Install antivirus and firewall setup tutorial Kaspersky Internet Security

The following tutorial presents an installation and setting for the best antivirus with firewall at the moment, namely kaspersky internet security. Why do I say that it is the best antivirus in the world, because it really is and not only I say this but I say the awards I won. The modules included in this firewall antivirus are: firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware,… [Read more...]

How to delete a file locked or unlocked with free Unlocker

Problems with folders or locked files? In this video tutorial we show you how to delete or unlock a file using the unlocker software. It often happens that we can no longer delete a file, whether it is running a service or a process in windows that we do not know or cannot stop. A problem can become when and after I restarted the pc its folder… [Read more...]

How do download, upload and transfer large files with FileZilla video -tutorial

How to transfer large files is a problem we have all encountered sooner or later. The methods known to all: odc, dc ++, strong-dc, bitorrent, lime wire, utorrent are some applications that can partially make a file transfer, namely only download. We want a file transfer program that can transfer files in both directions and in [Read more...]

How to transfer files via ftp-server with FileZilla tutorial video

This method is one of the most popular ways to transfer files and yet I hear people who do not know this and try to transfer files through yahoo messenger. File transfer via ftp (file transfer protocol) has a very wide spread, being used in all areas where a stable transfer method is needed and how much… [Read more...]

How to make a bootable CD from an ISO image with nero -Video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will burn (burn) an iso image with the nero application and you will be able to learn how to make a bootable cd regardless of the operating system be it xp, vista, or linux We can also learn how to mount an iso image using the program daemon tools and how we can mount a game, an operating system or anything else in iso format. We will … [Read more...]

Use backup software Acronis True Image acquis video tutorial

Acronis true image is a truly amazing tool for creating backup images. The ease of its interface is incredible, you simply have to follow the steps you take to draw the acronis but at the same time you have a lot of options. I can't believe it when I hear from people (my computer broke down). In Romania they are not used much… [Read more...]

Program to clone hard drives, Acronis tutorial video

Acronis migrate easy is a small software without many options but almost indispensable in many situations. The options that the program has in the following video tutorial are two in number, namely: clone disk and add new disk. In other words, it helps you clone a hard drive or add a new hard drive in an assisted environment. The power of this software will be… [Read more...]

Installation of software partitioning, Acronis Disk Director Suite

In this video tutorial we will see how to install the acronis disk directory partitioning program, a software that offers a lot of options when working with the hard disk. Partitioning, resizing, checking and many other options become child's play with the acronis disk directory suite. But don't be fooled by the simple and intuitive interface of this [Read more...]

Avira antivirus free edition installing a video -tutorial

In this video tutorial we will install a free antivirus together. We chose a free antivirus that we will download, install and set together. In this video tutorial we chose to install an avira antivirus that is very easy for the system, and which pays very well for the tasks of an antivirus. Currently this antivirus is in the top of preferences… [Read more...]

How to wipe your messenger friends list tutorial video

To this question that many of us have asked ourselves, we will answer the following video tutorial. We receive annoying or pointless messages every day, this also happens with the complicity or ignorance of our friends, who either do not know or do not want to stop this or simply these things happen without their will. Now the power is yours, dab3… [Read more...]