How to set up and how to install multi messenger - tutorial

Yahoo messenger is a very popular chat program in Romania, being located in popularity, in front of skype which enjoys a great success at present a world. From time immemorial, people who use yahoo messenger have wanted to be able to enter online on several ids simultaneously, this being impossible until recently, when a small and interesting software was [Read more...]

Installation and setup apex dc (dc stong similar software and ODC) -tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present how to install and how to set the apex dc program. We could also talk about other programs such as odc or strong dc but apex dc as a program is clearly superior to the two programs due to the filtering options, security , file control, file preview and TTH (tiger tree hash). At apex dc we also have a facility like… [Read more...]

Yahoo messenger download install and setup - video tutorial

Everyone knows how to install yahoo messenger, but what people don't know is that when they install yahoo messenger they do it online, more precisely the man downloads a small executable which is not the program itself, it is like a bridge between yahoo servers and man's computer , and with the help of this little trick the yahoo company under the pretext that we install yahoo messenger, fills us with… [Read more...]

How to mount and how to install a video game with daemon tools -tutorial

Many of you may know how to download music, games, movies, but when it comes to installing a game that contains crack or more games in iso format it can be a problem because they are in a virtual format and to to work they need a virtual drive (daemon tools) and a crack (file modified by crackers). In this video tutorial I will [Read more...]

How to post or how to put a movie on youtube - video tutorial

How to put a movie on youtube was asked by everyone while receiving funny videos or videos through links from friends, who sent them on the famous youtube. Now it's easier than ever to post movies on youtube and watch them on your blog or on your friends' website with the help of plugins called (video endebed). In other words … [Read more...]

How is an email address and a yahoo messenger id video tutorial

Many of us wonder how to make an email address on yahoo or how to make an id on messenger. In the next video tutorial you will watch the creation of an email address on yahoo and implicitly the creation of a messenger id because it is one and the same thing, because when we make an email address on yahoo we will use the same address on messenger. Example: if… [Read more...]

Install antivirus and firewall setup tutorial Kaspersky Internet Security

The following tutorial presents an installation and setting for the best antivirus with firewall at the moment, namely kaspersky internet security. Why do I say that it is the best antivirus in the world, because it really is and not only I say this but I say the awards I won. The modules included in this firewall antivirus are: firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware,… [Read more...]

How to delete a file locked or unlocked with free Unlocker

Problems with folders or locked files? In this video tutorial we show you how you can delete or unlock a file using the unlocker software. It often happens that we can no longer delete a file, whether it is running a service or a process in windows that we do not know or cannot stop. A problem can become when and after I restarted the pc the folder or the file… [Read more...]

How do download, upload and transfer large files with FileZilla video -tutorial

How to transfer large files is a problem we have all encountered sooner or later. The methods known to all: odc, dc ++, strong-dc, bitorrent, lime wire, utorrent are some applications that can partially make a file transfer, namely only download. We want a file transfer program that can transfer files in both directions and in [Read more...]