is maintained at 37 degree because I recently purchased a paste with all intel cooler and then I have problems with temperature. I have updated drivers, and when it comes to dust is not a problem because I clean it often.

  14. SS Himmler said

    It seems that now, the last driver from Nvidia dinnou possibility overclock blocks on all laptops. So if you have laptop graphic chipsets from Nvidia NOT UPDATE THE DRIVER MAKE! I made this mistake, I went back to the old driver but still have the option to overclock blocked. Off ... .nici not know what the hell to do, there were some good settings Scotland and + 40% more performance and was stable .... How could return to the driver that allowed me overclock site? Programs to uninstall the futures and goes ....

  15. I sochet motherboard so I am3 // 938 2,6 sochet AMD Sempron processor the AMD Athlon //////// 938 2 or 2, 340 sochet fm2 fit so that I Ando pins in a dual AMD choir pocesor the 5200 but I think it was another sochet /// so fm2 compatible motherboard sochet 938 am3

  16. Do I lose my laptop if I do that?

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